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Posted by Heather on June 3, 2012 at 14:22 This wednesday Australian time, Earth, Venus and the sun intersect via their orbits and this will not happen again in our life times. I am wondering what this means to us. These re such powerful times and much deep frequency pushing us on, or do we simply float with it, allow it to gently take us into its path of new unfolding consciousness. I am reminded that less resistance makes the path smoother. I pondered on what Metatron would like us to do for this, but then i felt we will ‘know’ at the time. For me knowing it is happening and taking time for that awareness is enough, perhaps as i let it unfold. The last Venus transit was June 8th 2004. The next will be 2117. Information can be found here. I remember I made an essence for that last time and it was really powerful. . So much so that when I touched the bowl, i got an electric shock and the grass where the bowl sat did not grow back there for years! The night of the last Venus transit, i thought I was dying. Later I understood I was shedding the old and being given new light bodies. I was interested to revisit my old essence notes. Now, i feel that more light has been brought to earth and that many of us now choose to walk in love and grace. How will this impact on the global and intergalactic village then? It seemed like a good idea to add the original notes here and also to remind us all of what may unfold with the newer energies bombarding earth now. We certainly live in amazing times now. love to all Heather Venus Transit essence made June 8th 2004 The Venus Transit Essence – called Transitions As I type these words my head spins. I was called to make up the essence early

morning, the day of the transit- 8th June here. I had people all day for healings or readings and I was running around getting organized when the message came loud and clear—I was asked to get a larger bowl than usual—and went seeking what called. No wonder I needed a larger bowl for everything in the garden asked to be added!! Leaves, buds for spring—even withered leaves – so much was added it showed me how much nature wanted to join into the celebration! I was also called to place with it the Buffalo hair I have. I woke one day a few years back to find it on my heart chakra—I felt like it was a sacred gift and so had treasured it and I somehow always related it to the White Buffalo Woman. So this needed to be part of the essence did it—interesting!! Was it about sacred birth and connections? Perhaps. The light and energy the day of the Venus transit was amazing—and while the essence seemed to spend more time in shadow it did not matter – as I trusted its unfolding, but what fascinated me was its absolute silence. Usually I am aware of elementals and other energies as the unfolding essences are so alive, but this time —I felt nothing. I had felt it needed to be further away too——alone and in nature —and not near the lemurian Portal where I usually place the essences as they hatch. It needed its own space to evolve. I wondered what was unfolding for it to be so silent and solitary. When I woke the next day, I felt nothing from the essence once more. I was busy with packing up and sending off crystals and essences when all of a sudden I felt called. I looked over and saw the tall form of the Mother Goddess calling me. It was grey, cold and drizzling—so I decided to complete my current task first—but I felt such an urgency to collect it that minute— I did. After so much silence during its unfolding, all I could feel now was a great excitement- the essence was very buzzy and explained to me that it needed to work in the absolute stillness and silence yesterday. I felt nothing as it had shut down to me and all other energies except its focus with the earth and the celestial energies that moved across the sky. I brought it in after a few wet photos and a damp camera and felt a need to place it over light on my strobe light. As the gold light shone through it—I felt it was gaining the sun light it missed yesterday. I took some photos and when I was about to take it off the light —it asked me to leave it there for a time. While it was there, I tuned into the essence: Hello beloved ones we great you for we are the essence of creation revisited for the song of man unfolds with us. This is the time for the new awakening of man. We enable this to be—we are the energies of the harmonic of the new dawn— the song of life unfolding—the embracement of all creation encapsulated in one drop of life. Ahh beloved Heather =-= yes we need golden light from the strobe light through us now—for this too will create a harmonic of light song for the work to be done. The lights from your strobe encapsulate all colours of creation and flash one by one through us. This be needed for our unfolding; leave us here for another hour—and then you will see what needs to be done with us then -=- Our time was one of quietude as we allowed the birth of us to be created—in the silence of the womb of life—we were born. The Mother made us—yet we were also created by the celestial bodies that passed over us for the time it took for Venus to merge with energies of earth—then to move on further into the realms of the star systems once more. You see—earth is a global village now—and so she reaches deeper into space to find more of her kind. This is part of the evolution of man’s seeking for more. In the seeking—she touches the hearts of other life forms that are alive as part of God’s sentience. The Venus transit was part of this unfolding as man’s eyes and hearts turned in hope to this wonder—then opened wider their hearts to seek and reach and touch other life forms that are part of the universal song of life. As man sought to view this marvel—he sought beyond himself and beyond earth and so in this—he allowed his energies to go beyond earth. In this lies a merging of self with a wider spectrum of creation—- (I see the light then spread out like a fan seeking further than ever.) As some of you seek beyond the boundaries of earth and 3D– many do not—but this day – a greater collective reached out with their minds to seek and touch beyond earth and so the collective consciousness of man and earth united with many forms of life beyond earth. This in many ways allows these energies to be aware of earth and man– and many will come now—to be on earth—to witness its creation and unfolding-== for now the work of earth and man has truly begun. Our essence allows this merging. It touches the hearts of those who take it—yet also reaches beyond to the All – an elixir of light and life as wholeness, the bridge of connection to you all. Now watch— as all life is one life—not just earth but we speak of all life, the bridge of connection has been formed—man has evolved to a place of amazing union – to touch the all. You see—man at last was ready for this reaching out with more understanding that life does exist beyond your planet—of course it does!!! But many cultures in your history perpetrated that life only existed on earth and not beyond it. Man now has evolved to a place where he can see that other life is a reality—not a possibility—and so – as the collective minds reached out—you contacted— communicated with many species like an ocean of thought form—or a wave of life—it rolled over the universe and reached many who would now know earth and its beautiful rich and diverse people—and so it shall be. To take this essence is to unite with all life forms—it acts as a bridge of communication and allows you to go beyond the horizon of life -=- expansion we call it—evolution— breaking the boundaries of belief systems into the new === BIRTH into the NOW AGE of becoming—–and so it shall be. To make up – allow the 7 bodies, the 7 consciousnesses, the seven drops–– use the sacred 7 in its making and taking and all shall be well— As you take the essence see it as one of union—all life as one life—beyond the boundaries of all knowing. Walk then as emissaries of life on earth—for now—this be you – yet see yourselves as pillars of light and life—for all man—as you face all who seek you. Hmm different energies here—it was hard to write up as the syntax was hard to follow. I write this later: The essence is now made up. Each person who has held it has reacted differently according to their need. It is a special essence and not for everyone as its connection to off world energies seems to me to be very strong—a true rainbow bridge! It remains quiet and I feel it’s still unfolding in some ways. I also have to wonder if it waits for the collective man to be ready for it, yet I have felt a need to share it with some people already and have sent it overseas to others. I feel it will call to those who need it, but thus far I have found I have shared it with some people who I know had either a connection with off world energies or who seek it, whether they understand that or not. Many people now come to me seeking who they are – from where—they try to understand memories not attached to earth. Some feel they do not belong on earth at all and wonder why. This essence seems to aid that understanding as in a way I think it allows them to return home through the light song that vibrates gently through it. As I type these words it’s as if the essence is smiling at me!! It is sending out to me a warm feeling of love as if it is alive and knows what I write!! I have worked with essences like this before, but each time I make another – their life force seems stronger. Is this a sign the earth vibrations grow as man does? Is this why the connection of man and beyond is now so strong? I feel so, yes. So each gift like this can be seen as sacred can it not? For each offers another connection, another realization of life and who we are—where we go – where we come from. Life is such a rich treasure of being—to be aware is the beginning—each day we grow and change in understanding, but each day we can say at least—perhaps we know a little more. If essences like this enable growth== it’s a blessing and a gift to us all. So be it. With love Heather Appendix: My friend Vicki connected very strongly to the essence and sent me this information: I have been meeting with your essence constantly. It calls me frequently. Very excited and bursting to tell about what and why it is. I feel compelled to tell you this: The dying bark is transition of physical death which we know is not final. The energies live on. The spring buds are the promise for the future, the anticipation of new life, renewing of energies. The live plants are life in full bloom, peaking energies. The autumn leaves are energies in transition. The clearing of the old for the new. The grass is a direct connection to the Mother Earth. The rainbow is the divine energies reaching skyward. We can communicate with off world energies through this essence and indeed this has been happening. Please do not distribute this essence to those that you are reluctant to give it to. Follow your judgment. 15-6-04 cont Hello everyone My computer has been playing up big time again and I am unable to find anything wrong with it!!!! Usually I can get email but often I cannot access Explorer– I started writing a letter all about the Venus transit to ask you how it was for you — had you noticed any changes– how did the energy of those times affect you, but I was unable to post it—and so a few days later I rewrite it. For me it was huge. I found myself wrapped in so much love it felt like what death must have been like. I felt I was so far out of my body and so deeply in the arms of Creation I felt I would be forever changed and at that time, I was accepting a new light body– or initiating into a new self– well I guess it’s the same thing!!! Many of my experiences from the past became one experience=– leading me to this place and time where such shifts were to be made and I felt many of my crystals had opened more fully– the light shone so brightly and we walked through a gateway into a new world. In fact it’s hard to write what I felt and what it meant for as we know– words cannot describe or explain so much that happens off earth. I was also called to make a new essence– and I need to finish the notes for it, but it was an interesting experience and unlike any other I have made as its energy was so quiet. I was asked to place it in a new location– away from the usual place where the portal to Lemuria was open wide. The essence was quiet for a day and a half– as unusual as I am always aware of its unfolding– not this time. When the essence was made up its message made much sense to me although I had not thought of it at the time. It explained that for the first time on earth more men than ever turned their attention and awareness to off earth. That the collective sought and accepted that life off earth did exist and in that awareness a union or bridge was formed to far away galaxies and so a connection has been created to unite us more deeply This has alerted these energies to earth, man and our unfolding as a species and in our sentience we in deep ways have invited these energies to earth, to form a connection with us– for the highest purpose I add. . Now instead of being a global village we have become a galactic village. I have an exceptionally busy week that week – more clients than ever and worked all day during the transit although I felt all who came that day were meant to be here. With all the added hours, i was asked by AAmetatron to rest more eat less, drink more, exercise more. But with that — I also ask how much are changing now. I have to ask if as we take on new light bodies and raise our energies– perhaps we need less to eat as we are less 3D. I am not sure re that! Water is a precious source of living crystal light and so brings us more in alignment with the energies of the crystal heart in the central sun, but also cleanses out on the physical what no longer serves us. Exercise is very much about grounding and union with the Mother and is so needed for us as human as well as adding oxygen and muscle tone. I have been aware also of how my readings have been very much about not giving answers to the questions asked of me, and how Spirit says more like— you need to find this answer for yourself, for never before has the journey been so important. Never before has the independence of decision without influence been so needed to allow us to make the decisions to lead us to our chosen place in time now. It seems to me as we embrace more light– we step into a new place of energy– where we are more on our own in life’s journey. Perhaps now we stand on the rim of the earth where we really are asked to decide which way we will choose to go. It’s up to us — and what we choose places us on the new path of awareness. I really did feel I was dying the night before the transit. I was aware it’s how I rebirth in this body I have– and why the need to make those changes were so important. After that I also had other weird symptoms like– hot and cold feelings, nothing like I have felt before. I think it was my body re-adjustment — but we shall see I guess. With all the changes Metatron says that we need to stay in joy and love. There is no room for fear– just love. When we do that — we are in the best place for assimilation and growth. We all know how much I talk about love– and the purity of its intent in how we share to us and others. To be love is to walk with God is it not? In this place we find the true place of being that we are to be– and in this we become truth. I will be most interested to heart of others experiences at this time of high energy. My beloved rainbow family of light like minds gather tonight. I have been all over the place today– my son who is home for a few days told me I was losing it- yet tonight the love I feel is so profound– so amazing–it is the love I feel when I am taken to the heavens and made into something brand new– higher energies– initiation to be closer to God’s energies =-= that’s how it feels–tonight I feel I am love in more ways than I can imagine—- its like from the ethers– I scatter petals of love like roses to all who I see and feel—- so I am sending you this love from me to- you all — the energies of the Venus transit I feel are close and the love that holds me is so powerful it feels like I am ascending into the arms of God. I seem to have written to people like I am saying good bye. I am not— yet the shifts in the energies are so strong=- they take me I see a rainbow road I walk along or float along — where does it go? ahh to the place =s of the pure of heart — to be embraced by Gods love -=-= to touch those who are there with me– to be embraced by the finest of energies and to return with them as an offering to self and man— for as we walk in the world of man– we now also walk in the world of God– where love is breathed and lived– where fear no longer exists — and where all is ONE. Walk with me– and share this bounteous gift —– love and blessings Heather Reply by Anne Stanton on June 4, 2012 at 16:35 Thank you Heather! I am honoured to walk with you! … steady as she goes, my fellow shipmates! I AM breathing, letting go of my resistance, and staying alert for new learning. Watching the moments unfold…. what a ride! with love annie Reply by Heather on June 4, 2012 at 21:08 Yes it,is,some ride! How many though not even notice these things or give thought to these times? It is their choice, there is no judgementl but those of us who seek and learn, i think are more than gifted deeper understanding and understandmmany choices areopen to us Hugs Heather Reply by Judith Marie Anderson on June 5, 2012 at 2:46 What powerful reminders. The connection of these two transits is so profound to me. Opening now to the new energies to come on the morrow. ~Judith Marie Reply by Heather on June 5, 2012 at 16:35 Hello JM dear yes it feels like such a profound time– all we can do is wait for the unfolding with an open and loving heart. it sure is a time of releasing the old so we are ready to embrace the new. i love that , its exciting to me. And I AM READY! much love heather Reply by BarkBeak on June 5, 2012 at 14:56 AHHH !!! I remember when you made this Essence !!! I feel the Transit of Venus will be a Peaceful, Graceful Transition and Shift…the Shedding of that which no longer serves you, the Release of all that it not yours… Reply by Heather on June 5, 2012 at 16:38 Hi Bonnie it feels like yesterday when i made the last Venus transit essence! scary that!! Yes shedding the old and of course if we can do it without resistance and just be love, no false fears– we are soooo free!!! i wish that for you Bonnie. You have had many challenges and now its time for you to be free to express all your beauty and gifts with a trusting and open heart. Hmm like the silence and stillness in the movement— love heather Reply by Judith Marie Anderson on June 7, 2012 at 10:18 Amazing how the time has flown so rapidly. I felt this as a long pause while my physical body has readjusted and prepared to go forth again. Reply by Heather on June 7, 2012 at 10:28 OH JM and it has!! I can feel a great difference in your energies and it warms my heart for you!!! All the old karma is gone/ing– so wonderful how we allow ourselves to heal so much of the old genetic lines! See yourself as a true adventurer with great unselfishness. Heather x

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