The three essences made for the Venus Transit

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Hello Everyone

I found the energies for the transit very powerful times and i was asked to make three essences for it. All work together yet are individual offerings as well.

I have decided to add all the notes here although some were added early to keep the energy they represent in tact. I feel these notes and these essences are important and hold a very high frequency needed by us all.

Introduction, the Venus transit

I have pondered whether I am to make an essence of the 2012 Venus transit which is tomorrow. It has felt right, but today when I asked, the answer was no, not yet. It seems that the energies need to be in full alignment before the crystals are placed outside. The energies tell me there are interferences now, which can cloud the purity of the essence

What I have seen to do is to make either a mandala with my Metatron crystals or a cross, like the cross of Jesus. Tomorrow if it feels right, one of these will be set up as instructed.

So now, I leave it until tomorrow and will reach out one more time and await instructions.

I add these notes for those who have also thought about making an essence now. Of course what we feel may differ according to where we live and the surrounding energies, but this is my message today and it feels right to post it here

9.38pm 5th May.


Not time for the essence but I am asked to place my Metatron and Sandalphon crystals outside with the full moon. Its probably going to be a frost but I trust the crystals will be ok. I had to take them outside, cradling them in 2 hands and holding them as sacred tools as if I am in the temple, place them on the table under full moon light. It feels very sacred and somehow honorable as well as if I give honour to the crystals, Metatron, Sandalphon, the moon and the night.

So be it, it is done and all is as it is to be this night. I see elementals around the crystals, blue light – a pulse like a heart beat emanating from them, beautiful indeed,. The blue light is different to what I have see at other times, it is more cornflower blue, softer, less neon yet more powerful in another way. I also see rainbows above it separate from me, yet linked. Many visuals like running water, stars ,a pool surrounded by plants and rushes from ancient times calls. It is as if I stand there with it. To look into the waters is to see a reflection, what looks back at me? The reflections are of other times like moving images but here the blue pervades on the glassy surface. There is stillness and peace, for here I know where I be, I am in the heart of Mother Father God’s stillness and together we weave a pattern of light. It feeds all earth, the galaxies and life—everywhere – for I touch creations making of itself this night in the sacred stillness.

The crystals gather here at the pool in the bowl as Metatron’s blessings, Sandalphon’s song the weaving pattern of DNA between them as us all—is strong. I am there with dark hair I look different—now I see the Cup—holy – of light. I sip it as i hold it. It is the blessing of eternal wisdom and peace, of joy and love. So I accept it? Oh yes—YES I feel the need to kneel before the pool yet I am gathered up and I stand, for here we are all equal, as one we create, as one we simply are— as one. The one who is the many, the many who is the one.
Messages completed this night

6th May

Essences preparation and calling
Well, its done and I am frozen, running around outside setting up the essences just now.

Yes essences!

I woke very early this morning and saw what I had to do . I needed three essences.

One was with the Metatronic crystals in a mandala outside. This represented the angelic off world light – womb of creations offering.
The second essence was to be using Divinity, my master crystal and the Lumarian seed crystals on my hexagonel table. I had to clean them all in the rites essence just made and then re arrange them with some thought that this might need to be changed today as the sun moves with Venus. I had to put my crystal skulls somewhere else with Diadenon, my Atlantean healing crystal but they are also facing the sun.

The strange thing here is I seemed to have twice as many Lemurian crystals as before. I am sure if I counted them that it’s not so, yet that’s how it seemed as if many more wanted to be here for that process! Here I was just to have a small bowl with water only for the surrounding crystals would add what is needed. Before, when I channeled this, I could feel the deep energy of the lemurian seed crystals as they held those ancient times, reaching out and touching all and also the essence. It was very powerful. Divinity stood over them all, a male aspect, it seemed this time, as they were the feminine. Always balance–

Then I was asked to make a flower essence to bring in the earth nature groundedness of the new evolving earth now. Once more everything wanted to go into the bowl. I was climbing down steps all over the place to gather what was needing to be added.

So in summary the 3 essences unfolding are:
Metatron – angelic creation
Lemurian – ancient love energies re united and brought forth via the ancient temples and teachings as well as life then as it unfolded to create new earth.
Earth today- nature.

But I kept seeing the sacred cross, it was so profound I knew it came in somewhere. I also felt a profound energy form the cross as if it had much deeper, more ancient significance, not just of earth, but of the cosmos. I also saw a star system in that form which seems to have strong influence now.

I saw the three essences as the three points but one was missing it was me as representative of human kind. All four of us then is represented for this Venus transit. This is an astral representation though for I saw the three essences I made as points of the triangle or triad.

When I woke and had these visions of what to do, I realized i had no idea what time the transit over the sun begun and so I Googled it for Australia to find Venus enters the sun at 8.30am! and leaves it around 2.45pm this afternoon. It is now 8.28am! I managed to set it all up as was the calling. Now I also realized i was asked not to set it up until the appointed time. Two minutes to spare!

Already things seem different. The suns light seems much stronger and the amount t of light shining and reflecting off the essences is amazing. Maybe it’s my imagination! I keep photographing it, it’s fascinating!

4.19 6thJune The Venus transit is now completed.

Each essence had its own pathway today. I felt strongly I was to keep away and so I did, lost in my own tasks.

When the essences were in the sunlight, they seemed to beam energy and activity, but in different ways.

The Metatron and Sandalphon crystal bowl was steady and still all day. The energy emanating was very powerful but strong and calm. In a way the energy reminded me of the same feeling I got from the rites essence using the same crystals, but this time I felt it was holding the energy of the transit in wholeness and balance.

The Lumurian seed crystal essence is still bathed by the sun although the transit is now completed. It does however still seems to be assimilating the energies.

The flower essence was very active, eclectic somehow it was so alive and excited , I could almost see the plants in the bowl dancing! I felt the energy offered must have been very powerful for that reaction. Maybe it was too buzzy!

Now as i tune in,. the essence unfolding there asks to remain longer—a day and a night is needed for its yin and yang. It also says that it needs to be grounded with earth once more as the energy has left it sort of sizzling and it needs to calm now.

The energy of the transit for it was overwhelming as the sun, earth and Venus were in alignment it was given a very focused beam of energy almost like burn out! (interesting!)

“As was your intent to create this essence via us, so it has been done. The energies bombarding this portal of light have been off world and so , we are now assimilating this frequency for earth use. The light offered was high and pure, high—meaning a high note of celestial frequency. It is to stimulate our growth patterns and alignment with other species of nature. Now it is our time to sit and ground what has been given, to balance and allow the process to be completed.

Your crystal essences have worked very differently in that they have held the energy as it is not unfamiliar to them. Metatronic crystals hold the frequency to create the needed balance for earth song. The focus here is on higher learning and being. One drop of this focuses the mind, centres the nervous system and balances all light bodies, nadi’s and chakras, ready for assimilation of higher energies as is needed by the recipient.

You ask whether to make up all of us in one essence. No. We all offer different vitalities for mans use. But later we can work in unison with each other.

See us as a matrix of power—energy or frequency which can be offered to those who seek. Three can work together however and as we show you—a matrix pattern of energy as a symbol like a wheel of light with spokes as such reaching beyond the further circle of power.
As earth energy, we bring the recipient back to earth and hold that energy for groundedness.

As Metatronic we hold the energy of light frequency allowing those who are ready to be attuned to the higher frequencies.

The Lemurian seeds hold the ancient purity of earths beginnings. To take this helps recipents recall their distant connection with early earth, the evolution of themselves and man, the lessons learnt and the lessons to be completed.

( I hear all voices now as one voice yet each superimposed over each other)

Together we bring balance. Together as one we too are many.

Together we work as one. Yet offer different aspects of life’s unfolding for the calling of sacred selves back into the heart of self as an alignment of needed balance for future paths.

These essences we are, offer life unfolding for evolution and future growth and purpose.

The transit woke the Lemurians (crystal consciousnesses)to sentience more fully—to bring forth the teachings of the ancient masters of light. This is gifted through the essence.

The flower essence offers earthsong in purist form to ground, stabilize, help you remember you are also human and that earth is your home. How can earth evolve with out you? You are one of the many who make up the one with you who is needed by earth to add to the love and light needed so she too may evolve as one with you .This is our task as the floral life bearing gifts to man.

The Lemurian seeds energy welcome you — welcome you to their world and touching creation’s secret messages, so hidden by fear over time. Now roll back the fear and walk in the sacred temples of light once more. Here ye will be one with us and here we attune you – initiate you back to the purity you hold and have forgotten . let us walk with you for a time, let us teach you once more and know thy divinity is strong and seeking to become you once more—for this be your true nature, see?”


So, now what am I to do with these?

“Allow then space for now. Tomorrow they may be made up. The Metatronic essence is now complete but may sit as do the others for this night. Tomorrow we shall see what ripples of light choose to be offered, then we ask you to make them up.”

Thursday 7th may 2012
7.46 am

A clear night, frosty this morning and ice lays on top of the Metatron and floral bowls, looking beautul as the sun rises.
The essences rest yet seem so alive too.

The Lemurian one inside has a sweet energy and wholeness about it—it holds Lemuria, I think is the way to express it. To be near it is to feel perfection, joy, delight, beauty, love. I think I have to add it feels like bliss being near it. I was not expecting that but its so strong it wafts around me and calls me home to its heart. I want to walk the pathways in Lemuria once more, in the beautiful garden I used to visit in visions where I met my father White Eagle there. He has been a wonderful and loving teacher to me in many lives and in his other forms. I am guided to see the golden temples and the richness of plant life, to see us sing crystals awake and to see our ceremonies when we called forth the sun, moon, and all life. I see the reverence of us there in the temples, how we loved each thing and how we wanted to aid early man into understanding the nature of divine love. It was to bring them an understanding of their own divinity—that they too, were faces and aspects of the One. Now I see myself sit beside the waterfall there, In peace and joy, the stillness in me makes me aware that my inner thoughts can be too busy. I need to remember to slow down and reclaim that sweetness of simplicity of living in peace and joy. To see each blade of grass and petal as divine perfection, to see life for all its bounty and the beauty it gifts us.

So this essence takes me home to my beginnings on earth and reminds me of its grace, love and harmony. I am asked to recall and reclaim this—and the essence is my guide as it focuses the memories of the crystal’s messages to me also. How beautiful is that . I feel blessed to be given such offerings of love and clarity.

“Simply call us Lemurian song for it is a reminder that this is the gift we bring through the essence we have created. The Venus transit focused and strengthened our connections and so it is thus—we are here with you in all.”


I have been watching the flower essence and now the sun is out and it has thawed, it seems to be reveling in the warmth of the sun and the ambience of its environment. My impression was it found the Venus transit so powerful, it almost seemed to shake at the knees if you will pardon such a metaphor. Even the frost did not seem to agree it, but now with the sun out it reminds me of a contended old lady enjoying the warmth!! This is putting human characteristics onto an essence, I know, yet this one really has seemed to have a strong individual personality. Now she is content and welcomes the sun and environment. I think she assimilates the transit now and needs the grounding time to rest and balance.

My impression from her is that the energy of the transit may be better suited for crystal frequencies as they are strong enough to take on the incredible focus the transit bought this time around. My impression is these energies are in a hurry so to speak to get earth and man moving into the higher light photons. The flower essence then =as a living thing would have felt that as its job after all was to absorb the frequencies and create what was needed. Now i leave it to ground and to assimilate those energies as it finds balance and harmony.

“ Yes this be right. These off world energies do not entirely sit comfortably with earth energies for as we evolve and touch the heart of the new song of earth, this Venus energy was in many ways disruptive to our own harmonic. Thus while it strengthens and clarifies much , like an astringent, we need time now to balance out what was given for man to assimilate it via us, but now we return to our own place of harmony we have here.

Not all places on earth will react this way, but you see—we already have the higher frequencies here. Our song is one of light and joy. Now we will harmonize into our own place of being.”

June 8th 4.08PM

I feel strongly it is time to make up the essences.

The fatigue I felt in the flower essence has now gone and replaced with the earthy balance needed. I was shown it as an open lotus a accepting all energies of light and offering back from its heart—HER heart. It feels so gentle and the colour pink dominates, heart chakra perhaps, the colour of love. I am reminded of a pink Weigela flower saying to me one day : “I am love” if just filled my heart.

Taking this flower essence, one offering natures interaction with the transit, is about ho, groundedness, a reminder that earth is home and that what we have is perfect if we allow that radiance of love we hold, to grow more strongly. This essence helps us accomplish this. This essence is called Earth walk

The Metatronic essence is strongly clear and focused. To aid that path, with a dedication for earth and for what we can offer with nature. Again, I am reminded that we are many but also One for together as One we make a difference.

The name for this essence then is radiance of love- holding true to earths purpose

The Metatron crystal essence is now ready to be made up.
This has held the Transit frequencies with strength and wholeness all the way through. The work is now completed.

I feel the male aspect of Metatron strongly in this essence and that it held the feminine aspect of the flower essence ( Sandalphon perhaps) in focus and added strength for that path the flower essence followed. Even now I feel the very strong presence of Metatron – a stongly male energy so whole and still like a guardian of earth and us all. I felt in this the Metatron essence held the light in clarity and focus. It is only now I sense strongly that it also did this in partnership with the flower essence which also held the Sandalphon goddess energy.,

This essence will bring Metatron more into alignment with your ‘I Am’ presence if you feel to use it. If you use it as part of a ceremony it is to be placed as a cross symbol ( as the cross of Jeshua) over the third eye and this aids the unfolding of the energies to hold you into the I Am presence of self and the All. A good essence for cleansing the old energies and to step into the new energies without fear and with love and grace. It will ask discipline of you, however and guide and focus you with greater intent.

Call this essence Metatrons calling – light in clarity and focus I AM.
The lemurian seed crystal essence still holds the pure joyful song of Lemuria in its enfoldment. Call this Song of lemura or lemurian song
While the flower essence brings you to earths calling and purification, and Metatron’s holds you steady and guides you lovingly, even though great trauma but with discipline to guide gently to keep to this sacred path of releasing fear and becoming love and walking in grace—the Lemurian essence reminds you of your ancient roots, the purity of ancient earth and that you walked there once and lived in pure joy. As it brings this forth, it makes the task of moving into the new energies easier for you understand more clearly, the nature of freedom of heart and loving in pure joy.

In early Lemuria, there was no fear, it was truly, the first Eden. Song of Lemuria takes you there once more and helps you reclaim your true self—then as you walk into earth now and hold the energies of earth together—Archangel Metatron is there guiding and loving you , a firm but gentle teacher adding the strength and focus you need for the task.

I ask for details on how the essences are to be used? I am told they may be used together or separately and to follow the heart with this. The response also reminds me that all is ONE—and that the three worked together during this time of the transit—a new evolutionary stage for earth frequencies. Keeping this in mind, it feels to me working with the three is important. How do we work with the three then?

“These essences are not to be mixed for in this way they create another frequency by their very interaction, another essence. It is advisable then to use them individually, but you may use them at the same period of time, but do not place them in

the mouth together. Take one, rest, let it be assimilated in the body, then take the next, finally the third.

Order of taking:Song of Lemuria

Matatron’s calling – light in clarity and focus- I AM
Radiance of love, holding true to the earths purpose

So in summary

1 Lemurian purity helps you embrace the divine song of pure self, your original soul blue print.
2 Metatrons calling helps you hold that and become here as a divine human. Which is your true self
3 Grounds you back so you apply it to your sacred earth tasks as you live in love and grace here on earth.

These essences feel so needed by us all now. They offer a true commitment for the path we walk. If you read these notes you are one who has chosen such a path. While they may be purchased for use, these notes hold the imprint of the frequencies needed to aid that process. See these essences then as a sacred key then.

© Heather Robb 9th June 2012.

Reply by muahna on June 10, 2012 at 12:39

dear Heather ~ so beautiful ~ your images speak of the Magick, Wonder and Beauty, High Clarity and pure light streaming though in the making of these essences. each photo captures the high frequency of the Light, Love and Grace that have been downloaded.
what a wondrous time to be alive! i feel such serenity looking at the images.
Thankyou, Heather

Reply by Anne Stanton on June 10, 2012 at 18:35

The 3 in one is very interesting dear Heather. I would like to try these. I am reminded of a triangular pyramid. And also the four elements of air, earth, water and fire… like a basic tetrahedral building block in the sacred geometry of life, holding a balance point steady. Beautiful photos.

Reply by Ursula on June 11, 2012 at 23:54

Dear Heather
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful process and those amazing pictures. What wonderful essences !

Reply by Heather on June 12, 2012 at 10:59

Hello Ursula

Last night i felt these essences were to be placed in your essence bowl too, i have already added this with. My heart and intent. Then i see you have commented re that too, as usual we are in sync!


Reply by Heather on June 12, 2012 at 11:09

While these essences are completed last night i had a need to place the Mothers in my. Divinity circle.

I also. Felt to combine the remaining bowls in one and leave it outside for a few isnot to be made up but holds another level of energy i feel, offering to earth. Perhaps i can. Say it is the essence for earth this time!

Love heather

Reply by Ursula on June 15, 2012 at 21:06

Dear Heather, there are so many wonderful parallels with these essences at this time. I had left the bowl outside too, after bottling, with what remained of the Venus transit essence.

This morning it has been filled to the brim with rain , all clear and energized, it is still raining. I am getting the sense that it is to remain our there for the solstice.

There is a real feeling of teamwork going on, with all the kingdoms of nature the earth as well as the realms of higher light, all of us together. Very special ♥

Reply by Heather on June 16, 2012 at 10:01

I so agree Ursula.

I find that very beautiful.



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