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What Essence of Divinity is about


Welcome to this site.

The Essence of Divinity begun when I was asked to create a web site for my work as an essence maker and healer some years ago. This site has been relocated here. The original site is currently open at essenceofdivinity.ning.com

Essences hold the vibrational signature of plants, crystals and other life forms, and are created for healing. Many people have heard of the Bach essences or Ian White’s Bush flower essences for example, but you can make your own unique essence’s which unite with the current earth frequencies and interact with you for your own healing or evolutionary path.

My essences are called Earthsong Essences and have been sold globally for more than 20 years. While they are available here to purchase, I believe in people making their own, and this web site is also developed to teach others how they may do this. There is a how to section here for this.

As an essence maker I get ‘called; when an essence is to be made, and I write notes based on its unfolding. These messages shared by the frequencies creating the essences are very much about our now times and our place in them. They also explain the best way to optimize our personal life’s path in light of these current frequencies. The room ‘Essences’ will include the latest essence made as well as some more recent notes of other essences.

However making essences is just part of the sacred journey. Over the years I have been asked to write many articles and run workshops on healing and the sacred path. Some of these articles will appear here from time to time in the blog section as well as some current thoughts.

Since I make gem elixirs or essences, I will include a section on crystals as well.

I have also often been approached to sell my workshop manuals so others may also use my teaching methods. These will be available as EBook’s soon.

I welcome all comments and information from others as long as it is in keeping with this site’s theme.

Heather Robb

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