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The venus transit essences made for 2012 – begun —

Posted by Heather on June 6, 2012 at 11:07

I have pondered whether I am to make an essence of the 2012 Venus transit which is tomorrow. It has felt right, but today when I asked, the answer was no, not yet. It seems that the energies need to be in full alignment before the crystals are placed outside. The energies tell me there tadalafil accoutumance are interferences now, which can cloud the purity of the essence

What I have seen to do is to make either a mandala with my Metatron crystals or a cross, like the cross of Jesus. Tomorrow if it feels right, one of these will be set up as instructed.

So now, I leave it until tomorrow and will reach out one more time and await instructions.

I add these notes for those who have also thought about making an essence now. Of course what we feel may differ according to where we live and the surrounding energies, but this is my message today and it feels right to post it here

9.38pm 5th May.

Not time for the essence but I am asked to place my Metatron and Sandalphon crystals outside with the full moon. Its probably going to a frost but I trust the crystals will be ok. I had to take them outside, cradling them in 2 hands and holding them as sacred tools as if I am in the temple, place them on the table under full moon light. It feels very sacred and somehow honorable as well as if I give honour to the crystals, Metatron, Sandalphon, the moon and the night.

So be it, it is done

and all is as it is to be this night. I see elementals around the crystals, blue light – a pulse like a heart beat emanating from them, beautiful indeed,. The blue light is different to what I have see at other times, it is more cornflower blue, softer, less neon yet more powerful in another way. I also see rainbows above it separate from me, yet linked. Many visuals like running water, stars ,a pool surrounded by plants and rushes from ancient times calls. It is as if I stand there with it. To look into the waters is to see a reflection, what looks back at me? The reflections are of other times like moving images but here the blue pervades on the glassy surface. There is stillness and peace, for here I know where I be, I am in the heart of mother Father God’s stillness and together we weave a pattern of light. It feeds all earth, the galaxies and life—everywhere for I touch creations making of itself this night in the sacred stillness.

The crystals gather here in the bowl as Metatrons blessings, Sandalphons song the weaving pattern of DNA between them as us all—is strong. I am there with dark hair I look different—now I see the Cup—holy – of light. I sip it as i hold it. It is the blessing of eternal wisdom and peace, of joy and love. So I accept it? Oh yes—YES I feel the need to kneel before the pool yet I am gathered up and I stand, for here we are all equal, as one we create, as one we simply are— as one. The one who is the many, the many who is the one.
Messages completed this night

6th May 8.21.am

Well, its done and I am frozen, running around outside setting up the essences just now.
Yes essences!

I woke very early this morning and saw what I had to do . I needed three essences. One was with the Metatronic crystals in a mandala outside. This represented the angelic off world light – womb of creations offering.

The second essence was to be using Divinity, my master crystal and the Lumarian seed crystals on my altar- table. I had to clean them all in the rites essence just made and then re arrange them with some thought that this might need to be changed today as the sun moves with Venus. I had to put my crystals skulls somewhere else with Diadenon, my Atlantean healing crystal but they arealso facing the sun.

The strange thing here is I seemed to have twice as many Lemurian crystals as before. I am sure if I counted them that it’s not so, yet that’s how it seemed as if many more wanted to be here for that process! Here I was just to have a small bowl with water only for the surrounding crystals would add what is needed. Before, when I channeled this, I could feel the deep energy of the lemurian seed crystals as they held those ancient times, reaching out and touching all and also the essence. It was very powerful. Divinity stood over them all, a male aspect, it seemed this time, as they were the feminine. Always balance–

Then I was asked to make a flower essence to bring in the earth nature groundedness of other earth now. Once more everything wanted to go into the bowl. I was climbing down steps all over the place to gather what was needing to be added.

So the essences made are Metatron – angelic creation
Lemurian – ancient love energies re united and brought forth via the ancient temples and teachings as well as life then as it unfolded to create new earth.

Earth today- nature.

But I kept seeing the sacred cross, it was so profound I knew it came in somewhere. I also felt a profound energy form the cross as if it had much deeper, more ancient significance, not just of earth, but of the cosmos.

I saw the three essences as the three points but one was missing it was me as representative of human kind. All four of us then is represented for this Venus transit. This is an astral representation though for I saw the three essences I made as points of the triangle or triad.

When I woke and had these visions of what to do, I realized i had no idea what time the transit over the sun begun and so I googled it for Australia to find Venus enters the sun at 8.30am! and leaves it around 2.45pm this afternoon. It is now 8.28am! I managed to set it all up as was the calling. Now I also realized i was asked not to set it up until the appointed time. Two minutes to spare!

Already things seem different. The suns light seems much stronger and the amount t of light shining and reflecting off

the essences is amazing. Maybe it’s my imagination! I keep photographing it, it’s fascinating!

Reply by Heather on June 9, 2012 at 13:57

Hi kaisa
haha i did not even notice you called me Hollister hahah! well– we are all ONE!! I have lots of notes on this site on how to make an essence. As you read my notes on my essences though, you can see i just trust and follow my heart. Making an essence is about trust and surrender and just allow the process. there are no rules, just do what feels right. I got a letter from someone who lives in Northern Norway and she made hers inside an attic in the dark,

but they held amazing energy and light, so that’s an extreme example of what is possible. I think if WE hold that intent as well. then we open the portals needed for their unfolding.

Often I have felt blind whern i make these and all i can do is trust. It seems to have always ben the best outcome.

I will love to hear about your essence journey but if you have any questions you can always ask me

much love