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The three essences and the the Solstice

IMG_0188 IMG_0190Posted by Heather on June 25, 2012 at 19:13

June 24th 2012 these essences continued- Solstice

Last week was the Solstice. After I had made up the mother essences I felt a great need to place them in the sun for a few days, and then I put them aside even though I felt they were in some way unfinished.
Around the time of the Solstice I got a very urgent need to place them back in the sun, but specifically with Divinity in the mandala circle. (Emanion, this is his/her real name and for the first time I have been asked to write it publically.) Having done this, I also got a strong message to align the Mother bottles along her north – west facing side in a row.

I left them like that for a few days but then I got a very strong impression that their collective had formed a temple structure with Divinity within the mandala. They told me their collective had become the pillars of the temple.

What did that mean? I pondered. Years ago as I worked with Divinity to heal the dark energies that had used her for eons of time, I was taught to enter her. This took a lot of courage as I did not like the darkness I saw there, but as we cleared this together, and her light grew stronger, once more as with another dark crystal I had called Diadenon, I was asked to step into her to show trust. I suspect this is a great healing for such energies for light cannot go where dark exists. By entering her with love and trust, I showed her I had faith in her after all the eons of dark abuse.

At this time, Divinity was outside, in water surrounded by the seed crystals that had arrived. I sat before her and closed my eyes, trusting , trusting, and Divinity opened before me like a cave entrance. In vision, I stepped into her and walked forward. In this place I found a great Being waiting for me. He looked like a giant preying mantis, but he held huge wisdom and love and I felt I stood before a great deity. Even though I was in spirit form, I felt quite nervous of him in the beginning, but he freed my fears and I came out of that vision feeling a sense of wonder. I cannot remember now what he said as all my notes pertaining to Divinity’s awakening mysteriously used to disappear after I had typed them up on the computer!

After that I felt called to enter Divinity, but things had changed, for she had become a temple within. I felt at the time I entered an Arcturian temple there, where all crystals moved like water and light and where beings of light gathered within the centre around another tall crystal which was on a dais.

One day I felt to go on through the temple. On the other side I found myself in a sea of moving crystal light. Before me was an ocean of moving light and I stood on the crystalline shore, or that’s how it seemed. In the ocean lay an island. I cannot remember what form it took – and I had to will myself into its heart. Within lay, I felt, the heart of all creation, the centre of Mother Father God. Once more I left with tools of understanding and filled with wonder.

But these events happened many years ago. Somewhere on the way I stopped feeling called to go within Divinity which was in truth a gateway to all creation, a true portal.

I found that simply by sitting with her and being still and asking my questions, all was given to me. She became a place of wisdom and knowledge for me and perhaps in a sense I did enter a temple by being with her as I felt I sat before a diety in aplace of great stillness and peace..

So now I am told these essences have become the Pillars of the Temple.

What does this mean? In some ways it also means the entrance to the temple. Have my past experiences related to this in some way or does it refer to the Solstice energies. Divinity focuses energy and sends it out. She/He is a true temple of light. By taking the three essences, , do we allow ourselves access to creation? The temple of light within is available to us all if we but open ourselves to that. Divinity is a true focus of those https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-achat/ energies.

These essences offer memories of our ancient blue print, one of purity and perfection. By taking the essence or linking with them, one at a time, we are asked to become that once more. They also hold us to earth and allow us to embrace the angelic which is self but also an aspect of ourselves as part of the collective—the one as many, the many as one. This is complex in written form, but simple in our hearts understanding. Together they allow us access to the sacred temple of all life, self’s wholeness, purity, love and grace.

Is it the temple of SELF the message refers to? The essence and its collective angelic energies says this:

“Beloved One ahh yes you seek answers once more. This be a true understanding of the sacred work you do. Essences are true portals. These three Master Essences are gateway to the divine song of creation if used together as part of the process of unfurling the true nature of the divine self.

Placing them in the light as you felt called was needed to activate their soul level of creation within. Placing them within the Divinity mandala is to allow the divine focus of those energies to strengthen that frequency of light they be.

The temple within Emanion (Divinity) is an aspect of the divine self—where ye go for clarification and illumination. It is a place of refining and healing the shadows that may clutter the purity of your light.
The Ancient one you encountered was in fact a great master of wisdom and love. He came to show you the nature of trust, dedication and devotion. All these things you demonstrated with your healing for the great crystal Emanion. This was an initiation if you will, one to reflect your abilty to work in such energies., You did this with loving commitment and a simple trust in the angelic protection you walk with.

This time, the essences now open a gateway to the collective song of the higher frequencies of light bombarding earth. This is reflected in the solstice energies as earth is balanced between night and day, pathways of light open to allow clarity and a greater strength towards the light. If the dark prevails, it too allows greater dark, but as earth rises to embrace the light so it is manifest in this time of earths evolution. This be needed and although was the plan for earth was a choice created by your Kind on earth.

Those of you who strive to aid earths light to return , have aided this process most exponentially.

These three essences are the master essences of your times. See then truly this way as they unfold within the true nature and perfection of the divine self. The inner temple.
We say Rise up! Be whole and one with the light. Live as love. Walk in peace and grace shall walk with you.
So be it this day.”

Reply by Heather on June 26, 2012 at 23:05

Hello dear Kaisa

Yes you. Say it all, heaven and earth are united. For those who seek this awareness, these essences may be the key to aid that personal union.


Reply by Heather on June 26, 2012 at 23:59

26th June Ceremony of initiation and attunement: Affirmations to use when taking the essences.

Now it is time to break the mother bottles down into the stock and dosage bottles and the smaller working mother bottles I use to make up more bottles. The big Mother bottles are stored carefully away for they hold the pure signature of the essence’s life force.

As I make up the bottles I am aware I have affirmations I am to make each time I take the essences. I make up the essences then take the drops form each dosage bottle myself.

The order is
bottle 1, Lemurian song.

As I take the drops I hear I am to say:

“I take this to bring in my purist light.

I see shadows flee. I return to the original template (blueprint) of my soul’s purpose of being”

I rest with the bottle against my heart and fele the energies, see many forms and shapes, perhaps it sof the past energies and memories emerging. All becomes still.

Essence 2. Flower essence, radiance and love.

I take the dosage and here I am to say

“I honor and hold the earth to my heart.
I walk here in love and grace.
I bring my cup to all life.
All earth and nature crowd viagra sans ordonnance around me, I am surrounded by light, the colours of nature, vitality, purity, beauty, simplicity.
Stillness fills me, a space. It is now time t take the third essence.
Essence 3 Metatrons calling.
As I take the drops I hear:
“Hear me, hear my heart, know me.
Be me”

And I feel angelic presence and we merge until I become it.

The Pillars, the entrance to the temple:

I ponder on this after I take the three drops for herein lies the key to ebter heaven opn earth. Purity of self, embracing earthsong, being the angel I am , on earth. I enter the temple of light, on earth and live within its walls of joy and peace, for this be the new earth.

These are the words given to me as affirmations to use when I take these essences. I think if you take the essences or look at these images, read the notes and on the astral take the drops, you too will know the right affirmations to use. They may differ for each of us. I simply describe my journey.

With love

Reply by Anne Stanton on June 29, 2012 at 12:54

I have strong and beautiful chills running through me as I read your notes, and in particular, the affirmations for each essence.

I also see clearly my connection to Emanion, and the wisdom therein, is a true one, and I am honoured by it.

Huge hugs of gratitude to you Heather!

Reply by Heather on June 29, 2012 at 22:33

You are always welcome Annie darling

I too have always felt your connection to. Emanion
Is it time to come and visit her again?you know you are always welcome

Love heather

Reply by Ursula on July 6, 2012 at 20:02

Dear Heather
These are wonderful essences, for this very special time.

I can see us all connected/linked http://www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com/tadalafil-accoutumance/ now with beams of strong clear crystalline light, each holding a unique frequency and all together making up a new structure of light.

much love and joy

Reply by Heather on July 7, 2012 at 13:09


I love how you always put things so clearly. This essence\s in some ways had to grow on me to make full sense of them. It was all there but somehow at the time i did not see them as clearly as i do now. I ponder that they continued to grow and teach me as they too continued to unfold when you used the word ‘now’ i understand fully.f

These three essences

also wanted to be left in the sun with in the Divinity circle for a long time and i was not

Allowed to make them up into

dosage and stock for a long time either, im fact, just a few days ago.

When we make up an essence, mAny people think they are finshed when they are made up. This is not always true of course as our experiences have shown us.

I have cometo call these three essences as the pillars of light.

With love

Reply by Heather on July 11, 2012 at 14:07

Now as I am finally allowed to put these essences away, they tell me to call their collective Pillars of light to the temple of the new earth.
How beautiful is that!!!