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Sisterhood of the Rose essence and ceremony

IMG_0559 IMG_0569Posted by Heather on July 14, 2012 at 0:35

Dear Kaisa

here are the notes you requested. These were written in 2006. When i had re read them,i was given some more messages which i have added at the bottom.
with love

I feel it is now time I have the ceremony for the circle of light that we be. It seems for me I am to place a number of essences in a bowl of pure water and I am asked to leave it outside while we are away over the next 8 days., I know the place it is to go – it is to go in my garden near two portals I have opened and together they create a balance of energy, as one is Lemurian temple energy and the other is a gateway to the stars.

I find that I keep coming up with triads as part of this creation of the essences and ceremonies I have been doing for the circle of sisters.

I am asked to add the circle of light, skull essence and the Lemurian gateways for each of these creates a balance and strength with the other. I use mother essence and just pour it in and it feels right.

First, I pick up the skull essence and do not touch the bowl or water yet the water moves for a minute like it becomes alive. Then it becomes still. I then add the three essences one by one.

As I place my arms around the bowl I feel our sister circle here within this. There is a great stillness and peace. Then a tunnel of light seems to reach up from the centre into creation itself, a uniting of energy.
Then I see a light forming around the bowl like a wheel and it lights and ignites brightly. Then I see it reach out like tongues of light and go to each of you as the wheel spins, but there is a great stillness.

In my minds eye I see deep purple flowers like pansies floating on the surface but I do not have any and even so I feel the need for this to be as it is for the work it is to continue to do with unfold as it is.

I open my heart to see what else wishes to be added ethereally and I see my skull reaching out to add her light. She is such a beautiful energy now—so light filled and feminine, of stillness and grace. Goddess energy? I feel her energy has risen somehow to a higher place. I see many petals floating on the surface of the bowl now and I feel and see elementals there too.

Now I see a fairy—rather like the beautiful sketches like a guardian over the essence—I see much very deep purple with in its depths of light.

I see my Lemurian seed crystal in the water for she has imprinted her energies there and is of course part of the Lemurian essence.
I think what I see are all the essence energies now intertwining to make each of us stronger individually and yet also together as one energy.

I close my eyes and breathe into the full moon and the equinox time of the 22nd. What a powerful energy it is to be. Even on the day of a master number!

My head seems to rest on the essence like a cushion as its stillness is so nurturing and healing for me. I will take some of this with me in a little bottle and allow it to ask what it will of me then. I feel it is most healing, and so love filled. I see the moon overhead and feel lulled by the softness of it. I had felt a need to play the CD Snow falling on Silence while I made this and the quietness of the vibration in the music seems to match the energy I now feel here. Feel lulled into silence, into love, into joy

This feels like such a deeply healing energy. Can I describe what it is offering me?

We hold you in our heart beloved daughter of light, for the unfolding of us together are the song of the ages manifest as one song for all of you to embrace as one self. Allow the song of this to bind you into the web of its light filaments which are a weaving of creation., Here the womb is like a bubble of light gently holding you ,caressing you and gifting you the deepest of love as you return to the place of birthing once more.

This is so powerful for me, so healing and I see now a pool with water tricking into it and a lady kneels before the pool and offers it a white lily on a long green stem. It all looks very archetypal- we offer a gift to the waters of life—the ceremony of creation has begun and each of you now is embraced by the pool which is the water bowl I have here I feel – for it has transposed itself into this pool it really is.

I call you all forth and you come and join me as we kneel around the pool, together. The white doves come and one by one they alight on your shoulders and fly also above us in the glade of ever peace and tranquility.

A lady seems to rise out of the waters spinning gently and yet offering something to each of us one by one. She looks more like crystal yet is alive.

It feels as if we sort of murmur together quietly in this amazing stillness and I see little circles appear on the top of the pool – are they us?

Yes they be you all beloved ones for as you gather this way you touch the realms of paradise. We greet you with love and bless you, each one of you – and unite you more deeply into the realms of union. The Sisterhood of the Rose. The purity of love is bestowed on each of you for this is a true attunement of bodies into one body.

Now I see what looks like golden stairs that lead down into the pool. We all file down the stairs into the waters which have turned golden and it looks as if we too have become golden like ancient Grecian statues, but we re-emerge

we are new born and seem to come alive as different beings of creation, all look bright and clear and smiling. A true sacrament of the sacred waters.

Above I see a star so brightly shining, and I see each of you as a different face from long ago. I think each of you may be shown who you are or were or who you unite with –I feel like an observer in this and I do not see myself yet I watch each of you walk out of the pool and file down a path to a golden temple I see in a forest now as the pool now seems to be surrounded by trees. It is a small temple with pillars- ahh I have described this before I think? But you all walk to the temple and enter, being absorbed by the light within. It fades slowly as do you all.

I feel myself alone in the forest and am asked to reach for the water and to place a spiral with the water on my third eye. It feels alive and I see a white dove in front of it yet attached to it. Now I feel I have united with the temple and all has sort of blended into eternity.

I had to break the vision then (and get dinner!) but I kept seeing the same image—a golden- apricot coloured star with many layers and points.

I feel that each of us will create our own ceremony that will in some way unite with each other to make the circle stronger. This is my unique way, as I was lead, so it was done. I am still aware of an amazing stillness with mixture so created, like it waits.

The bowl is on my desk as I want to put some in a bottle before I put it outside, and it is interesting as to its left I have the Buddha statue and the crystal Linda gave me together with the ancient Babylon healing stone, Calchelsite. It feels like a need to unite them for a minute before I place the bowl outside which I will do now. The same stillness and calm, the same harmony, it’s very beautiful.

I will photograph them together first then I will place the bowl outside, with love and project the energy as an unfolding with you all.

13th July 2012

After I found and re read these notes, the following message was given and I was asked to add it here.

Reading the ceremomy made me feel that I sat under the tree of life in the Garden of Eden – the eternal reflection to life and our journey. The words given back then and the ceremony followed felt to me in direct alignment with our now times and Metatron’s current direct teachings, even though these were written in 2006. Once more I am reminded that all is one and that time does not exist.

Kaisa I felt strongly that you were called to ask for these notes so they could be shared once more for these times, and Friday 13th? Is there ever a coincidence?? Hmmmm where the sacred is concerned, all things are possible! and 13 and 7 for July make the master number 11. Add our full date up and we have a sacred 7!

Message given is this

This be called the Sisterhood of the rose essence and ceremony of initiation into the rites of this ancient order.

Many of you walk this path and together ye unite at different times in your life’s times.

Kaisa we say to you beloved sister of Heather who is known to us also As White Dove that you unite with these frequencies as you read these notes. These hold the weaving of the sacred goddess light energy as so manifest by Sandalphon. Why would it be that beloved Heather is so close to her as goddess form? Are ye all not but one song of this energy? The Sisterhood of the Rose be one light, one strength, and guides the new light to earth. Ye be guardians of this light and unite to create this.

Anne, Kaisa and Heather—ye know that this be the path of the alchemist ye be- yet many enfold this energy and offer it in their own ways. This day, Heather—you felt called by us to add the list for the essences. Kaisa—you felt called to ask about the Sisterhood of the Rose—and so Heather sought us and we came and added to her notes of long ago.

We add many loving blessings to you who seek and find.
This ceremony offered holds deep implications of re-union to the past song of creations calling, touch it with your hearts and know ye be part of the uniting of this song for earth and man.

As Heather writes our message, she joins with the chanting of these beloved ones who serve, from hearts of seeking and hearts of knowing – yet for manyreamin innocent but within know —

Heather asks why she was not taken into the temple at the time of ceremony – she has another role in this—and knows — as each of you do – yet ye be one of those who sings life and breaths life back into earthsong – and so it is and shall be

Our blessings this night with deep gratitude and love for we be the collective voice of the Sisters of the Rose—as many and one—we unite this time in joyous reunion.

All my love and blessings

Reply by Anne Stanton on July 15, 2012 at 12:43

Reply by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish on September 3, 2012 at 2:25

I am feeling a part of this too Heather. Maybe it is time to give this some of my attention.

I am seeing 12. 12 What? 12 Women? 12 rose buds? 12 rose hips? yes I feel it is the rose hips.

I will ask for guidance on this today. I will gather 12 rose hips..today? Not sure, it has been raining heavily for 24 hours here. SEpt. 2, 2012……….hmmm 9 plus 2 pus 5 equals….16 equals 7… 3’s and 7’s are my activation numbers………….interesting how I just wrote those words…….ACTIVATION NUMBERS… I know those two numbers are important to me……..3, 33, 333, 7,77,777………37, etc……..yes 37 very powerful for me…. so now I see they are my activation numbers. Now I have one more topic to pursue! hahaha What fun! I will keep you posted on this too Heather…. many blessings. Oh and any information you have for me on this will be greatly appreciated.

Blessings, Barbara Marie

Reply by modron whiteraven on April 3, 2013 at 1:38

Dear Heather,thank you for your work.There is a book I have and have not read ,yet.Called the Sisterhood of the Rose .Your work with the grail is intriguing .For I feel strongly that a real people will soon be brought forth ,one way or another .All my love…Modron

ps ..I do make bath salts .Tried adding these mysterious stones to the “essence”.They are triangular in shape ,am told the fairies made them …..