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Oil Essence number 5 violet, rose quartz and Sandalphon mix

IMG_7269IMG_7330 IMG_7271 IMG_7289 IMG_7310 IMG_7313IMG_7354 IMG_7356 IMG_7363Posted by Heather on August 30, 2011 at 0:54
New 0il essence number 5 violet, rose quartz and Sandalphon mix
Wow it sounds beautiful already!

I was asked to make one in a rose quartz bowl while I made up the others, now I am doing it.

I have placed a tiny pale rose quartz bowl outside with olive oil amongst some violets. I saw I had to sit it with violets yesterday. I was asked to trust as they all seemed gone, but I found a few by following my smell I think! First I spilt the oil on the violet patch. Was it by accident or was I to add the oil as a sacrament first? I wondered
Now it sits there and one violet draped itself in the bowl by a little. I have allowed that and it does not feel that it has to be there very long, so will see what unfolds. Hear until the sun leaves it

I have to type this up in violet colour as well! When I bring it in I am asked to place it with some Sandalphon crystals on the mandala table.

Feel a need to clean that mandala up now and put the other oils aside as they still sit there.

I felt unable to bring the oil in until I had totally cleaned and washed all the crystals and table and then placed the Lemurian seed crystals around its perimeter an s is always asked of me. This time I was asked to turn Divinity to face me in bed and to place the skulls on the east side away from me, but to have Diadenon, the Atlantean crystal looking directly at me.

Then I was asked to bring in the oil. In the short time the oil has been out there, perhaps 2 hours or less, I notices two more violets had grown very close to the oil and that the leaves themselves seemed to be facing inward towards the oil and not so random, or was it my imagination? I did not think I then had to bring the oil inside and place it on a 6 sided up turned stand with Sandalphon crystals then I was asked to place the Metatron crystals all around the base fanning out. Sandalphon is the female aspect of Archangel Metatron, so it seemed both wished to be presented there.

The sun was low and shone onto and through the crystals and into the oil. Later I was asked to place 2 candles there as well. Later in the evening when I went to look, the energy was one of calm and stillness. I felt a need to photograph it all so will add those here as well.

I have a feeling this oil will be ready much sooner, maybe tomorrow.
While all this was happening I seemed very in tune with many things none of which were related to the oil. I felt I was living in a higher plane of existence. One gift given to me is the awareness of one of the tree elementals that lives on the farm. She always took guardianship in a tree beside a creek . When the tree died I wondered where she had gone, and today I saw her in another tree. I was so happy to know she was still with us.

Since making the other oils I seem to fall asleep all the time and feel quite tired. Not sure if its related or not. I rarely fall asleep like that and the sleeps are incredibly deep but not aware of dreaming or visions. Related? Higher energies? Current earth frequencies?

Reply by Heather on August 30, 2011 at 18:01

Today 30th August 3.30pm

Stillness and peace

The energy in the room surrounding the oil is amazing. It is so restful and pure and a feminine energy emerging with great gentleness and peace. It is in its own space yet I do not feel I am intruding as I go near it. It welcomes me with love and acknowledges my sacred self and I am aware while I belong there with it, it is separate to me and very divine in its strong sentience. We share a strong love, understanding and respect in that acknowledgement of each other. The strong overriding energy is one of acceptance too. If I was an ax murderer I would be as welcome I think. This energy is pure creation, no judgment, only love. Here I am walking with the angels.

I feel a need to rest in it myself, I love this energy. It wants to remain in the light of a gentle warming sun now,. I feel it’s already finished but wants to stay where it is. It looks so beautiful there as well, all the crystals adding a deep and perfect balance for her energies. It seems while Divinity offers support the other crystals add a great balance, meaning the Metatron crystals and Sandalphon’s crystals. The others seem very alive, very aware of her energies yet do not seem to add anything of themselves this time. The others do the work as was asked of me, violet, rose quartz, Sandalphon and for balance Metatronic crystals. The way I felt to add the Metatron crystals reminds me of sperm swimming to meet the female ovum.

Yesterday as I cleansed the crystals to replace them and then set up the new oil, I could hear a lot of music all around me, as if they demanded I turned on some of my music or sung, so I sung and hummed my way around them, not wanting to leave them as I set up some music.

The energy emerging in me today with this essence is—doves wings fluttering in my heart. My sacred name is White Dove, Dove or White Dove who flies. These names were give to me over the years by my angels. The validity to me is that when I am working within the deeply sacred, I am aware of the doves wings with me or around me.

Sometimes I am the dove, and these times seem to be pure love. This current experience alerts me that this oil’s energy is seeded in my heart and unites with the aspect of me that is divine so that we become one. I feel like her—the Mother of life, all life and I hold love in my heart as I birth the earth through me.

I understand that as the new earth evolves and comes closer to human kind that it is us who are the Mothers of creation who birth the new earth through our own love and pure connection to Mother- Father God, earth and life. We are the mothers of new earth life and we shall bear her. This oil essence alerts me to this.

Reply by Heather on August 31, 2011 at 0:09

The bearer of life. is this the name of this oil essence? it feels rather like that.

Tonight i felt she wanted more candle flame and this was done for her as well.

Reply by Ursula on September 1, 2011 at 9:04

This one feels so special too Heather,
I kept seeing the beautiful violet and the green as I was going to sleep last night, maybe that is what it helps with, deep refreshing sleep.

Reply by Heather on September 1, 2011 at 11:39

Dear Ursula
This one felt the most special to me and yes it gave me an incredibly restful sleep as well.
love heather

Reply by Heather on September 3, 2011 at 23:01

The oil has been decantered into a small bottle now and asked that it sit with the crystal mandala as i felt I wanted to make another one the same. I realized it would not be the same, but it felt right to try this. The oil essence that is now completed called it self birth.

I will begin a new topic for the next oil essence.

Making Oil essences results of my experiments so far

IMG_6590 IMG_6609 IMG_6651 IMG_6584 IMG_6681 IMG_6685Posted by Heather on August 11, 2011 at 22:44

Making up the oils 11th August 2011

This has been an interesting process. When I went back to correct the notes, I realised I must have been in trance and it was as if I read them for the first time. The oils must be more potent than I understood it seems! The energies attached to these oils tell me this is a new process for our times will need experimentation as we learn to understand it more.

with love

It feels like it is time to communicate with the oil essences today. The sun is out once more, the moon near full and the oils have been bathed by the warmth of the sun through the window.
I intend to hold each one and see what is shared and will add it here as I go. The following are the notes form these communications.

Elemental crystal oil

Stillness calm, peace. The crystal itself seems to be quite dominant here at this time. I find her protective of the oil as if she has claim to it—I guess she does now, like a child under protection of the elemental within.

I hold the crystal to me, it feels like a mother about to be separated form her child. I see myself anoint the crystal with some of the oil and I see a gateway open in the crystal itself. I then use some of the oil to draw the symbol on the side of the crystal which speaks.

“ Beloved you hear me, for the oil, as you will led it, opened my heart and so I am exposed to all life.” I feel great sadeness and ask why.

“You feel me truly for I grieve for the earth, I grieve for what she was and is no longer. Man has destroyed so much there.”
My heart is so upset for this crystal I feel it so deeply and tell it I do what I can earth and that I am not alone in this. For me, now the inside fractules of its internal structure seem to be more pronounced somehow. “What can I do?” I ask.

“Use your love as a place for us to rest. We of nature need the love of those who know us. You do—and we honour that. It is your intent, your open heart that offers what we seek—it is not even in the physical interaction, it is an etheric communication we speak of.”
“What if the oil?” I ask

“This oil holds my heart but it is a gateway to earth itself. The oil is manifest as an aspect of myself. As you strive to heal my heart, you also heal the oil’s intent. Now she has become more alive and in touch with the soul of earth song – of nature striven to be alive now—using this oil enables others to touch this need to be of earth, to work with earth, to be earth. Understand?

Call this earth oil. It may be used in many ways. To use on a body grounds that person into the inner layers of the earth”, I ask, “why ashes?” as this is what I am seeing as she speaks to me

“This is the remnants the left over memories of old, not fire ashes but the ancient ways. This oil touches these things.

One drop in other oil suffices it form the needed link.

Use it in a container and burn a candle flame through it—watch the oil and allow meditation to reach you – touch the layers of the memories of earth and find your place in this, your sacred place as a child of earth.”

I fill it with my love and hold it to me like a baby. The inner markings seem even stronger and I feel blessed and honoured that it exposed itself this way to me, so open so fluent, so beautiful. The voices of life speak to me, the voice of nature reach me, yet encapsulated in this crystal that has its own journey and experiences of life. This is how it feels to me now. I do not want that sort of sadness attached to the oil though.

I have been told it has been removed for the oil to work with we humans, it must hold true patterning of life force for its work to be done. The crystal has told me it has guided the oil into this—a wave of strength of light—I see it as a wave and I saw this in the crystal before. Lasterr asio look at the crystal that pattern has gone.

Interestingly I also ‘have been told that when the oil is made once more the crystal will do it better. As i have opened it pathways for this work as well. How interesting that is!


I hold the oil now and feel out—I feel ripples like rivers of energy with in. This reminds me of the fractules I saw in the crystal as well. Interestingly the oil seems to be filled with greenery like leaves.

Maybe it’s a reflection of the energy form the garden. The response was “yes but more – the green plant is a link to all life, new growth, opening , a promise of life—this is what the essence brings now, an awakening awareness to natures calling for harmony, peace and acknowledgement! Know us and we know you -–be as one in harmony and watch us unfold.”

Babylonian seed crystal Oil

This feels very different to the others. I have not stopped to make the other up as it seemed important to just write the notes now. Must be a good time for communication perhaps. ( later i noticed a fullish moon and that the sun and moon were both up, the sun setting the other rising)

The crystal: as I hold this it fills me with the temples of long ago—the ancient purity and light that was the first temples. Perhaps earlier than Babylon I think. “Yes” I hear

This time it is the oil that has the stronger focus here. This crystal I think is in total harmony with itself, it asked me to use pink- mauve as the text colour where as the elemental oil was green. Both are heart chakra colour yet the other is also nature. This oil, is pure heart.
The oil feels so peaceful like it waits and is in absolute harmony within.

To use this oil would bring in this same harmony I think. The energy of it is very high, very light and it feels soft and gentle but in this lies great strength and purity as well. It takes me back to the harmonic of the ancient Lemurian temples of light. For some reason there is an echo there of the cat People, oh, all their love and wisdom shines through but as an echo. Once more i feel the ripples reach out like in a pond when a stone is thrown in to the centre. But these are of deep light shining out and out it reminds me of someone playing a harp, sound ripples—or tonal frequency manifested as light-sound. I see Sirius attached to this oil—is it Sirius or Arcturos I see? Arcturos feels stronger but maybe both?. These are the Arcturian temples of light after all and were close to the Lemurian energies as guidance as well

I ask how its to be used and am instantly called to draw the Lemurian symbol of healing onto my forehead. Using the oil. The spiral reaches out from me and tingles and while I cannot feel it I see it as burning hot red. Hmm why red there?

“Energy of life and fire beloved one, bringing forth the song of all life as one life to the focal point of your inner site—ajna, intuition, touching beyond the veils. We give you the power to see further, act more, be more in touch with the veils of all life beyond the knowing into the depth of all life.

This be an initiation for you of a sorts, one to guide you the temple energies of old—one where you walked in the worlds not of earth, one where you were those worlds as fire.“

If I lay down now I think I would go into trace, this oil is very powerful and is one for initiation and astral travel into the other realms for learning and assimilation. I ask if I can summarise this oil for its use and outcomes.

“Outcomes is a better way to describe its use—call it Anointing oil. One from the temples of the ancients bringing forth the old made new, the revisiting of known sacred energies to be reclaimed and re used in these times as you move into new beginnings. You think of Thoth’s Emerald Tablets, do you not? Well yes, this oil can take those who were once initiates back to those beginnings once more. This oil is not for all yet those who feel drawn to it will use it this way, with wisdom and love. It is one of the astral teachings.”

This one made me feel rather tired, I must say !! I did ask if the crystal skulls it sat with for awhile had any impact, the answer was “no—they were there as guardians only as their energy was not to be part of this process.”

Skull and Divinity Oil

This oil was placed with the crystal skulls, the Metatron Tibetan seed quartz and the Divinity master crystal in the Lemurian seed crystal mandala. While the other oils were focused on the influence of one crystal, this had many influences.

OIL: what I see are many triangles and perhaps other sacred geometric shapes within the oil now. It feels that Divinity had a strong influence here as this is very much aspects of the Arcturian crystal temples, I feel. Yet each seems to have had an impact on these energies here. I get the impression that the oil is like a pillar in the temples and that the skulls are very much part of that, yet I get the skulls are strongly offering protection while the work is being done. They seem to stand back and let others do the work. “It is not our place to interact so, those of the divine that are with us are here to do that work” they say. I understand their task is rather different, to imprint history and knowledge. This oil is not for that, it is one for sacred light infusion as given from the Arcturian temples here. The essence is named Arcturian temple infusion

I see how it has worked. The Metatronic angelic energy has infused the oil with great and divine love and light. Divinity is the gateway to these Arcturian temples of crystalline light, the skulls work as guardians at this time. I also feel the Sandalphon crystal energies here. These crystals are placed in the mandala but were not near the oil, yet her feminine divine love is present.

It seems that each offers divine light for the task—and as you enter Divinity’s inner energies, you are in the temples. I see this oil sits in the temple of light within the light of this place. I see this inner place is rather like the heart of Mother Father God–

This is the purist of oils and in so many ways encapsulates what is represented in the crystals surrounding it, yet the interesting thing is which ones offered what aspects of themselves or their collective to create the oil. I was given the name some time ago and now I have written these notes, I ponder on its meaning. “Yes using this oil, you are taken to this place of divine light. Only few may enter yet the oil will take you there. This is a true sacred gift and an infusion of light.” Indeed.

As I hold the oil, it feels like the holy grail—a cup of light, so pure, it is a divine gift. But where it was placed would offer this.

My intuitive place to add it was my throat. Pure communication offered. Beautiful.

Tibetan salt lamp oil

Well of course the text wanted to orange its the colours of the salt lamp.

In my experiments, I felt called to add oil to the salt lamp bowl I have. The salt tells me it’s a gateway to cleansing and healing. Interestingly this is one of the oils that said it may be taken as a tonic. One drop can be placed on the tongue. Using this oil, seems to open the body out and then draws it in to the space created by the oil. it is adding the necessary energy for healing in that space.. I see one drop of oil opening the light bodies so that we may add whatever it is we need for healing. It may be love or light—we may choose this form of healing in many ways for our own use and health.

“Use this oil for cleansing and facilitating what is needed for your own good. This be a cleansing oil on all levels. It may be ingested for need, one drop but it is up to the recipient to see what they want it for. You will need to hold that visual intent for its use and need. We hold you in the cusp of our heart, we hold you in our realms of creation, clearing, cleansing allowing this process of intense purifying as needed. Be aware! This cleansing can be blocked by a doubting mind, it is important you are aware of the process and work with it, do not block this process but allow it.”

I took a drop to feel its presence and visualised my organs and opened them for where it needed to go. I was aware of it being absorbed into me like ink in a glass of water. When I placed it in my mouth, it tasted just like olive oil but soon I felt my mouth felt salty. Not my imagination. While this was happening, I was suddenly aware that my throat chakra was pulsing and vivid pink! At the same time I felt myself adding some oil to my palms and drawing clockwise spiral there—could feel it strongly. I do not know which oil, or if it was the salt oil, but my impression was from that place, it went to where it was needed and could also refine my healing energies there. I pondered on how we can use oils before healing, perhaps.

Using these oils

They are not to be mixed with other oils as carrier oils but are to remain pure in their bottles until needed.

It is suggested one drop be placed directly on the body where needed. This be via intuition or purpose. If you are having a massage and wish the oils to be used, where you place the drop will reach out to all parts of the body but its focus may be where it is given.

Think about its use and then consider how it is to be used on that person if it is used on a person. Those with high levels of intuition will understand where they are to be used or the recipient may request this, but go with the heart only and allow. You may choose to use different gem oils in different places as well, more than one at a time.
A drop of these oils may also be used in a burner with other oils to add its sacred energies . This would be a most powerful addition for ceremonies as well, as of old made new for sacred purpose to aid man and earth. Things have not changed!

Some oils may also be ingested, one drop only and hold the intent to its use. In this way you keep the lines of light open for it to do its work.

“These oils are just a beginning. The more you use them and make them, the more understanding will be given . You will note that the oil;s take on the presence, the essence of the crystal they are placed with and yet there can be a preponderance of those most needed in the location they are placed in. Note that each crystal offers its unique frequencies as needed, these may be selective or may vary according to current interactive frequencies as solar, moon, star gateways currently open, yet in the end it is especially an interactive process of the crystal and owner and intent. In all cases allow the process, try not to influence expected outcomes—just allow it and see what unfolds. If you do not feel you can understand what is given , just use them as it feels right to do so and it will work as it is designed or needed.”

Can they be mixed with plant life as well?

“Crystals have a pure link to light and ancient memories when they are fully cleansed of external influences. This imprinted frequency in them , if pure is best used alone and not mixed with other things. Please understand in these new times for us—this process is a new one and so it too must unfold in how it is used and can work. It too shall birth its energies and become stronger as it is required. We of the Light also learn with you and so as this work unfolds, share the knowledge with others who will also allow its unfolding to follow new pathways in these explorations.

Other oils or essences may be used at the same time, but keep the oils separate in application.”

Here is an images taken at the endof the process. There are more in the photo section

Reply by Heather on August 17, 2011 at 12:00

The essences are finally bottled up and ready to go . My next task will be to test them with others. They feel very calm and at peace, yet i sense in them a new energy unlike the other essences. I suspect this is the oil energy as it interacts with the vibration, but I am unsure at this stage, as i also feel like a rolling of light and a matrix of frequency with an strong underlying energy of great love as if i touch the heart of creation. This is the only way I can describe them.


Reply by Diamond on August 18, 2011 at 0:40

They look and feel amazing, and seem very at home with the colour and energy of the salt lamp dish.

Reply by Heather on August 25, 2011 at 22:30

Massage with the oils.

I showed Wendy my masseur the oils and we discussed them and told I her it was up to her what she used and while I had been told one drop it was her choice to follow her intuition.

We both felt the same oil, the divinity oil was the one but I left them all there for her to use .

As soon as a lay down I saw a male being at my head. He had shoulder length hair and a band around his head with many gold symbls on it.

He also had symbols following the lines of his white robe. I commented that his image was handsome, very archetypal and its what I might create if I wanted to. He said it was his true image and he was Arcturian. I have been in their temples thru divinity and yes they looked like that. He told me he was to be with me for awhile as a teacher and that his name was Eon.

Wendy felt a need to place one drop onto my heart chakra on the back, It felt like pure light and reached out. But i did not focus on that. I kept seeing what is happening in the book I am writing at the moment. I have felt to write this for months and it keeps calling me, He explained he was here to help me write it that the story was important. The massage was very much about seeing part of that plot in great detail as if I was there witnessing it..

When I turned over Eon said I needed a drop on my heart chakra that way. The minute it landed, I saw a snake. Eon explained it was my kundalini rising up and out beyond by crown chakra and I watched it do that but in a detached sort of way. I found myself back in the story in vivid detail.

Before the massage I realized I was not attached to the outcome, and I was just just allowing the process and it was enough.

Tonight I am so tired I can hardly move!! I am writing this now o I do not forget it.

Reply by Anne Stanton on August 17, 2011 at 12:37

Amazing and beautiful Heather! I am lifted just by reading this. Many thanks!

Reply by Heather on August 20, 2011 at 23:42

Thankyou, yes they do! But something very odd has happened the day I photographed them, they disappeared!

I thought i must have put them down somewhere but i have .looked everywhere to no avail! I remember photographing them, and after took them off the salt lamp and lined them up on the bench. After that, i cannot remember. It is as if i have a blank spot of lost memory.
last night i settled in and reached out to them and found them in the oddest place– my empty sterilized essence box! I may have put them there — who knows, but now they sit happily with the other essences.

Love heather

Reply by Heather on August 21, 2011 at 23:22

My dear ones

the following was written in response to some discussion about oil essences on my other site. you go there and read the discussion at this link:

Since these notes re part of the essecne i will add them here as well.
My goodness I spent 30 mins responding and it all deleted itself so I will try again. Thanks for all your comments.

The Lemurian influence seems strong in the oils as it is in me. The lady you have seen may have been me in a life as Illyana in lemuria but I had many lives in Lemuria and Atlantis, I think. Many of these were in priestess type roles. I did work with plants for healing so maybe that was me singing the plants as well.

I had also got the sense that one of those women was at Camelot, another home. Since there is no time, we can ponder on the nature of all our lives being simultaneous and so we may well be doing the same thing at the same time in them all, this would strengthen the energy attached to them but also maybe we aid each other ( my other selves) in the nature of such work.

I have not felt to share these notes anywhere except I felt called to add them here and on my own site. Your comments have really helped me and I have wondered if as Allayah has said, we have been together and worked together before. Allayah what you have said about the goddess of the blue rose does not resonate with me though.

Last night I did tune in and focus for the oils and I was directed to their location – how strange – the box I store my sterilized empty essence bottles in. maybe I put them there when I put all the equipment away, but for some reason, it felt right they were there. It’s a very pure contained space and maybe it gave them the opportunity to do their work, if it was as you have all described. Perhaps a true gateway, and it was directly in line with one of the Lemurian portals as well.

The energy is such they may well have worked out of space time, I feel, and what you saw with the other times and places is part of that braiding of energies for our now—all aspects of me and maybe even some of you working in our own times but working together as One . The oil essence frequencies had some alignments to make with like frequencies and it is to form a grid of golden light and it ties in all time as those frequencies are made more prevalent here now.

The oil essences gave the crystals an opportunity to align their energies within the oils for this work, it feels to me. If the same essences have been made in the usual way, with water, would it have made any difference?

As we speak here of global healing and alignments as these oil essences bring the old frequencies forward for our now times to aid her evolution, how can oil make a difference instead of water essences?

“Firstly the tactility of absorption into the body is a necessary step to align the essences with the human body. This process works from without to within. It takes the physical to the heart centre. Water essences usually work from the heart out to the physical body the out to the light bodies. These are two different processes that work for different reasons. Travelling to the heart centre is about reclaiming True Self and then bringing this out to Whole Self”.

I can feel this, but there is much more related to the frequency in the oil as well and it has not been shared here yet. I think we are guided with increments of energy so we may grasp its full meaning before we are given any more understanding though.

I have also reflected on these oils being a personal journey and what is created is in alignement with my energies. If you make your own this too will be the case I suspect, but as one energy and with One focus we bring in the light in whatever way is needed.

As I type this, I am seeing the oils in the ancient temples and how they were used. Since we bring the ancient forward we also bring forth those memories within the oils as it aligns with us now. I think that our bodies remember its embrace with us and so it closes those gaps of knowledge enabling us to reclaim what we know. Back from our now selves into the heart of who we fully are—and out. We become one as we unite all of ourselves this way.

Those of you who work with releasing or embracing past lives may be given a true opportunity for healing this way as we may choose what to heal before we absorb it once more. In this sense we give permission to allow all ourselves to be Our Selves without fear—only love. This be the secret to evolution and full embracement of the divine self.

It is said that the second coming is US for we carry the divine spark of all love within. As we ignite this to its fullness, we put aside all fear and become pure love. In this place we live in joy and through this, we bring the fullness of the heart of creation to earth. The more of us that do this, the more our collective reverses the darkness back fully into the light.

The essences i make are very much about igniting this wonder in us all. It is not just in using the essences, it is in the making of them. The process is filled with trust, silence, surrender and wonder as the essences unfold. This new process had a deeper tactility somehow—as if we touch new ways to bring higher energies here.

Using crystals to achieve this enables us to touch histories as the ancientness of the crystals will hold the early memories of earth and mans evolution. Those holding sacred energies offer this as holy grails of life. If we are able to tap these energies through the essences, oil or water – according to what is asked of us, we encapsulate their gifts in ways so they may be offered to others.

adding more here:
I am finding it interesting when i record these notes as they ask they be written as shown not for me to postulate opinion, that’s for others to do themselves, but this is how i see it– anointing is a partly about waking the inner ancient memories of temple initiation and holding energies for other sacred purposes. I think the idea of the cross on the forehead with holy water for example, is an extension of that too. The flame is the Light as we are too, thru burning oil. There are so many layers here in these oils and perhaps for each person they offer something different and it’s what i was asked to not add too much detail.

When i sort of black out while working, i know the energies are very high so it takes me to places way beyond 3D for the work. This is what happened with these oils and i have felt that perhaps they work in the new earth energies now. if so– they bring this back to those of us who do not already walk there and this aids others to follow this path.

I see the oils being applied with deep loving intent and focus yet allowing them to do thier own work. For me, i saw myself adding a drop to the palms, using a circular motion to apply them before adding them to the body or wherever they are intended. The spiral gateways of Lemuria are the healing gateways. They open to allow us to add what is needed before we close them with a reverse spiral if it is needed.

The process of adding the oil is so loving, i see it opens the practitioner as well as the recipient in pastnership to deep energies and act as a portal to enter this higher state of needed bliss. This bliss enables us to touch the higher frequencies as needed and act as an attunement.

I too have seen the golden light – uniting so much. Interesting what you say about the endocrine glands, it feels right to me. These of course are in sync with the chakras and for me the chakras are very much the focus for receiving the oil.

I feel i have much more information to assimilate here and all feedback is very helpful and thought provoking.
love heather

Reply by Heather on August 24, 2011 at 0:11

I have organised to have a message with a friend so i can see whether she uses the oils and how they will interact with me as well as her reaction to them

As i thought through this process, i saw the oils impact on me. I saw her add one drop with love and as it touched my body it was as if it drew symbols on me. There were so many they moved as if alive and overlapped and there was a timelessness about them– out of time– all time — writing a story i could not read yet it was a story i felt i would live for the symbols seeded something important in me and i knew them but i did not remember their meaning. Through them i will learn for i know they offer something important which i will understand at the right time. It is a reclaiming of lost knowledge.

When i have this massage, my masseuse may choose not to use them. If she does, i might not be aware of any of this, but i know it exists and this is part of how these oils will impact on me in whatever way they are used.

Perhaps this is another way they work, as messengers of the sacred knowledge they have absorbed. It is another way the sacred knowledge stored in crystals can be shared asit interacts with our own experiences.

love heather


Making an oil essence

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When someone asked me this recently, I had to really think this.

What a good question!

I use aromatherapy oils mixed with my essences all the time and I find the combination holds the energy I need.

However, I looked beyond that. Spirit also gave me some images which I will share with you combined with my own intuition and over the following days more was revealed

It did not feel right to add the crystals to the oil, somehow it did not seem to work. I kept wanting to reach out for the finest carrier oil I can find. These would be oils as cold pressed almond, walnut or even sunflower, but each just seemed too dense. What spirit showed me held such loving and sacred energy I was very moved but also quite overwhelmed as its sacred power was amazing, that of the ancient temples, I felt.


Before you begin though, make sure your crystals are very pure and do not carry energies that do not serve this process, they need to be emptied of old attachments. After this, bathe the crystals as if they are being given the energies of the wellspring of the temple of eternal love.

Then the gems are ready.

The Process:

I was then shown that you are to pour some of your oil into glass container. Beside this you are to place your crystal/s and then a lit candle in a row so one is with the other. The flame is to reflect through the crystal onto the oil. Later I also found I could use the sun. I have not felt to use an electric globe I feel it holds the wrong frequency. While I feel the sun can be used, I still feel strongly that flames must play a part in the process.

With this you add tone. Tone is the vibration of the crystal or the combined crystals you may choose to use. Not everyone can hear these, but if you sit in meditation with this alignment, allow the sounds to vibrate from your vocal chords as if by themselves and let this sound ripple out. Do it as long as it feels right to do so. You may also send the sound from your heart in silence. If you use snging bowls you may find the tone matches as well. Some music may also work, but I believe the tone from yourself holds the highest vibration. Those of you that hold memories from the ancient healing may have this memory in your personal akasha may be able to access it with ease.

If you allow your vision to also merge with the flames, let yourself become one with the process. Expect nothing but allow it to be, be that you are – “I am that I am” will never be more powerful. This is the eternal presence of union out of time and within the heart of One Voice of creation.

Open yourself fully for you also become the process, a marriage of soul song, one with the crystal heart, one with your crystal—and watch the essence unfold.

Allow the timing to be as it feels needed. There are no rules.

In all that you do, be of love. You may trust all interactions then as being pure and the highest . As you hold the intent, so it will be. The oil can then be used as is needed and it will continue to hold this created energy; this sacred presence.

We also ask you to trust your feelings. If you follow this process it will hold true to you. This be a most sacred task, held for eons and not shared this way before.

But in this—allow the process and let it take you to where you need to be taken.

For the experience will differ with each person, each sacred crystal.
Our love and blessings this day . The sacred arises and the crystalline frequencies have a voice. Let them share it this way – as one way, and be embraced by the gifts of their rising cognizance.

My experience
Since I have not done this before, I thought I would set it up to photograph it.

I was interested to feel I needed a candle each side of the oil as well, which I did. This is an example of allowing the process for me. I felt called to use almond oil and I knew which crystal I was to use without thought. This one is a crystal and holds pure earth energies coupled with the elemental creative life force. However it was not cleansed. As I set it up. I could feel the energy reaching out to the oil and to me.

That night I had so many dreams of old energy seeking release, it was a very busy night! While the essence is still set up in my study I have not had time to continue with the process.

I would be very interested to get feedback from those of you who feel called to do this.

With love

 Reply by allayah on July 31, 2011 at 2:39

thanks heather for starting this–i was being shown COMBO OF EXTRA VURGIN OLIVE OIL–NOW THAT MIGHT BE TOO HEAVY BUT FELT THE ESSENES USED IT IN THE TEMPLES==sorry keep hitting caps or spirit is to make a point lol

Reply by Heather on August 2, 2011 at 23:46

Dear Allayah

if we feel this, trust it of course. it makes sense to me that they used olive oil as so many olives were around and must have been used fto make oil after all.

Have you any intuitions of how they worked with the oil as well?

love heather

Reply by allayah on August 2, 2011 at 23:58

i am getting they used a tree of life pattern on the body–which i feel includes physical and etheric charkras–sort of a anointing ritiual

Reply by Heather on August 3, 2011 at 11:53

yes that feels right to me too–my Lemurian family taight me to use such symbols above the body as part of healing or attunemenl as well–

love heather

Reply by Heather on August 3, 2011 at 11:54
Barbara sent me this response and has gvem me permission to add it here.

Subject: making oil Essence

Hello Heather, I have only just read this new entry, so have not tried it. But sometimes first impressions are worth noting. The vibrale quality of a candle flame would be highest and most durable frm a pure beeswax candle, preferably unrefined but filtered rich yellow wax that is fragrant, which also transmits its frequency. Preferably candles, they can be small, that you make yourself, with beeswax from a “real” beekeeper, so it is truly not mixed.

The sun, however, with its new radiance, seems very appropriate. Here in France we have always made, in our back gardens, Saint John’s oil, for instance, by leaving St John’s wort flowers to macerate 40 days in olive oil in the sun.

Such a length doesn’t seem at all appropriate to Cristal Essence oil, but I note that the oil doesn’t go ransid. Sun is transformative now that the Christ-Michael energy radiates from it rather than the ancient Ra energy of duality. The charm of “ancient temples” and various gods we have known, inscribed in the achachic, are “high” but below the Causal. This is an illusion of “high” because it is still duality. That and the soul dissolve or etherise in ascention to the 5th dimention, The present sun’s rays are beginning to align us to Now, to Unity where we naturally move beyond impressions from the past. Bees are also of the 5th dimention….and indeed seem to be moving back there.
Blessings, Barbara

Reply by allayah on August 3, 2011 at 12:12

thank you for the input-

this is not familar to me in this life–only getting bits and pieces right now how would i use he candle

and leaving St John’s wort flowers to macerate 40 days in olive oil in the sun.–this intrests me as i wish to add the seeds of a particular bush native to south africa–i found a american supplier–i see certain chosen crystals surrounding this oil in a circle
i have no idea what i am doing heather lol


Reply by Heather on August 3, 2011 at 13:13


oh half this deleted itself an di have lost the thread will try and remember !

I don’t know anything either about this but since you asked —- it was an interesting thought and one to look at, I thought! All i can do is allow the possess without thought or intellectualizing it that can hamper the process. just feeling out and following intuition. It’s time like this i like to be totally ignorant, not reading others experiments etc so i know i follow my own pathways, its my best way to learn and know its ‘pure’ no other indoctrination! Yet like to share it here and get others feedback as i can learn from thier experiences after i have had a go. I was interested in Barbara’s comments as when I am in this process, i choose not to intellectualise the why of it– just to do it– later i can ponder on what i have done. For example, yes we need to use pure bees wax candles as they will hold that energy too– i want to say Sirian, which is interesting!

Today is like early spring — life is exploding outside at the moment, and a;; that sun is amazing! I can just fele it work on the oils there. Interestingly, the doi went all weird around the elemental oiu, she would not leave it and seemed on guard and out of her comfort zone, for me she is a good barometer for these things!

see more notes below and images too and more images in the photo section
love heather

Reply by Heather on August 3, 2011 at 13:24

Oil Essence part 2

3rd August

Elemental crystal oil essence: I have not had time to spend time with the essence above and since the sun it out and I have a little time today, have decided to do some experiments.

It felt needed for the sun to also be part of the oil essence, but somehow I was not happy using the elemental crystal as it was. It had not been cleansed at the time and so felt I wanted to do more preparation. At this point, my new flame essence, which is still outside working, asked me to pour some of it over the crystal I immediately ferlt a dshiuft of energy and more light seem to emerge from the crystal and it seems more clear. I can add images to show this.

I took the oil and the elemental crystal outside to the sun and set it up as an alignment and I will probably move it during to say to maintain the alignment as the sun moves.

Lemurian seed crystal oil essence:

I then felt I wanted to make another oil essence, this time I felt called to use one of my Lemurian seed crystals. This one is very beautiful and was with Divinity my master crystal in another life, I feel, in Babylonian temple. It has always been part of the mandala surrounding divinity.

This time, I used pure cold pressed olive oil, made by neighbours, and placed the seed crystal above the oil so the sun shone through it into the oil. The gold of this olive oil felt very right somehow—and seemed to hold more energy that the almond oil I used for the other oil essence.

They are both outside my study in the sun and just glowing with light and it feels its not just the sun either.

Reply by Heather on August 3, 2011 at 14:21

making an oil essence part 3

I felt called to make one with in my mandala of divinity, lemurian seed crystals, Metatronic Tibetan quartz and the crystals skulls. The little glass container feels very protected there, it feels so strong as if its in the arms of love. Will see what unfolds. these a very powerful healing crystals. I feel strongly this one needs candle light tonight as well.

I also feel called to make one in my Tibetan salt lamp, Will do

Reply by Heather on August 4, 2011 at 22:18

i woke this AM feeling they were done but did not have time to spend with them. I had a frustrating day trying to get my photo printer to work on my mac to download all thee photos as part of a book launch I am part of over the weekend. I was thinking that i could have been wrapped in the mellow light of the oils instead. I could feel them, but i need time to sit with each one and record my feelings. I left them outside where they are as it felt good there for them. I still feel a need to add flame light as well though.

Yesterday was eventful and the one with the elemental crystal was spilt! My husband knocked it over as he walked past, but not all was lost and I moved them both into another part of the garden, a lot of sun and untouchable

And i often have founds plants want to be with crystals in essences as they act as a grounding force and complement the crystals. However this time i have pondered on combining the gem oil I am making with certain essential oils. But whatever we feel is always correct, i think, and there are no rules in these things, just love

One thing I feel is that the gem oil is a mother oil and can be mixed with pure oils later, so its carrier oil i think
hugs heather


Reply by Heather on August 6, 2011 at 0:53

5-8-11 Oil essence part 4

There is a gentle flow form these oils now– and would be beautiful rubbed onto people who need healing, it feels. The idea is to apply it an outward spiral, rather like opening chakras, yet it can be used where needed. I see so many uses for these oils now and i too need to do some more work on them myself.

I also got now to suggest placing some on your palms and rubbing in and then placing them on someone who needs healing — good one

I brought the oils inside to day and placed them in the sun. A storm is due and I did not water mixed in them. One held a pretty insect and it reminded me of the look of amber with a trapped insect in it. I removed it as it did not feel part of the oil essence. Now all the oils are near the crystals skulls, Divinity and the Lemurian seed crystals. Feels right.

Reply by modron whiteraven on August 6, 2011 at 1:45

Thank you for your work,sister.There are many combinations of frequencies ,absolutely .

I made [not knowing,strange child ] my first essence when I was not yet in my teens .I have always had this addiction to stones of all manner.Always.
On the land my maternal grandfather had given for a church,there was a well.When I was little we had outhouses ,lol,smoke breaks for the deacons ,wild medicinal plants ,and stones all over.You could see those paper fans going .I must have been 6 days old when I first went to church .Old babptist which aroise from Cherokee and Melugeon roots.So mote it be.Country folk.

Now all the odl aunties were always nuturing my curiosity.At the well ,I think I may have been given a rag [probably a handerchief] to tie up these rocks .Some outsider did not like my taking holy rocks ,and my grandfather saying ,oh yea?He did not come back except upon special occasions.

I got home with the rocks and wild flowers.I went all over our yard there and picked rose of sharon blossoms .My great aunt gave me a mason jar with a lid .I put those odd rocks into the jar with the flowers and one was a flint arrowhead.Then filled it with water.It would magnify the objects inside and i saw many things within.

I was very happy with my collection “preserved in water”.I knew it was somethin g,somethng from another place .

My Great aunt saved the jar and hid it somewhere in the pile of artifacts on the back porch.I know it stayed a long time and the organic material within had eventually decomposed.Terrible smell .I released the essence which had been spent .But ,it was magick to me.It was a comfort.The arrowhead slipped away ,somewhere along the way .It would be over 3 decades before I learned about Bacj Flower remedies .I had forgotten this small thing .Not sure why I am remembering today ?Love ,Eda

Reply by allayah on August 6, 2011 at 1:58

what i think is occuring is as the veils thin–we are remebering our multidemeensional lives–bringing back to conscious working with the land and all life forms plant and crystal and creating healing oils suitable to our ascending bodies

Reply by Heather on August 7, 2011 at 11:57

Allayah yes I feel this too. I find we have the ability to allow– the process is simple — if we can put ego and expectation aside–we hold the intent and will it as we unite with creation. in this blending of selves with all selves– creation– we Become, so we are able to know the process as we have already known it.

Some would call this stepping into the Akasha of course but these are just labels. We are a micro of the macro– and so as we become love– we are able to know that macro as we are it also, and so all we need is given to us. Call is grace, letting go of all fear, ego, expectation —
I am that I am –and so we be– become — know
Therein lies the answers we seek.

Reply by Heather on August 7, 2011 at 12:10

Dear Eda

you make me smile dear sweet sister. it has always been in you to remember the old magic, don’t you think? i remember i used to put flowers in water too and would put them in the sun on window ledges– cannot remember rocks, we kids know these things as no one has taught us how to think yet!

I used to fight that and stick to my own understanding all along but i think i would have been seen as a rebel but some of my teachers back then — maybe even now!!! hahah—

I think as one of the ancient races you hold earth magic closer to your heart as well and see and feel more than the average person, so these things are always natural to you. That is sucha divine honour, I think.
I love how we are triggered to remember the past when we need to. maybe it is just another example of being closer to the viel where all time lines disintergrate. I think we need to be a certain vibration though to be able to be there or aware of this. I think you step into many worlds so have many memories and understanding.

with love

Reply by modron whiteraven on August 7, 2011 at 13:19

It was your post triggered the memory ,precious sister.Today has been a strange day .My oldest child who has been very ill ,called me with dreams ,he says.I had given him something very dear to me ,no more near dear than one of my children ,can be sure of that.I had not wanted to part with it just.It is a cameo .Black onyx .silver goddess holding a rainbow moonstone moon.Beautiful ,precious thing .I had worn this always for a long period of time .It was a very personal and powerful thing .It held true magick.Very subtle Protective and a declaration of the Goddess in women ,a part from man and all their awful ways against women.But ,this was MY son ,my child and he was dying.

It is complex ,I shant go into the lifelong issues of a woman who was born the same day as myself ,13 years earlier.My nemisis.

It was a woman’s thing and it was full of my training as a High priestess .I finally relented and got over whatever strange reactions I was going through.I gave it to him and told him NO ONe is to touch it .Do not even let them touch it .Do you understand me ?lol

He is calm now.Without it ,he lost his temper .He has gained 20 ponds of good weight ,I hope .He had lost over a hundred pounds over a couple years.He has diabetes .And now he is on 2 shots a day .I had thought he would not be able to wearit .I was pleasantly surprised when he looked like it belonged.I had never thought to train a man.My powers are supposed to pass from mother to daughter in an unbroken line .When the line is ended ,then that is the end of that line .It will not come again.It looked good on him.He is improving.

Today he calls me and starts asking questions .About dreams and things .We are tapping back and forth on a telepathic level.He has my blood exactly .The only one of my 3.

I have not tried to influence my children in matters of the spirit or beleifs.I was raised Christian .Perhaps ,that is why .They must find their own way.I accused him of snooping in my private papers .Or thought my daughter in law might have been reading my email.Which I do not care .But ,I have told them things all along and no one ever listens .So ,I quit talking .

Moonstone is very dear to me .Of all stones ,it is the one I am in love with .smiles .He need not pretend ,he must be honest to a painful level .No silly stuff when it comes to this .

But ,he was asking who is Modron Whiteraven.An he asked who was ,by exact name ,the woman who was my teacher .And then though,he began to describe other dreams .About a waterfall .About 3 women in a lake .When he looks into the water he cannot see his reflection only theirs .

I see my Maypole has rotted and fell .But ,I am rambling .Magick ,very powerful magick is afoot.That is not all of it .But ,concerning elixers made with water and other things .Yes ,it is possible .I am drawn to water now ……I just pressed a passion flower.Our trip into the yard would have been better if not for those awful mosquetos.I heard the magnolia pole fall last night .I managed to get the tall grass cut down to day .I am no longer able to keep the order of this temple as I should .He is coming on the morrow to spend the day ,just myself and him .Trying to keep him from collecting certain artifacts .I explained to him he needs to make his own or be gifted them .And maybe this is my Tsalagi blood talking .For it is there and the land of the old ones ,I am belonging to her .

And no one taught me these things ……I have been able to confirm through many long hours ,many long years.Just to reach back and to retrieve what we would have been trained ….

So my child ,grown man that he is ,is healing .He says it is the pendant.I said if you ever decide not to use it any longer ,you bring it back to me .No one else is to touch it .He said he had no intentionso fletting anyone touch this thing .And would wear it when he died and be buried in it .

So mote it be.I do not know what is going on ,but ,he needs me now .He has been my son in 3 lifetimes I can recall.

I will not tolerate any disrespect for women or the Goddess.I explained to him that if he chose to be a man of the goddess ,a true one is rare.I have never known one .My energies are causing th elittle dogs to be frisky.They are moving around all excited .Wolves .They had a long lesson to teach me during my Crone years.I was born a cat.I am from the tribe of the Catti.lol

The lessons we learn in life ,sister.He is getting better.And is picking up all manner of impressions from the Necklace.It is so heavily infused with my own Priestess energy.No holds barred when it comes to my own personal relation with Her.To the Christ and I am still working out kinks with th God.

I di dnot mean to make this so long .I do not know where to send it or not .I will give a leap of faith.Seldom does my writing flow any longer.And one thing is flowing into another .I think I will work with my flowers and oils again.Know if you are a mind ,you can add stones .Opals ,plenty in your land ?So simmilar to moonstone ,in ways .Fraternal twins?Pulled out all of my blue stones today .Not sure how to put them together .For a burial necklace for myself .I still have to make my shroud .They know I am going to be cremated ,if we all last long enough .Sister ,I love your site .

You always have a powerful affect .Thank you with all my heart.Anthony is bringing raw rubbies for me on th emorrow .He says there is one very large one .Do not know how working with it [my bstone ] is going to end out?Blessed be ,Modron Whiteraven

Reply by Heather on August 10, 2011 at 11:08

Dear Modron — i call you this here

life follows a needed pattern, i think. Your dear son heard a calling and chose to follow it-=- blesshis heart for perhaps in some ways he finds his truth. I hope his wife allows and supports this as the two are needed in this. The pattern flows this way. Could it be that he is the intermediary between you and a daughter he may have one day and all this is to be passed to her? Some of the old magic is so needed for now times, we need to help nullify the random aggressions of the lost and fearful. By being who we are, the add that frequency to the collective and if there is enough of us we shift the balance.

Moonstone to me is the goddess stone, i wear it a lot too and love it. We do not have opal on our land but there is plenty of it in Australia, for sure. The rainbow colours of life here, of the desert and the sun– like a mirror for deep seeing and it holds past memories of the drea time. I love this stone too and have some of it here.

I think working with water for you is important, triggered me as i read your post. Water is one of the sacred vessels of life and you have worked with it in many lives it feels.

The oils are another story andf mine sit hap;pily with crystals in my mandalas now. When its time we will communicate.

Always share what your heart dictates

love and blessings

Reply by allayah on August 10, 2011 at 11:22

heather i always considered waters-the life blood–circulatory system of gaia–thru which chi can flow
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Reply by Heather on August 10, 2011 at 12:39

yes me too Allayah!! and on the astral level they offer the same but in higher places. water is moving crystal and so holds the imprint of so much – all time really. maybe that’s why it is so easy to have visions as we gaze into the water.

I am fascinated as wellthat water actually sees itself as another life form on earth, separate from the land. makes sense, although wer are all one should be thrre somewhere as well —-

love heather xx