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The planetary alignment essence– bringing in the light focused for earth

IMG_5766 IMG_5817 IMG_6280Posted by Heather on May 13, 2011 at 16:20

Friday 13th May 2011. 8.21am This makes 11 and 11 – powerful
The planetary alignment essence– bringing in the light focused for earth

Ahh I wrote that with out thinking about it. Typical of me to write without thought and read later, but when I put intellect aside– the truth emerges.

I had wondered what this essence was to be for but as soon as I wrote ‘The planetary alignment essence– bringing in the light focused for earth’ it is so logical even my intellect would have told me if i pondered on its very nature! The planets in alignment in a sense create a neap tide of energy – and much more—so to have this bombardment of energy made sense that it could be used in a positive or negative way. Since I work with the light, it will draw this aspect forth.

But with essences I never use the intellect, just the heart. it is the way I identify truth and light– where what needs to be shared is gifted through me and where I find love and peace in that merging with higher truth. It is a two-way thing– what we give we receive and often far more. This is true of essences, i find they gift me so much it is quite humbling at times. It can be like sitting at the feet of a master and being showered with wisdom, love and light. Making an essence is only one part of the journey. For me it is one of the deeper ways on the scared pathway to knowing truth and to merge with Spirit in its highest and blessed forms.

There are many other ways — yet making an essence is an act of surrendering to this process of choosing to be One with all of creation and as its an active one– it can also be an easier way. Many cannot just meditate as its too inacitive and they have trouble focusing to create the stillness leading to union. I do not see there is anything to be ashamed or frustrated about – it is just how many people are. As human, we operate on a flight or fight reaction so in many ways meditation is outsider our primeval nature—the one to survive. It needs to be more– like prayer in action and so on — we do not pray — we are prayer. We do not meditate– we are the meditation. Essence making is walking prayer, a moving meditation where trust surrender and love guide us. Wonder and joy merge later within the process and then we touch the divine song of creation.
I felt called to make an essence and this morning the calling was so loud I had to stop everything and place a bowl of water outside over my crystal terrarium. This is in the garden and faces SEEE.

When I asked if I was to add some flowers of other things, the answer was NO! So I have left it now. It’s a very cold day, rain is falling and is already adding itself to the bowl. As it’s autumn, leaves and berries are dropping there too, so not sure what will end up in the bowl. Already I feel a presence there.

As always I trust and leave it until called

2.11pm 13th may

How can I say this? The essence is like a whisper of silence. It feels like cat paws on soft earth walking, like elementals whisper and talk together waiting for its unfolding. I feel the planets and stars celebrating as preparation for a party and yet—there is silence and groundedness and yet an undercurrent of joy. Like a whisper.

Sandalphon stands with the essence facing me and is smiling, I think for she is quite faded yet she emanates great love towards me—gratitude, for I heard the calling.

The process has begun and all I did was place a bowl of water outside over some crystals when called. It is enough and I allow this process now—I withdraw and let it follow its own unfolding.

Tonight 13th 10.45 pm – I hear a soft female voice singing. At times it sounds like many voices.

There is a great stillness out there, absolute silence as a balance or behind the voices—stillness and beauty—perfection, light joy, love. All coalesce there now.

They herald new beginnings for those who choose joy and life. I pojnder on how many people do not really love life – and now is the time to make that shift into self’s ,own love and joy as a pathway to life’s calling, that be love one of love—

Reply by Heather on May 21, 2011 at 23:50

essence continued: May 20th 5.31PM

The essence is silent like velvet yet its power is clear and driven as it reaches out into all life. It feels light though, like gossamer wings and it is as if droplets of water dance with the beings who share the space there. It is so fine, its like fine silk– I cannot find words to describe its light. I think it’s so high now—I cannot touch its essence yet it feels of earth as well as beyond. It tells me it is a cup of light that holds within — all light as a reflection from night and day, the stars, moon, sun, earths light through reflections of joy.

Joy. An interesting way to describe its light, but yes, joy. Oh how beautiful. As I tune in, I hear the singing once more, but this time not a collective voice, rather a single voice of absolute purity. The fineness of it is lyrical in its light purity and it appears to be above my head. A type of frequency tuning in or opening what I want to say is the third chakra above my crown chakra.

There are colours related to this that appear to be a deeper blue- mauve and white, yet the energy is also gold like fine strands of frequency, pure gold in light.

The energy is very feminine. It feels like some ancient one emerging to earth once more—as if the need for her light now is required by earth for her next phase of evolution.

I noticed today that Sandalphon’s essence Sandalphon’s blessings over her gateway is covered with autumn leaves and in a way sort of buried. I needed to clean the leaves away yet it felt right to leave it as it was just for today. Is this because her energy needs to step aside for now to allow this other to rise and be present?

Today – I did clear the leaves, out of the bowl and yet it did not feel it was needed. I placed the bowl back tenderly and felt the sweetest of energies there, deep power and light as if earth rested. Sandalphon rests for now in that place perhaps.

I have no answers, just thinking here about these possibilities.

Interesting. I stopped to look and feel as I typed,. I saw something unexpected, like an ugly sort of gnome rising out and grinning at me. I think I must be touching the elemental kingdom through this essence.

In the fineness of this high energy — this little emental appeared. I look more closely—feel more closely, it’s the trickster but with humour and joy – in many ways it is to add more joy, laughter, to this energy. It certainly is a little gnome type figure and now it parades and laughs at me with delight. It got my attention and the lady continues to sing her high frequency and it’s like a play of energies of pure delight! So here – I am being reminded of the need for fun and joy and laughter as part of life, part of the light. Do not take it all too seriously, but find the joy and fun in all things. As we lighten up and find that sense of fun—we release much that troubles us and indeed, laughter is a wonderful remedy.


The essence has been speaking to me, as I started to go to sleep and woke me, and I had to get up to type this – or what I can remember
The lady has tyold me the essence unfolding is now called Essence of fire – interesting. The energy is not of earth as such. She explained that when the planets lined up, they created an interactive beam with earths frequency and set up a two way band of connection or light.

These words are inadequate – a pulse of connection may be a better way to describe the visuals she showed me—in this way energies from our planet and hers created a merging or link allowing a closer interaction between us She is sourced form a very high frequency off earth much higher making our 3 D energies here appear very heavy which she finds rather dense. I wondered if she was a type of intergalactic elemental or high thought form from her home star yet this is not a description she would use.

No she says, “Not ever. I am the strand and band of consciousness that can move to where it is needed. We converse with the universal language of love—this is our common ground for living as love and holding an awareness of life’s needs gives you an understanding the higher perspective. This opens you to communicate with the element of love in all its forms. Anger draws anger -= love draws love
This essence is fire as it is serving the needs of humanity.

The so called elemental dwarf you saw is not one of us rather since you have tuned into that level of frequency, you can see his as one of the earths links of other-world influences. He means no harm and is as surprised as you are that you saw him. This be why the paraded his behaviours, this be all .

Now sleep you are tired we will speak later.”

I went to bed but could not sleep. I found she wanted to talk to me more, and I found it was of very high energy and wisdom as a personal gift of knowledge and understanding. I do not remember much iof it now, but I know the seeds are with in and will flower when there is a need.
Very interesting communication.

21st May

When I woke I was strongly aware of her presence, how her lightness of energy made our earth seemed very dense and primitive, as if our 3d is a lower life form. Of course we know this to be true, and feeling it meant I guess, I merged with the essences energies for a time. I felt she was showing me where the essence would guide us if we allowed. That our aim now is to reach these levels of life force and that it is the pathway we are to follow.

For some reason, Ancient Egypt comes to mind. I see the Great Pyramid, Thoth’s pyramid, and there is a connection there. I am aware its great energy— I am being shown that the great Pyramid is a living breathing organism. This is how it feels—that much of what the essence explains can be found there as an encoding from long ago.

There is a type of pathway there which has not been found and which guides us, when we are ready, to these frequencies It can be seen as a portal or gateway to them, of course but by passing through these living chambers, we enter this frequency gradually. This has yet to be found, it is not time for man and would do great harm to those who cannot accept such frequency. The light body within as kundalini, chakras, nadis need to be in full alignment to allow such things to unfold.

“To have your light bodies in perfect balance, one must be love—only love. All judgement, anger, fear, shame, violence- must be set aside to allow this.”

The essence shows me this as there are also other portals on earth as this too- to guide and lead those who are ready into higher truth, higher vibration. I sense she reaches out and touches these places that already exist on earth, waiting for those who seek. I see light leave the essence bowl and reach out like arms into infinity. She has become a living breathing thing there, a heart beat of life.

She asks me to leave her now for her work to be done.

Reply by Heather on May 23, 2011 at 0:05

There are images of this essecne in the photo section but here is one:

Reply by Heather on May 24, 2011 at 23:51

24th may 9.42pm

I have left the essence to her own devices and while it has rained a lot here, the bowl has filled, the water looking very pristine and crystalline in the bowl.

Leaves and berries are falling everywhere but they always seem to miss the bowl—and to me this is typical of how things work with essences, only what is needed finds its way into the bowl, it seems.
The interesting thing is the expansiveness of the essence—its frequency seems to grow higher and lighter all the time. I cannot even begin to describe it. It reminds me of a balloon of helium that just wants to expand then rise up and up. I am unsure if its moving into the next dimension or to a higher band of etheric—not sure yet. It is different to other energies I have worked with and it makes me ponder on the nature of it being off earth energies, predominantly anyway!

Reply by Anne Stanton on May 26, 2011 at 11:17

“To have your light bodies in perfect balance, one must be love—only love. All judgement, anger, fear, shame, violence- must be set aside to allow this.”
Beautiful! Love in all its forms, even the trickster!

I found this short video this week, which seems to speak of this.

Reply by Ursula on May 26, 2011 at 20:52

Thank you for sharing Annie, I love the way the video explains things.
Getting a sense that when all these different beliefs and points of view are eventually integrated, all consciousness will have expanded enormously.

eply by Heather on May 31, 2011 at 18:31

Getting a sense that when all these different beliefs and points of view are eventually integrated, all consciousness will have expanded enormously.

Yes, i feel this as well. Interestingly i was saying this to some friends recently and they got very aggressive about it and disagreed . This aggression was so out of character for them, i just kept my mouth shut and pondered on it later. I felt that level of opposition showed a deeper need to understand what they had not grasped yet, but in some ways they sought it even so.
love heather

Reply by Heather on May 31, 2011 at 18:26

Dear Annie

for me, the gift these essences bring is their beautiful wisdom– it just seems to join in the conversation as I write. What I love is the simplicity of these responses too. The higher energies can use words so poetically and succinctly,it is always a pleasure to read and we feel their energy in their sharing as well.
I will watch the video now!! Thanks for the link

love heather

Reply by Heather on May 31, 2011 at 18:58

31st May

The essence has been quiet but I am very aware of its need to remain where it is and untouched. The other day I asked if I could move it for a moment as iI was gardening there. I got a very strong NO and knew to leave it alone.

It’s energies are very still, clearer than clear—interesting, but very alive, cohesive, self contained.

I sense a strong energy there and not as before, it is as if it has shifted and become more grounded now.

“ Leave us be, beloved daughter of light and know us, know us for what we are—light, pure light. For as we touch earth with our song, we bring a weaving of this light we are to earth and earth kind consciousness of which you be a part. Our essence is of life, of light or being. As we are called ‘fire’—this be our energy – we offer brightly igniting prescience to those who touch our space, our heart. In this lies truth and knowing. The space created is like a circle of fire and you stand within its boundaries. Here you be safe to explore all life—all pasts all selves. Here you may release all that no longer serves to be free then to unite with our higher mind- frequencies. For the higher frequencies remain as before but now as we are uniting more with earth-song—we enable a newer kind of sharing with man and whatever life forms touch our heart.

In this silence lies a truer peace for self. In this self’s peace lies love—in love lies truth, in truth lies freedom to express all you truly are – for man, for life, for self. In this lies the collective heart you serve and so you touch all of humanity in these simple ways.

Allow this with love in your heart and know you walk the divine path then.

This be truth and needed now.

The clarity you perceive is one of wholeness and truth, waiting for you ( all) to embrace. Allow us to be where we are, we are all songs intermingled as one for this time of earth’s need. Allow us presence and space and leave us.

You thought to add some flowers to us. If you choose to do this—it will be part of our journey, but it is not needed. Your act of offering these was out of love and an offering as a celebration for the beauty of nature as a representative of earth life in its perfect form. This we value for nature holds truth, light and perfection as only it can — as it is created with pure love from creators need to sustain itself into physical existence.

Surrounding us are many things of great beauty. These reflect in our waters which are as a mirror—and we absorb all that is needed.
The crystals below us in the terrarium offer a matrix of light. These are purified and in harmonic with life. Add no others.

Now we open our hearts to song and sing celebration into life. Close your eyes and join us for this time—and know the light you feel will carry you into eternal bliss and peace.”

Reply by Heather on June 1, 2011 at 13:40

1st June 11.30am

The essence is happy and singing this morning — stolid, solid, strong – clear, yet still too. I see thick clear ripples of energy reaching out from it like water in a pool — it feels to be weaving crystal light, that’s all I can explain it as being.

“Not light– song, tone– a weaving of energies you hear as music yet this tonal frequency cements light to a higher frequency here and then reaches out through space and time to all spaces, all times– we work at changing the density of earth to make it higher, lighter and more in sync with the coming energies bombarding earth. This be our job, you see. if you touch us, you can feel this movement of energies or fequencies for Earthsong’s evolution.

Each essence made by you raises these frequencies higher. If you go back and re-visit your essences one by one in order, you will be more aware of the building of these energies over the years. It matters not whether you follow this journey, yet it is this unfolding that is part of your sacred work for earth.”

Reply by Heather on July 6, 2011 at 12:57

5th July 2011

Seems it wants to be typed up as pale blue, interesting to ponder on such things.

It has been some time since I have written about the essence yet it has continued to work as it is needed all this time.

I have felt a strong need to leave it alone, and whenever I questioned that, going within its space has alerted me to its constant aliveness, even so.

The frequency has changed though—it has become more earthed in some ways, yet the higher frequency remains. I feel there is more of a balance now, as if it has re directed its energies into earth, so it has brought down those higher frequencies and has grounded them here.

Some weeks ago, as I was cleaning out my book shelves (we have many thousands of books) I came across something I found years ago. I was walking across the paddocks deep in thought when I felt a need to look down . At my feet lay a twisted timber knot of a tree lying on the ground. It seemed to call me and so I picked it up and it told me it was a ‘fetish’.

I looked that up to understand its meaning and when I brought it home, I added some special feathers and stones to its nooks and crannies, which is what it was for. It was like an earth blessing if you like, earth magic for me. As the years went bye, the feathers and stones I added gradually seemed to fall out—I allowed that and so when I found it this time, it was bare, and it asked to be placed with the essence.

I felt it was grounding the essence, and who knows if all that energy attached to it all those years ago was part of this essence’s plan. Things of vibration have no space and time and work according to need. I had given the fetish quite a bit of attention over the 20 years or so I have had it and all the sacred objects attached to it were of earth and loved by me. Things like a doves feather someone gave me when I found out my sacred name was White Dove Who Flies, a pretty crystal that seems to wrap around itself and fill me with its love offering gentle feminine energy, feathers that I had found on the farm that seemed to want me to keep them—and so it goes on.
So now, these energies are within the fetish and this sits with the essence.

One day I was asked to gather some of the precious Mother liquid straight from the bowl and send it to a dear friend who is unwell. I was asked to use a sterilized glass bowl and to scoop some out and place it in the bottle unmixed with brandy and then my friend was asked to drink it all at once for her own healing. Even as I write this, I can feel it with her as a pure and beautiful blessing of light. I feel within it, the earth presence of Goddess, loving the person it is for and offering balm and peace. It is indeed, a true blessing.

It has rained a lot and the bowl is very full, yet it seems content to remain as it is, offering a blessing to the earth itself. It is a true bridge through time and adds frequencies on and off earth, making them as one energy now, one collective.

I have not felt a need to make it up at all. Perhaps it is one of the essences I call working essence’s. These just want to remain outside for long periods of time, feeding their blessed frequency where it is needed.

I have tuned into the essence to ask it to share and it seems as if I wake the attached feminine presence. She slumbers in her tranquillity of giving and does not seem to want to share. To do so breaks the pattern of her, it feels.

I have just been out with the essence and she asked me to dip in a cup and have some. I have done this now. She explained that it would not matter what I used that she is so established her work is in total fulfillment and that nothing can change her pattern of life’s giving. I still feel strongly this is not an essence to be made up in a bottle and my impression was it would contain her too much. I find that interesting as I have never found my essences ‘contained’ in a bottle for they reach out to where they are needed. Of course I do as is asked and trust totally these feelings I am given.

As earth evolves perhaps the sacred tools attached to her change as well. I am aware of how the essences have shifted and have also changed over the years and so now perhaps this one is a reflection of this too.

Many of those who work walk within the sacred, and who are love, now walk in the new earth, Spirit tells me. Yet as we do this, we are very much earth based as we shed the last of the old energies we need to heal and ground our new energies here as a gateway for others to follow if they choose. Our presence is often all the example needed, nothing else. This grounding of our sacred selves is very important and this is what the essence is also doing.

I ponder on how our essences may be the macro of earth kind now—our pathways we may choose to follow as we too move into the new frequencies of earth. Are these choices? Perhaps yet I think if we have spent life time’s working towards this shift of inner consciousness, perhaps the work is already done and we have been evolving in sync with earth all along without knowing it. For me, I am aware that whatever I am , being love is the highest way I can allow these energies to be part of me.

I had a vision recentlky where I was asked to release all the old energies attached to me. I saw them all around me in a circle waiting for me to get rid of them. I could not—they were old energies and I loved them for the lessons they had gifted me. Instead I asked if I could simply fill them with love. As I did this, I watched them all glow with a radiance like fire and we became one. Each experience form this life, the past and my ancestry was beautiful in its own way and so could never be destroyed, rather acknowledged for its own beauty. Each lesson has richness if we allow that, its all in our perception.

This essence is called the essence of fire. Why? I wondered.

The essence had this to say :

Fire illuminates and is as a passion for the journey. To move into the new earth takes a fire within the heart to move forward with a deep and passionate need to release the old while you embrace it—to see your own beauty and allow it to shine like a fire for others to also see.
Be that fire and shine brightly—be one of the Lights for earth and those who are touched by this will also follow into this new emerging Age of Fire’

Reply by Heather on July 21, 2011 at 18:51

it is now 21st July

The essence has been out there for ages I know, yet it still works there.

As I was pruning today, I walked past it and tuned in– the returned energy was beautiful as it focused its light outwards. The energy radiating out can only be described as prisms of light– yet like crystalline shapes, sharply etched, on the ethers like rainbow light.

Later in another part of the garden, I walked past my Sandalphon gateway essence, she was peaceful, as the leaves have dropped, the bowl is now quite open and not hidden under a canopy of roses.

The garden felt very peaceful in these places, very in harmony. I gave my love and gratitude to them both.

These are new essences for our now times, ones that work in an ongoing way– it rains on them, leaves fall into them, soon, blossoms; and they adjust their frequencies and continue to offer what is needed.

I find that very beautiful.


Chakra garden meditation

Posted by Heather on January 16, 2011 at 18:19

Chakra breathing is always so powerful.

I remember in yoga we were taught that how we see the chakra defines which energy field we see it through. I can’t remember it all now– but it was all about the flower or lotus, colour, sound , smell, vibration or as portals.

The wonderful channel Lazaris via Jack Pursel has a lovely meditation where he takes people through many gardens going up a hill– each garden is full of flowers the colour of that chakra. The bottom is red, the top white. When I have done this with others, at the top people seem to be asked to enter a gateway which takes them to where they need to learn or be.
Again allow the process and breath into stillness as you visualize yourself in a beautiful garden with many tiers going up a mountain or hill. As you climb to each level it is one colour, beginning with the lowest chakra, red. Explore the flowers, butterflies, what ever you see in that garden then climb up to the next level—chakra 2 which is orange. After that the gardens will be yellow or gold—solar plexus at the navel, blue or pink for the heart, turquoise for the thymus, blue for the throat, then above that violet, indigo, white and beyond. If the colours shift, let them. Our chakras can also shift and change and maybe for this time or others there is a need for you to focus on one or a few chakras not all of them.

blessings heather

Chakra meditation

Posted by Heather on January 16, 2011 at 18:05

Sit and be. Breath deeply into your own space of peace.

Starting at the base, focus on each chakra, one at a time—see its colour as it wants to be seen, not as a text book colour—and fill it with light and love until it looks like a radiant sun — push that out of your chakras one by one to fill all your body and aura and then beyond that .

See that it is filled with love and light healing—you may experience sound as tone or colour too —matters not. Allow.

As you do this see that you are pushing all your illness, tiredness, fears out of your bodies- mind.

When you feel free of this– see you are anchored to the Great Mothers Belly—earth—and call forth her love to fill you through the souls of your feet.

Then open your crown chakra and fill yourself with the light of the Father. Let them unite in you so you become One – you are now light and love – pure and free like the most perfect song.

Send this energy to yourself—to those you love and those you fear. You do this to show forgiveness and so you set yourself free. Then send it to all humanity to aid earth healing. If you do this each day, you will heal yourself. When you treat this with loving respect and joy—know you can change all things.

Remember we are masters—we just have to remember to embrace that truth. We can be anything- do anything.

Quivet the heart of creation and the great crystal for healing – meditation to take you there

Posted by Heather on December 11, 2010 at 1:20

When i begun this forum here, I expected to add different healing techniques i have taught over the years, yet I have guided to add very specific meditations as the following one.

I am also fascinated to see that many of them are in some way attached to the Atlantean energies. I have asked myself why this is so — is it who is on the site or is it to do with the earth energies healing and emerging once more. Of course, using the intellect cannot always provide such answers, so i let that one go and allow its unfolding understanding to emerge when it is needed.

This meditation was given to me in a vision around 2000 when Quivet first came to me in a vision. The whole experience was so real, I could not deny it’s truth. In the beginning I found myself swimming as a dolphin through the ocean and it felt like a return to an energy that seemed so at home with me. In the beginning, I watched myself swim through the oceans, light playing near the surface but fading in the depths.

Ahead I saw a glow and before that I was amazed to find myself swimming through an ancient city– I just knew it had to be Atlantis– some places like entrances seemed familiar, seaweed waved to me on ocean currents, barnacles decorated doorways and gaping windows– it was some place!

Yet there was a pulsing glowing light ahead. It was rainbow lights and they called me as I swam towards them. I knew it was home to me– another home. I called it an egg as it seemed to look like a huge shimmering egg but at other times it looked like a crystal, and at other times as well, it seemed its whole surface was covered with triangles of flat planes uniting for the surface. (I reflect on how the crystal libraries are covered with these too and how they shift as we open them)

It felt like I entered through its walls and that they parted to let me in.
Here, inside that first time, I stood on a sandy bank beside a lake. All was still and calm and the light was amazing– subdued but very clear- bright yet soft. It seemed so far away. Behind me was a jungle or greenery I could also step into. Here, I met a man; he was like a priest, still, direct and quiet with deep eyes who addressed me.

This was life changing. I was told there that many sought this place but few found it for one only entered here by invitation. I was told I could go there whenever I chose.

After that I found I returned many times and the experience was similar with some variations. One day one of my clients was taken there too– I was amazed that others could go here but of course it was not ‘mine’ it was for the all.

More things unfolded for me after this related to the cetaceans. They seemed to come to me more often and show me some of their truths and secrets. I remembered and met the Mer people too, and knew they too were real. The dolphins took me to a hidden place beneath the waves which was dry in fact—the waters opened into a cave which was a temple city I think. It’s a place they guardian, where many of the ancient texts remain hidden. I feel it’s a cave that rises up out of the waters in some way, to preserve the texts. (later I add this—this cave came to me years later and I understand it is accessed via the sea yet it rises into a mountain and to as dry rocky beach.)

In one of my visions, my Lemurian father White Eagle showed me how he died. Part of his soul merged with the whales and he showed me then how much of the ancient knowing is stored in the Cetacean energy. I have read that the Whales were a branch of the most pure and holy on earth and they took that form to save their race and the knowledge they held when the dark energies came to earth.

Entering Quivet, which is a name that came to me for it, gave me much more than a sacred journey it was just a beginning, a place of healing and learning. what I sought could be found there.

In 2002, Quivet asked me to record the meditation that called me there so that others could find her too. It felt right, for our energies and earths shift and waken and so the ancient now may emerge once more. Whether we enter these in dreams or in reality makes no difference for in their own way, both are reality.

In the heart of Quivet lies truth. In the beginning I had trouble defining what was there, but I knew it was all time as one time– a place of condensed energy that wrapped around who was there offering what was most needed at that time. I felt the Holy man was probably an aspect of our highest selves, like soul monad, yet also he was a face of Mother Father God too. But at the same time, I felt Quivet was also the heart of the creative light of Atlantis at its its purist energy and while this place in some ways is like the higher astral or the highest of frequencies, it also held the memory banks of the Atlantean heart, the crystal heart of the great crystals there for all time, until it was ready to once more emerge here on earth.
The dreams others have had there are so powerful, they sent ripples of understanding through me. Are these aspects of Quivet, one and the same? I cannot answer that yet I feel so

As we gather here our united energies aid the transition of earth into a purer form. As the sacred comes to us in visions and dreams, it feels like a calling for the brethren to go home, maybe this I what this discussion is about. Ways for healing are unique for each of us and yet what can be shared is powerful too. When more than 1 does the same meditation, it builds up a collective energy adding more light to self but to earths collective too.

Here is the meditation

The meditations I did were never recorded as each time they would change so I will allow her to guide this — we ask that you allow your heart to guide you — and allow it to open to the possibility of reunion. Those who are to go there – shall. You may not go there in this reading but you will seed within the key and so when it is time you shall be taken.

First we ask that you play your sacred music that shall be as a calling into harmony for you- peace
Now breath and be
See yourself on a beach and feel the sand, the waves and the caress of the sun—-
Enter the water and let it take you .
Be aware of it and see yourself as drifting in the waters — floating and free == taste the salt– see the seaweeds like arms waving — the froth of waves and the song of the sea. listen to the sounds and allow yourself to be taken deep within the depths of the sea.
Floating — floating—– deep within the sea– hear the calling — feel me — feel us all—- and watch yourself transform beneath the sea –
– into what ??? what form are you ???
– allow and be——-
feel the caress of the sea– the love of the sea– the love of long ago —- hear the calling like a pulsing heart beat of light and song — calling —–
allow allow=—– be as one with your new form– be and allow this –
– surrender beloved ones surrender back to me—–
feel the summoning –
feel yourself floating, drifting yet being drawn to a great and vast city beneath the sea.
swim around it and see the huge buildings — how sea weed grows from empty windows — yet remember the splendor , remember the times of joy there, and explore —–
listen and feel– what calls you??
Feel a pulsing like an eternal heart beat — its calling you home– look around and see ahead – way ahead — what appears as a glowing form of light yet it is alive—- allow yourself to move towards it
as you get close what do you see?
A glowing egg?
a many faceted sphere each glowing with its own light?
a great crystal temple?
feel its calling — be embraced by it — and feel yourself merge then enter its spaces — and be its light and heart beat.
Where are you ?
you are in the womb of creation — this is a place where all light and life become one form of life==
one moment– one song — love is its essence for it is all creation.
Home — welcome home– you are home. So few seek but only the chosen are gain entrance
Look around– what is it you see??
Are you welcomed? By whom?
look down on yourself== who are you ? why are you here? what have you come to learn ? Be led and allow your heart to guide you –
be at peace and learn
and when you are ready allow the melding of your and its soul to separate as you return to your body– through the sea– back to the shore– to the beach.
You are yourself—- turn and walk into the dense rain forest that is behind you and follow a path to a small hut there.
Lie on the bed within and sleep— let the lessons embrace you as arms of love that hold you — be one with all you are and know truth —–
sleep — and return to your body beloved child of light — welcome home– now your truth shall emerge and you be one with self.,
we give you our love== come– and know us for truth shall dawn and you shall be and know—- let be– surrender and be free to be——

Love and blessings


Sacred triangle for healing – Atlantean Mystery School

Posted by Heather on November 13, 2010 at 23:08

Many years ago it was always my practice to stand under the stars each night, releasing all that no longer served me into the earth through the souls of my feet and replacing what I had released with the love of the Mother Earth. It was always a very powerful way to release old energies. It was also a way, which released what created physical illness too as all emotion, once stored in our light bodies for too long can transfer into dis-ease in the physical body.

This night however, Archangel Michael stood before me when I had finished and instructed me to do as he asked.

He asked me to take my focus into my third eye—my Ajna first and to see it as a glowing energy ball, electric blue. He then asked me to place my focus in both hands, which were upturned and slightly away from my body creating a triangle shape—I had to see first the left them my right palms as having the same flowing pulsating ball of light there, as part of my hands, not separate from them.

He then asked me to place my focus in my Ajna, then to shoot the blue light down into my left palm. Then to repeat this into my right palm. Then to join this light between my right and left palms until I felt a living holographic energy, like an energy field so powerful it seemed to have its own intelligence! The light that shone down looked like lazar beams in its intensity.

He asked me to shift my arms out and in and to feel that high electric frequency around me. He asked me to open light on the top of my feet in the same way and to unite the light there too, to make a diamond (tetradeden) beneath my feet into the earth instead of the triangle.

Wow!! This was very powerful stuff, I can tell you!! This electrical shape was like a vehicle that moved and shifted as I did. I was asked to place it around myself like a net for protection, to sit in it for meditation—many ways to use it.

AAMichael also cautioned me that it was most powerful and unless it was approached with clarity of thought, loving humility and surrender it was unlikely to work or it could work against the person that used its energy incorrectly.

When I came out of this, AAM was grinning at me. “You had forgotten this technique, hadn’t you,” He said. “This comes from the ancient temples of long ago.”

Instantly I felt it came from the Atlantean Mystery School and was one that did hold more power than I had felt at the time.

I used this technique and experimented with it for a time. I knew it was given to me for future use and would return to me when it was needed. It seems to me that many of the things I have been taught are for a time but will return later as is needed. These are sacred teachings that are within my personal akashic memories perhaps, and my teachers help me to remember what is needed from time to time.

Recently the triangle returned as I have been asked to share it with another student of spirit. This time it is to be used for healing.
The student, who I will call James has been asked to create this symbol around himself, to be in it and then to release bit by bit, all past pain into the symbol which he will release and so his old energies will also be released with it. This will need to done many times, releasing little by little all the pain of his early life and I suspect of past lives and from genetic memories as well. We do carry much from other sources and some of us also carry the pain of the collective consciousness of earth for as chosen earth healers, we take on much for healing.

As I was asked to share this with James, I felt the work he is to do will be very needed, and so his work will begin soon.

I share this here for those of you who would like to try working with this symbol and see if it will offer some way of healing, release and understanding. Such symbols have many ways to be used and for each person it can be different. It is wonderful for protection for example, an impenetrable force of energy. For me though, I have found if I surround myself with love and gently offer it to the adversary—it is a healing for them and a protection for me. I prefer more gentle and loving ways.

This is powerful, so please try it with love and in a safe place where you feel you can surrender to the experience. I would also suggest you ask your personal angels to be with you. It could be that as this is old Mystery School initiation, only those who have this knowledge within may find they are able to use it

I have felt very called to place this information here and so I know there are some who will be aided by it.

This is the first technique offered here. Please let me know if you have used it and how you went.

My love

Reply by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish on December 2, 2010 at 4:14

Beloved Heather,

Thank you for sharing this…I did the first part of this with the third eye, left hand and right hand…. I was able to feel the great energy of it and its power. I will do this another time when I can fully surrender to the experience and I will let you know how it goes.

It is wonderful that you hold this space for us dear one. I love you and support you fully and I will be in touch.

Love and blessings,
Barbara Marie

Reply by Heather on December 3, 2010 at 11:04

Hi barb

This is a powerful tool, but i have found those who were initiated to it in other lives seem more at home with it– its like remembering ancient knowledge. I think we all feel at home with such things what ever they are. When AAMichael reminded me of this and i did it, he gave me a crooked smile and said “i thought you had forgotten it!” made me chuckle, but then he always does, I often call Archangel Michael ‘ My brat big brother’!

Others may interact with this very differently and see different colours and so on. Also the current energies have an interaction with it as we are working with holograms in a way but made up of etheric imprints.

I was surprised i was ‘asked’ to add this to the site as i would normally begin with more simply constructed healing techniques, so it has a purpose here it seems. I must add some more too—

with love

Reply by Tracey Penington on December 9, 2010 at 20:14

Beautiful Heather thank you so much for sharing. As I read your message my hands immediately turned on and my whole body began to vibrate! It was the most intense, beautiful energy! I finished your message and was immediately drawn out to our garden, whereby I placed the Tetrahedron at my feet. As I did this I felt an amazing rush of energy and saw many, standing in a healing circle dressed in white, completing this ceremony. I also feel the connection and the memory of this beautiful ceremony from Atlantis.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Much love and light xxx

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Reply by Heather on December 10, 2010 at 19:06

((tracey) It is amazing how these things can help us remember the sacred things from our past– it is not new, rather a re-awakening to what you already know.

with love

Our Healing Pathways

Posted by Heather on November 13, 2010 at 22:20

As spiritual beings seeking truth and following the path of the Chela– the spiritual student as we seek to also be Bhodavista’s– those who are connected and follow Spirit in full commitment– we need to understand ways to heal ourselves, others and earth places.

We need to understand how to add protection and clear unneeded energies add protection and as we learn to live as Spiritual Beings in this place called Earth. We cannot work with the sacred tools as essences, oils, clients, and sacred texts and so on unless we understand the important principles of Divine law.

These are the paths to peace, protection, and understanding and to ultimate growth.

Over the years my angelic teachers have gifted me many methods to use and all of these have helped me to to move on with a free and
unencumbered heart and mind.

As we surrender to our spiritual pathways, as we make a commitment to follow it, we really do allow all the old energies that have hurt
us, held us back and added fear to our lives to emerge for clearing. Many see these times as painful. I say this– that they are also LESSONS for us to learn from. If we look at light and dark, love and fear, we are in fact not looking at opposites, rather dualities that create balance. How we learn to work with this understanding is paramount for our life on earth.

Archangel Metatron says that we cannot love and fear at the same time. Learning to love our fears helps to heal them as when we
add love– the fear has no where to go and so it is easier to heal it.

Often we are afraid of what we fear but when we look at these fears head on, often there is nothing there any more, it
has become a habit to be afraid.

This forum is important. Together we can share ways to aid our personal healing path. As we heal the past pain, we learn to
surrender more and more to Spirit and our true natures. We learn to trust the love given to us and to offer love and gratitude back to those who are our teachers in Spirit or those we meet in life.

If you are like me, truly committed to this path, you need tools to aid this journey. Come walk with me here and let me share some
of my methods for this time of healing, clearing and surrendering to trust and love. it is through full surrender we truly learn to be who we are– our higher selves emerge and we step into the new energies earth is becoming. Here, you will also offer this frequency you will become to others and so add to the collective healing of Earthkind and the places that have stored old energies.

While i share some of my own — there are many — I hope you will also add feedback and add your own.

My love


Reply by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish on December 2, 2010 at 4:25

I will simply add this Heather and all.

I send you love.

Four little words with much power. There is power in the giving of the words. There is much power in the receiving of these words.

As we write from our hearts it can be felt by others who are in tune with our energy. I feel this with you Heather. When you write I FEEL it. I FEEL loved and loving. I FEEL our Beloved Connection.

Thank you again for holding this space for us, as a caregiver, as a Beloved Mother would. For me, you are like a mother waiting for her children to come home. You have the light on for us to find you. I am one of those children Heather. I love you.

Blessings, Barbara Marie/Barb/JoyWalker/The Angel Lady….. and the list grows…hahahaha I love it!

Reply by Heather on December 3, 2010 at 10:58

((Barb)) I love you too. I remember saying as a child that if i can make one person happy a day, i had succeeded in what i was here to do. I think we all are as that — we try to bring light to our lives and to earth. You do as well, my dear.
And yes to say I send you love is the most potent thing any of us can offer.

love heather