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So you want to use crystals in your essences? Read this section, its important!

Crystals  may be a part of your essence making .  if this is your path,  there are rules and constraints you need to be aware of. 

While crystals hold certain properties , they are also  as unique  as we are,  and the environment they have be  in  can influence what  they   radiate  to others or into an  essence.  

For this reason, it is important any  crystal you   feel   you  want to use in  an  essence  must be cleansed of all  prior contamination or influence. 

When I make an  essence, I am  called to add certain plants or crystals to the bowl.  My  crystals are  usually clear and cleansed but if a crystal wants to be added to  the essence, I still   sense its frequencies before it’s added.

There are some techniques I will add   in this category to help you understand some of the many  ways you can  use to cleanse crystals.

I want to add some images here of some of my  crystals.    the large crystal in the middle of the mandala  has a mind of its own  and  two of the photos  I have added  just  happened by  themselves.  each has  quite a story attached to it,  but if you  want to ‘read’ these images they  will tell you  their own  stories.

 i have learnt over the years that  some crystals, if not all have a strong frequency which  can be very interactive with us.  We have all  felt repelled by some stones or crystals,  even rocky mountains or hills whereas others have   attracted us.  Have you ever heard yourself  wonder if something bad happened here, as the place does not ‘feel  right’?  Other places you never want to leave.  Crystals are also  in the  earth and so thier collective can also  work with us that  way as the earth holds past history.  water and crystals are especially great absorbers of this  past frequency.  Water is moving crystal after all!   

Remember the crystal radios of long ago?  Scientists knew  that  quartz crystals absorb and give off energy and this was how those radios worked.  Its a simple example of how clear quartz, and other crystals do absorb and give off energy.   Not all  energy is seen or measured,however, and those who are sensitive to these  unseen  frequencies  can  react to  the crystal’s output.  

I have had students who haves wanted to make an  essence  using a favourite crystal to find it made them  sick!  This is why  careful cleansing is part of the process.!