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Essence 106 new beginnings, this one made up via Road to eden to Destination and now has evolved into New beginnings. The photos hold the energy and tell another story


22nd May  2014  NEW BEGINNINGS

106 new beginnings amazing light  - Version 2-2The bowl is still outside and I felt not to touch it.. However I did ask its purpose now and i was told to leave it longer and that it has now evolved past destination to new beginnings.

I was surprised but it also made sense, that when we arrive we begin all over again,. That all life is filled with challenges and new purpose.

It feels like this Is now its name, pathway to explore and embrace, a place where all fear, now gone, opens greater possibilities as gifts to man and earth. This essence becomes the guiding light where one may choose to follow, to be part of the new song of creations endeavors on earth now.

Peace, Talking this essence, which you may do will offer new challenges and new explorations.

June 6th106 new beginnings beautiful light  - Version 3I have felt this essence is to be made up now. I woke to find the mother smile at me and beckon and while I have felt this for a few days I have not gone near it.

This morning I had received a message that the essence was to be made up when  it was in the light, sun of course. I had left it a bit late in the day, I thought but even so, I got as message to make it now.

Now here is a lesson in trust!! It was late afternoon and everything was suffused in light!! The bowl gleamed with the low rays of the sun and literally sparkled and had rays of light into it but also shooting out of it, it was some display!!

I then also got a strong need to make up the mother, stock and dosage bottles in this light as well. I grabbed all the bottles and went outside, making it up as the sun got lower, yet all the time all bottles were filled with this amazing light. I then felt a need to take the essence in the light too and while it shone all around me, I had the 13 drops it asked of me, for the 13 bodies.

This I why I felt a need to call the essence, LIGHT ~ new beginnings!!106 new beginnings - Version 2“Ahh beloved daughter you heard us well for as this bowl of pure light is suffused with the light of earth, you touch this light on many levels of creation.

For indeed, this essence is a celebration of new life, new beginnings.

This has been a time of adversity for the many. This been a time of challenges as many are asked to wipe the slate clean of old fears, old habits and disharmonies that has walked with them for eons of time. Not just their own soul monads expressions in life, but that of their DNA, attached to the ancestor that is part of them. All human kind is now asked to release what is of the old energies and then they may embrace the new song of light life. Yes we say ‘light life’ for this be what it is—a new way of being, of thinking and of feeling. A way of being light in every way attainable by passages of living in this new earth that is so filled with light!

106 new beginnings perfect   - Version 2bowl has transmuted much of the passages of life and so guides you and the All into new beginnings as it followed the passages of life from life’s beginnings—Eden as new formed, new found, newly created — into the harmony of new life.

Welcome! Be present and know thyself as one of the angels of light on earth. Embrace all that you are, and know each thing adds great beauty to your vitality and presence on earth. Be all things, be self and be unafraid to express all aspects of self.

This be a time of miracles, a time of completion, a time of return as whole, a new life force with in a new body of light. Watch your physical bodies now change and grow to accommodate this new light.

Many have had illnesses – ah yet, this be the releasing! Be excited and proud for you have allowed these shifts of release to unfold to embrace the new. Be new and know all is in harmony with your chosen destiny in these new times of new birthing.

Be present in this knowing and be blessed knowing this be the new self.

106 new beginnings - Version 2-2all shall come to pass, as now all is ordained in sacred harmony all ye are is aspects of creation’s love—know this for as ye walk earth ye are heaven on earth—you are the angelic song manifest in Eden’s gateways to this new earth.

Embrace this fully, trust it and know its greatest truth. Go —you have arrived and now walk forward in total trust and love—surrender to this knowing and allow it to guide your truth into manifestation as a gift for earth’s new light, you be it,. Live it and know peace.

This be a time of great celebration! Be embraced by our love—all is in divine song. See the ripples of light on the waters as light ripples of life itself—the astral song of movement embraces all your inner eye   sees—knows its parallels are closer than ever for each is a manifestation of the other. Peace, joy, love—we are

106 new beginnings amazing light  - Version 2

106 new beginnings with  orbs - Version 2
IMG_4850 IMG_4857 IMG_4867 IMG_4871 IMG_4876

present in abundance.”

My goodness what a celebration I felt it and heard it, such joy manifest and I have been asked to leave the bowl out even longer.. so what next?

This has felt like a party of sharing and of great and joyous love. A softness of lighg now fills the garden—time has moved on and there is a great stillness, it is a calm and yet the bowel waits. For what? It shall be revealed.

7th June

It seemed I woke with the world on my shoulders. Spomehow I had a feeling that the essence is at play here as it points out CHOICES. While I allowed things I did not like to surface, I knew it was part of the dualities within, things to let go—yet also, these were choices. New beginnings after all have many choices.

Nothing is gifted to us unless we are open to allow that process. I felt forIMG_4881 - Version 2me, it is about choosing my own new beginnings. Letting go what arose, even though I have let it go before—it seems deep in me and it stirs and shows its head so once more, I choose to release it as I choose my own new beginnings, a new way forward. It is not that I want to change my life, I don’t yet do I need to view it through the filters of greater light?IMG_4890This I how it is for us all now. Choices are important, but they need clarity and full commitment. Old habits may be hard to heal, yet we can by choice if we are to begin afresh in this new earth.

The waters of the bowl are like the sacred springs of creation, endless love and healing. As we step into these, we wash away the old as we embrace the love of Mother Father God, here we step into the golden robes of our divinity. Can we do this? Oh yes we can. Intent, self love, surrendering to the high er self—all make this possible. It is a choice. The old may be a comfortable habit, but is it what you choose now?

Today I felt called to take the essence once more. I was asked to swing it around to create the pattern of infinity before I took the thirteen drops. This I did with love as I allowed the process. I know I am the micro for us all, that whatever I do—we do as individuals impacts on the collective that we are.

What do you choose for your new beginnings?


© heather