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Essence of Change and growth – the way to enlightenment

IMG_8166 IMG_8180Posted by Heather on April 26, 2012 at 19:51

It is now time to post these essence notes which was created over Easter

Essence of Change and growth – the way to enlightenment number 93

Easter Sunday — 8-4-2012

It was Easter Sunday morning, 8th April 2012 I woke feeling I was to make another essence. While all the Easter visitors slept, I walked around and collected the flowers that ‘called’ to be in the essence.
This time, it was a quiet and gentle interaction, and it seemed that new flowers asked to be added. The combination of pink, purple, white and some gold was evident as well a bright yellow autumn twig. I felt this time it was as a blessing for the meaning of Easter and for the rising of the Christos on the third day. The moon was is full and a beautiful giant golden ball illuminating the sky.

That night I saw much light streaming into it and energy like waves of light below it.

Later I was aware that the waves of light were in fact symbols of infinity—the horizontal figure 8 wide and narrow.

It explained to me that “this essence was about just that – the infinite turn of the wheel of life, ever repeating and completing before moving on. This essence, which I saw as an aspect of the birth of new life via rising of the Christos energies, reflected that in many ways.

As man seeks truth and to evolve and move forward, so does earth. Together now we unite for this cycle of life to complete before beginning a new one. Of course this completion and new beginning is ever going like life and death, and is ever changing and gradual. To say that one changes to another is incorrect. It be a slow process as life catches up with itself , this unfolds via the lessons needed to allow the process and each lesson or experience, is a reflection of this unfolding.

Autumn as it is here now is no different, as a season, life moves into a new cycle of rest before new life emerges in spring, yet new life already unfolds within the buds forming, the roots reaching

deeper into the earth — all life is ever moving and never still as are human lives.

This essence reflects this movement and passage of life and evolution. Even now as you reach out to touch its heart, you see and feel its upwards movement towards the higher frequencies of life within the life you know—yet it also reaches higher to the stars where all life is but an aspect of your lives.

As you sought to make an Easter essence as a blessing to life’s new beginnings and promise, your heart opened and gave love to the Christ on the cross—yet it reaches far deeper as a union with all life and its meaning of promised birth. All life is promised re birth, and human kind often has to stop and recognise that this is a fundamental law of creation itself. To think that life will end is based on fear and not loving truth. See nature as it really is—ever sustaining and regrowing in patterns of life as unfolding in the greater process of the seasons and change.

Where life is decimated by human intervention as war—it will eventually re produce itself in time, for it is the nature of all life. Where one is destroyed with violence, others will grow in greater abundance in places of great calm and love- and so this adds to the balance of all life.

To those who fear ‘global warming’ – understand that it is but a passing imbalance as part of the reproduction and evolution of new growth on earth. We have said before that much new life is to emerge in the dawn of a new earth. This does not mean a destruction followed by new life—it means a gradual unfolding as well– old seeds re discovered, new plants remembering their genetic encoding of long ago—will rise once more. Watch the new unfolding of life around you, see new types of plants emerging.

New farming lands will endure new plantings and what will appear as weeds will in fact be new growth to enrich the soil and create new foods for the future. It will take a long time in man’s time to recognise this truth for many men are still closed to the unknown and the new.

Our children born now also hold this encoding and will understand such changes for they are part of earths future, hope and promise.
These are the messages brought by this essence of change as we will call it—growth, yes, change also and most assuredly—enlightenment .
It has endured all climate condition s these 2 days with warmth and sun, winter chills and rain, wind-song—all aspects of life have embraced it.

Allow it more space and time to reach out and be part of all life. Its messages are as music and will touch many who will feel or hear its song on levels not expressed or understood.

Sleep with it and allow it to unfold as its heart beat matches yours and learn from its messages in your heart– for here these will be seeded to grow and expand at times when they are needed.”

Next day, Tuesday after Easter 10th April.

A cold day, and I have left the essence to itself as directed. Now I tune into it at the end of the day. I find the energy has changed in that waves of frequency leave the bowl like wide wavy lines and seem to rise up, whereas before the light seemed to stream in like a pillar of golden light. This wave of energy leaving the bowl reminds me of smoke lazily rising, or a caldron bubbling and sending up its steam.
“ We wish you to do nothing but allow the process to continue ,for now we merge with Life in abundance and offer to its growth and bring it a cognizance of understanding of its path and plan as an aspect of earth. In this we mean we wake nature to itself more fully to understand its role and pathways unfolding.

All nature has its own intelligence but this way we give it understanding of its pathways in life now as aspects or faces of New Earth. The birth of all life is strong in its many manifestations—we add to this as we help life remember its true nature of be-ing. In this lies many patterns of understanding as we simply say to allow your hearts to feel tadalafil mexico such as this.

See us as a melting pot of energy and new life offering what is needed for earth now, for this is our purpose for we bring life to earth, we waken those who sleep—not just in nature but in physical form. We waken life unto itself—an understanding of purpose and the nature of love as an aspect of the divine song of creation.

This will challenge many for they sleep in their ignorance of life—yet we will open them by our presence. Those who are with this essence will be woken to a new awareness for we bring birth—awareness, life—to those who will be touched by us.

Speak with us tomorrow and then the work will be completed.”

11th 3.39PM

Warm sunny day and the essence has been gleaming in the bright autumn light. I go out to her and feel such radiant love emanating from her—it is feminine, it feels as I am embraced by a deep love which feels soft. whole and complete. Yet to say feminine means I see her this way but she tells me she is all things – male- female as is needed and felt at the time. In this space with me, she touches the goddess frequencies of earth for it is this I have been with these past days, feeling as if I am the mother and that the earth is my child and feeling a mothers love so deep for Earth.

I ask if it is ready to be made up. It seems to bask in the light yet I feel it is time to make it up even so.

“Our beloved, yes you feel the completion of us now. For we have come into ‘our own’ you might say—a completion of light song ready to be offered to those who seek truth and enlightenment. We are the bringers of truth and enlightenment. This may be our name for we hold a direct path and action to those who seek this– if they hold the pure intent and will through a pure heart we will guide them!

Hold us to you – take the drops and then open your heart to seek all truth and all understanding. In this lies the pathway to a deeper evolution based on the higher light encodings entering earth.

As you ask and seek – so ye shall be given. The purity of this essence song is one of gateways opening within to inner self’s higher knowledge and truth. Heed us and be – allow the process to unfold—deeply will this to be—and so it shall be as we guide you with much love, we take your hand and together we walk a path into your inner self’s truth and knowing, for together, we will embrace your higher self’s calling to be heard, your soul energy that is also an aspect of creation in its purist form. Hear us—we will be there.

And so be it this day our beloved daughter of light.

I made up the essence and let it rest in its own place here, yet I found it called to many people and I see it as a true guidance for those who need direction and purpose, a pathway to their own truth.

Now it is the 26th April, the essence feels ready to be shared with others I feel it is cohesive in its own form now and that the new moon, now growing each day, brings a reflection of that birth.

I will add photos soon on the photos page with some of the farm at the time of the essence’s creation. These to me reflect the energies surrounding its creation.

Reply by Ursula on April 27, 2012 at 6:33

What a wonderful new essence Heather, thank you so much, it seems to be working through your writing.

As I was reading it and now, just sitting here I can feel the earth communicating/vibrating through my heart and feet. It feels as if this one is opening up something in the earth here, it looks like a fountain of light from deep within. This fountain is clearing everything and bringing fresh new life energy, in a gentle and balanced way.

Reply by Heather on May 10,

2012 at 16:45

Hi Suzie

if you look at the top of the page there is a link called purchasing essences, all the info is found there. You can buy the essence as a stock or a dosage bottle. The stock gives you a concentrate and enables you to make up about 30 dosage bottles, the dosage bottle is just one bottle you can use. Some people buy one of each.

Occasionally if it feels right i also sell vials of the mother essence itself. Sometimes it feels important people have this, but that’s rare and the other bottles link to it anyway.

But costs and postage details are found there.

Feel free to private message me or email me about this
love heather

The garden essence ~ Into the heart of creation’s stillness

IMG_8179IMG_8166 (1) IMG_8167
IMG_8181Posted by Heather on November 5, 2011

The other day I was called to make an essence for our now times. I felt very strong it is related to the 11-11 scenario which holds such strong energies and so many opportunities for us now to evolve.
In the beginning I was told to make the essence on the astral. Later, I was asked to gather the flowers that called from my garden in a bowl with water.

Spirit says this:

“This essence unfolds on the astral, and is pure and strong. See it as a beacon of light to guide others to find this place of divine self within and then in this divine space—see it as a sacred garden – ask them to view their life—walk through it as if it is part of the garden. The flowers, the trees and grasses and weeds. All are manifestations of people and experiences. What do you see? How do certain situations and people manifest in this garden? Are there weeds to be plucked out? Are there sunflowers with open hearts offering themselves to the light of creation? What flower are you now? What will nourish the flower that you are?

When you have explored your garden of the soul, lie down and sleep for in the sleeping comes truth and illumination.
These questions we pose aid your clarity beloveds to help you answer your deepest questions.

We now ask Heather to go and make up an ‘essence’ in physical presence to aid this ( earth) walk for your own learning and understanding. While many of your questions may have been asked already, this time, with our divine guidance and presence the answers will become clearer.”

Heather: I gathered the flowers as was instructed will add images. I was not asked pick anything but the sacred and fresh and new. New life emerges with this. The pictures will show you the flowers themselves — pink rock rose for joy and surrender, white and pink roses for love and purity, to open and be – different pansies of deep purple to pinks for exploration, wonder and delight—and others of gentle form I cannot name yet these hold the purity of creation in their gentle presence. Others i have forgotten now as I have been asked to leave it in a sunny place for now—which I have.

“these flowers are aspects of the garden we ask you to walk in during your contemplative meditation. Remember the divine song of your life, of your being, for herein lies truth. Do not look so much for the shadows and guilt—do not point the finger at the self and suffer shame or doubt. This is not what we ask of you. We want you to see the beautiful and richness of your life, for this be how we see it and how your higher soul-self also sees it. Each thing you have done is perfection in itself. See this and know the flowers gathered are a loving reminder of this.”

Heather: I felt such a loving softness when I picked the flowers, like a deep spiritual connection and embrace by the Mother-song. The soft love is so beautiful. Being in her embrace makes me feel I have so much to embrace myself in this waking physicality. The divine nature of perfection is the greatest gift we can be given, to be within its love. This is offered to you beloveds. I know when I gathered these flowers as asked of me, that the same absolute purity walked with me, and each flower holds that divine presence. It is a true gift of life and love.
Each of these flowers has a song, a tone attached to it. I feel these manifest as light colours that rise and weave out of this unfolding essence with so much joy. I feel these weave out into the deeper song of creation as manifested by the deep purple, which seems to act as a gateway, not the white which is interesting – yet these weave this pattern of life for us.

I see you all walking in this open space of the sacred garden you were asked to walk in—and I see it as open and light filled. I see much light like rays shining down on you and i wonder if these are the flower’s messages for you—I see you walk in peace and joy and in full understanding of who you are and your place on earth and in heaven. In this I feel your joyful surrender and freedom of heart and knowing.
This place is an aspect of heaven, I feel it “ It is also in your heart beloved. We ask you to find this and walk here for then you know what is right and all answers are made clear for you by your highest aspect of divine love who loves you and walks with you thus.”

About 4 hours after I set up the flower bowl:

I have been out to the ‘essence bowl’ and as i thought—the bowl is only to be there for a few hours which it has now, although I will leave it a little longer.

“The flowers picked were a representation of the garden we ask you to walk in beloved ones. These flowers hold the imprint of the sacred through type, colour and purpose as part of earth—and so — they were chosen. As Heather saw their light- song reach out and go into the ethers, she witnessed their sacred frequency weaving with your higher energies to be one and to call you to the sacred gardens found on the higher astral levels of creation—and so it is already—out of time—you have walked with them -=- they gift you their inner sentience of life’s calling to manifest as earth family—as you be this too—so you be part of this union of life=-= the sacred, the whole, the open heart of all life as one life — physical to soul now merge with your heart to heal, to clarify, to gift your knowing in places so deep it will emerge when needed. This be the true nature of self’s awakening to new life as it emerges to earth now.

This, beloved ones is the awakening of self for the new song called earth. The energies are here now, but in this now—we aid your awakening into these energies and here, you will understand the nature of self and your place ahead and your tasks as you choose them.

This is the best we can offer to you will all our love for your heart is open and so we came, so we offer and so we help you unfold understanding like the wings you have within – to fly free and be an aspect of us on earth.”

The garden essence- into the heart of creation’s stillness

Last night I entered the garden and approached the garden ‘essence’ and asked what I was to do with it. The energies there explained that the work had been done as its collection was a metaphor for the garden journey desribed (the astral garden meditation) and that the sacred astral garden was a parallel through the flowers I was told to gather.

However the energies did say if I wanted to make an essence with it, to leave it overnight so it had both day and night- sun and stars – yin and yang for its completion, that the ensuing essence would indeed hold the energies of its creation and purpose.

Today I approach the essence with an open heart.

As I saw it, it took my breath away as the sun was hitting it and the light shine right into it and through it. It had an energy of great peace and calm, stillness, and while the sounds of spring in the country were all around it, many birds and bees, I did not hear any of it, just the absolute stillness and peace of the bowl energies itself.

I was told it was completed and I could make it up as an essence if I so chose to do. To hold that frequency of such calm seemed important, for it must be the purist of energies one can have. Just being with it was enough to be totally absorbed by its soft peace and absolute beauty.

“What you feel is our purpose beloved Heather .
Yesterday the bowl united to create the energies of the sacred garden of paradise. Oh yes, we know you have walked there many times for here lies the greatest harmony of all, for it be in the heart of all of creation, Mother Father God. The bowl is a reflection of this—it touches the heart of all that is and to be with it is to feel that absolute stillness, peace and love.

This is our gift to you.

We ask that others use the photos or the essence itself and be with it. Open your heart and allow the wholeness that is within this essence to touch your heart and all of your many selves, and so it shall be.
Heather often sees the essences as gateways, miracles to all life’s needs. This be so—yet some take you deeper into the place where there is no time, where all is one song of creation, merging together like a heartbeat of all life as one life—this where the essence travelled and has become this very heart beat.

As Heather feels absolute stillness and peace, she touches the harmony that is the heart of Mother Father God. Yes, stillness is there, perfection, union. Within the centre of the maelstrom that is the energy of all life lies a deep stillness. This is where this essence takes you.

Let us take you there, let us guide you to the places of harmony so you too, may feel it. Here, all answers are understood. Take time to allow its unfolding – give it time to feel, to be and to allow its gifts to you – then – you merge with creation and know much truth.

Our love and blessings given this day and our thanks to the beloved Heather who opened yet another window to allow us to share thus.

Reply by Anne Stanton on November 17, 2011 at 3:23

Dear Heather,
I feel the deep stillness from this essence, thank you. Such a beautiful creation.