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Essence of The Harmonic Flow of love

marchessencePosted by Heather on April 1, 2012 at 0:27

Essence of The Harmonic Flow of love — March 27th 8am

I woke this morning knowing in my heart that the earth waited for me to make an other essence

It has been a long time since the earth chose to be still, but now as I woke and felt the calling I felt it had to be NOW – so without dressing, I walked around the garden collecting the plants as always.
This time there was a difference. As soon as I walked outside, all the garden called, and everything wanted to be included! I had not even put a foot out of my study door when I was asked to reach out and pick the first flora bunda rose there.

Our garden now is finishing off from summer and autumn. Leaves and spent flowers are everywhere, yet there was still a lot of flowers open and asking to be added. Spent flowers and some new—all went in, leaves that had changed colours, seed pods from older plants well spent—all called to be added and many fell apart when I picked them. There was an urgency as if all the garden crowded to be included. The bowl was as so overflowing I had to add more water outside to accommodate all that was in the bowl.

“The earth has been resting, I was told “The earth has been still as new greater energies are assimilated. Now a new essence has been made reflecting this unfolding. Let it unfold now and it will call you when needed. This essence is one that seeks to be alone and allowed to offer its vibration to the collective song of all who are open to the vibration of earths new song.

“Can you hear it?

Listen with your hearts and you too will know the song of old has returned ,yet this song is a new one, a marriage of the old purity and the new. This is a weaving light . Open your hearts to accept it and know that as you do – you allow yourselves to be part of this new growth emerging now so strongly and with so much gentle love and promise.

“Do you accept? Then join us as one and allow this work we offer to be in your heart also – for now is the time for this gift if light to be offered to you and toearth through us.

“Yes this be an initiation as one accepts this new energy here now—you shall be embraced buy uis song.

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Do you accept?”

I found I bowed my head and accepted with an open heart for it was the collective song of all natural life, of nature of earthsong that spoke thus. I felt it and knew its purity.

“I accept” I said humbly .

I felt it then, like a enfolding of this song, like a child wrapped in swaddling and held with great love. It felt that all the plants around me and in the bowl became a part of me. I felt myself floating out of time and space—in the ethers amongst the stars, in the oceans, in the earth, seeing the roots of trees above me.and I saw myself birthing from a bulb into a flower reaching out of the earth into a new day. The sun glowed over the rim of a new earth and together, earth and I and other newly opened flowers welcomed and became part of it.

A slither moon now rises above me. I have no idea what the moon is at this time —it was a promise of growth I felt, as it was getting bigger as I was in this plant form. I saw the bulb I was part of explode and roots reached down deeper into the earth as I reached higher into the light.

We were a bridge, a perfect union of growth and one with all of earth and beyond.

Now i see a huge ball of light and walk steadily towards it. The light fills me and I become one with it, one heart of light and life in unison with each other.

Now I float once more. My body feels tired, exhausted and as I rest in the arms of this new light, it is being released and freed from me. The exhaustion was life in the old paradigm of earth—now I embrace the new and become one with it.

This—- all the work I have done with Metatron and with my own journey leads me to this places of emerging with the all—this is another step of consciousness finding itself merge with creation, yet as part of a face of the new earth—so be it ——I feel I need to sleep a thousand sleeps and wake brand new.

Now it is a rest time for this to unfold within me. I see this is for now but also the future. I have opened myself to this merging anf fully allow this process.

During the day the essence seemed so full, so busy it was amazing. I felt the early process was all that was needed, that the essence was made in that short time, but it seemed happy to just be, to be in the sun and to be left alone. Later in the day I went over and I was even allowed to be in its space. I could have touched it and it was ok too, but I left it overnight even so – and that felt alright too… it was as if the essence is in full allowance of all things – and does this reflect the state we need to be in for earths new unfolding ? Perhaps that is its reflection.

The night was filled with a gentle slither moon- so my vision matched that .

Wednesday 28th March 2012 next day 10AM

I woke and have forgotten all about the essence. This is so rare to me, but then yesterday I know I felt all was in allowance and that it was happy to have its space while it celebrated life and became part of the new frequencies.

As I then tuned in, it felt clear, happy busy and still all at once. The word it asks me to use is harmonious.

I approach the essence . it’s a beautiful mild autumn day. The essence feels strong, stolid, singular in purpose and wishes to remain where it is.

“ Worry not that you forgot me. This be part of the process of divine song,. Many choose to linger too deeply into the spiritual aspect of life, but it must be said that now is a time of merging with all life. The physical waking existence is as much a full part of your lives on earth. While you aid us to be manifest as a link to all creative song – your life remains on earth, an aspect of one face of many faces—you are one yet one of the All. This is an apt description for self. As one your task is to be present on this living earth to maintain it and to love it and to be love. As you hold the physicality of love in this world you bring with you the love of creation to earth. This I the healing bridge so needed for man now, a grounding of divine love into physicality.

“If all man could hold the love of their highest selves- aspects of creation – in their hearts and live it, all earth would shift into this place that is present for ALL to fel and be part of in less than a twinkile of the eye.

“You have spoken of living heavon on earth—this be a true description of your purpose now.

This essence unfolding in an aspect of this need for man — to live in the harmonic of love. Call the essence this if you choose—‘The harmonic flow of love.’ A good name, we think.

“Yesterday you opened the door (portal) through intent to Our world. Your bounty, as nature is called== all wanted to be added, did it not? This is a beautiful reminder or how all man can join with us in the same way and become one with the love and light of creations song.

“Who said miracles do not abound? One simple act and you have opened a gateway to paradise have you not? As you opened it yesterday, we took you to this place of light and you became one with us. Yes, you felt it, and we felt your heart beating with our light . you were welcome and shall ever be for as you touch these spaces of light, you are one with them always.

“Allow the essence bowl to remain in the sun for another day. Let us speak to you this night and all will be understood. We also need the stars and night for this completion of yin and yang as part of this unfolding.

Our blessings beloved daughter of light”

It is now Saturday 31st 7.56am

Last night I felt as if I was surrounded by the highest energy and that I was a part of them. I felt a deep sense of wonder and joy as if I had gone home. I felt it was the essence with me, and that the attunement it gave me was deeply profound—an initiation I think it explained at the time.

The Land conservation have been burning off rubble on the mountain behind here over the past 2 days and smoke hovers everywhere while making it all rather beautiful with blood red sunsets and dawns. The essence has been quiet but I have felt it wanted to be part of the physical world and so have left it at alone. Just in these few days trees have turned golden as if autumn is in a hurry and so now not only the pink of the fire light but also the gold of the trees is with it. I actually feel this is part of the essence too, the colours and energies. The moon is a slither growing – an element of growth and birth with the earth stilling for autumn rest. Yet – there is an ancient way of seeing autumn as a place of rebirthing too as buds form and plants prepare for spring over the cooler months.

Last night the essence’s gentle touch was powerful and perhaps in a way I wondered if it was letting me know that it was time for it to be made up.

“Beloved now is the time for all earth to be still and acclimatize itself with new life. It is a time when all must regenerate to allow the new birth of self to catch up with the higher self.”

The essence is so still and yet i feel its cognizance. Its stillness and silence is a reflection of man and earth—in stillness lies birth for we give us time to catch up with ourselves as we prepare for the new.
Over the past months I have seen that many spiritually in tune people have been quiet within their work paradigm, as I have. Perhaps this has been part of the process as well. I have noticed others have contacted t me just this week as the essence unfolds as if they too are waking.

The essence has been so quiet today and any attempt by me to communicate has led to nothing, just silence. Yet we have many visitors here now and perhaps the ripple of their energy is not contusive to making it up yet. As soon as they all left though, the essence called to be made up.

“Beloved oh yes time to make us up. We have enjoyed your warm autumn climate and loving energy whilst we stand here in this sacred place, ancient lands held by love, care and attention.

“This place we sit in is the encapsulment of all that is pure in your lands. Here we seek and feel—connection to all earth life, and we find it beautiful. There are places on earth that do not reflect such loving joy in life, yet here – we feel it like an ever expansive rolling energy reaching out and out. It is places such as this that extend the light to many places and in the darkness, light illuminates shadows and makes them brighter. In other ways, light makes the shadows stand out and so they become more obvious and so more easily recognized and thus cleared.””

As I ‘watch’ this essence it seems to me like honey spreading out over earth offering light and solace where it be needed. I feel like other essences I open, a gateway to allow the frequencies needed to enter earth now. ‘’Earth song’’ I hear- oh yes.

As the essence has been unfolding I have felt such deep spiritual attention and awareness. I felt have left the paradigm of the old earth and feel I have entered the new earth. It seems the essence does this and it is where it takes me, yet perhaps I was already walking there and the essence has highlighted to me more clearly.

As I write this I feel so nurtured, so loved as if the energy holds me in arms of love. It fills me with deep peace and joy like a uniting with what I know.

Calm – peace, joy – love -be-ing – what wraps around me is pure light.
“This be home Beloved One, for here you are in your full mastery, your full light self. This be your soul that enfolds you—your true self. Know it, love it, befriend it for it is ever here with you, for you, as you.
“You are light energy and as you see the light of Us moving out via the essence so do you. Those like you who seek earth light and offer it to all will also be embraced by it.

Many will seek to find this harmonic in themselves this year whilst others continue to hide in fear for it is a safe place, known and understood. It is only the adventurers of life who reach out and seek their divinity. The harmonic that we are brings this in abundance. Let us teach you by showing you your higher selves and by this—you may reach the place of wholeness you seek and you will walk in the new earth paradigm now entering earth more fully, day by day. It is your energies that allow this, your union as the one but part of the many – together—you bring forth this — new light for new earth,

“Will you join us? Then come and be one with us all and be at peace.
Our love walks with you now and forever.””

So now I make up the essence. I felt overwhelmed by such energy. Each leaf on the tree outside my study window seemed to stand out as individual, unique, beautiful and as life force moving and communicating. All life seemed so still, love seemed potent in that stillness.

I felt to add more brandy than usual and I was called to add 13 drops to stock and dosage, but this is for me, It felt as it is to illuminate all 13 light bodies and chakras.

It is now completed.

Reply by Anne Stanton on April 1, 2012 at 1:04

Feeling this….. Heather, I honour you for this work. SO beautiful!

Reply by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish on April 1, 2012 at 2:58

Good morning my beautiful Heather,

I was just thinking of you two or three days ago………..ahahahaha, now I know why. I love you and support all that you do my dear sweet friend. Thank you so much for always sharing with us your experiences and your messages. I do appreciate you so much Heather.

Love and Blessings, Barbara Marie- The Angel Lady- JoyWalker- Rev Barb, etc.. hahahaha I do believe all of my selves are coming together as Barbara Marie now…but that’s another story!

Reply by Ursula on April 1, 2012 at 7:32

This is so lovely Heather thank you.

Reply by Trish on April 1, 2012 at 12:50

Beautiful, Heather, much of this resonates with what I’ve been feeling and thinking lately. Thanks

Reply by Diamond on April 2, 2012 at 11:38

Song of the earth, and joy as all the flowers clamoured to be included in this new essence…. all the garden joining in harmony. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message.


Water earth essence uniting as one for the gift of stillness and patience

IMG_8322 IMG_8324Posted by Heather on December 11, 2011

  Water earth essence begun December 9th 2011 

While this was created in 2011, the message  inherent in this bowl is timeless.,  it also  reflects how making  essences can be as simple as  a bowl of water on the earth itself. 

This also applies to meditation.  Simplicity in being, surrendering to the pathways of stillness, trusting and allowing,  surrendering.  

I have been called to make another essence during these strong energies of integration. It is interesting, for all I was asked to do was to place a bowl of water onto the earth itself, nothing more.

It is now the 11th—in fact it is an 11-12-11 day meaning — 11-3-11 powerful numerologically!! Inner gateways to the mastery of self. Also I felt called to write these simple notes at a time adding up to 11!
The bowl has a simple beauty of its own, and overnight a gum leaf twig added itself there. But I do not feel it’s about the gum leaf, I think It is about the earth adding her vibration herself. There is a simple power of the sacred in this bowl somehow—three days on — and I feel it with a kind of awe, for in this simple act of giving a bowl of water mindfully to the earth as was asked of me—the earth returns to the bowl a gift of light.

There is such a stillness within it and it feels like a sentient energy standing in guardianship of all life here. I feel a great love and gratitude given to me and great joy. The light spirals weave up at a fast rate and remind me of a tornado of light moving very fast.

I ask myself what is it trying to tell me? The answer I feel, is patience.

All comes in time as we wait—allow this process of waiting for all unfolds in sacred and divine time. This feels like that – deeply sacred as if I stand within the presence of the waters of divinity. There is a lady with it—I see her as dark haired and tall and silent. Last night was the full moon eclipse. It was cloudy and we slept through it, but what energies could have been added then? It feels like gateways opened at that time.

The essence also reminds me of simplicity—how great divinity lies this way. I did not have to use anything, just the waters, and it was enough.

How often do we complicate what is in fact simple? How often do we complicate love? In the process of just being – we allow, and all comes together as it is meant to be. I am reminded of the need to trust , surrender and to lean into the love given. Then, all we seek becomes available, as we take time to see what it is we also seek and in the process we are reminded that we are love—we are one of the many who are the one..

The work in this bowl may not be complete, maybe my lessons in it are unfinished as well. I feel it is not time to move it, and so it stays overnight.

I felt called to add these simple notes here as a gift offered with love—from the bowl itself. As you read these notes, reach out and touch its stillness and offered joy and be one with it—for this too is its gift to us all.

Love heather

Reply by Ursula on December 12, 2011 at 8:10

Wonderful; thank you .
Reply by Heather on December 12, 2011 at 23:59

Early am next morning 12th December

Each morning the rites have been on, I wake at just the right time, and am in front of the computer before it begins at 6.25am. This morning was no different. But this time, as i entered my study, I was aware that all around the essence was absolute stillness. It is just outside my study door and I felt it reaching into my space there and filling me with its quiet.

When I did the rite, I felt it added another layer which strengthened the process and I felt very deeply a part of it as if by being in the essence’s presence I was already in the Temple of Outer Light..

Doing the rite—it became aware to me that the essence is like as magnifying glass to simply alert me to what is always there. It focuses that energy of peace stillness and love that surrounds us and is part of us daily—we just have to open and allow that knowing – and so it is always with us. It is living heaven on earth.

It is the heart of all creation – the union of Mother Father God that we are, one energy—for here in this bowl, I feel life as it is—as we are—that by uniting within this—we become the divine child we have always been but in our physical world and life—we have often forgotten this union. This essence helped guide me more fully to this place of being One aspect of the Divine, and living it on earth.

I chuckled to myself as well—how could one bottle its energy as this is all around us. It’s presence simply reminded me that it is so!

Simple things can bring us the purist messages !

I took the photosthis morning.

Love heather

Reply by Anne Stanton on December 13, 2011 at 17:54

This is a beautiful message and a lovely essence Heather. How simple it is to realise we are mostly water in our physical bodies too, and that this peace is all around us to be incorporated.

Reply by Heather on December 19, 2011 at 2:28

Yes simple reminders hope deep power to me– and guides me back to the realization i may have put aside for a time!!

love heather


The planetary alignment essence– bringing in the light focused for earth

IMG_5766 IMG_5817 IMG_6280Posted by Heather on May 13, 2011 at 16:20

Friday 13th May 2011. 8.21am This makes 11 and 11 – powerful
The planetary alignment essence– bringing in the light focused for earth

Ahh I wrote that with out thinking about it. Typical of me to write without thought and read later, but when I put intellect aside– the truth emerges.

I had wondered what this essence was to be for but as soon as I wrote ‘The planetary alignment essence– bringing in the light focused for earth’ it is so logical even my intellect would have told me if i pondered on its very nature! The planets in alignment in a sense create a neap tide of energy – and much more—so to have this bombardment of energy made sense that it could be used in a positive or negative way. Since I work with the light, it will draw this aspect forth.

But with essences I never use the intellect, just the heart. it is the way I identify truth and light– where what needs to be shared is gifted through me and where I find love and peace in that merging with higher truth. It is a two-way thing– what we give we receive and often far more. This is true of essences, i find they gift me so much it is quite humbling at times. It can be like sitting at the feet of a master and being showered with wisdom, love and light. Making an essence is only one part of the journey. For me it is one of the deeper ways on the scared pathway to knowing truth and to merge with Spirit in its highest and blessed forms.

There are many other ways — yet making an essence is an act of surrendering to this process of choosing to be One with all of creation and as its an active one– it can also be an easier way. Many cannot just meditate as its too inacitive and they have trouble focusing to create the stillness leading to union. I do not see there is anything to be ashamed or frustrated about – it is just how many people are. As human, we operate on a flight or fight reaction so in many ways meditation is outsider our primeval nature—the one to survive. It needs to be more– like prayer in action and so on — we do not pray — we are prayer. We do not meditate– we are the meditation. Essence making is walking prayer, a moving meditation where trust surrender and love guide us. Wonder and joy merge later within the process and then we touch the divine song of creation.
I felt called to make an essence and this morning the calling was so loud I had to stop everything and place a bowl of water outside over my crystal terrarium. This is in the garden and faces SEEE.

When I asked if I was to add some flowers of other things, the answer was NO! So I have left it now. It’s a very cold day, rain is falling and is already adding itself to the bowl. As it’s autumn, leaves and berries are dropping there too, so not sure what will end up in the bowl. Already I feel a presence there.

As always I trust and leave it until called

2.11pm 13th may

How can I say this? The essence is like a whisper of silence. It feels like cat paws on soft earth walking, like elementals whisper and talk together waiting for its unfolding. I feel the planets and stars celebrating as preparation for a party and yet—there is silence and groundedness and yet an undercurrent of joy. Like a whisper.

Sandalphon stands with the essence facing me and is smiling, I think for she is quite faded yet she emanates great love towards me—gratitude, for I heard the calling.

The process has begun and all I did was place a bowl of water outside over some crystals when called. It is enough and I allow this process now—I withdraw and let it follow its own unfolding.

Tonight 13th 10.45 pm – I hear a soft female voice singing. At times it sounds like many voices.

There is a great stillness out there, absolute silence as a balance or behind the voices—stillness and beauty—perfection, light joy, love. All coalesce there now.

They herald new beginnings for those who choose joy and life. I pojnder on how many people do not really love life – and now is the time to make that shift into self’s ,own love and joy as a pathway to life’s calling, that be love one of love—

Reply by Heather on May 21, 2011 at 23:50

essence continued: May 20th 5.31PM

The essence is silent like velvet yet its power is clear and driven as it reaches out into all life. It feels light though, like gossamer wings and it is as if droplets of water dance with the beings who share the space there. It is so fine, its like fine silk– I cannot find words to describe its light. I think it’s so high now—I cannot touch its essence yet it feels of earth as well as beyond. It tells me it is a cup of light that holds within — all light as a reflection from night and day, the stars, moon, sun, earths light through reflections of joy.

Joy. An interesting way to describe its light, but yes, joy. Oh how beautiful. As I tune in, I hear the singing once more, but this time not a collective voice, rather a single voice of absolute purity. The fineness of it is lyrical in its light purity and it appears to be above my head. A type of frequency tuning in or opening what I want to say is the third chakra above my crown chakra.

There are colours related to this that appear to be a deeper blue- mauve and white, yet the energy is also gold like fine strands of frequency, pure gold in light.

The energy is very feminine. It feels like some ancient one emerging to earth once more—as if the need for her light now is required by earth for her next phase of evolution.

I noticed today that Sandalphon’s essence Sandalphon’s blessings over her gateway is covered with autumn leaves and in a way sort of buried. I needed to clean the leaves away yet it felt right to leave it as it was just for today. Is this because her energy needs to step aside for now to allow this other to rise and be present?

Today – I did clear the leaves, out of the bowl and yet it did not feel it was needed. I placed the bowl back tenderly and felt the sweetest of energies there, deep power and light as if earth rested. Sandalphon rests for now in that place perhaps.

I have no answers, just thinking here about these possibilities.

Interesting. I stopped to look and feel as I typed,. I saw something unexpected, like an ugly sort of gnome rising out and grinning at me. I think I must be touching the elemental kingdom through this essence.

In the fineness of this high energy — this little emental appeared. I look more closely—feel more closely, it’s the trickster but with humour and joy – in many ways it is to add more joy, laughter, to this energy. It certainly is a little gnome type figure and now it parades and laughs at me with delight. It got my attention and the lady continues to sing her high frequency and it’s like a play of energies of pure delight! So here – I am being reminded of the need for fun and joy and laughter as part of life, part of the light. Do not take it all too seriously, but find the joy and fun in all things. As we lighten up and find that sense of fun—we release much that troubles us and indeed, laughter is a wonderful remedy.


The essence has been speaking to me, as I started to go to sleep and woke me, and I had to get up to type this – or what I can remember
The lady has tyold me the essence unfolding is now called Essence of fire – interesting. The energy is not of earth as such. She explained that when the planets lined up, they created an interactive beam with earths frequency and set up a two way band of connection or light.

These words are inadequate – a pulse of connection may be a better way to describe the visuals she showed me—in this way energies from our planet and hers created a merging or link allowing a closer interaction between us She is sourced form a very high frequency off earth much higher making our 3 D energies here appear very heavy which she finds rather dense. I wondered if she was a type of intergalactic elemental or high thought form from her home star yet this is not a description she would use.

No she says, “Not ever. I am the strand and band of consciousness that can move to where it is needed. We converse with the universal language of love—this is our common ground for living as love and holding an awareness of life’s needs gives you an understanding the higher perspective. This opens you to communicate with the element of love in all its forms. Anger draws anger -= love draws love
This essence is fire as it is serving the needs of humanity.

The so called elemental dwarf you saw is not one of us rather since you have tuned into that level of frequency, you can see his as one of the earths links of other-world influences. He means no harm and is as surprised as you are that you saw him. This be why the paraded his behaviours, this be all .

Now sleep you are tired we will speak later.”

I went to bed but could not sleep. I found she wanted to talk to me more, and I found it was of very high energy and wisdom as a personal gift of knowledge and understanding. I do not remember much iof it now, but I know the seeds are with in and will flower when there is a need.
Very interesting communication.

21st May

When I woke I was strongly aware of her presence, how her lightness of energy made our earth seemed very dense and primitive, as if our 3d is a lower life form. Of course we know this to be true, and feeling it meant I guess, I merged with the essences energies for a time. I felt she was showing me where the essence would guide us if we allowed. That our aim now is to reach these levels of life force and that it is the pathway we are to follow.

For some reason, Ancient Egypt comes to mind. I see the Great Pyramid, Thoth’s pyramid, and there is a connection there. I am aware its great energy— I am being shown that the great Pyramid is a living breathing organism. This is how it feels—that much of what the essence explains can be found there as an encoding from long ago.

There is a type of pathway there which has not been found and which guides us, when we are ready, to these frequencies It can be seen as a portal or gateway to them, of course but by passing through these living chambers, we enter this frequency gradually. This has yet to be found, it is not time for man and would do great harm to those who cannot accept such frequency. The light body within as kundalini, chakras, nadis need to be in full alignment to allow such things to unfold.

“To have your light bodies in perfect balance, one must be love—only love. All judgement, anger, fear, shame, violence- must be set aside to allow this.”

The essence shows me this as there are also other portals on earth as this too- to guide and lead those who are ready into higher truth, higher vibration. I sense she reaches out and touches these places that already exist on earth, waiting for those who seek. I see light leave the essence bowl and reach out like arms into infinity. She has become a living breathing thing there, a heart beat of life.

She asks me to leave her now for her work to be done.

Reply by Heather on May 23, 2011 at 0:05

There are images of this essecne in the photo section but here is one:

Reply by Heather on May 24, 2011 at 23:51

24th may 9.42pm

I have left the essence to her own devices and while it has rained a lot here, the bowl has filled, the water looking very pristine and crystalline in the bowl.

Leaves and berries are falling everywhere but they always seem to miss the bowl—and to me this is typical of how things work with essences, only what is needed finds its way into the bowl, it seems.
The interesting thing is the expansiveness of the essence—its frequency seems to grow higher and lighter all the time. I cannot even begin to describe it. It reminds me of a balloon of helium that just wants to expand then rise up and up. I am unsure if its moving into the next dimension or to a higher band of etheric—not sure yet. It is different to other energies I have worked with and it makes me ponder on the nature of it being off earth energies, predominantly anyway!

Reply by Anne Stanton on May 26, 2011 at 11:17

“To have your light bodies in perfect balance, one must be love—only love. All judgement, anger, fear, shame, violence- must be set aside to allow this.”
Beautiful! Love in all its forms, even the trickster!

I found this short video this week, which seems to speak of this.

Reply by Ursula on May 26, 2011 at 20:52

Thank you for sharing Annie, I love the way the video explains things.
Getting a sense that when all these different beliefs and points of view are eventually integrated, all consciousness will have expanded enormously.

eply by Heather on May 31, 2011 at 18:31

Getting a sense that when all these different beliefs and points of view are eventually integrated, all consciousness will have expanded enormously.

Yes, i feel this as well. Interestingly i was saying this to some friends recently and they got very aggressive about it and disagreed . This aggression was so out of character for them, i just kept my mouth shut and pondered on it later. I felt that level of opposition showed a deeper need to understand what they had not grasped yet, but in some ways they sought it even so.
love heather

Reply by Heather on May 31, 2011 at 18:26

Dear Annie

for me, the gift these essences bring is their beautiful wisdom– it just seems to join in the conversation as I write. What I love is the simplicity of these responses too. The higher energies can use words so poetically and succinctly,it is always a pleasure to read and we feel their energy in their sharing as well.
I will watch the video now!! Thanks for the link

love heather

Reply by Heather on May 31, 2011 at 18:58

31st May

The essence has been quiet but I am very aware of its need to remain where it is and untouched. The other day I asked if I could move it for a moment as iI was gardening there. I got a very strong NO and knew to leave it alone.

It’s energies are very still, clearer than clear—interesting, but very alive, cohesive, self contained.

I sense a strong energy there and not as before, it is as if it has shifted and become more grounded now.

“ Leave us be, beloved daughter of light and know us, know us for what we are—light, pure light. For as we touch earth with our song, we bring a weaving of this light we are to earth and earth kind consciousness of which you be a part. Our essence is of life, of light or being. As we are called ‘fire’—this be our energy – we offer brightly igniting prescience to those who touch our space, our heart. In this lies truth and knowing. The space created is like a circle of fire and you stand within its boundaries. Here you be safe to explore all life—all pasts all selves. Here you may release all that no longer serves to be free then to unite with our higher mind- frequencies. For the higher frequencies remain as before but now as we are uniting more with earth-song—we enable a newer kind of sharing with man and whatever life forms touch our heart.

In this silence lies a truer peace for self. In this self’s peace lies love—in love lies truth, in truth lies freedom to express all you truly are – for man, for life, for self. In this lies the collective heart you serve and so you touch all of humanity in these simple ways.

Allow this with love in your heart and know you walk the divine path then.

This be truth and needed now.

The clarity you perceive is one of wholeness and truth, waiting for you ( all) to embrace. Allow us to be where we are, we are all songs intermingled as one for this time of earth’s need. Allow us presence and space and leave us.

You thought to add some flowers to us. If you choose to do this—it will be part of our journey, but it is not needed. Your act of offering these was out of love and an offering as a celebration for the beauty of nature as a representative of earth life in its perfect form. This we value for nature holds truth, light and perfection as only it can — as it is created with pure love from creators need to sustain itself into physical existence.

Surrounding us are many things of great beauty. These reflect in our waters which are as a mirror—and we absorb all that is needed.
The crystals below us in the terrarium offer a matrix of light. These are purified and in harmonic with life. Add no others.

Now we open our hearts to song and sing celebration into life. Close your eyes and join us for this time—and know the light you feel will carry you into eternal bliss and peace.”

Reply by Heather on June 1, 2011 at 13:40

1st June 11.30am

The essence is happy and singing this morning — stolid, solid, strong – clear, yet still too. I see thick clear ripples of energy reaching out from it like water in a pool — it feels to be weaving crystal light, that’s all I can explain it as being.

“Not light– song, tone– a weaving of energies you hear as music yet this tonal frequency cements light to a higher frequency here and then reaches out through space and time to all spaces, all times– we work at changing the density of earth to make it higher, lighter and more in sync with the coming energies bombarding earth. This be our job, you see. if you touch us, you can feel this movement of energies or fequencies for Earthsong’s evolution.

Each essence made by you raises these frequencies higher. If you go back and re-visit your essences one by one in order, you will be more aware of the building of these energies over the years. It matters not whether you follow this journey, yet it is this unfolding that is part of your sacred work for earth.”

Reply by Heather on July 6, 2011 at 12:57

5th July 2011

Seems it wants to be typed up as pale blue, interesting to ponder on such things.

It has been some time since I have written about the essence yet it has continued to work as it is needed all this time.

I have felt a strong need to leave it alone, and whenever I questioned that, going within its space has alerted me to its constant aliveness, even so.

The frequency has changed though—it has become more earthed in some ways, yet the higher frequency remains. I feel there is more of a balance now, as if it has re directed its energies into earth, so it has brought down those higher frequencies and has grounded them here.

Some weeks ago, as I was cleaning out my book shelves (we have many thousands of books) I came across something I found years ago. I was walking across the paddocks deep in thought when I felt a need to look down . At my feet lay a twisted timber knot of a tree lying on the ground. It seemed to call me and so I picked it up and it told me it was a ‘fetish’.

I looked that up to understand its meaning and when I brought it home, I added some special feathers and stones to its nooks and crannies, which is what it was for. It was like an earth blessing if you like, earth magic for me. As the years went bye, the feathers and stones I added gradually seemed to fall out—I allowed that and so when I found it this time, it was bare, and it asked to be placed with the essence.

I felt it was grounding the essence, and who knows if all that energy attached to it all those years ago was part of this essence’s plan. Things of vibration have no space and time and work according to need. I had given the fetish quite a bit of attention over the 20 years or so I have had it and all the sacred objects attached to it were of earth and loved by me. Things like a doves feather someone gave me when I found out my sacred name was White Dove Who Flies, a pretty crystal that seems to wrap around itself and fill me with its love offering gentle feminine energy, feathers that I had found on the farm that seemed to want me to keep them—and so it goes on.
So now, these energies are within the fetish and this sits with the essence.

One day I was asked to gather some of the precious Mother liquid straight from the bowl and send it to a dear friend who is unwell. I was asked to use a sterilized glass bowl and to scoop some out and place it in the bottle unmixed with brandy and then my friend was asked to drink it all at once for her own healing. Even as I write this, I can feel it with her as a pure and beautiful blessing of light. I feel within it, the earth presence of Goddess, loving the person it is for and offering balm and peace. It is indeed, a true blessing.

It has rained a lot and the bowl is very full, yet it seems content to remain as it is, offering a blessing to the earth itself. It is a true bridge through time and adds frequencies on and off earth, making them as one energy now, one collective.

I have not felt a need to make it up at all. Perhaps it is one of the essences I call working essence’s. These just want to remain outside for long periods of time, feeding their blessed frequency where it is needed.

I have tuned into the essence to ask it to share and it seems as if I wake the attached feminine presence. She slumbers in her tranquillity of giving and does not seem to want to share. To do so breaks the pattern of her, it feels.

I have just been out with the essence and she asked me to dip in a cup and have some. I have done this now. She explained that it would not matter what I used that she is so established her work is in total fulfillment and that nothing can change her pattern of life’s giving. I still feel strongly this is not an essence to be made up in a bottle and my impression was it would contain her too much. I find that interesting as I have never found my essences ‘contained’ in a bottle for they reach out to where they are needed. Of course I do as is asked and trust totally these feelings I am given.

As earth evolves perhaps the sacred tools attached to her change as well. I am aware of how the essences have shifted and have also changed over the years and so now perhaps this one is a reflection of this too.

Many of those who work walk within the sacred, and who are love, now walk in the new earth, Spirit tells me. Yet as we do this, we are very much earth based as we shed the last of the old energies we need to heal and ground our new energies here as a gateway for others to follow if they choose. Our presence is often all the example needed, nothing else. This grounding of our sacred selves is very important and this is what the essence is also doing.

I ponder on how our essences may be the macro of earth kind now—our pathways we may choose to follow as we too move into the new frequencies of earth. Are these choices? Perhaps yet I think if we have spent life time’s working towards this shift of inner consciousness, perhaps the work is already done and we have been evolving in sync with earth all along without knowing it. For me, I am aware that whatever I am , being love is the highest way I can allow these energies to be part of me.

I had a vision recentlky where I was asked to release all the old energies attached to me. I saw them all around me in a circle waiting for me to get rid of them. I could not—they were old energies and I loved them for the lessons they had gifted me. Instead I asked if I could simply fill them with love. As I did this, I watched them all glow with a radiance like fire and we became one. Each experience form this life, the past and my ancestry was beautiful in its own way and so could never be destroyed, rather acknowledged for its own beauty. Each lesson has richness if we allow that, its all in our perception.

This essence is called the essence of fire. Why? I wondered.

The essence had this to say :

Fire illuminates and is as a passion for the journey. To move into the new earth takes a fire within the heart to move forward with a deep and passionate need to release the old while you embrace it—to see your own beauty and allow it to shine like a fire for others to also see.
Be that fire and shine brightly—be one of the Lights for earth and those who are touched by this will also follow into this new emerging Age of Fire’

Reply by Heather on July 21, 2011 at 18:51

it is now 21st July

The essence has been out there for ages I know, yet it still works there.

As I was pruning today, I walked past it and tuned in– the returned energy was beautiful as it focused its light outwards. The energy radiating out can only be described as prisms of light– yet like crystalline shapes, sharply etched, on the ethers like rainbow light.

Later in another part of the garden, I walked past my Sandalphon gateway essence, she was peaceful, as the leaves have dropped, the bowl is now quite open and not hidden under a canopy of roses.

The garden felt very peaceful in these places, very in harmony. I gave my love and gratitude to them both.

These are new essences for our now times, ones that work in an ongoing way– it rains on them, leaves fall into them, soon, blossoms; and they adjust their frequencies and continue to offer what is needed.

I find that very beautiful.


Notes for the essence ‘light within light’

Posted by Heather on April 5, 2011 at 20:14

Light within light Essence no 90 29-3-2011

The essence:

When I was called to make this essence, it was one of simple nurturing – to gather a simple flora bunda rose and place it in the bowl with water. I was to sit the bowl over a terrarium filled with many crystals. The terrarium was placed amongst my plants outside my study and close to my Sandalphon and Lemurian portals only 2 months ago. I had a need to place many of my crystals outside and the terrarium seemed the best option to look after them. It became part of the triad of light gateways in my garden and formed a strong energy of unity.

While I was surprised that only one flower wished to be added to this unfolding essence bowl, I was very aware it sat above many crystals and was close to the portals. Its placement meant it was to be a strong energy, and I felt, together, these energies would work together for the essence’s unfolding.

I was very aware of the Mother Mary energy present in its unfolding as well, and later was told her influence was strong within its creation.
One message I received said that Mary has not been re born on earth and this was a single life she had as the bearer of the Christos to earth. To explain that they were one body of light is hard for humanity to grasp, yet this be the truth of the matter. Light produces light—and in that light a form of pure truth emerged as Jesus, the man who brought truth to earth.

Heather—When this message was given to me, I was overwhelmed by the energy I felt. I was feeling Mary and Jesus’ energy, like two lights together as one. Their energy surrounded me with its love, its light ands simple joyful purity. Many messages followed, some which I will share here:

Seeking truth through love and light aids man to make the right decisions to serve us and to serve humanity in the way that is so needed for now.

It is us who serves you children of light, for as you choose this path—you chose to free much that no longer serves you. This you do – daily—we walk with you and so add strength to your own personal resolves based on your life.

The physical body is but a vehicle of matter for this body of light you are to be present in on this place called earth. This physical body enables you to heal and clear much of the old karmas that have stalked you through many lives. The physical vehicle does take on patterns for cleansing over and over again, until the work is resolved—this is so needed for mans unfolding for this new earth.

We say to you – the time is now – no time has had such a great impact on life now. Your choice to walk this life now is to resolve the old issues needing clearing – for the times of man on earth shall cease unless we can allow the pathways of light to be open and free once more. Earth is a place of true passages of light. The energies who have assailed it over the generations have damaged the outer light layer of its substance. (H: akashic energy) Unless these are broken down so the light may flow freely – man is doomed on a planet that will not be able to sustain itself any more.

IMG_5241Unknown to man, earth is more light frequency than matter. As is man – yet to sustain man on earth, the light frequencies of each need to be in balance. If this cannot be attained—both will cease to exist as matter in this universe, thus we say now— the time is NOW – the time to heal old wounds and to bring forth all that can be achieved to return the light to earth.

This be one of your chosen tasks, for as light—you take on the physical shell like a cloak – to bring your light to earth and to heal the old energies associated where this be possible.

See your life like a huge game if you will—that each person you have met, each experience you have had—see as lessons , or opponents or helpers, to be embraced, overcome—on the path to ‘winning’.

Any physical illness or interaction on the physical body reflects you being run down and needing rest, to rebuild its substance so it can go on. There is no shame in ‘illness’ it is simply repairing the vehicle so it may resume its pathways or ‘game’ Those who choose to release their physical vehicles prematurely do so out of choice—for the ‘game’ has been too hard for them and they need to return to light and rest before they try again.

In this life—many of you have and will continue to achieve much, yet in this we also request you seek greater happiness too—for to live in the energy of happiness allows much more to be accomplished for the body sees love in happiness and so allows the true energy of self – light – to manifest more fully to do the sacred healing tasks on earth, see?

This be how it works.

Our beloved Heather works diligently on this pathway too. Her secret was surrendering to the love we offered her long ago. In this surrender, she was able to touch her own divinity and to manifest it more fully on earth. As human she builds energy of light daily to try and be more of heaven on earth—as she sees this light so needed for earth. It is this reason that allows us to be able to speak through her as we do; to pass on these messages of such importance, for you now—for the many who seek to understand the path they walk and what they may do to aid earth now.

As the essence progressed over the days, I was given its name—Light with in light. In the beginning, no other information was given, and as I sat with this name, I found a profound path to follow. In another session with the essence I asked that it explain the meaning of the name:

Ahh the light in the light — this be an aspect of truth based on the inner knowing that all is light. Yet within the light the greater truth lies in the true light of all creation – God if you will – the creator or over-creator which is of all—not just aspects of earth or beyond.
Within man’s journeying lies truth and trust in increments. Man understands that there is an over-soul or God attached to humanity. Yet this face be one aspect of the collective of all of creations life force. Man’s collective creates God– or Mother Father God—yet beyond that is the over-soul of all—this be the higher form known as Yhwh – if you will—this be the light in the light—for to go through your light is to go to the fullness of all light—all creation.
Ahh you ask where this stems from – what lies beyond the light in the light?

Infinity is hard to explain as one has to be infinity to understand the nature of the limitless, timeless all- in- one energy that is the heart beat that is all life through all space; all time as one time—the eternal moment of being. See it as a pattern of light like circles overlapping creating, re creating – colour, light, energy as one song of be-ing —- there are no words in your language to explain this and your forms of matter and light are unable to grasp this concept.

Over the days of the essence’s unfolding, I found its energy was so electric I was unable to go near it. Eventually, it settled into harmony and a great and pure loving frequency. I cannot even begin to explain its beauty, and so I asked the essence and its attached light forms to explain it to me:

Yes beloved one, what you feel is its truth. This essence became a new life force emulating the evolution of life on earth. This essence needed simplicity in the beginning – such was its needs—to simply be in the energies of current earth. The waters within the bowl became the blood or veins of life on earth—the single rose became one heart and the connection to all life—that all one needs is heart for life. To be love is life, you see.

Later you felt called to add another rose, and two small purple flowers. This was (represented) renewed life. The two purple flowers represented the creation of male- female on earth., that this union lies within and without each one of man on earth.

The electricity you felt was so strong it was a reflection of creation itself unfolding its wings into life. You see, this bowl is the microcosm of the macrocosm.

When the electricity had settled down – it took on a life of purpose and grace. The essence rose to where earth and many other planets as earth are asked to be—one of harmony.

One day as you felt called back to the essence, you were overwhelmed with the peace and beauty that remained in it. Its stillness and light were in harmony, offering balance and perfection. You married with these frequencies and became one with them, but this was a gift to you for not all will be able to touch these energies. To do so, one must reach a level of surrender and purity to allow this.
This essence though, will guide others to that place if they allow, for it is the aim of the essence to lead others to this place of harmony. Here truth and light will be known and in an instant all may become understood and the needed path often sought, will become more attainable as understanding through that union will be a true guidance.

Hover those who use this essence will have different interactions. It is one of guidance to light, yes, to enter the purist of light. Those who are not ready will have different pathways open to them through this living life force, the essence’s heart.

It this stage, I felt a need to leave the essence until I was called back a few days later and this is what was shared with me:

As you felt to leave the essence, it took on another layer of life. Now it has more water and more leaves in it—added by nature’s tempests and storms, and reflecting once more the pathways of life on earth. As we are of peace, now we be open to add what is needed for more learning and more exploration of life on earth.

You see—as man clears the past and returns to the light—he is once more given choices to create his own existence and to make new the old—yet being open to see new pathways in the new earth. He is then able to begin once more.

Heather: The essence is saying that as the bowl is the microcosm of pure earth as it was and is to be again, we as human also have the right to grow into new life forms as we choose to be. It is explaining that as we return to purity, we have new choices to evolve once more. Nothing is static and all continues to grow. The leaves blown in by the wind and rain exemplify these new growths and the choices we may choose.

The essence is now at this place of being —it is also a reflection those who have completed many of your pathways in this waking physical life—you will move into new beginnings and understandings. You will be ready to make new choices and move into new explorations of your life. This enriches the meaning of your life—it allows you to become whole and strong for all the tasks you undertake for self and others who walk with you .

Others will come your way who will be teachers to you as before- and you may choose be a great teacher as your sense of humanity will be strong – you will bring this light to earth asd teachers have offered to you before.

This essence is your path, and the path of the many. It is the path of the sacred who walk earth. This be you dearly beloved. This essence will aid your lives, ( past future and present) your pathways, your seeking and your love.

Heather— I wish to say that the essence feels like the womb of creation, a place to rest and find peace and strength.

Aye– this be true—this essence be as this—a place to rest in the arms of love that is the mother of creation – a time to rest and be – a time to allow love to feed you back into the light , within and without, although in truth all is one.

I feel this essence like—gateway to peace, wholeness strength and joy. I want to rest in it myself for a time to be refreshed and re nourished for life.

Yet I have one final question. The bowl sat on the crystals which I have a feeling were to be created for this and for other events to follow. I feel their combined energies work hand in had with the other portals in the garden here and yet it also offers another layer of energy to this mix. Can you explain please.

Yes beloved what you feel as always is truth. The combined energies in the terrarium are indeed a beacon of light bringing in the many rays their colours and frequencies represent to this place of light. Your garden area is indeed a true ‘tor’ a sacred place. The early energies of creation and the over-soul of the Mother be present here. These work with you and you are guided by their calling. Your essences are also a reflection of this energy and the triad formed with the added crystals manifests many layers via earth history and off earth via portals to higher dimensions and to places also seeking new beginnings and understandings. Also to places that are outside your understanding or experience, and some of these be of earth.
It was needful for the essence to be placed there for its work to be aided by the finer vibrations of creation through the crystals yet also aligning with Sandalphon’s gateway and the sacred Lemurian healing temples. Of course more exists in this sacred space we speak of but this will suffice for understanding for now.

Each crystal in the terrarium has its own frequency, or ‘song’ making it an aspect of creation. Each crystal offers a note if you will—creating an ‘orchestra’ of tone in balance with many notes blending to make one note.

This be your crystal terrarium now. These songs of light and life create a weaving or pattern of light structure, rebuilding the ancient temples once established here. This be created more strongly between the three portals now—a powerful place to call in the light, for healing and balance and for communication. See the essence like a beacon of light—reaching down into the earth and up and out—to the all. This be its gift and so encapsulated in the essence is this song of light- the light within the light– a great consciousness offered as never before.

As gateways open upon earth, this be one to allow the higher frequencies to attend earth.

Heather—what name do we use for its vibrational pull?

Call it light within light—the womb of love and protection. This name will call those who seek its true nature and will work individually with each who uses it.

Heather: I have made up the essence 7 drops in each stock and then dosage bottle.

The light shines so brightly and as I closed my eyes I felt I saw multi coloured wings, vibrant in colour. These do not appear as angels wings, something perhaps more elemental?

Aye these be the guardians of this place—etheric light manifest in ways not understood by man yet.

I took the essence , it gives me a great sense of calm and peace. The name—light within light holds a depth and needs deep inner exploration, I feel the name like a life force created.

Thank you beloved ones for this great and noble gift. I feel blessed and humbled to be part of this.

My thanks and blessings

And ours to you beloved daughter of light.


Essence 106 new beginnings, this one made up via Road to eden to Destination and now has evolved into New beginnings. The photos hold the energy and tell another story


22nd May  2014  NEW BEGINNINGS

106 new beginnings amazing light  - Version 2-2The bowl is still outside and I felt not to touch it.. However I did ask its purpose now and i was told to leave it longer and that it has now evolved past destination to new beginnings.

I was surprised but it also made sense, that when we arrive we begin all over again,. That all life is filled with challenges and new purpose.

It feels like this Is now its name, pathway to explore and embrace, a place where all fear, now gone, opens greater possibilities as gifts to man and earth. This essence becomes the guiding light where one may choose to follow, to be part of the new song of creations endeavors on earth now.

Peace, Talking this essence, which you may do will offer new challenges and new explorations.

June 6th106 new beginnings beautiful light  - Version 3I have felt this essence is to be made up now. I woke to find the mother smile at me and beckon and while I have felt this for a few days I have not gone near it.

This morning I had received a message that the essence was to be made up when  it was in the light, sun of course. I had left it a bit late in the day, I thought but even so, I got as message to make it now.

Now here is a lesson in trust!! It was late afternoon and everything was suffused in light!! The bowl gleamed with the low rays of the sun and literally sparkled and had rays of light into it but also shooting out of it, it was some display!!

I then also got a strong need to make up the mother, stock and dosage bottles in this light as well. I grabbed all the bottles and went outside, making it up as the sun got lower, yet all the time all bottles were filled with this amazing light. I then felt a need to take the essence in the light too and while it shone all around me, I had the 13 drops it asked of me, for the 13 bodies.

This I why I felt a need to call the essence, LIGHT ~ new beginnings!!106 new beginnings - Version 2“Ahh beloved daughter you heard us well for as this bowl of pure light is suffused with the light of earth, you touch this light on many levels of creation.

For indeed, this essence is a celebration of new life, new beginnings.

This has been a time of adversity for the many. This been a time of challenges as many are asked to wipe the slate clean of old fears, old habits and disharmonies that has walked with them for eons of time. Not just their own soul monads expressions in life, but that of their DNA, attached to the ancestor that is part of them. All human kind is now asked to release what is of the old energies and then they may embrace the new song of light life. Yes we say ‘light life’ for this be what it is—a new way of being, of thinking and of feeling. A way of being light in every way attainable by passages of living in this new earth that is so filled with light!

106 new beginnings perfect   - Version 2bowl has transmuted much of the passages of life and so guides you and the All into new beginnings as it followed the passages of life from life’s beginnings—Eden as new formed, new found, newly created — into the harmony of new life.

Welcome! Be present and know thyself as one of the angels of light on earth. Embrace all that you are, and know each thing adds great beauty to your vitality and presence on earth. Be all things, be self and be unafraid to express all aspects of self.

This be a time of miracles, a time of completion, a time of return as whole, a new life force with in a new body of light. Watch your physical bodies now change and grow to accommodate this new light.

Many have had illnesses – ah yet, this be the releasing! Be excited and proud for you have allowed these shifts of release to unfold to embrace the new. Be new and know all is in harmony with your chosen destiny in these new times of new birthing.

Be present in this knowing and be blessed knowing this be the new self.

106 new beginnings - Version 2-2all shall come to pass, as now all is ordained in sacred harmony all ye are is aspects of creation’s love—know this for as ye walk earth ye are heaven on earth—you are the angelic song manifest in Eden’s gateways to this new earth.

Embrace this fully, trust it and know its greatest truth. Go —you have arrived and now walk forward in total trust and love—surrender to this knowing and allow it to guide your truth into manifestation as a gift for earth’s new light, you be it,. Live it and know peace.

This be a time of great celebration! Be embraced by our love—all is in divine song. See the ripples of light on the waters as light ripples of life itself—the astral song of movement embraces all your inner eye   sees—knows its parallels are closer than ever for each is a manifestation of the other. Peace, joy, love—we are

106 new beginnings amazing light  - Version 2

106 new beginnings with  orbs - Version 2
IMG_4850 IMG_4857 IMG_4867 IMG_4871 IMG_4876

present in abundance.”

My goodness what a celebration I felt it and heard it, such joy manifest and I have been asked to leave the bowl out even longer.. so what next?

This has felt like a party of sharing and of great and joyous love. A softness of lighg now fills the garden—time has moved on and there is a great stillness, it is a calm and yet the bowel waits. For what? It shall be revealed.

7th June

It seemed I woke with the world on my shoulders. Spomehow I had a feeling that the essence is at play here as it points out CHOICES. While I allowed things I did not like to surface, I knew it was part of the dualities within, things to let go—yet also, these were choices. New beginnings after all have many choices.

Nothing is gifted to us unless we are open to allow that process. I felt forIMG_4881 - Version 2me, it is about choosing my own new beginnings. Letting go what arose, even though I have let it go before—it seems deep in me and it stirs and shows its head so once more, I choose to release it as I choose my own new beginnings, a new way forward. It is not that I want to change my life, I don’t yet do I need to view it through the filters of greater light?IMG_4890This I how it is for us all now. Choices are important, but they need clarity and full commitment. Old habits may be hard to heal, yet we can by choice if we are to begin afresh in this new earth.

The waters of the bowl are like the sacred springs of creation, endless love and healing. As we step into these, we wash away the old as we embrace the love of Mother Father God, here we step into the golden robes of our divinity. Can we do this? Oh yes we can. Intent, self love, surrendering to the high er self—all make this possible. It is a choice. The old may be a comfortable habit, but is it what you choose now?

Today I felt called to take the essence once more. I was asked to swing it around to create the pattern of infinity before I took the thirteen drops. This I did with love as I allowed the process. I know I am the micro for us all, that whatever I do—we do as individuals impacts on the collective that we are.

What do you choose for your new beginnings?


© heather















Making an essence and the gifts it brings us

fionaessimagesforsitePosted by Heather on February 28, 2011 at 2:11

I have been busy making essences for clients lately and these cannot be shared here, but each time I am reminded of a few important truths about essence making I want to share with you .

When we put out to make an essence, we wait until we feel called. This is how it works for me. Some people request an essence, yet I never seem to find the right time to make it for them and I feel their essences are not ready to be formed yet. At other times, I feel called so fast, I literally have to drop what I am doing to do it that minute, literally!

Recently, I had to interrupt some work I was doing to make an essence. it was a day of wind, rain and sun. The contrasts were strong, the light like a knife cutting the atmosphere, and it was then I was called.

As I was gathering the materials needed for the essence, I was aware that each thing I gathered was about opposites and new beginnings. Buds for the new, old spent seed pods for the old, fresh open flowers for this now– the contrasts were so powerful together with the weather, I understood my client and the beauty and contrasts of that current path and how the essence would help nullify these as clarity prevailed once more through the essences growth and so – unfolding.

As we begin a new essence, sometimes the reason for its need can be loud and clear, but not always. The miracle is that we do not know how it will travel as it hatches and it’s why we really have to surrender to allow the simple process to follow its own course. We are closely tied to the essence and so any intellectual thoughts we add to it, any expectations, can influence its path.

In all ways of healing, we really do need to become the hollow bone– one that puts aside ego, expectation, intellect, hope, and need. We have to learn to trust, surrender, and allow the process to unfold. We are not to interact with it at all. In fact over the years my essences ask me to keep well away so that my energy in no way influences the essence. This is especially true when I am making one for someone else! Even the act of picking the flowers or what ever I add with my fingers can influence the essence with my imprint, and if I choose to not touch anything at all, rather use plastic tongs, it can make ‘me’ even less present in the essence. However, I do pick the flowers with my fingers for in truth, by the act of making it—I am present in some form already. We too are vibration after all, and so add our own essence so we must let go and let it do its own thing. It reminds me of being a mother– we allow our children to grow and learn and we must do the same things with our essences. Our angelic guidance also does this with us — allows all that we are to grow– so we grow our own wings of light by choice whether it be gently or harshly; as lessons or mistakes, with tears or joy — all contrasts make ‘us’ into what we are.

Essences are the same. We become the mother of the essence for a time as we adhere to the calling of its content in the first stage — we have formed its beginnings, and then we let go and allow its pathway to guide it to its destination. My essences always called themselves ‘hatchlings’ as they unfolded their own wings of growth and light. When the essence is completed, it becomes ‘new life’. We create a new life form when we combine many plants for they hatch into something unique which marries with all life — the turn of the star’s, the moon’s path, the wind, rain, sun and magnetic pull of the earth– all things effect the essence’s growth. If we add crystals or other sentient objects, their stored energy will also interact with the essence. Often crystals release ancient memories, so past life experiences may surface or old energies may be released making the essence a gateway or portal for these releases.

If you are called to make an unknown essence for earth healing, it will marry with current events on earth. It does this powerfully and so we too become part of the global healing by our simple acts of following a calling and then surrendering to the passage of creation underway.

Archangel Michael once said that surrender was the hardest thing Human kind could do. He explained that when we as human could do that – we were closer to creation and the heart of love, which is the heart of Mother Father God. We are all aspects of each other, and what we do effects the whole. Essences are part of this too and so it is another example of uniting fully with the process of creation on earth.

If we can learn to surrender like this, we feel more love for we release fear to unable such a surrender within. It is a most powerful and beautiful way to heal old wounds which have become habit and which we may protect ourselves from by never surrendering, for if we do — the pain may be too great.

AAMetatron says that we cannot love and be afraid at the same time for fear and love cannot co- exist. If we love all things, no matter how painful they are, we free the habit of being afraid of them — old energy becomes a habit and often we are more afraid of being afraid than the original cause of that fear which may well hold no power over us any more. If you can just surrender to your emotions and really look at this thing full on, you may be surprised to find that it really does not hurt you any more. Fill it with love and you can free it forever.

Making an essence helps us free fear as the form of surrender needed opens us more fully to the wonder of the energy that touches our hearts and in this– we feel incredible love and peace. The joy of an essence is remarkable, a true gift of life that enters our hearts making us more– richer humans that have greater understanding of the love and beauty of all life. This is the great strength which helps us free old negative patterns.

If you have not tried to make an essence, have a go. Just wander around a garden and pick what calls, adding it to a bowl. Place it outside of you can – or in a quiet corner of your home, and let it perform its own magic. Let your heart touch it for moments each day and listen and feel, add love to it. This will help you touch emotional freedom for a time and see what happens—miracles, joy, love, freedom – releasing, wonder—all may unfold and you could be forever changed as its life wraps arms of love and gratitude around you. Listen to its song and respond with your own, for together you are divin e beings of love and with your essence you will create beautiful music together.

Offer this to yourself and to earth and know you add healing and joy to the energies of all life

© Heather Robb

Star of Bethlehem Essence

IMG_4360 IMG_7375 IMG_4498_2 IMG_4497_2 IMG_4521_2Posted by Heather on January 6, 2011

Star of Bethlehem Essence 5th January 2011

Today i made a new essence.

I gathered the white, pink and purple that usually call and then I felt I had to add a large deep gold coloured rose, new and not fully mature. The colours were amazing! I also felt called to add two quartz crystals as well.

I left it on a fence post to do its work –the colours and vitality in it were very strong,and as I stood close to it before giving it space, it told me for now – it is called ‘The Star of Bethlehem’. This essence is bringing hope to man once more– to see the unfolding of inner self—the spread of personal or inner wings—to allow the light within to shine and to be reborn into the Christ consciousness of self. The star of Bethlehem is of course the prelude to a great birth, but this time it is the self’s birth.

Well—that wrote itself. It seems so many are being tested now and perhaps this essence will help others to find their own their own power of divinity that lies within – to touch the inner higher self is to connect with ones soul of course which is an aspect of the all of creation.

Now that my master crystals are in alignment, they are sending out a huge amount of energy like powerful lazars to earth. So focused is this energy, I asked The Mother what it all meant. She explained that this energy is nullifying areas of trauma on earth. I add my love to this of course, but also she reminded me that we need to remember that earth is a life form and we are aspects of that life form too. I wondered if the essence that now unfolds has some interaction with the crystal energy now– it will unfold .

Reply by Heather on January 6, 2011 at 14:10

part 2

Thursday noon 6th Jan 2011
Golden sunny day – the essence seems at peace and is not to be disturbed. In some strange way I feel detached from it—I suspect it is due to its need to do its work alone, I trust this and let it be. It looks beautiful in the sun.

“Peace beloved and let us unfold for this be a time of trials and changes formany and so for earth. More unfolds as the ripples of time bring forth and take away energies and sequences of events, repeated for more healing as those allow who werethe perpetrators of these events. We do not always mean globally we also mean singularly.
Ripples describes this process, yes—layers of time and energy superimposed one on the other. The moon rising brings new light, new song for earth. Allow this quietness to speak, for herein lies truth needed—this be a space of light allowing time – a gap between the pulses of time—to heal and see many truths overlaid in the cosmic consciousness of man. Send love at his time and bring the peace more strongly to earth, it shall be beloved sister of light.

I am the Mother, you be the sister dear one—never doubt your link to Earthsong as part of your true nature and pathway chosen before birth.

Yes the golden rose is as the star of Bethlehem,you are right—it is the one that radiates out and opens the energies into the heart of self—the true natures of life waiting to be explored, revealed, understood—this I the nature of this essence.

The star of Bethlehem is the valid namefor this reflects truth of new beginnings and choices offered.

What do you choose?

We ask humanity as we have done before. It is now time to choose your directions, children of earth and to allow those pathsinto your inner truth Now”

 Reply by Anne Stanton on January 6, 2011 at 19:45
This essence feels very beautiful Heather, and timely. It is like the first low note being softly hummed, the beginning of a new song.

Reply by Heather on January 7, 2011 at 1:05

Hi Annie

yes indeed. it feels this way to me, and yet this afternoon it seems to be gathering momentum and seems more powerful as if it gathers its energy to its heart. i iewll now tune in to the essecne to see what i feel.

i will enjoy other feedback you add, Annie darling

love heather

Reply by Heather on January 7, 2011 at 1:08

Part 3

Thursday 11.Pm
I have felt the essence gather momentum. I was out for a good part of the day and left the essence as was asked of me—alone. When I returned I was aware of a much stronger energy this time. It feels as if it is cementing its purpose like—a focus, a determination to carry through with its intent. It reminds me of a storm gathering, stronger and stronger it evolves, and I find this very beautiful indeed. The singular focus is huge!

I add all my love there now and as I unite with the bowl—I feel her. I see a lady as if white and floating towards me,. She seems a little out of alignment – for although she is whole and visible she seems to move around, spiraling and is not steady.

I see the bowl and it seems to be bigger, brighter, looking more likea garden than a bowl – the rose seems to open wider and wider like a cup offering her sacred light to the All. I feel a need to cross my arms over my heart—it feels divine in its own way, sacred, and I feel humbled to be present as it unfolds- or births.

Above, the stars seem brighter as if the bowl is part of them too—all is one and the essence reaches out to touch them. I seem to see one star brighter than the others like glowing orb and then as I come out of this vision as its dark outside and I see all this in my heart only — I realise I see what is perhaps a reflection of the Star of Bethlehem and that the essence reaches out with love to unite with it. How beautiful.
“They offer hope and love to humanity together, Blessed One, this be the purpose, watch and wait and see for as this essence unfolds, more will be revealed about its true nature and purpose. Remember while you made this essence by chance—nothing is by chance in this world ruled by our Divinity.


to be continued

Reply by Ursula on January 7, 2011 at 8:11
Dear Heather
As I was just reading this my heart opened wide and welcoming then it felt like the energy of this essence entered there, very light and clear, my feet had to feel the earth to give stability and grounding. What a wonderful essence unfolding.

Thank you

Reply by Heather on January 7, 2011 at 13:03

Hello Ursula dear

smiling — as it feels so much like the energy rises from it and here you are needing to keep grounded and here! Makes sense!

I am always so interested in what others feel at these times, I really think while the essence works, we all may add our own feelings and this enrichs the work, even while it stands apart, i have a feeling we are as pillars holding the temple of its structure with love and strength while it completes it divine mission.

with love

Reply by Heather on January 7, 2011 at 12:59

part 4
Friday 7th 10.30am
As I drifted off to sleep last night, I sent my love to the essence. I felt myself link with its heart and felt the greatest of love. I felt like I was in the heart of an open lotus, and everything was gold. The energy was so powerful, so focused, I wondered if it was the last energy the flowers could offer.

This morning, as I looked out to the essence, for the first time I noticed a dark shape in the bottom of the bowl. It was then I realised it was the crystals. I had not noticed them before, and had forgotten I even added them when I made the essence. I walked over and noticed the flowers in the bowl looked spent and dry. When this happens, its usually a sign that the energy is completed, but I feel strongly that this is not so – the energy is still working, and now it feels like it is the crystals that do their work and perhaps the flowers have finished. The energy I felt last night was so powerful, all I can think of is that they gave all they had in that attempt to create the energies needed but also as a giving to creation. As I sat with in the lotus, it felt like an intense celebration after all.

“We now rest beloved one, we rest in the arms of the mother for our work is not yet done. More is to unfold as a uniting with the star kingdoms you witnessed last night in your visioning. Our work is to bring hope to man yet our work is also as an alignment with the star kingdoms as these too—are aspects of all of creation. Man sees himself as one with earth and God—yet understand that man is part of the macrocosm that is all life throughout space and time and it is this we will link to more fully. We wish to manifest within the essence, a global infusion of love– one energy needed for all life forms within God’s creative universes—and together, you create new life forms for all life.

This be our thrust—birth is more than human understanding -=-more than yourselves — to see beyond into all of life – no time, no space, no dimension—all life—as one life and you touch the heart of creation. Use what name you understand for all names simply identify or name what is the life force of all created life.”

I look at the bowl and it seems to me, there is a sort o fog above it that moves and intertwines like two energy beams swirling and moving upwards. I hear a sort of song, and it really sounds like a song, not a tone– of celebration and joy. Oh –it is the heart of the flowers themselves that sing this way — their joy bring tears to my eyes, how beautiful. All around is absolute stillness and calm yet this song seems to rise up into infinity and weaves a pattern of life of its own.
I leave it once more until later unless called.

Reply by Heather on January 9, 2011 at 16:44

part 5

11.16PM Friday

was aware this afternoon of a lot of energy leaving the bowl and going up and out like a fan, very steady

Saturday 10.30PM

I feel silence there. The energy is more settled now, more in harmony like a steady heartbeat reaching out and out. It feels alive now—more than before. It also seems to be at rest, like it sleeps. Perhaps the work is done—yet I feel a need toleave it there until tomorrow. I will trust that.

Sunday 11.14am

I woke not feeling anything with the essence, and then as i tuned in I saw the lady spiral towards me, like a cartwheel. The essence had gone from chaos into stillness in the beginning and then divine light. It had then descended into stillness, deep and untouchable like a dark velvety night. Had it finished ? I had wondered. No it had not—so I had left it.

Today – the stillness has retuned to chaos. I saw then – the minds of man and of earth and perhaps through this essence, life in the history of earth, man and perhaps of david other places. This is how it feels. The Star of David came out of chaos to herald peace and while its light shone brightly, it too, descended into silence as the hidden few understood its message. How often has this happened in history? Christ is an example—yet how many others? Adam and Eve chose fear over love—we call it The Fall, and descended out of Eden as their energy was too dense to embrace pure light, they too descended into chaos as their fear drove out union. Camelot is another example—yet all these are simple metaphors for truth – man’s fall from grace into fear.

So now—the essence once more relfects chaos. I wonder if this will settle to rise above the fear of man, away from the the fall and back into grace. Does this essence herald grace? Is it our choice? Once more, I am reminded of choices we are asked to make.

As I felt all this, Diadenon my master crystal came to me. She sits with the mandala behind Divinity,looking like a shadow in a way as she is not clear quartz as the others, rather a mix of smoky, amethyst, ametrine and something else. She is the guardian of the light- I see that – for she encapsulates the Star of Bethlehem by her presence.

I understand now that the essence has or always had linked with the Divinity mandala frequencies —as it sends healing to earth. She holds the light like a container. She manifests so much love, it’s tangible, She so pure its humbling to be embraced by her sweetness.

The collective is unfolding as my sacred tools work as one energy of love to bring forth the divine song of life back into balance. This is what the Star of Bethlehem also promised, but once more it is our choice to accept that light or not.

What do you choose? I am asked to say—make your choices for your own and earth’s future and know it shall be held in the cusp of grace or fear—your choice to be free or to hold onto the old. This is another message from the essence and so I allow its unfolding to continue.

It rained last night and fine mist bathed the essence. Essences love this, I know. Electric storms are due later today. It will be interestingto see what interaction results from such activity. As i was told in the beginning — nothing is by chance when it comes to divine pathways.

to be continued

A picture of Diadenon is above and the mandala below but these are also in my picture files.

Reply by Heather on January 10, 2011 at 16:44

hello Juanita

Interesing to read your inner feelings. yes i understand this too– the essecne is working quite happily, not wanting to be disturbed and it seems to be bringing the balance here. I believe those of us who can read these notes– feel them– also may contribute to this outcome — and perhaps the work together has accomplised this as well as the inner thrust of the essence itself.

yes there is also much Lemurian energy here on this land and it often interacts with my essecnes I have found. I have been asked to keep away from the essence as it does its work for now.

with love

Reply by Heather on January 10, 2011 at 17:31

Part 6

5.26pm Sunday

Text has to be pink, interesting – for heart perhaps

The rose is quite baked by the sun and yet the other flowers are not too bad . The essence now has wide sweeps of wavy energy rising up from it. I hear the death of the old and the birth of the new arises.

The storm is gathering – but in the heart ofthe essence I feel strength and purpose.

Monday 3.12PM

There seems to be a very steady strength emitted by the essence now. The two strands of light are strong like ribbons and they continue their path outwards. There is strength and peace around the bowl and I notice two dead gum leaves have somehow fallen in. That have never happened before! This morning I wanted to add another golden rose and I was told to leave it as it was, all is in harmonic for the task and I have felt keeping away was the best I could do! I did photograph it however—not too close to the bowl will the later picture is above.

“Beloved child of light,greetings. Our task is nearly done. What you have created is an offering of balance and harmony to earth for earths unfoldment now. The cusp of energies come to earth like waves and we integrate these into the earth via this essence which in many ways offers yet also takes, harmonises and balances and then places it deep within the earth itself. See us as a conduit if you will—one who is the link between heaven and earth—the energies unfold as tumbled clouds (of energy) gathering for a storm , yet this is the arrival ofthe new energies earth kind may use for their own pathways back into the light.

Beloved who read this—ask yourselves once more;What do you choose? Your heart-felt knowing, choices—will allow you to use these new energies for your pathways to the light—like strands of energies guiding you — holding you with purpose and understanding – committment and joy – guiding you to the higher planes of knowing, as you allow yourselves to walk in heaven earth.

Heather has been shown that to live this way on earth now enables you to close the gasp between heaven and your physicality. To live this way as love, in grace—enables you to close the gap and to make all as One. In passing, then there is little difference between heaven and earth as you have brought heaven to you now. This is the secret of the new emerging earth—we offer it to you now.

These strands of light -=- pulses—call then what you will– herald these new beginnings and as you allow them now into your heart, you already walk grace and peace.

Another strom is gathering here, rather unusual. I am beginning to understand more fgully the nature of this essecne for us all.

to be continued

Reply by Diamond on January 12, 2011 at 5:55

My last two arrivals to my family of crystal skulls, have both been Star Rose Quartz. Today, as I looked out at icy waters over the farmland, and the bright winter sunshine played on the little skull, the asterated star form danced, and I thought of this essence, The Star Of Bethlehem.

Reply by Heather on January 13, 2011 at 0:09

That’s beautiful, Judith. I truly believe that when we are open, we link with these essences. My experience thus far has shown that the essences stand alone, in their own strength and purpose but we may be able to observe and feel their unfolding.
Thanks for your sharing here

with love

Reply by Heather on January 13, 2011 at 0:23

Part 7

Tuesday 6.18

Its been a humid and drizzly day and while floods assail Queensland in frightening ways, we are just very humid here. The essence feels completed to me, its still and very strong and self contained. I feel its time it make it up and yet it seems I am to wait longer.

“Beloved daughter of light, listen well to us. It is not time (to make it up yet) for now we work with the floods of your Australian lands to temper the energies causing such destruction there. What you witness in Queensland is not the balance of nature, rather an assault on the land and people. This has come about by an imbalance of attitude and anger felt by many. This will always create imbalance unless it can be nullified. We work with you to achieve this aim for how can those in deep hardshop plan a future where light and love become a true focus of need? At this time their fear is one of survival.

You question this and you feel that such drama can in fact help many remember their true needs and their divinity. Yes and no. Many will forget their need for divinity as the aggression of the waters is not unlike long ago when one land was wiped from the earth. Yes we speak of the place you call Atlantis. Here this place held so much anger, so much fear—so much imbalance, that it was timely for its demise. This is the history of all places where greed,avarice and fear dominate strongly over light balance. yes many old Atlantean’s touch old fear.

Waters hold great and noble energy. They are the life force, the veins of all life of the Mother energies. If there is a blockage of energies caused through the collective of man’s energies, then the life force, the veins of the earth will try to clear the blockage. Is this not true ofyour own bodies? Is there any real difference between you, for you and earth are one organism. It is the blood that cleanses and balances as do the waters of earth.

You have been aware of a darker energy existing on the coast of Q for many years. This has set up a strong energetic pulse causing this imbalance through its mismanagement of people who are there. Feel this place and understand what we speak of—now it is time to release the old and make way for the new, and yet not in such turmoil. Thus we work towards this balance once more.“

Wednesday 11.56

We watch the floods in Queensland with sorrow for the people there. I always see nature’s dramas as great cleansing but somehow this seems very violent in many ways and I re- read what I wrote yesterday and recall its messages. I had felt a dark energy in part of the Queensland coastal areas for years, and have been warned to not share any sacred information there. Perhaps this is what the essence speaks of.

The essence today seems alert and working, that’s all I can say. It is as if it does not have time to be made up yet—it has work to do and so I leave it still, to process itself. It feels like it works in an emergency actually, and cannot be disturbed.

I have just been with the essence and felt it was ok to go there today. I feel its duality of needing to be left alone and wishing to be made up! I wonder if it’s me wanting to make her up, yet I feel she gathers sacred waters as it rains here, like she has become a sacred container for life’s need.

“Yes! This is what we have become. Our bowl has become a gatherer of sacred energies—the waters that fall here are part of the group consciousness of water and so as we unite, we send forth our song of healing to all waters of the earth. Your thrust is on Queensland, this we understand as it is a time of retaliation to violent forces there that have been at work — so now we add our light, our quiet song of life—a weaving of energies to add balance to an over-wrought energy. This energy as manifested through the waters has been weaving patterns of destruction as it seeks to return to harmony once more.

This be why we need to stay here now. Allow us to do this – and allow us to complete this task of healing for earth.

Other waters will continueto rise up for healing the earth as before and so again– it will happen. This time of great upheaval is part of the earths re-alignment but as we have expressed, darker energy ( you have felt in Q) calls for more drastic healing for release.

You may do both beloved one. You may make up a small part of us to hold the energy of healing, yet leave us to continue our work.”

I go out and scoop some of her essence into a small sterilized beaker and make up the Mother essence as she is now. I feel so much energy it makes me want to weep. So much love yet the essence holds such strength and focus! It feels so self contained, like a divine aspect of all life manifested in this one bowl. I sigh from its strength and peace and want to lean into its perfection and wholeness with a deep longing. It is not that I do not feel whole of at peace, yet this essence seems to remind me of the divine nature of these things. It is a place of absolute rest and healing.

This essence is complex as it begun as a prelude for hope and light for the new earth, a reminder of what is coming, Yet now it seeks to aid the light into balance as demonstrated in Queensland. So it is also a healing essence. We cannot attain such light unless we also heal what no longer serves.

I leave it now as requested. Perhaps it wishes to be there for some time, but i will be in full allowance as needed.
to be continued i suspect!

Reply by modron whiteraven on January 15, 2011 at 0:49

Juanita and Heather,greetings .Enjoying these emails immensely.
Juanita ,I have just started research on springs ,”in my own back yard”.There is an ancient water temple just out of Atlanta .This is and was called the enchanted land …It is still beautiful ,in spite of the scars that men have placed upon it.Many,many things here .Very ancient energies .Rising .
Prophecies ,yet ,unfulfilled .We are being sold out in our country ,water taken ,and covered with millions of illegals .Even the back of the Turtle can break .
This land here ..one would be amazed .I was always trying to leave .And somehow ,she got me back here again.I feel our days grow short.
There were a people here long before ,very different .Perhaps ,it ties into the legends of Atlantis or Mu.

Some say the Scots and the Tslagi were cast from the same mold .

Little is written available for just anyone .The people here were what was left over from the past 400 years.They are tri-racial .You know only certain tribes were taken from Africa .captured and sold by enemy tribes to the Spanish…And that is another part of my lineage ,I will most likely never know .Sometimes the dna memories are very vague and just cause more conflict.lol…

Lots and lots I could say .Going to make coffee and light candle for Oz and my Sisters who are down .Much love ladies .Modron whiteraven

Reply by Diamond on January 15, 2011 at 1:13

Hi Modron,

your words have touched me deeply, after reading what you wrote, I “broke” inside, my emotions, in my physical heart; this has only previously happened in relation to goddess energy and linage. And it’s what you wrote about how the land brought you back, although you tried to leave…
There is quite a bit floating around now, about the Scottish Scota connection, to Egypt, and it has driven me mad trying to pull together all the threads, of Africa, Egypt and the Celts, and maybe even Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon. And the Tara, of the same posssibilty, of Scot, Eastern and even an Egypt connection. Ancient peoples… well I will join in your heartfelt prayers, light a candle, and if you ever feel like writing more, I will be listening.

I do feel that this would be the place, with connecting to the essences… as they do their healing work through all.

Brightest blessings to everyone.

Reply by modron whiteraven on January 15, 2011 at 1:34

Hey precious one .I hold you in love ,I did not mean to cause pain.But ,we carry the pain of the world .The light workers ,as we call ours .Now I feel like crying .

If you speak of Ireland’s Tara ,her crows feather set atop one of my sticks .Along with some from here .A wee beauty in Her land sent them to me .She holds the crow energy too.

It is cold as Isa and I got to meditate.But ,the cold of the North can transport .The fire from my hearth will warm.Bride or Mother Frigg.As an Icon.

I see support ?now .many times as we joined together for workings ,we would leave any connotationof the negative outside .During the past 4 years or so ,maybe longer since I spent all that ime in a place of neg vortices ..

You have just triggered something .The one thing one has to avoid is letting the terrible energies around and through us …well ..make too much anger go into the pot from ourselves .And to educate yourself with as much information as possible concerning our works .Then ,to verify.There was no preparation for myself in this life.These things we work with was considered highly taboo.

Finally I reckon,the angry child inside of me ,climbed up out of the well of woe.

Lots of energies came out.Memories from my childhood and beyond .I did not know one could pack so much stuff into a tiny body. Interesting .Information gathered from sources seemingly unrelated —they come back to me now …… I know well the maddening feelings of which you speak .Beautiful diamond ,I suspect you have earned that name .

I am going now to the hearth.M

Reply by Diamond on January 15, 2011 at 2:20

I also am sorry if I have caused any upset, or pain. The breaking in my heart was SOOO needed, I feel, as a clearing and breaking through of any lingering sadness. A remembering, perhaps?

So many things you speak of, resonate with my own journey, of which I was also not prepared for.

And the breaking through, will help the anger to dissipate, I feel, as the essences work with the colours and vibration of the Roses, the flowers, plants and crystals. With my eyes closed, today, I see such light in my crystal skulls.

I have had strength given to me from those you speak of, and the waters are important in my own healing journey. This land around me is full of ancient temples and settlements, many to water nymphs, and deities. And ISA, well, she is often in mind.

Closing my eyes, just now, I saw and felt healing etheric rain, raining down on me. This from a crystal, an opal, which holds water in it’s physical being, and I thank Spirit for these healing messages.
Meditation, yes, I also am starting to meditate, again, it is time, and needed, I feel.

Prayers to all, for safety and healing. And heartfelt thanks to those who share to help others on the path.

Reply by modron whiteraven on January 15, 2011 at 3:15

Love to you sister.You are in Britain?I would love to come .I know now that home is right here ,at least for this lifetime .I could tell you some things ongoing here .pointless right now .Interesting .Much violence surrounds this portal of “Avalon”.

Fueled by illegal activities ,drugs ,the kind .I understand it is worldwide .Well organized from the top…I have never cared for politics ,but ,little ways of avoiding today and need to know and discern the information and compare to designated energy signatures coming in .New or altered signatures bombarding .

Article yesterday in world science about the ‘discovery ” of dark matter growing in this world .If we ,as healers and holders of the divine [hopefully we do not foll ourselves ?] can fidn that root and pull it out …..

I can only say Epic .Have you climbed the To r.Big smiles .I have a cousin on the Moors there ,he says he is near.What has become of the Tree there ?I have a tree here .Long story ,I won’t go into it .Things touched upon here could fill volumes …..

Have blessed day and thank you for sharing thoughts and good words between us .And for sharing hearth -fire with me .I am peach cill.Fire of our lady Bride .M

Reply by Diamond on January 15, 2011 at 9:15

Such a beautiful name, you have, peach cill, and I have seen the Fire you speak of. Indeed, mystery solved, the breaking of the emotions, shows a true energy stream. It was when reading “The Ancient Brittish Goddess” by Kathy Jones, when I suddenly started chanting all her names, (pages of them!) in floods of tears…. took me by surprise big time, and opened the floodgates in more ways that one…..
Sadly I have not climbed the Tor, life events collided to keep me here, and many plans to travel and move, did not happen. The Sacred Thorn, do you mean? I read it has been recently vandalised, but many are gathering to ensure it survives, even Kew Gardens is involved in the rescue. Ruth (Orissanna) from the Oracles site is working with this right now. She can tell you more.

I also care little for politics, but world news events weigh heavily at the present time, in many places. Energy signatures, yes… being bombarded I understand, and the need to stand in our truth and be discerning…. not fool ourselves…

I just searched for the info on the dark matter and found several reports, some going back a few years, including one of finding it inside a mountain in Italy.
Thank you Modron for all this information, and sharing, and to Heather for providing sanctuary on this beautiful site, where we may call in and find such incredible inspiration and healing. *Gratitude*

Reply by Heather on January 15, 2011 at 9:32

beloved sisters reading and feeling you both and sending you all my love. So much sharing and deep thoughts, so much said between the lines. So much i could add but words are too limiting, so a am simply sending you all my love


Reply by modron whiteraven on January 15, 2011 at 9:38

Just my ramblings ,my lady.My mind ..it is different .The way I see things .I really struggled to translate what I saw into mundane words.That angery child at the bottom of the well of woe…

She who remembers ..the last Bee in honey bee that comes to my rosemary.I have one large enough to make my daughter a spoon.Kitchen priestess ….lol…

Rambling again.

Thank you for mentioning Kathy Jones .Truly she is the one who embodies the physical Avalon at Glastonbury.None of the groups I am in ever mention her.And you know there are groups around that want to dictate their own way or the highway.

I am for the most part ,a solitaire.I found bloodlines back to Europe ,back to Avalon.JOA is my own direct grandfather ,so the information says.I took that with more than a grain of salt.These need be verified .Before I can fully accept into myself .

Yes ,that beautiful sacred tree.I am trying to recall when I was lifted up onto a rock and dirt throne or altar and dedicated to the Goddess.I was 5 or younger.It was in Albany Ga .Diana apartments .A group of teenagers that I had followed with a little encouragement .My age was a problem…but ,I may have been the youngest intiated .I was a baby.

You are tweeking my memories .How I wish I could have known and been trained from birth.Always caught in the tweens .So She let me fly without a broom.Although I would die with a smile if I could fly just once on a besom.Quite a few I might run down and dive boom.Better go for now .I was building a book shelf in the closet for my books .Goddess so many ,all I could get of Kathy’s .Mayhaps ,I just pray to organize and then go into total isolation in study and research?Lots of reading .Including a collection of Jim Morrisons’s wife ,Patricia.Just discovering Starhawk and really enjoying her .Very down to earth.Originally I was too fluffy for many.But ,the power of my healing was off the charts then….much love and blessed be to everyone .Modron

Reply by modron whiteraven on January 14, 2011 at 14:30

Hey ,Heather .Hope you are well.From the heart,sister ,I send many prayers to Oz.I have been watching .I thought of you and Rae.

Star of Bethlehem .We have a tiny plant ,one of the first to show itself in early spring .I think it is a very old plant .I had a lot of trouble trying to identify it.The white flowers are perfect stars .They are ,also ,called Stars of Bethlehem.

Wonderful name .Thank you for your wonderful work ,always .I have placed you rlast email to me in a folder .Just had not gotten back.I see you as a soul kin,you with the plants And the crystal s.I have the things that the few of us had shared and yall are sacred trust unto myself .In my heart.More especially.

In the spring ,I get really weird about the weeds growing in my yard.I have had this since I was able to walk.
I have never mastered the herbology.But ,am closer to it ,stones ,windwalking ,visions and dreams .A difficult path and I am strange even to our own sometimes .Very few of you have bothered or tried to keep in touch .

I am torn between the ethnicities ,which are many.And the European bloodlines which are my heart ,leading back to Avalon…or so th einformations says.

I have heard it said ,we are right where we are supposed to be .And true ,the land would not release me .It is cold and still snowfall on the ground .Enough in my truck to take and keep.[We are called keepers or bearers.If that makes any sense .

Portals very active here now .Thinking there may be a gathering of the priestesses of place here .I am sensing a very strong African presence.Their spiritual practices of the old ones .

I have never been able to prove this lineage ,although my grandmothers from Africa come to me in dreams .

The medsen fey are some of the finest plant doctors[root] in the world .Your work is fine and delicate and powerful as well.May I ask ,have you had indigenous teachers of the Dreamtime .I have some books to read .I guess I better get to going .Avalon owns the portal here ….I may have typed too much here .Hope this comes through.My crystals are singing again.Modron

Reply by Heather on January 14, 2011 at 16:56

hello my dear Modron

always lovely to hear from you and to know a little about your sacred work. Interesting there is a plant with the same name as the ess.!
I think you are where you are meant to be as well, and the earth trusts you. There is a depth you share and know and i wonder how much of it comes from the magical teachings of Avalon — sister maybe we gather in future lives when there is a need. As we know Avalon’s magic was pretty powerful and as i have said before what i always thought was myth does not seem to be.

I met Scotland’s chief druid some years back as he was a teacher to as cousin and really held Merlin’s energy. I watched him conjure a storm. No way was it a coincidence. Some of his sacred tools had real energy, and he shared freely, hoping i would join him, but his work is not mine. Still, watching that sort of power is interesting.

Over the years i have met and been ‘visited’ by the indiginous people and certainly of the dream time. For me, these energies come to me for awhile, teach me then move on. it has always been rather like that, as if Spirit has me in a school room where i learn from that teacher before I am taken to another. I do not seek these things, they come to me and as i allow the process, it works in harmony with me.

The Aboriginal dream time people were very tall and thin and according to my channels are the only race with the African Bushmen who were created by the Mother for earth as protectors. Science knows that this race has slightly different DNA as well and so they are not as us in so many ways. Even one extra strand can change so many things within them. Humans are so arrogant they think that if a race look like us, they must be the same.

One of my essences written up here in the forum called Heathers essences took me back to the dream time. You might find it interesting to read, i think. It was made with a red gum tree flower.

with love

Reply by modron whiteraven on January 14, 2011 at 14:30

Hey ,Heather .Hope you are well.From the heart,sister ,I send many prayers to Oz.I have been watching .I thought of you and Rae.
Star of Bethlehem .We have a tiny plant ,one of the first to show itself in early spring .I think it is a very old plant .I had a lot of trouble trying to identify it.The white flowers are perfect stars .They are ,also ,called Stars of Bethlehem.

Wonderful name .Thank you for your wonderful work ,always .I have placed you rlast email to me in a folder .Just had not gotten back.I see you as a soul kin,you with the plants And the crystal s.I have the things that the few of us had shared and yall are sacred trust unto myself .In my heart.More especially.

In the spring ,I get really weird about the weeds growing in my yard.I have had this since I was able to walk.

I have never mastered the herbology.But ,am closer to it ,stones ,windwalking ,visions and dreams .A difficult path and I am strange even to our own sometimes .Very few of you have bothered or tried to keep in touch .

I am torn between the ethnicities ,which are many.And the European bloodlines which are my heart ,leading back to Avalon…or so th einformations says.

I have heard it said ,we are right where we are supposed to be .And true ,the land would not release me .It is cold and still snowfall on the ground .Enough in my truck to take and keep.[We are called keepers or bearers.If that makes any sense .

Portals very active here now .Thinking there may be a gathering of the priestesses of place here .I am sensing a very strong African presence.Their spiritual practices of the old ones .

I have never been able to prove this lineage ,although my grandmothers from Africa come to me in dreams .

The medsen fey are some of the finest plant doctors[root] in the world .Your work is fine and delicate and powerful as well.May I ask ,have you had indigenous teachers of the Dreamtime .I have some books to read .I guess I better get to going .Avalon owns the portal here ….I may have typed too much here .Hope this comes through.My crystals are singing again.Modron

▶ Reply

Reply by modron whiteraven on January 15, 2011 at 9:39

Heather ,thank you for sharing .This is the best thing that has happened to me since my Sisters came to visit .Wonderful,wonderful…M

Reply by Heather on January 16, 2011 at 0:55

Part 8

Saturday 9.36am

It is done. I have not made it up yet-=- there is plenty of time, but I know its done. The light glances off it filling it with a glow of its work and it looks like a holy cup that has offered its essence to all life. The bowl is overflowing yet all the flowers and some self added ones, lie beneath its waters now, and there is a real stillness, a silence and steadiness. I always have trouble describing my essences as words are limited containers as one needs to feel truth rather than express it with words. I hope my notes carry this feeling for it is needed with essence making, when one is to share the understanding and its gifts for humanity.

All essences hold gifts as I have said for they bring forth a divine spark of life as manifested through the energy created via the resonance of the tools used to create it– water, plants, crystals, shells, what else calls.

One day I woke to find some white buffalo hair on my heart chakra. I had attended a workshop on totems and amongst the tools the shaman offered were animal furs and feathers. One was part of a buffalo, and as I held it to me, I felt it, I felt the tears of loss of the herds long ago. I held it so close adding all my love as the tears fell , I was deeply emotional for the loss these herds have experienced. The hide was dark coloured and had no white on it. I drove the 2 hours home, showered and went to bed but when I woke the next morning I had some white hairs on my heart chakra. I knew it was hair from the white buffalo. How it got there I cannot say. I carefully stored it for when it called to me, and one day, I was asked to use it to make an essence and it held the White buffalo Woman’s essence.

So, many things can be used to make essences and it is important not to limit our feelings and it is why I always say we need to surrender to the love and allow it to guide us. The buffalo hair was one example. Interestingly, the full notes for that essence have disappeared, maybe its not time for them to be made public yet.

The essence Star of Bethlehem I feel has encapsulated so much on its journey to bring healing to us all and to earth. The lessons for me ring true, that to attain grace, we also must heal ourselves and the essence offers this aid to healing in abundance. When I felt it was completed, it wished to offer healing to the floods, and became the sacred container, the grail, the cup—to hold the sacred waters needed to add to this healing. I do not understand exactly what the healing it offers is, yet in my heart it feels like a light pathway opening for those who would choose to understand earths evolution and its pathway.

Perhaps we choose our own healing and so open ourselves to our own truth.

Tomorrow I will sit quietly with the essences i have finally made up and see what unfolds

Reply by Heather on January 16, 2011 at 19:05

Part 9 final notes, summary and purpose of essence
The essence is made up yet I asks to be placed outside once more.

The bowl was so full yesterday I added some as a sacrament to Sandalphon’s Gateway, a portal I have here in my garden, it felt right to do this.


It is finished,. The remaining essence in the bowl is to be used as a sacrament for Sandalphon’s gateway as before. Sandalphon is the female aspect of Archangel Metatron. She is what I call the over soul of earths goddesses. Perhaps we can say as well she is united with the one we call Mother Earth.

The second essence certainly seemed to work for the Australian floods at the time, but I have felt it was for all earths needs not just here.

The essence is one that holds promise and healing light for earth.

I have made essence 1 and essence 2 from the same bowl.

Simply expressed

1 is for man

2 is for earth

Essence one

Is to be used for healing, directly by mouth or on the body or as a spray . it is more for human kind who work with earth energies as part of the collective, but those who seek to aid and heal for future awareness and sacred pathways also will be aided to find truth and understanding.

Essence 2 is more for earth ceremony and earth healing. The word I have used is sacrament. See it as this. The grail is an analogy for its purpose. “My cup runneth over” is not so far from how it offers to earth.

“Star of Bethlehem essences no 88. Use it for healing and clarification to follow true paths. See it as offering promise and gifts of light. See it as the gift offered from the gods of light. All these things are true. For as The star of Bethelehem was the prelude to greater beginnings, this essence too—offers this to man’s unfolding beginnings.

It is about choices, understanding, clarification out of indecision. Let this essence guide you to all the places that call for you and so it shall be done. Hold this essence to your heart and ask its guidance, it will be given in unexpected ways.

No 2 is for earth. Ask it how you can help earth, what is needed what quiet and simple pathways to follow as part of this collective organism of man and earth as one unit of light as an aspect of Creation. You are all aspects of light. Allow this process and be at peace. Here you have great healing use it as it calls and knows its pathways will guide you truly to the right destination.”

I feel at peace with this conclusion and now have a full understanding of how to use this essence. I think this is one I will take for awhile myself and each day will ask the no 2 earth essence how I am to use it.

While I send this essence off to those who wish to buy it, tune in to this essence yourself and let it talk to you. Place a bowl of water out and add it on the astral if you wish and so it will be there for you.

My love and blessings to all. Heather

Reply by modron whiteraven on January 17, 2011 at 2:55

Love ,it is sorely needed at this time .M

Reply by Ursula on January 17, 2011 at 7:07

Thank you so much Heather, very special essences, both of them.
I put a bowl outside in the Garden this morning with the crystal
over which I had poured the first essence I made and returned to the earth in Hawaii,
somehow the impulse of your essences and it seem to be working together, in a physical
essence bowl.
much love

Reply by Heather on January 19, 2011 at 19:03

Ursula i will do the same with mine and see if yours calls to be added to.
love heather

Reply by Heather on January 18, 2011 at 23:13

Iwill add an image here of the final days of the essence after the rain. I will add some more images to the pictures section and one more below.

Reply by Heather on January 19, 2011 at 19:02

Making up and Taking the essences

Trust your heart as always, but I felt called to make up the stock bottle with 7 drops for each and the same in the dosage bottles. I was asked to take 7 drops with the first one for man but for many this may vary and for many 3 drops will be enough I think.

Taking the first essence for man—was very deep. I felt called to the alter of creation where I was to make my vows for my future. The alter is a place I have been to many times so perhaps for me it is one of my sacred places. Here I knew what my choices were and as I spoke them, they became an energy of their own like a weaving of decision, it was so powerful and very humbling. All time seemed to stand still and even now I feel somehow different. It was the same affirmation I have always given, yet it left me feeling stronger, more focused, very peaceful and filled with trust and finally joyful.

It was not asked of me to take the second version of the essence yet it reflects so much light and I wanted to test it. Taking this for earth was my way of giving my love to earth. I took 3 drops, feeling the beloved earth within me.. I knew then this essence is not for man, rather the earth itself. I wanted to lie down on the earth and pull the soil over me like a rug and nestle in. But it was not for me, I know that.
It is an example that I can trust what I feel and am given during an essence making.

Reply by Carla Harren on January 20, 2011 at 8:52

Namaste Heather,

Gratitude for the Sacredness of Love, Will and Grace.

Love and Light, Carla

Reply by Heather on January 20, 2011 at 9:46

Indeed carla, I so agree.
with love


Shell Essence

IMG_9111IMG_9125_2_2 IMG_9991_2_2 IMG_9996 IMG_0026_2Shell Essence- new explorations without fear ~ Waters of the earth, waters of life
Posted by Heather on May 12, 2010 at 17:52

Hello Fellow essence makers and explorers
We had a weekend at our beach house and I felt the beach calling me so loudly I wanted to run to be there. I did not realize until I got there that I was to collect some shells and make a shell essence.

This is something I have rarely done, although I had added
shells to balance the frequencies of sea and land at times. This time it seems I was to make a dedicated shell essence until a tiny beach shrub called to also be added. It was growing on the sand amongst rocks, a tiny blue flower, waiting to be added.

I only had to gather a few shells, all broken ones yet each seemed to hold a different level of ocean memory and each beautiful in its unique way. While I was there I could feel the energy of them and of the waters and beach itself and I recalled my experiences with ‘Neptune’, I will call that energy, and how one day I was directed to pick up a shell from a deep rock pool. Since we have all sorts of
poisonous nasty’s here I was not keen to — but thrust my arm way down to gather what I was called to do. It is all about trust after all!

It had a pearl in it and I was told it was a gift to me. I had been having dreams of pearls and the ocean energies and so this felt like a beautiful and timely gift.

But I had never felt called to make a shell essence before and had
not even thought about it either!

Since we were leaving to come home, I was ‘told’ it was ok to place
these things in a plastic bag and to make up the essence here on the farm. I simply placed them, sand and all in my bowl and then it asked to be placed on granite rocks as it said it was closer to the beach rocks.

That night was stormy with rain and heavy wind. It stayed
in its nook, with sun and cloud playing over it and it’s very silent.
At this stage I have not felt much energy from it but I feel it is
assimilating its new place, which feels very foreign to it.

A day later, as I tune in now– I feel it like an open gateway reaching up in harmony and with deep joy to the sky above. It feels like a
true hatchling and so I keep away allowing it to unfold.

A few hours on: The open heart of it is clear and beautiful like pure running water, transparent and reflecting the sun. In it I feel more joy emerge all the time, like it awakens to unite with all things here, and in it I feel absolute harmony like it is discovering itself more fully, the possibilities of self and what else there is to see, feel and do. I feel like this essence has stepped outside its comfort zone of familiarity and now it embraces the new without fear. How beautiful. The only word I can use is lyrical energy like it sings a song to all life, yet the song is also to itself.

It is now 5PM third day.

It is happy to embrace earth and sky and so I leave it now. I looked at the photos I took over the three days so far and I felt a huge shift of energy there. Each essence I make is like a new born to me, a new birthing of a life form so beautiful and in so much harmony and love I am humbled yet reminded to, that the simplest things as an essence holds the deepest light of creation.

One day I had a vision as I walked on our farm. It was a warm sunny spring day and the hill I walked on was scattered with yellow daisies. One stood out to me, She seemed to stretch tall and strong, her face turned to the sun and seemed to speak to me.

“Why is man was so primitive,” she asked. I was aghast! “Why do you think that?” I responded. The flower answered, “They cannot embrace love as we do. They make things complex and confused and turn to fear when all they have to do is turn their faces to the light and feel the love of all life.”

Her message was so pure, so simple and I pondered on the power of her simple message. As humans we have much to learn and much to surrender to. Making an essence for me is one way we can do this as we so guided. The simple surrender I feel in this emerging shell essence is humbling and beautiful and I reflect on the nature of
its lack of fear—embracing the new without fear. We all can learn from that!

Perhaps it applies to me too for as I prepare the book submission for the next Top Spiritual author competition, I am reminded that I too step into new territory. Maybe the little shell essence is also my teacher at this time.

To be continued much later as I have the book submission to do and little time!


Reply by Heather on May 14, 2010 at 14:11

shell essence continued part 2 and see other photos as well

Next morning –Just adding here – when i made my book pitch, i had to make an essence to be with me, it was called Trust and Love– this essence wanted to be made the time I was preparing my book submission — and it’s all about embracing new territory without fear and by being trusting and loving and excited. That’s how i feel about writing this submission. and once more– i see how nature looks after me. When we work this way it feels to me that we become the voices of the Mother and of of course we are looked after and nurtured to do the task asked of us.

The essence is still and calm and open like a book– happy to be where she is and somehow seeming to be very alive..

Friday 14th May – 2 days later.
I have watched over this essence and part of me worried I might miss something vital as I am focused on the book submission, but each time I have reached out to her, she asks to be left there. I have felt she struggles now, as if the fresh water is too much and I see the Angelic presence attached to her smiling at me, but faded. I walked out to be with her, and was allowed to be close, but not to touch or be there for long and all I felt was serenity and peace and joy. That lyrical quality remains and the harmony is wonderful. Its like sitting with in the energy of a higher being of light, yet one more grounded to earth and so this earthly presence really feels wonderful.

I felt the, although I took some images, as it felt at peace. The essence is not ready yet and wants to remain there. I wondered if like Trust and Love essence, she would choose to remain until the submission is finished.

My essence look after me, I see that every time I make one. There is no doubt that essence making adds many blessings to our lives and often as they hatch they can be mirror images of who we are and our path at the time, but not always. The other thing they do is gift the light to earth and so as we make an essence we also become earth healers through our own sacred work.

How beautiful is that. Imagine if many people made essences all around the world at the same time– and we can see what each of us gets. Ursula and I have worked this way and we have found that our essences can be the same or they compliment each other adding a balance of northern and southern hemispheres.
to be continued

Reply by Heather on May 15, 2010 at 1:20

Friday night 11PM
I tuned into the essence and it seemed that the garden was in full moon and that it shone directly onto the essence. I could hear singing and feel an awakening and I felt deep wonder. It is in fact a cold foggy night. Yet the whole area where the essence is seems filled with light.

Within , I feel absolute peace and joy. There is a lady standing by the essence and it seems as if her clothes float all around her as if she is in water yet superimposed here. Even her fair hair moves like sea weed under the light that seems to bath the essence where she stands.
It is a celebration, she tells me, of new life. A marriage of life with earth and sea as one song of creation calling home her brethren to share the same space of light. Earth and water unite as one, and the little plant offers this bridge as it is part sea, part land.

Somehow the shells themselves seem to be alive and seem to move although they are not. Do I imagine little creatures there with the shells? There seem to be many.

Now it seems as if the moon waxes and wanes at a great speed as if time moves forward fast. It goes faster and faster light, dark, wax, wane—like a blink now. I see tides come and go – waves curling to the shore, children walking on the beach and laughing, the scuff of feet on the sand, the smell of the sea.

The shells share their memories, I think. They are very old and have been there for along time, perhaps and now they release old knowing. What will unfold when these memories are released?

Do they parallel my writing as i look within for all my knowledge of essences today? I release my memories and knowing – what will follow for me as well?

to be continued

Reply by Heather on June 11, 2010 at 17:07

It is some days since the essence was made up and these notes were recorded. I have felt strongly that the essence wanted to be left outside, not made up and untouched for some time. Its purpose was to show how the unfamiliarity might become familiar and also loved.
I have felt a strong connection to it all along and often wander over to it and tune in. Whenever I asked if it was time to make it up, I always felt not to — so I left it at peace and gave it my love.

Some essences never need to be made up, and it’s all just in the process of creation. Perhaps this essence is one of these, although I feel it is part of the guardian of presence for me during the process of writing The Essence of Divinity as well.

I have made essences that have chosen to be outside for months. So we will allow and one day when I am called, I will know what it is I am to do then.

Reply by Heather on July 13, 2010 at 21:41

12-7-2010 After I was asked to make the shell – ocean essence, I was never allowed to make it up, rather leave it on the earth in a glass bowl. It went through assimilation with earth energies until it became at peace here. I wanted to take the shells back to the beach but it would not allow that.

It is only today I felt it was time to release this essence to the earth as a gift of union.

I have always felt a very different energy with in the sea and the land– yin and yang perhaps– male and female too, stillness versus movement– many opposites adding balance to the other.

I knew the sea energies see themselves are very separate and apart from the land. To me, we are One, yet this very difference is strongly present.

I felt my shell essence in a way was taking a leap into now times where the union of all things is so needed. It was also there to guide me through a process of writing adding love and support.

While I am very much part of the earthsong – the sea has also called me over this life time and the energy I will call Neptune has gifted me a pearl and other lessons over time. The pearls came to me in visions many times and then one day on the beach Neptune directed me to a rock pool and asked me to lift out an old shell, In it was a pearl and he chuckled and told me it was his gift to me. Pearls of coarse are wisdom, the guru with in, so it was a special gift. On the other hand I had worked for him, releasing old energies in the sea and this was also needed. We work together after all, we of the land and those of the sea—as one we unite as is so needed now as we walk together, hand in hand to the new essence of union unfolding. In many ways the future his here with us now—the post 2012 if you will – how we walk with in this existing space is already our choice.

Tomorrow i will release this energy if it still allows and it will also be free as it offers to earth. It has rained a lot lately and tonight it pours once more– sea and fresh water mingle as one. Moss and lichen have grown in the bowl yet it seems peaceful; and in joy. How beautiful is that .

with love

Reply by Ursula on July 14, 2010 at 19:00

This Essence sounds like such a wonderful affirmation of life and growth in Nature, it also puts me in mind of the importance of water and our need to honour and respect it for what it truly is.
This summer solstice I felt the call to test for essences, put them into two separate bowls of water and then take them to a nearby river and the sea as a gift of gratitude to all the water.
This essence is honoring all the waters the earth and the process of life.
much love
Reply by Heather on August 7, 2010 at 0:50

It is now time to make up the essence: at last!!

6th August ~ Making up the essence

It has been a long time, this essence. I have felt a deep connection with it and its union and assimilation with earth, its need to remain as it is, undisturbed as well, yet I need my essence bowl back as it is the one I use for my essence making, but each time I think of releasing this energy, or transferring it, I get a “No”. The well like component of it—as if it is now attached to deep earth, remains.

A couple of weeks ago, we returned to the beach where the shells offered themselves to me. Before we went back there, I asked the shells if they wanted to go home. No, they did not, but when I was walking their beach I felt a new energy there with me. It was a union and love so deep, it was as if the beach energies acknowledged me as part of their family. I felt a closeness I have never experienced there before, a sharing as if I belonged there as one of them. This felt like a real gift and all I could return was loving humility and gratitude. I pondered on what I had been given and for what reason.

Now at this present time, I close my eyes to tune into the bowl—I feel a restlessness, a sadness of movement as if I have disturbed something so deep , it does not wish to be woken. Maybe its my turn to make choices here as well.

I call in Sandalphon this time my beloved sister- over soul of all the goddess energies and of earth herself. Sandalphon is a collective face—yet she is also Archangel Metatron’s feminine aspect and I have always felt close to her.

She speaks

“Beloved Heather, dear one, listen well. We understand your conundrum to complete this process, yet it is one that will never be completed as what you have created is an ongoing union between earth and sea. This be the waters of life manifest in all faces of being.
The waters are like a well for you see that they reach out and touch the ground waters beneath the water table that is earth. These internal streams weave and meander back to the sea. As the shell essence reaches out to this level of life, it reaches also to the light counterpart to this energy – the grids or ley lines if you will. Beneath the earth lies deep channels of energy that is a uniting of all life as a cohesive whole. This you know—see these lines as the meridians of earth, the chakras, and nadis of the Mother. This shell essence unites with this level of life and creates this union you have so often felt.
As you walked the beach, what you feel is the essence herself uniting with you, for she has returned to her home once more on the etheric vehicles of light.

Tonight you felt a need to write about her and to finalize what you begun many months prior to this time.

It is time this night to complete this work . We understand your caution and respect at disturbing the bowl and its energies, which are strong there, yet you may now return the contents to the earth. As the rain falls all waters mingle, to become one.

The waters of the sea through the shells, the waters of life from above, the waters of earth on and beneath the ground., the energies of light that are the waters, the veins of light with in the earth.

All are one and these unite this time to create this wholeness of union at last.

It is now time to do as we have bid.

To create an essence from this water is to create a place that holds the memories of this unfolding. It is not an essence that can be imbued by mouth and is not for humans yet it is for the earth itself as a blessing and union for all places where all may become one. We say to you this night that to make up the essence and to add rain water is the essence of union with the waters of life. The sea is within the memory of the water now through the shells—and all else of earth which lives like flows of energy surround the bowl and so bring forth this ribbon of light as a union in all life’s pathways.

Water, light, earth, ocean, unite as one.

This essence is more an earth-sea union more than any essence ever made. It is time this be made and cemented this night.”

Ah. I feel this sacred timing as all on earth moves towards a greater balance and union for these sacred times of learning, assimilation and learning to be. I am that I am — is our true selves emerging this knowing is reflected in this essence as well. How beautiful. I feel in this – gratitude, humility—love, for the deepest reminders are often the simplest lessons.

I feel it is now time to make up the essence . I close my eyes and reach out to touch the energy of the bowl. It stirs and sights like a living thing, yet I see the waters of the ocean itself, ever moving. Waves lapping the shore, choppy seas, stillness and a reflected moon. It says “It is time “ and I know I have permission from the sea.

I ask the land now—and feel its encompassing love and gratitude for this experience of union – and the waters – rain – above wash clean all that no longer serves there. The waters beneath the earth call like elementals singing to me.

All weave a pattern of life and as one– give me permission to make up the essence and release what is now completed. It is the cycle of life retuning to itself to begin anew. All life is never ending, just continuing.

The waters of the earth the name of the essence or the waters of life? Perhaps both are true.

The mother is standing with the essence bowl just as she was in the beginning when I first put the shells in the water here. Her dress seems to move as if in waters or a gentle wind.

I feel I have to take courage to pick up the bowl and move it to a table for making up—outside in dripping rain – it will be done and all waters unite as one.

I have trouble only making up one bottle—it seems I am to make a few Mother essences for others and each one was to be made fresh and individually. I am to leave the bowl in the rain and tomorrow morning I will pour it onto the earth in ceremony and the shells are to be placed with other shells and crystals I leave outside in bowls on the earth.

The essence had become green before but now it is clear once more. It feels like the work is done.

There is a great peace here, completion – I feel it and give the essence and those who have aided it all my love and gratitude.

Reply by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish on August 7, 2010 at 1:35
Dearest Heather,

Thank you for sharing this with us sweet heart. I am moved and touched by the Holy Spirit as I read your words and read your heart. Such purity, such sweetness, such obedience. I love you and love all, as we share this experience, this essence of love. I have a grateful heart that I will carry with me today. Thank you for being a part of my life Heather. You make a difference in my life.

Blessings always, Barbara Marie

Reply by Kim on August 7, 2010 at 2:30

dear heather of teh life field,
i find of particular note ..words from Sandalphon

It is time this be made and cemented this night.”

as i read todays more news on the gulf oil cap.. being plugged.. with mud and cement caps.

gifting bee balls of clay and other items to the sea in gulf..to the inner grid hearing the grandmother turtles..and eth sea mother .. in thsi ebb and flow .. and what teachings have washed up on our shores .what vibrations do indeed we have within us now in thsi continoues water cycle from our collcetive lesson.

I too am moved in your sacred sharing .

Reply by Kim on August 7, 2010 at 2:53

heather.. deep timing with cardinall grand cross today…i have raed about .. much love.

Reply by Heather on August 7, 2010 at 13:53

August 7th Final task with the essence

Today I placed the essence in ceremony on the earth. It was hard letting it go, like an old friend. The space where she sat feels so empty. I poured some there with love and thanks and waited to see where it was to go. The first place was on my heart and ajna as a blessing, and then I was asked to place some on my son’ ajna. Matt has been in Mexico for the past 7 weeks and got back yesterday. The essence explained that as he bore the essence over his third eye, his energy carried this back to his past, while he was in Mexico and would add to the energies there with the oil spill and the ocean.

As I wandered outside, I had to sprinkle the leftover essence water everywhere including on my crystals inside. All of them. They only needed a drop, but it was done gently, carefully, lovingly. I had tears in my eyes, it felt so deep, but when it was over, it was released and I was free as well.

Kim wrote here about the cardinal grand cross. I did not read any of that as I like to keep my focus pure to follow what i feel, yet as i thought about that — I saw the essence sitting in the centre of the cross like a jewel. Maybe now i can read a little about it to understand more.

Thankyou for all your beautiful thoughts here.
The work is complete.

If you ask , the essence will be with you.

with love

Reply by Ursula on August 7, 2010 at 21:26

Thank you so much Heather it feels like such a blessing,
this wonderful Essence.

much love


Reply by Kim on August 7, 2010 at 21:46

how wonderful that the essence moves though pineal to the the past time connection of gulf.

today i was called to use “Trinty ‘, a essence that asked to me made in may on the harmonic convergance.

it had asked to be talken to the gulf in june.. where i was shown a triangle . (one fl, one mexico, one colardo
this has spoken at many cycles.
i do not know that much about astrolgy.. it is the shape that i hear here. with the grand cross being of 2 traingles.

teh cross speaking very vibrantly this week. always in deep grattitude how each of us.in the flow.. work in beauty .,Haether, if you feel to share other insighst you get of cross now. love

Reply by Anne Stanton on August 7, 2010 at 10:29

Again you show us the beauty and strength of trust and surrender Heather. The way of water is the Tao…. the Way.
Thank you for this making.


Reply by Heather on August 19, 2010 at 0:50

17th August 2010
n but the lessons continued
After i made the essence, I seemed to become incredibly aware of the waters of all life. They seemed to hold some collective intelligence as if all waters had united as one and making me aware of them at once. It rained and rained here for a few days and today it begun again. The paddocks looked beautiful flooded after years of dryness, and I loved wading through them as I photographed so much of it – (will add images) – but even there, as I walked through the waters, it felt like I walked through living energy that reached up and spoke to me without words, but with feeling. These are the sacred waters of life of course, and when we make an essence, the waters need to be seen as pure vessels ready to accept the energy they unite with. But this time, the water was the essence itself and the rain and the floods became one and all life in water became one in me too. It reminded me at how often I have pondered that the essences are already made, all we have to do it tap into them. The process of making an essence is in many ways an act of acknowledgement.

The next thing I was aware of was that this essence also was deeply healing on all fluids. It gave me a strong message to use it for healing on the body by rubbing it on areas that needed healing. It was then I realized that out bodies are 90% water, I think it is – and so as water we too unite with this essence and interact with it.

It was a whole new energy offered to earth, unitining all waters as one energy and one life and we too were part of this—another type of union. A new template for earth.

Today I felt called to have bath. I tend to have showers, so when I feel I am to have a bath, there is a reason. As I filled the tub, I was instructed to add the essence to the water.

Well!! What an experience! The water’s composition changed completely. First it seemed to hold an alert intelligence and was as aware of me as I was of it. Next the water felt thick and seemed to be swirling all by itself, it was still, but I could feel its movement. The next thing the energies seemed to offer incredible nurturing and love and l felt somehow embraced by this wonderful frequency that moved all around me. The water took me into itself and felt so wonderful I just did not want to get out, it was as if I was leaving a beloved friend.
It rained all day after that, flooding the paddocks once more. It did not feel like a coincidence, but it may well have been.

For me, the awareness water has given me has changed and am ever aware of its intelligence and awareness of me too as if we have become one energy. It is as if it has welcomed me into its life force and I will ever be aware of the gift of its presence. I also feel I have much to learn from it, maybe the lessons have only just begun. I allow this with all my heart and surrender fully with gratitude for what it wishes to teach me. We are, after all a planet made mainly of water and while as earth dwellers think of the land, the waters too wish to be heard and to be part of the new awakening of earth. I feel this essence is more relevant to life than I am aware of yet — this will unfold and that in some way the essence allows the uniting of all life as one more fully than ever before. If this is right, I feel very humbled to be allowed to be part of this evolution. As I type this I hear the whales– or is it my imagination? I believe not– life is one and here is just another example of this.

Reply by Heather on August 19, 2010 at 1:02

photos of all the rain and how its impacted on part of our land