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Our Healing Pathways

Posted by Heather on November 13, 2010 at 22:20

As spiritual beings seeking truth and following the path of the Chela– the spiritual student as we seek to also be Bhodavista’s– those who are connected and follow Spirit in full commitment– we need to understand ways to heal ourselves, others and earth places.

We need to understand how to add protection and clear unneeded energies add protection and as we learn to live as Spiritual Beings in this place called Earth. We cannot work with the sacred tools as essences, oils, clients, and sacred texts and so on unless we understand the important principles of Divine law.

These are the paths to peace, protection, and understanding and to ultimate growth.

Over the years my angelic teachers have gifted me many methods to use and all of these have helped me to to move on with a free and
unencumbered heart and mind.

As we surrender to our spiritual pathways, as we make a commitment to follow it, we really do allow all the old energies that have hurt
us, held us back and added fear to our lives to emerge for clearing. Many see these times as painful. I say this– that they are also LESSONS for us to learn from. If we look at light and dark, love and fear, we are in fact not looking at opposites, rather dualities that create balance. How we learn to work with this understanding is paramount for our life on earth.

Archangel Metatron says that we cannot love and fear at the same time. Learning to love our fears helps to heal them as when we
add love– the fear has no where to go and so it is easier to heal it.

Often we are afraid of what we fear but when we look at these fears head on, often there is nothing there any more, it
has become a habit to be afraid.

This forum is important. Together we can share ways to aid our personal healing path. As we heal the past pain, we learn to
surrender more and more to Spirit and our true natures. We learn to trust the love given to us and to offer love and gratitude back to those who are our teachers in Spirit or those we meet in life.

If you are like me, truly committed to this path, you need tools to aid this journey. Come walk with me here and let me share some
of my methods for this time of healing, clearing and surrendering to trust and love. it is through full surrender we truly learn to be who we are– our higher selves emerge and we step into the new energies earth is becoming. Here, you will also offer this frequency you will become to others and so add to the collective healing of Earthkind and the places that have stored old energies.

While i share some of my own — there are many — I hope you will also add feedback and add your own.

My love


Reply by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish on December 2, 2010 at 4:25

I will simply add this Heather and all.

I send you love.

Four little words with much power. There is power in the giving of the words. There is much power in the receiving of these words.

As we write from our hearts it can be felt by others who are in tune with our energy. I feel this with you Heather. When you write I FEEL it. I FEEL loved and loving. I FEEL our Beloved Connection.

Thank you again for holding this space for us, as a caregiver, as a Beloved Mother would. For me, you are like a mother waiting for her children to come home. You have the light on for us to find you. I am one of those children Heather. I love you.

Blessings, Barbara Marie/Barb/JoyWalker/The Angel Lady….. and the list grows…hahahaha I love it!

Reply by Heather on December 3, 2010 at 10:58

((Barb)) I love you too. I remember saying as a child that if i can make one person happy a day, i had succeeded in what i was here to do. I think we all are as that — we try to bring light to our lives and to earth. You do as well, my dear.
And yes to say I send you love is the most potent thing any of us can offer.

love heather