Spirit’s messages about the nature of essences

lemurianseedcrystalessence0004Posted by Heather on November 1, 2010

I was given the following passage way back in 2002 but today i called to be included here as it stands.

This was given to me as part of some notes for an essence I made back then but is timeless in what it offers us for thought.

The essence I made then was a gem essence called The interdimensional gateway that utilized just one lemurian seed crystal however, not the several in the photios i posted yesterday — i have yet to find those notes.

here is the important quote for you to think about!

with love

See these (essence) drops as placing you on a light highway which will return you to your beginnings – and thus an understanding of who you are – your role on earth now – and the commitment you undertook for this life, made before earth walk.

This information is much, and for the many – confrontational and often misunderstood.

About Flower Essences: As dear ones you make the essences using the flowers that grow on earth at this time – you allow yourself to merge with earth and spirit and this is a gentle and nurturing way to heal and learn.

Star essences however work far out of human understanding and experience for the many. There are other crystals which are in earth which are not a part of the human experience although, like Alcyone, (a lemurian seed crystal ) contain earth history as well as star history and so while it is popular to work with gem essences now – It is needful to be aware that many are not suitable and thus deeply attuned practitioners are needed to aid in this decision of who is to use such essences, see?

IN the Future: As the earth energies raise higher and more peace shall unfold on earth, seeds and corms from past histories shall emerge on earth once more – and in the more refined energies , shall grow back
into the light.

These amazing plants shall offer also deep memories of early earth – a ‘Lemurian’ earth in many cases, where man and earth walked as one. When these plants are created in essences a greater bridge
of consciousness shall emerge for man and a deeper link with earth and creation shall evolve.


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