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Posted by Heather on November 13, 2010 at 23:08

Many years ago it was always my practice to stand under the stars each night, releasing all that no longer served me into the earth through the souls of my feet and replacing what I had released with the love of the Mother Earth. It was always a very powerful way to release old energies. It was also a way, which released what created physical illness too as all emotion, once stored in our light bodies for too long can transfer into dis-ease in the physical body.

This night however, Archangel Michael stood before me when I had finished and instructed me to do as he asked.

He asked me to take my focus into my third eye—my Ajna first and to see it as a glowing energy ball, electric blue. He then asked me to place my focus in both hands, which were upturned and slightly away from my body creating a triangle shape—I had to see first the left them my right palms as having the same flowing pulsating ball of light there, as part of my hands, not separate from them.

He then asked me to place my focus in my Ajna, then to shoot the blue light down into my left palm. Then to repeat this into my right palm. Then to join this light between my right and left palms until I felt a living holographic energy, like an energy field so powerful it seemed to have its own intelligence! The light that shone down looked like lazar beams in its intensity.

He asked me to shift my arms out and in and to feel that high electric frequency around me. He asked me to open light on the top of my feet in the same way and to unite the light there too, to make a diamond (tetradeden) beneath my feet into the earth instead of the triangle.

Wow!! This was very powerful stuff, I can tell you!! This electrical shape was like a vehicle that moved and shifted as I did. I was asked to place it around myself like a net for protection, to sit in it for meditation—many ways to use it.

AAMichael also cautioned me that it was most powerful and unless it was approached with clarity of thought, loving humility and surrender it was unlikely to work or it could work against the person that used its energy incorrectly.

When I came out of this, AAM was grinning at me. “You had forgotten this technique, hadn’t you,” He said. “This comes from the ancient temples of long ago.”

Instantly I felt it came from the Atlantean Mystery School and was one that did hold more power than I had felt at the time.

I used this technique and experimented with it for a time. I knew it was given to me for future use and would return to me when it was needed. It seems to me that many of the things I have been taught are for a time but will return later as is needed. These are sacred teachings that are within my personal akashic memories perhaps, and my teachers help me to remember what is needed from time to time.

Recently the triangle returned as I have been asked to share it with another student of spirit. This time it is to be used for healing.
The student, who I will call James has been asked to create this symbol around himself, to be in it and then to release bit by bit, all past pain into the symbol which he will release and so his old energies will also be released with it. This will need to done many times, releasing little by little all the pain of his early life and I suspect of past lives and from genetic memories as well. We do carry much from other sources and some of us also carry the pain of the collective consciousness of earth for as chosen earth healers, we take on much for healing.

As I was asked to share this with James, I felt the work he is to do will be very needed, and so his work will begin soon.

I share this here for those of you who would like to try working with this symbol and see if it will offer some way of healing, release and understanding. Such symbols have many ways to be used and for each person it can be different. It is wonderful for protection for example, an impenetrable force of energy. For me though, I have found if I surround myself with love and gently offer it to the adversary—it is a healing for them and a protection for me. I prefer more gentle and loving ways.

This is powerful, so please try it with love and in a safe place where you feel you can surrender to the experience. I would also suggest you ask your personal angels to be with you. It could be that as this is old Mystery School initiation, only those who have this knowledge within may find they are able to use it

I have felt very called to place this information here and so I know there are some who will be aided by it.

This is the first technique offered here. Please let me know if you have used it and how you went.

My love

Reply by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish on December 2, 2010 at 4:14

Beloved Heather,

Thank you for sharing this…I did the first part of this with the third eye, left hand and right hand…. I was able to feel the great energy of it and its power. I will do this another time when I can fully surrender to the experience and I will let you know how it goes.

It is wonderful that you hold this space for us dear one. I love you and support you fully and I will be in touch.

Love and blessings,
Barbara Marie

Reply by Heather on December 3, 2010 at 11:04

Hi barb

This is a powerful tool, but i have found those who were initiated to it in other lives seem more at home with it– its like remembering ancient knowledge. I think we all feel at home with such things what ever they are. When AAMichael reminded me of this and i did it, he gave me a crooked smile and said “i thought you had forgotten it!” made me chuckle, but then he always does, I often call Archangel Michael ‘ My brat big brother’!

Others may interact with this very differently and see different colours and so on. Also the current energies have an interaction with it as we are working with holograms in a way but made up of etheric imprints.

I was surprised i was ‘asked’ to add this to the site as i would normally begin with more simply constructed healing techniques, so it has a purpose here it seems. I must add some more too—

with love

Reply by Tracey Penington on December 9, 2010 at 20:14

Beautiful Heather thank you so much for sharing. As I read your message my hands immediately turned on and my whole body began to vibrate! It was the most intense, beautiful energy! I finished your message and was immediately drawn out to our garden, whereby I placed the Tetrahedron at my feet. As I did this I felt an amazing rush of energy and saw many, standing in a healing circle dressed in white, completing this ceremony. I also feel the connection and the memory of this beautiful ceremony from Atlantis.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Much love and light xxx

Reply by Heather on December 10, 2010 at 19:06

((tracey) It is amazing how these things can help us remember the sacred things from our past– it is not new, rather a re-awakening to what you already know.

with love

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