The venus transit essences made for 2012 – begun —

Posted by Heather on June 6, 2012 at 11:07

I have pondered whether I am to make an essence of the 2012 Venus transit which is tomorrow. It has felt right, but today when I asked, the answer was no, not yet. It seems that the energies need to be in full alignment before the crystals are placed outside. The energies tell me there tadalafil accoutumance are interferences now, which can cloud the purity of the essence

What I have seen to do is to make either a mandala with my Metatron crystals or a cross, like the cross of Jesus. Tomorrow if it feels right, one of these will be set up as instructed.

So now, I leave it until tomorrow and will reach out one more time and await instructions.

I add these notes for those who have also thought about making an essence now. Of course what we feel may differ according to where we live and the surrounding energies, but this is my message today and it feels right to post it here

9.38pm 5th May.

Not time for the essence but I am asked to place my Metatron and Sandalphon crystals outside with the full moon. Its probably going to a frost but I trust the crystals will be ok. I had to take them outside, cradling them in 2 hands and holding them as sacred tools as if I am in the temple, place them on the table under full moon light. It feels very sacred and somehow honorable as well as if I give honour to the crystals, Metatron, Sandalphon, the moon and the night.

So be it, it is done

and all is as it is to be this night. I see elementals around the crystals, blue light – a pulse like a heart beat emanating from them, beautiful indeed,. The blue light is different to what I have see at other times, it is more cornflower blue, softer, less neon yet more powerful in another way. I also see rainbows above it separate from me, yet linked. Many visuals like running water, stars ,a pool surrounded by plants and rushes from ancient times calls. It is as if I stand there with it. To look into the waters is to see a reflection, what looks back at me? The reflections are of other times like moving images but here the blue pervades on the glassy surface. There is stillness and peace, for here I know where I be, I am in the heart of mother Father God’s stillness and together we weave a pattern of light. It feeds all earth, the galaxies and life—everywhere for I touch creations making of itself this night in the sacred stillness.

The crystals gather here in the bowl as Metatrons blessings, Sandalphons song the weaving pattern of DNA between them as us all—is strong. I am there with dark hair I look different—now I see the Cup—holy – of light. I sip it as i hold it. It is the blessing of eternal wisdom and peace, of joy and love. So I accept it? Oh yes—YES I feel the need to kneel before the pool yet I am gathered up and I stand, for here we are all equal, as one we create, as one we simply are— as one. The one who is the many, the many who is the one.
Messages completed this night

6th May

Well, its done and I am frozen, running around outside setting up the essences just now.
Yes essences!

I woke very early this morning and saw what I had to do . I needed three essences. One was with the Metatronic crystals in a mandala outside. This represented the angelic off world light – womb of creations offering.

The second essence was to be using Divinity, my master crystal and the Lumarian seed crystals on my altar- table. I had to clean them all in the rites essence just made and then re arrange them with some thought that this might need to be changed today as the sun moves with Venus. I had to put my crystals skulls somewhere else with Diadenon, my Atlantean healing crystal but they arealso facing the sun.

The strange thing here is I seemed to have twice as many Lemurian crystals as before. I am sure if I counted them that it’s not so, yet that’s how it seemed as if many more wanted to be here for that process! Here I was just to have a small bowl with water only for the surrounding crystals would add what is needed. Before, when I channeled this, I could feel the deep energy of the lemurian seed crystals as they held those ancient times, reaching out and touching all and also the essence. It was very powerful. Divinity stood over them all, a male aspect, it seemed this time, as they were the feminine. Always balance–

Then I was asked to make a flower essence to bring in the earth nature groundedness of other earth now. Once more everything wanted to go into the bowl. I was climbing down steps all over the place to gather what was needing to be added.

So the essences made are Metatron – angelic creation
Lemurian – ancient love energies re united and brought forth via the ancient temples and teachings as well as life then as it unfolded to create new earth.

Earth today- nature.

But I kept seeing the sacred cross, it was so profound I knew it came in somewhere. I also felt a profound energy form the cross as if it had much deeper, more ancient significance, not just of earth, but of the cosmos.

I saw the three essences as the three points but one was missing it was me as representative of human kind. All four of us then is represented for this Venus transit. This is an astral representation though for I saw the three essences I made as points of the triangle or triad.

When I woke and had these visions of what to do, I realized i had no idea what time the transit over the sun begun and so I googled it for Australia to find Venus enters the sun at 8.30am! and leaves it around 2.45pm this afternoon. It is now 8.28am! I managed to set it all up as was the calling. Now I also realized i was asked not to set it up until the appointed time. Two minutes to spare!

Already things seem different. The suns light seems much stronger and the amount t of light shining and reflecting off

the essences is amazing. Maybe it’s my imagination! I keep photographing it, it’s fascinating!

Reply by Heather on June 9, 2012 at 13:57

Hi kaisa
haha i did not even notice you called me Hollister hahah! well– we are all ONE!! I have lots of notes on this site on how to make an essence. As you read my notes on my essences though, you can see i just trust and follow my heart. Making an essence is about trust and surrender and just allow the process. there are no rules, just do what feels right. I got a letter from someone who lives in Northern Norway and she made hers inside an attic in the dark,

but they held amazing energy and light, so that’s an extreme example of what is possible. I think if WE hold that intent as well. then we open the portals needed for their unfolding.

Often I have felt blind whern i make these and all i can do is trust. It seems to have always ben the best outcome.

I will love to hear about your essence journey but if you have any questions you can always ask me

much love

Making a Venus Transit essence for June 6th 2012

Posted by Heather on June 5, 2012 at 16:32

I have pondered whether I am to make an essence of the 2012 Venus Transit. It has felt right, but today when I asked, the answer was no, not yet. It seems that the energies need to be in full alignment before the crystals are placed outside. The energies tell me there are interferences now, which can cloud the purity of the essence
What I

have seen to do is to make either a mandala or a cross with my Metatron crystals , like the cross of Jesus. Tomorrow if it feels right, one of these will be set up as instructed.

So now, I leave it until to morrow and will reach out one more time and await instructions.

I add these notes for those who have also thought about making an essence now. Of course what we feel may differ according to where we live and the surrounding energies, but this is my message today and it feels right to post it here

much love to all

The venus transit Essence

Posted by Heather on June 3, 2012 at 14:22 This wednesday Australian time, Earth, Venus and the sun intersect via their orbits and this will not happen again in our life times. I am wondering what this means to us. These re such powerful times and much deep frequency pushing us on, or do we simply float with it, allow it to gently take us into its path of new unfolding consciousness. I am reminded that less resistance makes the path smoother. I pondered on what Metatron would like us to do for this, but then i felt we will ‘know’ at the time. For me knowing it is happening and taking time for that awareness is enough, perhaps as i let it unfold. The last Venus transit was June 8th 2004. The next will be 2117. Information can be found here. I remember I made an essence for that last time and it was really powerful. . So much so that when I touched the bowl, i got an electric shock and the grass where the bowl sat did not grow back there for years! The night of the last Venus transit, i thought I was dying. Later I understood I was shedding the old and being given new light bodies. I was interested to revisit my old essence notes. Now, i feel that more light has been brought to earth and that many of us now choose to walk in love and grace. How will this impact on the global and intergalactic village then? It seemed like a good idea to add the original notes here and also to remind us all of what may unfold with the newer energies bombarding earth now. We certainly live in amazing times now. love to all Heather Venus Transit essence made June 8th 2004 The Venus Transit Essence – called Transitions As I type these words my head spins. I was called to make up the essence early

morning, the day of the transit- 8th June here. I had people all day for healings or readings and I was running around getting organized when the message came loud and clear—I was asked to get a larger bowl than usual—and went seeking what called. No wonder I needed a larger bowl for everything in the garden asked to be added!! Leaves, buds for spring—even withered leaves – so much was added it showed me how much nature wanted to join into the celebration! I was also called to place with it the Buffalo hair I have. I woke one day a few years back to find it on my heart chakra—I felt like it was a sacred gift and so had treasured it and I somehow always related it to the White Buffalo Woman. So this needed to be part of the essence did it—interesting!! Was it about sacred birth and connections? Perhaps. The light and energy the day of the Venus transit was amazing—and while the essence seemed to spend more time in shadow it did not matter – as I trusted its unfolding, but what fascinated me was its absolute silence. Usually I am aware of elementals and other energies as the unfolding essences are so alive, but this time —I felt nothing. I had felt it needed to be further away too——alone and in nature —and not near the lemurian Portal where I usually place the essences as they hatch. It needed its own space to evolve. I wondered what was unfolding for it to be so silent and solitary. When I woke the next day, I felt nothing from the essence once more. I was busy with packing up and sending off crystals and essences when all of a sudden I felt called. I looked over and saw the tall form of the Mother Goddess calling me. It was grey, cold and drizzling—so I decided to complete my current task first—but I felt such an urgency to collect it that minute— I did. After so much silence during its unfolding, all I could feel now was a great excitement- the essence was very buzzy and explained to me that it needed to work in the absolute stillness and silence yesterday. I felt nothing as it had shut down to me and all other energies except its focus with the earth and the celestial energies that moved across the sky. I brought it in after a few wet photos and a damp camera and felt a need to place it over light on my strobe light. As the gold light shone through it—I felt it was gaining the sun light it missed yesterday. I took some photos and when I was about to take it off the light —it asked me to leave it there for a time. While it was there, I tuned into the essence: Hello beloved ones we great you for we are the essence of creation revisited for the song of man unfolds with us. This is the time for the new awakening of man. We enable this to be—we are the energies of the harmonic of the new dawn— the song of life unfolding—the embracement of all creation encapsulated in one drop of life. Ahh beloved Heather =-= yes we need golden light from the strobe light through us now—for this too will create a harmonic of light song for the work to be done. The lights from your strobe encapsulate all colours of creation and flash one by one through us. This be needed for our unfolding; leave us here for another hour—and then you will see what needs to be done with us then -=- Our time was one of quietude as we allowed the birth of us to be created—in the silence of the womb of life—we were born. The Mother made us—yet we were also created by the celestial bodies that passed over us for the time it took for Venus to merge with energies of earth—then to move on further into the realms of the star systems once more. You see—earth is a global village now—and so she reaches deeper into space to find more of her kind. This is part of the evolution of man’s seeking for more. In the seeking—she touches the hearts of other life forms that are alive as part of God’s sentience. The Venus transit was part of this unfolding as man’s eyes and hearts turned in hope to this wonder—then opened wider their hearts to seek and reach and touch other life forms that are part of the universal song of life. As man sought to view this marvel—he sought beyond himself and beyond earth and so in this—he allowed his energies to go beyond earth. In this lies a merging of self with a wider spectrum of creation—- (I see the light then spread out like a fan seeking further than ever.) As some of you seek beyond the boundaries of earth and 3D– many do not—but this day – a greater collective reached out with their minds to seek and touch beyond earth and so the collective consciousness of man and earth united with many forms of life beyond earth. This in many ways allows these energies to be aware of earth and man– and many will come now—to be on earth—to witness its creation and unfolding-== for now the work of earth and man has truly begun. Our essence allows this merging. It touches the hearts of those who take it—yet also reaches beyond to the All – an elixir of light and life as wholeness, the bridge of connection to you all. Now watch— as all life is one life—not just earth but we speak of all life, the bridge of connection has been formed—man has evolved to a place of amazing union – to touch the all. You see—man at last was ready for this reaching out with more understanding that life does exist beyond your planet—of course it does!!! But many cultures in your history perpetrated that life only existed on earth and not beyond it. Man now has evolved to a place where he can see that other life is a reality—not a possibility—and so – as the collective minds reached out—you contacted— communicated with many species like an ocean of thought form—or a wave of life—it rolled over the universe and reached many who would now know earth and its beautiful rich and diverse people—and so it shall be. To take this essence is to unite with all life forms—it acts as a bridge of communication and allows you to go beyond the horizon of life -=- expansion we call it—evolution— breaking the boundaries of belief systems into the new === BIRTH into the NOW AGE of becoming—–and so it shall be. To make up – allow the 7 bodies, the 7 consciousnesses, the seven drops–– use the sacred 7 in its making and taking and all shall be well— As you take the essence see it as one of union—all life as one life—beyond the boundaries of all knowing. Walk then as emissaries of life on earth—for now—this be you – yet see yourselves as pillars of light and life—for all man—as you face all who seek you. Hmm different energies here—it was hard to write up as the syntax was hard to follow. I write this later: The essence is now made up. Each person who has held it has reacted differently according to their need. It is a special essence and not for everyone as its connection to off world energies seems to me to be very strong—a true rainbow bridge! It remains quiet and I feel it’s still unfolding in some ways. I also have to wonder if it waits for the collective man to be ready for it, yet I have felt a need to share it with some people already and have sent it overseas to others. I feel it will call to those who need it, but thus far I have found I have shared it with some people who I know had either a connection with off world energies or who seek it, whether they understand that or not. Many people now come to me seeking who they are – from where—they try to understand memories not attached to earth. Some feel they do not belong on earth at all and wonder why. This essence seems to aid that understanding as in a way I think it allows them to return home through the light song that vibrates gently through it. As I type these words it’s as if the essence is smiling at me!! It is sending out to me a warm feeling of love as if it is alive and knows what I write!! I have worked with essences like this before, but each time I make another – their life force seems stronger. Is this a sign the earth vibrations grow as man does? Is this why the connection of man and beyond is now so strong? I feel so, yes. So each gift like this can be seen as sacred can it not? For each offers another connection, another realization of life and who we are—where we go – where we come from. Life is such a rich treasure of being—to be aware is the beginning—each day we grow and change in understanding, but each day we can say at least—perhaps we know a little more. If essences like this enable growth== it’s a blessing and a gift to us all. So be it. With love Heather Appendix: My friend Vicki connected very strongly to the essence and sent me this information: I have been meeting with your essence constantly. It calls me frequently. Very excited and bursting to tell about what and why it is. I feel compelled to tell you this: The dying bark is transition of physical death which we know is not final. The energies live on. The spring buds are the promise for the future, the anticipation of new life, renewing of energies. The live plants are life in full bloom, peaking energies. The autumn leaves are energies in transition. The clearing of the old for the new. The grass is a direct connection to the Mother Earth. The rainbow is the divine energies reaching skyward. We can communicate with off world energies through this essence and indeed this has been happening. Please do not distribute this essence to those that you are reluctant to give it to. Follow your judgment. 15-6-04 cont Hello everyone My computer has been playing up big time again and I am unable to find anything wrong with it!!!! Usually I can get email but often I cannot access Explorer– I started writing a letter all about the Venus transit to ask you how it was for you — had you noticed any changes– how did the energy of those times affect you, but I was unable to post it—and so a few days later I rewrite it. For me it was huge. I found myself wrapped in so much love it felt like what death must have been like. I felt I was so far out of my body and so deeply in the arms of Creation I felt I would be forever changed and at that time, I was accepting a new light body– or initiating into a new self– well I guess it’s the same thing!!! Many of my experiences from the past became one experience=– leading me to this place and time where such shifts were to be made and I felt many of my crystals had opened more fully– the light shone so brightly and we walked through a gateway into a new world. In fact it’s hard to write what I felt and what it meant for as we know– words cannot describe or explain so much that happens off earth. I was also called to make a new essence– and I need to finish the notes for it, but it was an interesting experience and unlike any other I have made as its energy was so quiet. I was asked to place it in a new location– away from the usual place where the portal to Lemuria was open wide. The essence was quiet for a day and a half– as unusual as I am always aware of its unfolding– not this time. When the essence was made up its message made much sense to me although I had not thought of it at the time. It explained that for the first time on earth more men than ever turned their attention and awareness to off earth. That the collective sought and accepted that life off earth did exist and in that awareness a union or bridge was formed to far away galaxies and so a connection has been created to unite us more deeply This has alerted these energies to earth, man and our unfolding as a species and in our sentience we in deep ways have invited these energies to earth, to form a connection with us– for the highest purpose I add. . Now instead of being a global village we have become a galactic village. I have an exceptionally busy week that week – more clients than ever and worked all day during the transit although I felt all who came that day were meant to be here. With all the added hours, i was asked by AAmetatron to rest more eat less, drink more, exercise more. But with that — I also ask how much are changing now. I have to ask if as we take on new light bodies and raise our energies– perhaps we need less to eat as we are less 3D. I am not sure re that! Water is a precious source of living crystal light and so brings us more in alignment with the energies of the crystal heart in the central sun, but also cleanses out on the physical what no longer serves us. Exercise is very much about grounding and union with the Mother and is so needed for us as human as well as adding oxygen and muscle tone. I have been aware also of how my readings have been very much about not giving answers to the questions asked of me, and how Spirit says more like— you need to find this answer for yourself, for never before has the journey been so important. Never before has the independence of decision without influence been so needed to allow us to make the decisions to lead us to our chosen place in time now. It seems to me as we embrace more light– we step into a new place of energy– where we are more on our own in life’s journey. Perhaps now we stand on the rim of the earth where we really are asked to decide which way we will choose to go. It’s up to us — and what we choose places us on the new path of awareness. I really did feel I was dying the night before the transit. I was aware it’s how I rebirth in this body I have– and why the need to make those changes were so important. After that I also had other weird symptoms like– hot and cold feelings, nothing like I have felt before. I think it was my body re-adjustment — but we shall see I guess. With all the changes Metatron says that we need to stay in joy and love. There is no room for fear– just love. When we do that — we are in the best place for assimilation and growth. We all know how much I talk about love– and the purity of its intent in how we share to us and others. To be love is to walk with God is it not? In this place we find the true place of being that we are to be– and in this we become truth. I will be most interested to heart of others experiences at this time of high energy. My beloved rainbow family of light like minds gather tonight. I have been all over the place today– my son who is home for a few days told me I was losing it- yet tonight the love I feel is so profound– so amazing–it is the love I feel when I am taken to the heavens and made into something brand new– higher energies– initiation to be closer to God’s energies =-= that’s how it feels–tonight I feel I am love in more ways than I can imagine—- its like from the ethers– I scatter petals of love like roses to all who I see and feel—- so I am sending you this love from me to- you all — the energies of the Venus transit I feel are close and the love that holds me is so powerful it feels like I am ascending into the arms of God. I seem to have written to people like I am saying good bye. I am not— yet the shifts in the energies are so strong=- they take me I see a rainbow road I walk along or float along — where does it go? ahh to the place =s of the pure of heart — to be embraced by Gods love -=-= to touch those who are there with me– to be embraced by the finest of energies and to return with them as an offering to self and man— for as we walk in the world of man– we now also walk in the world of God– where love is breathed and lived– where fear no longer exists — and where all is ONE. Walk with me– and share this bounteous gift —– love and blessings Heather Reply by Anne Stanton on June 4, 2012 at 16:35 Thank you Heather! I am honoured to walk with you! … steady as she goes, my fellow shipmates! I AM breathing, letting go of my resistance, and staying alert for new learning. Watching the moments unfold…. what a ride! with love annie Reply by Heather on June 4, 2012 at 21:08 Yes it,is,some ride! How many though not even notice these things or give thought to these times? It is their choice, there is no judgementl but those of us who seek and learn, i think are more than gifted deeper understanding and understandmmany choices areopen to us Hugs Heather Reply by Judith Marie Anderson on June 5, 2012 at 2:46 What powerful reminders. The connection of these two transits is so profound to me. Opening now to the new energies to come on the morrow. ~Judith Marie Reply by Heather on June 5, 2012 at 16:35 Hello JM dear yes it feels like such a profound time– all we can do is wait for the unfolding with an open and loving heart. it sure is a time of releasing the old so we are ready to embrace the new. i love that , its exciting to me. And I AM READY! much love heather Reply by BarkBeak on June 5, 2012 at 14:56 AHHH !!! I remember when you made this Essence !!! I feel the Transit of Venus will be a Peaceful, Graceful Transition and Shift…the Shedding of that which no longer serves you, the Release of all that it not yours… Reply by Heather on June 5, 2012 at 16:38 Hi Bonnie it feels like yesterday when i made the last Venus transit essence! scary that!! Yes shedding the old and of course if we can do it without resistance and just be love, no false fears– we are soooo free!!! i wish that for you Bonnie. You have had many challenges and now its time for you to be free to express all your beauty and gifts with a trusting and open heart. Hmm like the silence and stillness in the movement— love heather Reply by Judith Marie Anderson on June 7, 2012 at 10:18 Amazing how the time has flown so rapidly. I felt this as a long pause while my physical body has readjusted and prepared to go forth again. Reply by Heather on June 7, 2012 at 10:28 OH JM and it has!! I can feel a great difference in your energies and it warms my heart for you!!! All the old karma is gone/ing– so wonderful how we allow ourselves to heal so much of the old genetic lines! See yourself as a true adventurer with great unselfishness. Heather x

The waters of life The essences of the rites of transmutation

IMG_9872 (1)ripplessmallerimage wetwet lastimageofessenceingardenafterthefinalrite IMG_9875Posted by Heather on May 30, 2012 at 13:30

Beloved ones
here are the full notes of the essence. if you would still like to do the rites click on the link provided in the other article below to download them.

with love

The essence for the rites of transmutation 21-5-2012 au 2.20pm – 27th May Australian time
US May 20th 2012 9.20PM

Rite invoking illumination.

This is the first rite. In my mind I knew we were to place the Metatron and Sandalphon crystals outside, and just before this rite, I felt very called to do so. I had been sitting before the computer, immersed in that wonderful light energy we feel on the site before we begin. I was to place the crystals in a flat glass dish in a pattern, circles of crystals outside and inside, the Sandalphon crystals in the middle, in water.
I then understood I was making an essence to hold the light form these rites, perhaps.

All this just as the rite was about to begin, the urge was too strong to ignore!. Where to place the bowl? In the beginning I placed it over the Lemurian temple of healing portal, but as the rite progressed, I knew it must sit with Sandalphon’s gateway, near to the same place and so I moved it there.

It felt very right.

During the rite, I saw much light emerge from the crystals in the bowl, and it seemed that they glowed enormous light. I felt humbled by such beauty.

Now I leave them there to unfold.

5.17pm I fel a need to be with the bowl. I feel nothing emanating from it, just peace, yeti felt I had to stand with my hands flat, facing the earth and as i did I felt light in me and going into the earth and then light all around me, illuminating me and reaching out from me.

Tuesday May 22nd 2.01PM AU Rite Invoking the Divine Mother
Sunny and cloudy day, autumn leaves and a golden day, beautiful.
The essence gleams in the light and is beautiful. The crystals seem to stand out, individually yet together too, as if they make one unit yet also remain individual. It is hard to explain it but I feel their uniqueness, each one, yet they stand as one, as family and seem every united in their task, for they unite to bring more light to earth. This is how they feel to me.

The dish is shallow and I have been told I can add more water if that feels right to me, yet I want to leave it as it is. Rain is due tomorrow, I think and this is a natural addition for more water if it is needed. In this way it feels right to let nature look after itself and the essence is part of this now.

I notice I call it an essence now, not crystals in a bowl with water. I feel their uniting is so strong they do form a cohesive collectiveness so needed for earth healing now and as a group we too can be reminded of this very strong union.

For me as i look inward at the essence it seems that an elemental slides over it following the light of the sun on the water. How unexpected. This reminds me of joy, play and freedom. This is something I feel many of us can learn from as well. How often do we express this in our daily lives? It is a timely reminder it feels. As I look, I feel others join there they seem like elementals gathering a round the bowl, watching with interest and fascination, but also reverence.
This be a holy place even for them – a place of rest and an opening portal to the light for earthsong. Ay this be what ye see and feel and so it shall unfold over the week, allow this and be still for it is unfolding.

A conundrum. As I did the rite today evoking the presence of the Mother, I felt i saw her ion the water of the bow looking up and touching earth through its portal. I saw myself go outside to put some of the water in a vial as an aspect of her and then to gather some water form the bowl each day in the same way for each invocation.,
Yet—yet—each was just one aspect of the whole, and so I asked what was best. I was told it was ok to take it each day or at the end but at the end, the bowl would provide all aspects of the rites, it would be more whole and manifested all aspects of the whole.

I decided then to leave it and to just make it up in the end as a whole unit of the rites we will do daily.

Wednesday 23rd may 2.42 Rite Invoking the Divine father

The rite today was about reclaiming the Father within. My heart turned to the essence for a moment and it seemed imbued with tears. I filled it with all my love, for did it weep for humanity that struggled to find its divinity? I know not, yet this abated. I see now the essence is in full light, full splendour., The light reflects off it as if it is a mirror and shines the world back to itself. If it holds the rites of illumination , the mother and father within, then yes, it holds the heart of all physical life there as aspects of itself, for as we unite together we ask that the energies of Mother Father God unite with us on our earth walk.

24th Rite Evoking the Divine Messenger

I woke with the essence lit by the sun, water and light- water and fire. How beautiful it was to me. I could not help being aware of the parallels of the fire of the father and the waters of the mother-=- calm and action. Was the essence then, illuminating the rites as we did them? I felt it was, and if I created that through observation, then, the essence served to remind me of its purpose and the gift the rites bring us.

The essence is silent like velvet, still and pure. It seems and feels so pristine, I feel I sit with divine presence as if it takes on the role of the divine energies we unite with daily .

During the rite today, I felt I could hear all our voices un unison, saying the rites out loud. It was powerful for me as I really felt that union we have; we are so far apart, yet so close. At that time, was as if gentle ripples moved over its surface, as if it woke, but now it is still and at rest, the light reflecting off it as it is surrounded by the plants in my garden. Its presence makes me feel very blessed as if I am with a divine energy which graces me with its prescience.

Friday 25th Rite of Invoking Divine rebirth

It is cold and raining today. The essence once more seemed radiant with light this morning as it reflected the early morning. Rain tumbled down, and its misty out there.

I sit quietly preparing for the rite. The essence fills my mind and it seems to me as if it is a cup of light, like half an egg shell, open and embracing what enters it. Yes it’s rain drops, yet its all of humanity accepted, cleansed and then released.

It feels to me as if the essence allows me/us to surrender all that no longer serves us. The waters seem holy now. All that we surrender is transmuted into light. Ahh I see what I wrote, the essence is a true bowl for transmutation then. Perhaps the tears I saw falling into the bowl were mine and maybe also others as we surrendered to them, then released the pain of old false darkness and the bowl reflects this. It feels so alive now.

This essence as I now call it, seems to be fully transmutating all that we release from an open heart—yet I want to add—to the open heart of its gateway to the higher song of creation , Mother Father God.
This essence then is a microcosm of the greater Whole and by its presence it is reflecting back the process of transmutation we follow. I find that very beautiful and I feel humbled by this.

I will go out now to the bowl and stand with it, giving it love and thanks, for I see its reflection shows me so much of this process. I feel very blessed.

I stand with it and feel the power of what we do, the deep energy we work with .The power of stillness and love given. It is all there.
I surrender all of my selves to it and to the process.

26th May Rite of invoking blessings and grace

Autumn in all its splendour! Lovely to see all this rain, the mist on the hills and to see the earth so drenched. It has been dry for weeks and I feel the earth sighing with pleasure as water makes plants heavy as they hang low.

Last night I felt the essence as I fell asleep. It is serene in its place, strongly focused, alive and open and offering itself to all life. That’s how it feels now. I love it, for it seems to represent perfect balance in all things. What is so beautiful to me is its strength. It feels so strong in itself. I think I can learn from that — its strength and focus remind me of that need to stay alert and centred in this task we have chosen. So I will. It is not that the essence is determined to do this—rather that it simply is. I am that I am , it seems to say. Yes indeed! To be still in the storm , to know ourselves, to rise above what no longer serves, to be all we can be and love who we are. This essence reflects that to me this morning. Be cohesive in all we are, be true to our higher nature—but do not think about doing it or being it — just BE IT live this; it is who we really are anyway. Anything less in unthinkable. The false dark has gone. We manifest our true centre—light, love for we are the one who is an aspect of the many but also one of the many who is an aspect of the one.

Yesterday as I settled for the rite, many things were going on around me, life’s activities, my daughter phoned to say she was sick and coming home for the weekend., my husband had some appointments he needed to organise— the dog wanted to be let out. Somehow they seemed very intrusive in my quiet pre- rite space and I was so aware of the natural fears and stresses being created. Simple things reminded me of how we live in a tangle of energies and I was reminded to put all that aside and not be embroiled in others issues.
Today the essence bowl is reminding me of stillness. Being still allows all these things to wash over us and we are not effected by them as we hold the light.

Invoking blessings and grace after

As I sat for this rite, I felt great peace. The essence entered my inner self and I became aware this time of water dripping in a cave. The echo was pristine and pure in that silent open space.

I wondered if the drops were a metaphor for what we are embracing now, one thing at a time, gently, silently, we gather and are open for this to unfold, and so it does. As we were given blessings and grace today — we walk our lives as before but as more whole. Each thought is as pure of those drips in the cave, as beautiful. We offer the blessings and grace mother father God has bestowed on us to others and to all of humanity. Our collective makes a difference through this alchemy of being and so – the purity of the each drop is no different to what we bring and offer now—and from this day forward, more whole, more free as we become our true divine selves.

Earlier today, I felt a need to photograph the water as it fell into a bowl I had outside, it was beautiful and each drop looked like the Metatronic Tibetan quartz. I will add an image below to show you. Perhaps that is what inspired me for what I felt to write now.

Sunday May 27th Rite Invoking Transmutation

Last night I dreamt I was in the essence, and I watched it reach out and become part of the wet lands on our farm and then other water ways until it filled the earth. I thought this was a beautiful example of the one becoming many and the many uniting as one.

It also felt to me as if the essence filled all of humanity and became the waters of life. What of the land, I pondered? The land I was shown is the Mothers body and the water her viens, all life is supported by water. The curves of the earth are the curves of the mother and they became my curves and I felt at one with the Mother of Earth.

And behind was the Father rising up and above all I saw, and we became one song of light, together, the mother The father, God and and all of us. I saw a white dove rise and wing gently up, and I felt that absolute union.

The essence taught me so much with a gentle loving reflection of this unfolding. In its amazing stillness, it asked me to look at myself and to seek my own answers, This is our path, , free will choices and choosing the highest and best choices based on love and grace.

This essence walked with me throughout these rites and it was my companion. It was a physical tangible reminder of the path we follow and it became the silent teacher.

Now the rites are completed- yet they will be ongoing and I will read them and be with them many times, but this time—now—I feel a completion in the essence. It is still, quiet, joyous, offering itself to all life as we do too—and once more I am reminded of the parallel of us all—one is many, many is one. It never ceases to fill my heart with that beauty of being.

4.10 PM I approached the essence and felt it was time to make it up, which I have done. But I ask – how can one hold such energy in a bottle? Was it best to simply scatter it onto the earth? I will bury one of the earth crystals there even so and wait and reach out and feel the essence if that is what it is—and see what is to unfold with it.

What I have got very clearly is that the essence is like Metatron’s earth crystals now. Both encapsulate earth sacredness and add blessings to wherever the essence is placed. It is spreading the sacred purity of the work we have done with the transmutation rites and where it is used—its frequency ripples out as I saw in the bowl the day it rained.

Taking this essence or using it near you in a bowl or as a spray gifts you the energy of the rites, it feels, maybe triggers that action.
Interestingly this essence has only shown images and given feelings, it has not ‘spoken ‘at all. I feel it is another lesson, silence and observation are wonderful teachers.

Planatery rites of transmutation essence

IMG_9875 (1) IMG_9872 (2)Posted by Heather on May 23, 2012 at 12:55

Have you been doing the Planetary rites for Transmutation, I have written about on the site?

I have begun the rites, which are outlined below in the link, and they are peaceful but very powerful. The rites are held at the time of the eclipse, when earth, moon and the Pleiades

are in alignment.

It had been on my mind to make an essence for this time but of course I only do so if I feel ‘called’. The day of the first rite, I sat patiently in front of the computer when I got such a strong calling, I ran around and set up what was asked of me before the rite begun!

I felt called to place my Metatronic earth crystals and Sandalphon crystals in a circle in a flat glass dish and then fill the container with water. I felt it was to be placed directly onto the earth near my Sandalphon portal in the garden.

The first rite was about illumination of earth and us. I watched the bowl fill with amazing light and it seemed to me that each of the crystals in the bowl became individualised, alive and gleaming with life. In the bowl, the energy was of individual strengths and light yet together they made one energy, so the many became One, yet each aspect of the crystals held their own beauty. While the rite was powerful, the crystals themselves held their own radiance.

The next day, the rite helped us embrace the Mother energies.
Since the bowl is near the Sandalphon portal, it felt apt as I see her also as the over soul of all Mother- goddess energies for earth. This time, it felt as if the crystals in the bowl with the water had now taken on the form of an unfolding essence.

After the rite, I felt I wanted to collect some of the water after each rite, to hold perhaps that energy for that day, yet I did not. It felt to me that if I made an essence with this it would be best

to hold the energy of all the rites so that it became One collective of all the rites we had completed.

The rites invoke a different aspect each day. These are rites of illumination, divine mother, divine father, divine messenger, divine rebirth, blessing and grace and finally transmutation.

If you have not joined these rites yet, see below for the link, and the notes for each rite can also be downloaded later from this link.

Today I feel the essence unfolding. It is strong and clear and directed to wholeness for us and earth, a rebirth for us all.

How beautiful an opportunity is that!

Reply by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish on May 23, 2012 at 14:51

hello there Heather, I just went to the website and it seems very familiar to me…. I will check it out and join their mailing list. I have so little time to read online, but will see how much more I am drawn to it…. thanks for sharing dear one… love YOU! Barb

Reply by Heather on May 23, 2012 at 15:36

Dear Barb

I read littleonline now as so much isn ot pure for me, and much ego and darker energies out there try and trip up many poeple with fear based information. The angels never use fear, only love.

The love and Empowerement site is the purist i have encountered anywhere and holds a loving and true intent. Reniyah Wolf is a pure channel for AAMetatron, the only one i have encountered who really does channel him. others i have noted, do not.

It’s rare for their work there to be offered publicly so its a wonderful opportunity to be there with the group.

I have been with this site for more than 10 years . I have yet to find any material anywhere that is as pure as what is offered there.


Reply by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish on May 23, 2012 at 16:06

Thank you Heather…. Reniyah Wolf…that name is so familiar to me…. I do appreciate your thoughts on that site. I knew it had to be of the highest light for you to recommend it….. I will read abit now just before bed …… thank you again. Love Barb


Essence of Change and growth – the way to enlightenment

IMG_8166 IMG_8180Posted by Heather on April 26, 2012 at 19:51

It is now time to post these essence notes which was created over Easter

Essence of Change and growth – the way to enlightenment number 93

Easter Sunday — 8-4-2012

It was Easter Sunday morning, 8th April 2012 I woke feeling I was to make another essence. While all the Easter visitors slept, I walked around and collected the flowers that ‘called’ to be in the essence.
This time, it was a quiet and gentle interaction, and it seemed that new flowers asked to be added. The combination of pink, purple, white and some gold was evident as well a bright yellow autumn twig. I felt this time it was as a blessing for the meaning of Easter and for the rising of the Christos on the third day. The moon was is full and a beautiful giant golden ball illuminating the sky.

That night I saw much light streaming into it and energy like waves of light below it.

Later I was aware that the waves of light were in fact symbols of infinity—the horizontal figure 8 wide and narrow.

It explained to me that “this essence was about just that – the infinite turn of the wheel of life, ever repeating and completing before moving on. This essence, which I saw as an aspect of the birth of new life via rising of the Christos energies, reflected that in many ways.

As man seeks truth and to evolve and move forward, so does earth. Together now we unite for this cycle of life to complete before beginning a new one. Of course this completion and new beginning is ever going like life and death, and is ever changing and gradual. To say that one changes to another is incorrect. It be a slow process as life catches up with itself , this unfolds via the lessons needed to allow the process and each lesson or experience, is a reflection of this unfolding.

Autumn as it is here now is no different, as a season, life moves into a new cycle of rest before new life emerges in spring, yet new life already unfolds within the buds forming, the roots reaching

deeper into the earth — all life is ever moving and never still as are human lives.

This essence reflects this movement and passage of life and evolution. Even now as you reach out to touch its heart, you see and feel its upwards movement towards the higher frequencies of life within the life you know—yet it also reaches higher to the stars where all life is but an aspect of your lives.

As you sought to make an Easter essence as a blessing to life’s new beginnings and promise, your heart opened and gave love to the Christ on the cross—yet it reaches far deeper as a union with all life and its meaning of promised birth. All life is promised re birth, and human kind often has to stop and recognise that this is a fundamental law of creation itself. To think that life will end is based on fear and not loving truth. See nature as it really is—ever sustaining and regrowing in patterns of life as unfolding in the greater process of the seasons and change.

Where life is decimated by human intervention as war—it will eventually re produce itself in time, for it is the nature of all life. Where one is destroyed with violence, others will grow in greater abundance in places of great calm and love- and so this adds to the balance of all life.

To those who fear ‘global warming’ – understand that it is but a passing imbalance as part of the reproduction and evolution of new growth on earth. We have said before that much new life is to emerge in the dawn of a new earth. This does not mean a destruction followed by new life—it means a gradual unfolding as well– old seeds re discovered, new plants remembering their genetic encoding of long ago—will rise once more. Watch the new unfolding of life around you, see new types of plants emerging.

New farming lands will endure new plantings and what will appear as weeds will in fact be new growth to enrich the soil and create new foods for the future. It will take a long time in man’s time to recognise this truth for many men are still closed to the unknown and the new.

Our children born now also hold this encoding and will understand such changes for they are part of earths future, hope and promise.
These are the messages brought by this essence of change as we will call it—growth, yes, change also and most assuredly—enlightenment .
It has endured all climate condition s these 2 days with warmth and sun, winter chills and rain, wind-song—all aspects of life have embraced it.

Allow it more space and time to reach out and be part of all life. Its messages are as music and will touch many who will feel or hear its song on levels not expressed or understood.

Sleep with it and allow it to unfold as its heart beat matches yours and learn from its messages in your heart– for here these will be seeded to grow and expand at times when they are needed.”

Next day, Tuesday after Easter 10th April.

A cold day, and I have left the essence to itself as directed. Now I tune into it at the end of the day. I find the energy has changed in that waves of frequency leave the bowl like wide wavy lines and seem to rise up, whereas before the light seemed to stream in like a pillar of golden light. This wave of energy leaving the bowl reminds me of smoke lazily rising, or a caldron bubbling and sending up its steam.
“ We wish you to do nothing but allow the process to continue ,for now we merge with Life in abundance and offer to its growth and bring it a cognizance of understanding of its path and plan as an aspect of earth. In this we mean we wake nature to itself more fully to understand its role and pathways unfolding.

All nature has its own intelligence but this way we give it understanding of its pathways in life now as aspects or faces of New Earth. The birth of all life is strong in its many manifestations—we add to this as we help life remember its true nature of be-ing. In this lies many patterns of understanding as we simply say to allow your hearts to feel tadalafil mexico such as this.

See us as a melting pot of energy and new life offering what is needed for earth now, for this is our purpose for we bring life to earth, we waken those who sleep—not just in nature but in physical form. We waken life unto itself—an understanding of purpose and the nature of love as an aspect of the divine song of creation.

This will challenge many for they sleep in their ignorance of life—yet we will open them by our presence. Those who are with this essence will be woken to a new awareness for we bring birth—awareness, life—to those who will be touched by us.

Speak with us tomorrow and then the work will be completed.”

11th 3.39PM

Warm sunny day and the essence has been gleaming in the bright autumn light. I go out to her and feel such radiant love emanating from her—it is feminine, it feels as I am embraced by a deep love which feels soft. whole and complete. Yet to say feminine means I see her this way but she tells me she is all things – male- female as is needed and felt at the time. In this space with me, she touches the goddess frequencies of earth for it is this I have been with these past days, feeling as if I am the mother and that the earth is my child and feeling a mothers love so deep for Earth.

I ask if it is ready to be made up. It seems to bask in the light yet I feel it is time to make it up even so.

“Our beloved, yes you feel the completion of us now. For we have come into ‘our own’ you might say—a completion of light song ready to be offered to those who seek truth and enlightenment. We are the bringers of truth and enlightenment. This may be our name for we hold a direct path and action to those who seek this– if they hold the pure intent and will through a pure heart we will guide them!

Hold us to you – take the drops and then open your heart to seek all truth and all understanding. In this lies the pathway to a deeper evolution based on the higher light encodings entering earth.

As you ask and seek – so ye shall be given. The purity of this essence song is one of gateways opening within to inner self’s higher knowledge and truth. Heed us and be – allow the process to unfold—deeply will this to be—and so it shall be as we guide you with much love, we take your hand and together we walk a path into your inner self’s truth and knowing, for together, we will embrace your higher self’s calling to be heard, your soul energy that is also an aspect of creation in its purist form. Hear us—we will be there.

And so be it this day our beloved daughter of light.

I made up the essence and let it rest in its own place here, yet I found it called to many people and I see it as a true guidance for those who need direction and purpose, a pathway to their own truth.

Now it is the 26th April, the essence feels ready to be shared with others I feel it is cohesive in its own form now and that the new moon, now growing each day, brings a reflection of that birth.

I will add photos soon on the photos page with some of the farm at the time of the essence’s creation. These to me reflect the energies surrounding its creation.

Reply by Ursula on April 27, 2012 at 6:33

What a wonderful new essence Heather, thank you so much, it seems to be working through your writing.

As I was reading it and now, just sitting here I can feel the earth communicating/vibrating through my heart and feet. It feels as if this one is opening up something in the earth here, it looks like a fountain of light from deep within. This fountain is clearing everything and bringing fresh new life energy, in a gentle and balanced way.

Reply by Heather on May 10,

2012 at 16:45

Hi Suzie

if you look at the top of the page there is a link called purchasing essences, all the info is found there. You can buy the essence as a stock or a dosage bottle. The stock gives you a concentrate and enables you to make up about 30 dosage bottles, the dosage bottle is just one bottle you can use. Some people buy one of each.

Occasionally if it feels right i also sell vials of the mother essence itself. Sometimes it feels important people have this, but that’s rare and the other bottles link to it anyway.

But costs and postage details are found there.

Feel free to private message me or email me about this
love heather

Life anew essence

Posted by Heather on April 4, 2012 at 19:03

These notes we made June 2007 but once more this essence called today for someone and the notes wished to be added here. I find the messages very timely and it shows also, how we have been doing this work as the new earth frequencies have guided us for this time. I find that very beautiful
love heather

Hmmm I think I am to make an essence today — there is thick dew on the ground, its 8.21 am—and the earth is in perfect stillness after a wet and stormy day yesterday. Perhaps our land is recovering from the drought at last—bird song echoes in the stillness and grey clouds, I think, dissipating, make way for a washed and pale blue sky-

I will take my bowl now and go and ask– they will tell me and I will feel the heartbeat of the land once more—as I type this—I feel and know this truth and I send love to the Beloved—knowing we will unite more fully soon

Oh did I type that? That is how an essence begins—I hear and feel – and start to type what I feel like a diary. If I do not its lost forever and the notes ground the energy like a bridge to earth.

When I felt the calling to make the essence, I wanted to make it straight away, but until I was able to go outside for it, I felt the flowers with me, their pink and white shades surrounding me.

I gathered my bowl and water and stood outside in my garden, uniting my mind with the sky, the earth and nature. I felt the sweet stillness there take me and the fragrances, sounds and silence deepened. I felt in a world apart from everyday life, and this is often how it is—the colours seem brighter, the fragrances stronger, the light brighter. Other sounds like cars and an aeroplane overhead seem to fade away and do not return until the process is complete. I really feel I step into another world where the frequency is higher, but perhaps it is also a form of walking meditation as the love unites with me and we become one. As I feel called to gather the flowers or crystals that seem to beckon me.

Today, I felt a need to gather the pink, white and some yellow flowers – pink and white roses, 2 yellow Buddleia flowers- -one new and one nearly spent, one out of season deep purple violet, pink geraniums and even a rose hip—all representing various stages of birth and life. They looked like a symphony of colour in the bowl and I felt wrapped in them.

After I placed the flowers on the earth, I

felt called to add one crystal, the pink lemurian seed crystal. Once more I felt its profound love and depth and as I held it to my heart, returned the love we shared together as much as I could. It felt so nurturing to be with it this way and it reminded me that I should spend time each day with one crystal at a time to unite with each one as my children—my teachers—we are family after all.

I felt moved to first of all bathe the crystal in some of the crystal water I have here -=- the crystals I was asked to use for a sacred ceremony for the Venus transit remain together in water And I bathed the lemurian pink seed in this and felt the collective there respond with her.

Next as I took it outside to the bowl, I was asked to roll it on the wet dewy grass and it came alive and seemed to bury itself in the earth and the grass sang and it felt amazingly beautiful!

I stood back and tuned in. it was interesting as I felt I stood in a circle of energy or light and this was separate from physical earth. Perhaps it was my focus, yet the energy felt like I was at one end of a lense looking to the end where the bowl sat on the grass, over the lemurian portal there.

I left it then and begun my busy day, leaving it to its own birthing.

5.20pm 1-6-07

I tuned into the essence later today to find it sending me joy. This joy felt like the two DNA strands reaching up and twining and intertwining and seemed to form one energy of being. Reaching beyond—the joy is soft, like a space of light created, gently nurtured by its growth of being and the light unfolding within it as it hatches into some soft lyrical feminine energy which has yet to identify itself.

It was asked to be placed on the ground over the lemurian portal but now is on a fence post where it embraces all the sun for the day.
Now I feel its song and it’s amazing — like the mother emerging through the energy in the bowl– it will remain for the night and tomorrow I will see what is to unfold

It is not communicating with me—just with itself—its love is like a love song to creation and singing and it’s so beautiful!!

Tonight also is a blue moon—a full moon— wow what synchronicity, I had forgotten!! It is also the 1-6-07 and this also makes 2 sevens! And as 1-6-2007 we have 7-2-7 added creates another 7 (7+2=7=16- 1+6=7) my goodness what powerful numbers for today!

There is much light around it—first I see just gold and then deep purple and then rainbows—so wow!- now I wanted to say I will send it love but I have been asked to step aside and allow it its own journey—very well—I shall—

Around 9PM I had an interesting vision. I saw a circle form and felt it was my soul sisters— for a ceremony for the blue moon. It was peaceful and gentle yet focused for a love filled earth. In the centre was the essence, light streaming up like a pillar—strong and true.

I seemed to feel us holding hands and just being love together there.

Later as I focused on this, I saw the Goddess herself in the light stream and I felt she was adding much love to us all as she also offered to the earth?

Saturday 2nd 12.12PM

I felt the essence is very quiet today. It rained last night adding the water there but I always see this as part of the process. I am told it is not ready yet—to leave it longer. It had occurred to me it was just to be made for the blue moon, yet today a client phoned with some huge issues and as we talked through these, the essence came to her filling her with calm and stillness. I felt the depth of its silence which also reflects its birthing but also the work it is doing now.


All of a sudden I felt I tuned into the essence to find the lady waiting for me—it’s ready now? That seemed faster than I thought—but then this essence has been about quietness and stillness and peace. It’s about hope and clarity too—one of wholeness and harmony—energy of life evolving into perfect balance for the next stage of the journey
Ahh that’s it. It is why it has been so still with me—it’s already reflecting what it represents. I see—well== then that’s wonderful.

The lady who stands with her is dressed in pure white and is surrounded by immense light. I see the essence as clear and pure like the rain that has been falling, yet the open light of it reminds me of a perfect rain drop as well- perfect harmony.

I close my eyes and ask for more understanding of this and am shown the depths of the essence as well—as I see the clarity and crystalline structure of the pure song of the essence, I see it reach interdimensionally beyond earth to places that remind me of geometric shapes and light== rather like the crystalline structures of lemurian light—ahh! Of course—I had forgotten the Lemurian seed was in with the essence as well—ahh—perhaps I see this as part of its matrix.

“Nay nay beloved daughter of light – you see more than this- you see into the world of light itself for this essence holds this frequency of being. In these worlds of light as we have called it lies many fractules of energy or frequency layer upon layer that emulates differing frequencies that make up the energies of creation itself, so in many ways what you see is creation with all its light filaments of being., understand?””

Not really

“What you see through the essence is the structure of universes, which are also the heart of Mother Father God or creation—this essence is like a window to this clarity of being. It takes away the clutter that man creates, the imbalance of energies used through
thought and deed, and takes you back to the beginning where perfection lies. Here, there is silence.

Remember when Larimus (my true Lemurian twin soul) told you that earth now holds too much clutter and noise, that there is never any silence? Well here you step into the silence away from what man has created and return to the very beginning that is creation. Here the patterns of light you see like geometric shapes are like the molecules before life as you know it begun. Like amoebas and cells floating at random yet in pattern—waiting for the explosion of life.

In this stillness lies peace, harmony, knowing and being. It is the place where all things are formed, where beginnings are created and where from this place—they may be birthed.

This essence takes you to this place for clarity, focus and knowing – a place of feeling and being and a place for new beginnings.

Call this essence life anew for this be what is created now.

Man needs to return to this place for new beginnings. It is a place for a new approach to many of these things that have created clutter on many levels and where it has hampered life’s processing.

My beloved ones it is now time to begin anew with life—put aside all things you think you know and understand. Put aside all thought for a time—and simply allow us to be with you and in this place of being—allow yourselves to re discover your path, your self, your joy.

You shall find it.

With this essence—take it each day and be with it for a time—a new pattern is to take the drops and sit with it, allowing it to do its work. So in this way it becomes as a meditation for cleansing and allowing yourself to be your true self—understand?”

Yes thanks I do.

“We wish this whole process to be simple and clear and so we say to you now—make the essence simplicity– here is all things and this be what we ask of you now.”

I now approach the essence. The mother I see is tall and has beautiful large eyes—she reminds me of Kwan Yan with her guaze type dress. She is all in white, and has a head dress like a veil on, held together by a circlet.

I give thanks and as I place my hands around the bowl, I get a jolt of an electric shock from it. I put it down and give it a minute then as I lift it the second time there is no shock remaining.

I make up the essence into Mother, dosage and stock bottle and give thanks once more.

“Who is this essence for?” I ask

“It is for anyone who is drawn to take it, for all of those on earth are now asked to begin once more as they embrace all they are into the wholeness and fullness of selves”.

She remains with me as I complete these notes. I give her all my love and thanks.

8th June

It was now time to empty the essence in the bowl out and offer it to the garden. Its work was done and I felt a deep stillness of release and poured the remaining on the garden — some on herbs as a blessing to them and some in my crystal fountain bowls as a blessing and thanks.

As I took out the pink lemurian seed crystal with loving gratitude for its added life to the essence, I saw it had changed. New markings had grown in it. One looked like a feather and another a glistening small white cloud—how interesting to see how these evolve with love and time for as they offer their sacred gifts= they too change in this work we share together.

White Buffalo Woman essence

Posted by Heather on April 4, 2012 at 18:07

White Buffalo Huntress Essence 1st December 2006

4th April 2012

Today as I sought essences for a beautiful young woman, this one came up time and time again until I could not deny its calling for her. I had not read the notes since they were written six years ago but it seemed important to tune into them now to understand why this essence was chosen for her. Aslo to understand that it is an essence for our now times.

These notes explain a divine connection with the memory and history of the land. At times of great clearing such as in drought, floods, fires, pestilence, earth upheavals as examples, many symbols emerge as part of that earth healing. It was a time where lands near us in Australia were on fire. At this time, I was called to make an essence of such deep connection, it humbled me as it does today, perhaps even more so as I could see the bigger picture now.

When we think of the White buffalo we think of the native American times and the terrors and injustice that lay there for the people but also for the decimation of buffalo herds that roamed so freely, The buffalo became a sacred symbol of hope but their story also reflected how their and Native American freedom was so cruelly destroyed and with it, much of the sacred ancient ways which have struggled to be retained.

This essence is not just about the White Buffalo, so sacred—its about what lies within our hearts, for we too cleanse and heal and release while being aspects of the land, we are one, yet one of the many who make up the One.

Being asked to use this essence is a most powerful and sacred gift of acknowledging your commitment to the land as an aspect of it but also you are seen as an aspect of the White Buffalo huntress; goddess of the land itself and of us as women and human. This essence offers you great strength as it helps you remember your own sacred beauty and inner power. You are never alone and she always walks with you, as an aspect of yourself. You have the ability to do anything, be anything. Let her walk towards you in vision and she will be there, facing you, sharing your heart and filling you with the most powerful of love as she helps you remember your own divinity.

The following notes are barely fragments of its unfolding but for me hold all the messages needed and as i re read them years later I felt everything — the pain of the land, the pain of the lost tribes and peoples and the hope of the White Buffalo. My heart contracted and I hung my head and wept for them all. I had been there of course in many lives, I think, or I simply tap collective memory. In these words, I touched the memories, the feeling of those times, yet behind it stood White Buffalo Woman in all her love and connection gifting me all her strength and beauty as she also will connect with you in the same way.

As fires raged in our state that year, the White Buffalo came as a sacred and divine message—that the land was being purified for the future times, yet also something else deeply potent. She came as the White Buffalo huntress- the Mother of Earth. She came offering herself as an aspect of self, as a sacred gift.

She also brought this message, that we too are being cleansed as vessels ready to embrace the new light of an emerging new earth frequency.

She asked—are you ready? This coupled with the essence was the question she asked and the message she brought. It was a message for women, I felt, yet are not men aspects of us too as we can hold aspects of them?

Are we not all aspects of the Divine Mother? Are we not all sacred and divine beings? Her presence and guidance during this essence unfolding brought strength, clarity, inner beauty of self and deep love and gratitude.

Here are the notes as I wrote them at the time, as the fires burnt out of control around us, destroying so much. Perhaps there

was a connection of those losses and of the buffalo and as our lands burnt and people died the cycle in another way returned. I know it was my love and grieving that bridged that connection and it has always been there, it feels.


Half of Victoria is now having historically bad fires, and they expect to join up over the weekend which is to be up to 40C with strong winds– we do not think it will reach here! The land sure is in a special healing – cleansing mode before re birth– I was going to make an essence the other day and was told NOT to use plants in any way as it would impact on the processing the earth is in. But I did make an essence using buffalo hair that mysteriously was on my heart chakra when I woke one day.

I had done a workshop on totems and the buffalo called to me so loudly I grieved for what happened to them — and two days later I woke with the hair on my heart chakra.

So I made an essence with it– it was all about setting them free. The herds gathered to me and each time the essence

was used in ceremony — we set them free and they seed their sacredness on the earth wherever that is. The essence is called White Buffalo Huntress- Woman– and I think it is one to work with the land, but perhaps to also free and empower us in the process as well.

It was strange, that hair. I had held a piece of the buffalo hide to me and hugged it– makes sense it could have left some hairs—but, this was a few days later after changes of clothes, showers and so on—- and it was right on my heart chakra– about three hairs—- I felt a need to save them and put them in a jar to see what was asked of me.

Then the other day, I felt a real need to make the essence. I did not have time then, but it kept calling me until i did.

I reverently placed the hair in a bowl and added water, and holding a deep intent to do what was right in the process, i took it outside and placed it where it called ot be left. It was then i felt the herd, and heard them bellow– and one stood out over the rest, in front of them — looking directly at me. From then on I felt them all with me. That night i went out to ask it if it was time to make up and they told me “no– let us be– we are free this way for the first time– let us be here longer.”

The next day, i returned. The water had nearly evaporated and so i asked again. The response was almost a sigh or agreement and while they did not want to let go this freedom, they asked me to make it up and explained that as the essence was to be used in ceremony on the earth, it would release them and seed them into the place they were added.

I find all this very beautiful really,. i cannot describe the love i felt for them that day and how when i held the hide to me i wept and wept for them, for the injustices done– and i saw it all in a micro moment of shared love and grieving.

I asked if i was to give all thr essence to the earth there and then, but they said “no”

It is funny, something like this happened to me with Jesus too– Jeshua. I saw a picture via a Sia Baba book of him on the cross and the cross was meant to be made of some of the wood of the cross Sia Baba had found. As i touched it, i felt a lightening

bolt of energy go into me. I united then with Jesus on the cross and I offered to take on all his pain into myself– or to at least share his pain and kept filling him with all the love i had. It was such a strong connection, and i am sure it is one others have also experienced too — yet these unions we form out of love are such a gift of understanding as well, and I am sure it changes us deeply in subtle ways.

Ahh– now i am realising something– i THINK the stigmata i used to get on my hands was after that uniting. I did go and talk to Jeshua on the ethers and he told me i took this on as I felt guilt at his passing, that my memories as Martha felt responsible as i felt Martha could have stopped Barabbas. But Yeshua told me it was all in divine order and so to let it go — it was said so lovingly== and so i did== and the stigmata stopped.

The experience with the buffalo was not unlike this as in that untiting through great remembered love and devotion, a link was formed and so I was able to release their lost souls into the earth. As we work with this essence, ewer tool release old aspects of ourselves and free us more fully. The Buffalo woman is here to guide that and to add her love and wisdom as we unite with her.

Perhaps our love is given back as it was to me, and in this we see more of ourselves we may heal, release or embrace.
This is the gift of this essence.

The notes explain that we only use it for ceremony, but what I understand now is that we are part of that ceremony in the giving to the earth, we also give ourselves and so release much of the old in the process. This allows us to embrace more of our light – the truth of divine self shines brightly through this sacred process.


Take a few drops and add water if you choose – even in a bowl and hold what it is you choose to release or offer and stand on the earth offering the essence drops — or place the bowl on the earth for this. See yourself giving all your love as well in the releasing – and feel the freedom gifted to you .

If you feel a need to have the essence on yourself, place drops on your chakras that call, do not ingest this one. You may also place drops in a bowl and have them near you — as at your bedside table , on your desk and allow them to work with you. You may well have visions with this as the energy is very high.

Essence of The Harmonic Flow of love

marchessencePosted by Heather on April 1, 2012 at 0:27

Essence of The Harmonic Flow of love — March 27th 8am

I woke this morning knowing in my heart that the earth waited for me to make an other essence

It has been a long time since the earth chose to be still, but now as I woke and felt the calling I felt it had to be NOW – so without dressing, I walked around the garden collecting the plants as always.
This time there was a difference. As soon as I walked outside, all the garden called, and everything wanted to be included! I had not even put a foot out of my study door when I was asked to reach out and pick the first flora bunda rose there.

Our garden now is finishing off from summer and autumn. Leaves and spent flowers are everywhere, yet there was still a lot of flowers open and asking to be added. Spent flowers and some new—all went in, leaves that had changed colours, seed pods from older plants well spent—all called to be added and many fell apart when I picked them. There was an urgency as if all the garden crowded to be included. The bowl was as so overflowing I had to add more water outside to accommodate all that was in the bowl.

“The earth has been resting, I was told “The earth has been still as new greater energies are assimilated. Now a new essence has been made reflecting this unfolding. Let it unfold now and it will call you when needed. This essence is one that seeks to be alone and allowed to offer its vibration to the collective song of all who are open to the vibration of earths new song.

“Can you hear it?

Listen with your hearts and you too will know the song of old has returned ,yet this song is a new one, a marriage of the old purity and the new. This is a weaving light . Open your hearts to accept it and know that as you do – you allow yourselves to be part of this new growth emerging now so strongly and with so much gentle love and promise.

“Do you accept? Then join us as one and allow this work we offer to be in your heart also – for now is the time for this gift if light to be offered to you and toearth through us.

“Yes this be an initiation as one accepts this new energy here now—you shall be embraced buy uis song.

Do you accept?”

I found I bowed my head and accepted with an open heart for it was the collective song of all natural life, of nature of earthsong that spoke thus. I felt it and knew its purity.

“I accept” I said humbly .

I felt it then, like a enfolding of this song, like a child wrapped in swaddling and held with great love. It felt that all the plants around me and in the bowl became a part of me. I felt myself floating out of time and space—in the ethers amongst the stars, in the oceans, in the earth, seeing the roots of trees above me.and I saw myself birthing from a bulb into a flower reaching out of the earth into a new day. The sun glowed over the rim of a new earth and together, earth and I and other newly opened flowers welcomed and became part of it.

A slither moon now rises above me. I have no idea what the moon is at this time —it was a promise of growth I felt, as it was getting bigger as I was in this plant form. I saw the bulb I was part of explode and roots reached down deeper into the earth as I reached higher into the light.

We were a bridge, a perfect union of growth and one with all of earth and beyond.

Now i see a huge ball of light and walk steadily towards it. The light fills me and I become one with it, one heart of light and life in unison with each other.

Now I float once more. My body feels tired, exhausted and as I rest in the arms of this new light, it is being released and freed from me. The exhaustion was life in the old paradigm of earth—now I embrace the new and become one with it.

This—- all the work I have done with Metatron and with my own journey leads me to this places of emerging with the all—this is another step of consciousness finding itself merge with creation, yet as part of a face of the new earth—so be it ——I feel I need to sleep a thousand sleeps and wake brand new.

Now it is a rest time for this to unfold within me. I see this is for now but also the future. I have opened myself to this merging anf fully allow this process.

During the day the essence seemed so full, so busy it was amazing. I felt the early process was all that was needed, that the essence was made in that short time, but it seemed happy to just be, to be in the sun and to be left alone. Later in the day I went over and I was even allowed to be in its space. I could have touched it and it was ok too, but I left it overnight even so – and that felt alright too… it was as if the essence is in full allowance of all things – and does this reflect the state we need to be in for earths new unfolding ? Perhaps that is its reflection.

The night was filled with a gentle slither moon- so my vision matched that .

Wednesday 28th March 2012 next day 10AM

I woke and have forgotten all about the essence. This is so rare to me, but then yesterday I know I felt all was in allowance and that it was happy to have its space while it celebrated life and became part of the new frequencies.

As I then tuned in, it felt clear, happy busy and still all at once. The word it asks me to use is harmonious.

I approach the essence . it’s a beautiful mild autumn day. The essence feels strong, stolid, singular in purpose and wishes to remain where it is.

“ Worry not that you forgot me. This be part of the process of divine song,. Many choose to linger too deeply into the spiritual aspect of life, but it must be said that now is a time of merging with all life. The physical waking existence is as much a full part of your lives on earth. While you aid us to be manifest as a link to all creative song – your life remains on earth, an aspect of one face of many faces—you are one yet one of the All. This is an apt description for self. As one your task is to be present on this living earth to maintain it and to love it and to be love. As you hold the physicality of love in this world you bring with you the love of creation to earth. This I the healing bridge so needed for man now, a grounding of divine love into physicality.

“If all man could hold the love of their highest selves- aspects of creation – in their hearts and live it, all earth would shift into this place that is present for ALL to fel and be part of in less than a twinkile of the eye.

“You have spoken of living heavon on earth—this be a true description of your purpose now.

This essence unfolding in an aspect of this need for man — to live in the harmonic of love. Call the essence this if you choose—‘The harmonic flow of love.’ A good name, we think.

“Yesterday you opened the door (portal) through intent to Our world. Your bounty, as nature is called== all wanted to be added, did it not? This is a beautiful reminder or how all man can join with us in the same way and become one with the love and light of creations song.

“Who said miracles do not abound? One simple act and you have opened a gateway to paradise have you not? As you opened it yesterday, we took you to this place of light and you became one with us. Yes, you felt it, and we felt your heart beating with our light . you were welcome and shall ever be for as you touch these spaces of light, you are one with them always.

“Allow the essence bowl to remain in the sun for another day. Let us speak to you this night and all will be understood. We also need the stars and night for this completion of yin and yang as part of this unfolding.

Our blessings beloved daughter of light”

It is now Saturday 31st 7.56am

Last night I felt as if I was surrounded by the highest energy and that I was a part of them. I felt a deep sense of wonder and joy as if I had gone home. I felt it was the essence with me, and that the attunement it gave me was deeply profound—an initiation I think it explained at the time.

The Land conservation have been burning off rubble on the mountain behind here over the past 2 days and smoke hovers everywhere while making it all rather beautiful with blood red sunsets and dawns. The essence has been quiet but I have felt it wanted to be part of the physical world and so have left it at alone. Just in these few days trees have turned golden as if autumn is in a hurry and so now not only the pink of the fire light but also the gold of the trees is with it. I actually feel this is part of the essence too, the colours and energies. The moon is a slither growing – an element of growth and birth with the earth stilling for autumn rest. Yet – there is an ancient way of seeing autumn as a place of rebirthing too as buds form and plants prepare for spring over the cooler months.

Last night the essence’s gentle touch was powerful and perhaps in a way I wondered if it was letting me know that it was time for it to be made up.

“Beloved now is the time for all earth to be still and acclimatize itself with new life. It is a time when all must regenerate to allow the new birth of self to catch up with the higher self.”

The essence is so still and yet i feel its cognizance. Its stillness and silence is a reflection of man and earth—in stillness lies birth for we give us time to catch up with ourselves as we prepare for the new.
Over the past months I have seen that many spiritually in tune people have been quiet within their work paradigm, as I have. Perhaps this has been part of the process as well. I have noticed others have contacted t me just this week as the essence unfolds as if they too are waking.

The essence has been so quiet today and any attempt by me to communicate has led to nothing, just silence. Yet we have many visitors here now and perhaps the ripple of their energy is not contusive to making it up yet. As soon as they all left though, the essence called to be made up.

“Beloved oh yes time to make us up. We have enjoyed your warm autumn climate and loving energy whilst we stand here in this sacred place, ancient lands held by love, care and attention.

“This place we sit in is the encapsulment of all that is pure in your lands. Here we seek and feel—connection to all earth life, and we find it beautiful. There are places on earth that do not reflect such loving joy in life, yet here – we feel it like an ever expansive rolling energy reaching out and out. It is places such as this that extend the light to many places and in the darkness, light illuminates shadows and makes them brighter. In other ways, light makes the shadows stand out and so they become more obvious and so more easily recognized and thus cleared.””

As I ‘watch’ this essence it seems to me like honey spreading out over earth offering light and solace where it be needed. I feel like other essences I open, a gateway to allow the frequencies needed to enter earth now. ‘’Earth song’’ I hear- oh yes.

As the essence has been unfolding I have felt such deep spiritual attention and awareness. I felt have left the paradigm of the old earth and feel I have entered the new earth. It seems the essence does this and it is where it takes me, yet perhaps I was already walking there and the essence has highlighted to me more clearly.

As I write this I feel so nurtured, so loved as if the energy holds me in arms of love. It fills me with deep peace and joy like a uniting with what I know.

Calm – peace, joy – love -be-ing – what wraps around me is pure light.
“This be home Beloved One, for here you are in your full mastery, your full light self. This be your soul that enfolds you—your true self. Know it, love it, befriend it for it is ever here with you, for you, as you.
“You are light energy and as you see the light of Us moving out via the essence so do you. Those like you who seek earth light and offer it to all will also be embraced by it.

Many will seek to find this harmonic in themselves this year whilst others continue to hide in fear for it is a safe place, known and understood. It is only the adventurers of life who reach out and seek their divinity. The harmonic that we are brings this in abundance. Let us teach you by showing you your higher selves and by this—you may reach the place of wholeness you seek and you will walk in the new earth paradigm now entering earth more fully, day by day. It is your energies that allow this, your union as the one but part of the many – together—you bring forth this — new light for new earth,

“Will you join us? Then come and be one with us all and be at peace.
Our love walks with you now and forever.””

So now I make up the essence. I felt overwhelmed by such energy. Each leaf on the tree outside my study window seemed to stand out as individual, unique, beautiful and as life force moving and communicating. All life seemed so still, love seemed potent in that stillness.

I felt to add more brandy than usual and I was called to add 13 drops to stock and dosage, but this is for me, It felt as it is to illuminate all 13 light bodies and chakras.

It is now completed.

Reply by Anne Stanton on April 1, 2012 at 1:04

Feeling this….. Heather, I honour you for this work. SO beautiful!

Reply by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish on April 1, 2012 at 2:58

Good morning my beautiful Heather,

I was just thinking of you two or three days ago………..ahahahaha, now I know why. I love you and support all that you do my dear sweet friend. Thank you so much for always sharing with us your experiences and your messages. I do appreciate you so much Heather.

Love and Blessings, Barbara Marie- The Angel Lady- JoyWalker- Rev Barb, etc.. hahahaha I do believe all of my selves are coming together as Barbara Marie now…but that’s another story!

Reply by Ursula on April 1, 2012 at 7:32

This is so lovely Heather thank you.

Reply by Trish on April 1, 2012 at 12:50

Beautiful, Heather, much of this resonates with what I’ve been feeling and thinking lately. Thanks

Reply by Diamond on April 2, 2012 at 11:38

Song of the earth, and joy as all the flowers clamoured to be included in this new essence…. all the garden joining in harmony. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message.


Water earth essence uniting as one for the gift of stillness and patience

IMG_8322 IMG_8324Posted by Heather on December 11, 2011

  Water earth essence begun December 9th 2011 

While this was created in 2011, the message  inherent in this bowl is timeless.,  it also  reflects how making  essences can be as simple as  a bowl of water on the earth itself. 

This also applies to meditation.  Simplicity in being, surrendering to the pathways of stillness, trusting and allowing,  surrendering.  

I have been called to make another essence during these strong energies of integration. It is interesting, for all I was asked to do was to place a bowl of water onto the earth itself, nothing more.

It is now the 11th—in fact it is an 11-12-11 day meaning — 11-3-11 powerful numerologically!! Inner gateways to the mastery of self. Also I felt called to write these simple notes at a time adding up to 11!
The bowl has a simple beauty of its own, and overnight a gum leaf twig added itself there. But I do not feel it’s about the gum leaf, I think It is about the earth adding her vibration herself. There is a simple power of the sacred in this bowl somehow—three days on — and I feel it with a kind of awe, for in this simple act of giving a bowl of water mindfully to the earth as was asked of me—the earth returns to the bowl a gift of light.

There is such a stillness within it and it feels like a sentient energy standing in guardianship of all life here. I feel a great love and gratitude given to me and great joy. The light spirals weave up at a fast rate and remind me of a tornado of light moving very fast.

I ask myself what is it trying to tell me? The answer I feel, is patience.

All comes in time as we wait—allow this process of waiting for all unfolds in sacred and divine time. This feels like that – deeply sacred as if I stand within the presence of the waters of divinity. There is a lady with it—I see her as dark haired and tall and silent. Last night was the full moon eclipse. It was cloudy and we slept through it, but what energies could have been added then? It feels like gateways opened at that time.

The essence also reminds me of simplicity—how great divinity lies this way. I did not have to use anything, just the waters, and it was enough.

How often do we complicate what is in fact simple? How often do we complicate love? In the process of just being – we allow, and all comes together as it is meant to be. I am reminded of the need to trust , surrender and to lean into the love given. Then, all we seek becomes available, as we take time to see what it is we also seek and in the process we are reminded that we are love—we are one of the many who are the one..

The work in this bowl may not be complete, maybe my lessons in it are unfinished as well. I feel it is not time to move it, and so it stays overnight.

I felt called to add these simple notes here as a gift offered with love—from the bowl itself. As you read these notes, reach out and touch its stillness and offered joy and be one with it—for this too is its gift to us all.

Love heather

Reply by Ursula on December 12, 2011 at 8:10

Wonderful; thank you .
Reply by Heather on December 12, 2011 at 23:59

Early am next morning 12th December

Each morning the rites have been on, I wake at just the right time, and am in front of the computer before it begins at 6.25am. This morning was no different. But this time, as i entered my study, I was aware that all around the essence was absolute stillness. It is just outside my study door and I felt it reaching into my space there and filling me with its quiet.

When I did the rite, I felt it added another layer which strengthened the process and I felt very deeply a part of it as if by being in the essence’s presence I was already in the Temple of Outer Light..

Doing the rite—it became aware to me that the essence is like as magnifying glass to simply alert me to what is always there. It focuses that energy of peace stillness and love that surrounds us and is part of us daily—we just have to open and allow that knowing – and so it is always with us. It is living heaven on earth.

It is the heart of all creation – the union of Mother Father God that we are, one energy—for here in this bowl, I feel life as it is—as we are—that by uniting within this—we become the divine child we have always been but in our physical world and life—we have often forgotten this union. This essence helped guide me more fully to this place of being One aspect of the Divine, and living it on earth.

I chuckled to myself as well—how could one bottle its energy as this is all around us. It’s presence simply reminded me that it is so!

Simple things can bring us the purist messages !

I took the photosthis morning.

Love heather

Reply by Anne Stanton on December 13, 2011 at 17:54

This is a beautiful message and a lovely essence Heather. How simple it is to realise we are mostly water in our physical bodies too, and that this peace is all around us to be incorporated.

Reply by Heather on December 19, 2011 at 2:28

Yes simple reminders hope deep power to me– and guides me back to the realization i may have put aside for a time!!

love heather


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