New Essence: Light of the new earth

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103 Essence gathered February 5th 1014 ( makes a 3)called
The light of the new earth

It has been some time since I felt I was to make an essence but during these times when I do not feel called for that work, it feels like silence is needed. I wrote yesterday that “While this site has become quieter, the sacred work continues. Often what happens here are reflections or an echo of life itself and what is asked of us on the sacred path. This is a time of quiet reflection. A time to listen to your own wisdom and inner knowing. To trust and surrender to your divine self—knowing you are pure love in your inner self, spirit and soul. Seek this, tap this, become it—and as you seek – so you shall become – and then you move gently into the new energies of a new earth.”

I feel at these times, we are asked to be quiet, to listen, to feel within. Perhaps we can say these are the times when our essence within unfolds itself.

Yet today, I felt it was time. It’s been so hot and yet as usual the garden seemed to be full of flowers asking to be added to the bowl. In fact most plants asked to be added. This time there is much white yet I was asked to add one vivid orange flower as well as some soft shaded purple and pinks.

It also felt right to ask the crystals if they needed to be added and some reached out to me, two Lemurian seed crystals which I feel have strong star energy and one tall narrow pyramid shaped rose quartz that wished to be near the bowl, not in it.

Even the placement of the bowl has changed and on a different fence post, although I did not think that mattered, rather that the crystal has more space to be with the bowl.

It is not time for any communication and so I leave it for now.

6th Feb. 9.55am

The energy within seemed focused, full and directed towards the new earth energies. This makes sense.

This early AM, I woke to see the sun shine on the bowl and the rose quartz, illuminating them most powerfully. The energy emerging was a refined clarity, focused attention to earth, and a clear high note so pure it was beyond what I had experienced before. This essence then is part of the new earth in a pure and refined way like the highest note of the scale, totally whole and perfect in its refinement.

I leave it—it needs time for assimilation of earth now, for I feel it is the seed crystals link to the beyond earth energies that also bring this frequency here. I felt the rose quartz as guardian and is to hold the earth song with clarity and love—and so enters the mother, guardian of Earthsong – let the unfolding unravel, that’s how it feels.

6th Feb. 8.17

Out all day. This evening I felt the essence call me. My inner site saw a full rainbow above the bowl. The rose quartz seemed very strongly a guardian- presence at this time.

The essence explained that the rainbow represented the creation energies and that as was above so it was below.

I was asked to feel the earth beneath me. I could feel a movement as if a rising.

The heavens and the earth were uniting at this time for wholeness and absolute union! Wow it feel so potent! These are new energies of a new earth. A movement has occurred in the earth, celestial systems and this has left an opening for this union to be so complete as I feel it now. Wow!!

“Beloved one. You feel truly the power of creation in full force here. The energy or frequency of this union is magnified in this place of absolute balance, This is how we are able to describe this frequency with the essence—a calling of all life into one place of union. This is a macro for all energies now that unite as one—heaven and earth as one—wholeness, completion, power. Yes power!! You do not like such a work? No? We say this: it means full use of all frequencies uniting of their own free violation into the NEW here, this bowl unfolds into perfection, a place of absolute union.

Leave us for we are unfinished yet the work here has truly begun”

I feel a huge energy, like a magnet reaching out of the earth like a bubble of energy, a memory of celestial consciousness. This does not make sense to me, yet the earth is remembering!

“The earth is uniting back into the family of light. This is a simplistic use of language for the earth is remembering her union with creation in a way that is new to her.

Earth as a living thing has been solitary for eons. Now she unites.
This essence is a gateway of light; it unites both energies into one song at last. This is not to say it is not already happening around earth, yet this place, this sacred work—amplifies the process, see?”
Does it make sense to say it reminds me of an earthquake?

“Nay this is likened to an awakening, an opening of earth energy or frequency, does it not? This be likened to earth’s reaction to this uniting, reunion, we will say for long ago in the mists of time beyond man’s memory, earth

consciousness separated to form its own life force. Now these energies have collided—come together for a recalibration of all energies on earth and beyond.

This is the new earth frequency you are witnessing dear blessed Heather. Will man choose too walk in these new frequencies? This is a choice, to be left behind in the old ways where thought forms of old hold this reality into place. Or will man choose to enter this new world?

To do so will not be easy for the many for they choose the old ways, the old fears, patterns that have been in place for eons of time. To step out of this is to release old patterns of hate, fear, violence, greed, jealousy, and avarice—all things that are not of the light.

To enter this new space—man will need to be LIGHT, LOVE to release the old and return to the perfection of the beginning of ‘Eden”. See?
It was when man introduced fear and thus violence by choice—that the separation was finally completed. The body you called earth was no longer able to unite with its ‘homebody’, and so the separation was more complete on all levels.

As above, so below, for there is no separation of the two. As One energy, the majority creates the collective focus. Now we see if there will be enough humankind to change the vibration of fear to one of love. Only then, will man walk into the new earth as one collective light force.

It is a choice, you know—many of you will unite with us, but there may be a separation. This will not be evident for the separation will not be separation of physicality, rather emotionally and mentally and spiritually — as you perceive differently, you will seem to live in a different world by your very acts of grace and union with creation. Those who remain ‘behind’ will seem very separate to your energies. As if they are painted grey. It will be harder for you to be in their presence and it will seem to you that all live in two worlds.

What will this do to the beloved Earth herself? She will be divided in her own energies. This is why we wish to see a united force of good lifting those who still live in fear into the light for there needs to be a majority of lights for this to unfold, see?”

Now leave this essence to unfold further and we will share more tomorrow. The night draws near—in the darkness with the Celestial Beings as called upon by the crystalline consciousness within the bowl—there will be another layer of uniting. Once more, of the harmonic of peace. This will be gifted to earth, spreading out to imbue the All. In this small way—we aid man’s hearts to become more whole, this night. Thus the essence has already become a beacon of light aiding the hearts of the many into stillness, peace and in this space, perhaps they will find a level of joy they are unaccustomed to.”

Feb 7th 2014 9.26AM

I woke this morning with a strong impression of a diamond above the bowl and I was reminded of Metatron’s diamond. As I watched it seemed to evolve into a merkerber, slowly spinning. For me the Diamond represents perfection – above and below. Two triads of perfect harmony united as one. Perfection then as heaven on earth. While the merkerber is well known and have its own messages, to me, it means a perfect union of heaven and earth, balance, harmony, completion. I do not work with this symbol but now I ponder on how it is used as a focus for meditation – so it is one way to draw those who seek into its harmonic perfection. This, I know, would be seen simplistic, but long ago Thoth taught me the need for simplicity in all things, for it is here truth is found. Complexities tend to muddy the waters and hide the clarity of truth. It is also a time when the intellect interrupts the true Knowing.

I went out to photograph the essence, the early sun gleaming off the glass bowl. It did not feel completed yet.

I tune into the bowl now. It feels like there is a real dance of movement within it as if the flowers swirl around like autumn leaves on a windy day.

“This movement is the energies unfolding dear Heather. This is a place of growth as the patterns of creation emerge. See it as a cocktail being shaken into perfection as the astral molecular structure, if you will, (analogy) finds harmonic and thus, completion. Leave us now to continue our work here.”

Oh now I see many sacred beings surrounding the bowl, even the beloved Cat People and my guardian of that race.

“ Yes, they come to support this most sacred of work– in a fashion they represent the history (mine?) Of the sacred path.

Yours? Yes indeed for it is they who are so connected to your earth presence. You be the gateway for them to be here yet it is the essence that also calls then into presence as guardians of this unfolding”

Making an essence is so sacred, so humbling in this work we are called to do.

“Aye, this is true.”

So why am I not called to make more at times and why is it so quiet?
“ Quiet = Assimilation beloved one. A time of assimilation of energies brought forth by you at the times of these gateways being formed to allow the sacred presence of the unfolding for earth’s presence at these most sacred of times. These are times when frequencies slip or shift allowing movement and so a gateway may be opened for this purpose. After the tumultuous times of settling the new earth frequencies—in a time of quiet, when all energies settle, a gateway may be opened to allow them to enter earth. This is your task.”

7th 2.45

Hot now and still. The essence seems to be quiet. i see the lady stand before me, he hand raised flat, facing me. She is dressed as i see her, Goddess like, draped long dress and over her head; almost biblical I suppose. Her face is broad and beautiful in its stillness with wide blue eyes. I feel a need to cross my arms over my heart chakra. The essence is not quite ready, maybe in a hour I hear, at 4PM when the sun has begun to lower just a little. When the shadows touch where the bowl sits—then it will be ready to make up.

“Beloved so we gather once more for this unfolding. We see the gateway open and expand, the sacred light enter earth, and ripple out to touch humanity. Each essence adds to the last. This one as all others holds the profound sense of the sacred. You feel that each essence holds more light—yet each holds the light for the time it is made, so current frequencies are embraced by its creation.

Call this essence ‘Essence of light gateways for the coming new Earthsong’. Ahh a long name you feel? So then- The light of the new earth.”

8.05PM 7th February 2014

the essence is now made up and labeled.

I was asked to return the essence bowl and rose quartz to its original position outside as before.

More notes to follow but I have been told not now—

Sat.8th Feb 11.34AM

Now I feel called to complete these communications

I am holding the Mother essence bottle to me and I feel my cat person guide, the Wise Ancient watching me with much love. He speaks:
“This essence gateway has allowed all those of the Sacred Order of Earth to return. As you see one face of this collective sacred and ancient ones—there are many of us. This essence enabled the light to shine brightly to make a pathway for our return. Yes we have come back before for short times only. Now as the new earth arises, many of us have chosen to be part of this earth once more.

As the Mother herself has united with her collective ‘parent’ so we too return. This also heralds a beginning for this new era now here on your home planet.”

As I feel his words, I see his number grow with many standing with him or as him. I ask him his name as I never seem to know it, its there but I cannot grasp it.

“My name cannot be said by your tongue, heard by your ears or thought of in your mind for it’s is incomprehensible in understanding.
“This essence is one of many to follow. Each brings a new layer of illumination for earth. Each shall act as a gateway for the new light entering this new dimension. For this be the new earth—a new frequency is here., This essence enables its full presence in this now. Those who seek this place of being will benefit from this essence. It is not one to take, rather to place in a bowl or on the earth and to be with it. This is not about healing, rather about recalibrating your light bodies into a place to unite with this new frequency. Be with us, use this essence for such work – and know you too shall aid a clearer pathway to this place for yourself but then, also the collective face called Human.

We show you an image, of two earths, one overlapping the other yet one slightly apart. This be the old earth. Now is the time for the two to be united.

Put away old energies, old learning and patterns. Seek to begin again with the new and join us for as One—we create the fullness of light for this place that is now light. Soon there will be no bridge between the two earths—rather it shall be One.”

Now I understand the essence’s name, Light of the new earth, for this is where this essence guides us to embrace it more fully.

Why was I asked to place the bowl outside last night?

“ We did not want the bowl within a small space—it needed to be away from an enclosed space. Its frequency may have caused a sleepless night for you all, It needs time for assimilation here on earth now the work is completed“

What am I to do with the bowl now?

“Leave it for a day and a night. Let the balance find a stabilized harmonic within before the waters are returned to the earth. Then it is time to release them.

The rose quartz has been the needed guardian for this frequency to remain for it holds the Mothers heart in its collective love frequency. See it as a guiding light, a stabilizer for energies which were random at first, erratic, but needed a strong focus to unite as one for this essence to be completed.”

It has felt to me that all essences lately have been about gateways to allow higher frequencies to enter earth.

“Yes indeed. Yet each climbs higher to match the new light entering earth as part of the earths own evolution back into union with full self. These will continue yet each essence will serve a different purpose. Understand that essences will at times be for man, or for earth or beyond. Some shall be for the collective of which you all are. See yourselves as one cell of one great being of light and you will understand all that you do shall impact on the whole. These essences work on this whole—the macro—and while some appear for one person or people, they still work as part of one unit of energy.

Be at peace. This task is now complete.”

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The essence on day one. Other images in the photo section

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Here are the crystals in the essence and the rose quartz that was beside it

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