Mothersong Quiet seeking ~ a new essence for new times

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Essence 100 Mothersong-Quiet

Seeking 26th May 5.40PM

Introduction – called to make the essence.

Made after the moon and sun eclipses and now the very full moon

I felt called to make this essence tonight. The full moon was so bright last night and it felt after these energy shifts it was most needed.

It is almost dark and yet it felt now was the time. The moon has not risen yet. I felt if I just added water it would suffice as the energies are powerful, yet I also felt through that and found that pink and white flowers wanted to be added. Impatiens, and roses, one deep pink bergonia — and one small pink geranium only. I was asked to only add new flowers, no old ones. This was to signify that this is the time of the NEW energies, the old has now passed—we have moved into the earth illumination of earths new birth for we birth too. We have made our choices and now if we have chosen to live in grace, we step into what this essence is about.

Then I felt a need to add some crystals and I have added what called—the Sandalphon crystals and the earth seed crystals blessed by the AA Metatron energies.

6PM The essence hatches

It feels so gentle at the moment yet like an open gateway waiting for embracement by what is there.

I can feel this—gentle flow of light already – this is the divine feminine I am feeling and it overflows in my heart like a great loving gift. My heart feels to be full of the flowers I have added.

When I felt called to make this—I felt emotional, almost weepy, the energies we so sacred, so pure, so much love. This essence reminds me of the flowers I used to see covering me in some of my meditations. I would see acheter viagra myself lying in a bower, in a garden, and arms crossed over my heart. My hair is long and curly and fair as it has always been. I am dressed in a white dress and am covered with pink and white flowers. These are the nature of purity and love.

This essence is showing me the sacred aspects of its initiation and blessing into the divine song of birth and life. There is no death, just life, for this the new earth song.

Later that night I tuned into the essence and saw what looked like an hour glass above it. I realised it was the symbol of infinity and I pondered that this essence was in fact working out of time into the now time but all time as one time. All death has ceased, there is only life, it told me—and so this is infinite.

30th May 3.40pm The essences communications begin
I have not felt to intrude on the essences space over these past few days. It has allowed me to photograph it. Though, and all I can say is I have felt deep radiance.

Now, it looks like golden light. I am very aware of AA Metatron’s presence with the essence. It makes me think about fashion, how colours become fashionable at times, and this essence reflects the colours of autumn which are reflected in so many clothing items and furnishings now. Like many things—are designers attracted to the colours needed for humanity? The golden lights of creation are powerful now. The essence with its golden colour and deep pinks, reminds me of the rainbow fires of creation.

I close my eyes and tune into the essence but my inner sight side steps it. I feel, now the essence does its tasks and my intrusion is not welcomed. There is no Mother there waiting for me, things are silent and still.

“Leave us beloved One for our time of creation is not yet done.. Much lies ahead for this undertaking. The crystals work in unison with us yet their work has barely opened to the union of star child energies and earth itself, the Mothersong of all life. For there will be a uniting of these energies in this essence. We all travel far and deep to create what is needed this time, this day – this place of life’s existence — this is but a fragment of earth time as ye call it—yet we step out of this limitation and embrace all space, all time—and bring back what is required for the earth’s birthing in the new era of new life here with you – and for all life.

Once more you open a portal and allow these things to emerge and be created. We weave patterns of light for earth’s need. Here, in this microcosm of a place- it will touch all that is here on planet earth and beyond. Allow us to continue this path for ye are blessed and one with us on this journey.

Now in this era of time in your life, we allow you to let US do the sacred tasks you once undertook yourself. Now we allow you to rest in the arms of love as we follow this process of creation.

Earth and light rains unite to make rainbow light. This we be—for to use us is to step into the rainbow flames of creation. Layer after layer of light merges into one light—the golden light you see is all around the bowl and beyond”

31st may 8.03 AM Mothersong-quiet calm emerges.

The purpose of the essence explained

The essence is quiet. It’s quiet in a way that has a stillness attached to it outside earth stillness. As I tune in, I feel this quiet calm. It is hard to explain. Above it I see what appears to be butterflies, they just seem to hover, not sure what these are. They too are still as if suspended.
“These be selves as expressed through non motion. A butterfly flits and hovers then flits. How often is this not an expression of human life and emotion?

It is in stillness that peace is found. It is in calm that truth can be revealed. It is in silence and stillness that ye know truth and self.
This essence is calling attention to those who are frenetic in life—who cannot find the stillness needed to find Us. See? We ask that each take time every day for stillness.

An inbreath away from the outbreath of life.

This be a place of none doing, non- knowing – it is a place where we may reach you and guide your path if it is asked of us. It is where you may hear us and feel us. Through us—ye learn truth – through us you touch the highest part of self which is one of (with) us and know your own truth.

We are not ready to be made up yet. Nay. There is more unfolding and so it shall be.”

All around me this stillness is growing, it reminds me of putting on a warm coat on a very cold day.

Saturday 1st June 1st day of winter!!!! Sacred waters

It’s interesting that each time I make an essence it rains. Even at drought times, we seem to need the rain for some sort of balance. Maybe I need to make more essences to get it to rain, but of course it does not work like that. I get called to make one and so it’s in divine alignment.

The rain would have filled the bowl to overflowing, but it seems not, yet I woke with a strong impression of a waterfalls of energy falling from the filled bowl. It was explained to me that “this is a reflection of letting go and allowing the new to be all selves.

“In stillness lies peace. See the waterfall as cleansing, and what no longer serves, may be released. Yes these are the waters of love from the wellspring of Mother Father God—but in this lies release of the old as you surrender to the all encompassing love of creation. The waterfall can also be seen as the tears of release—washing away what no longer serves.”

Sunday 2nd June The crystalline song

There has remained an absolute stillness with the essence. Even our farm hand commented how still it seemed here at the moment.
Over the past two days we have had good showers, some heavy, and the nature of the essence seems to have changed. Many of the flowers in it were either washed out by the overflow of rain or have sunk. Now instead of the flowers dominating the bowl, it is the crystals which lie on the bottom and seem very prominent.
“The essence remains unfinished. In this new washed earth, after weeks of drought, we assimilate our union with Mother Earth and the rising song of life that now emerges. The triad of life formed via this essence are the eclipses, yes, the full moon and the rain. Each accrues energies to allow earths unfolding of new frequencies for your now times. See this as the new garments of life. The petals that have fallen are those that no longer serve the essence for they have offered the gift of their frequency and so now we begin anew with the crystalline song of the energies within. These be blessed by the angelic kingdoms, yes, and now offer a new weaving of light.

This matrix of energies creates geothermal’s of vibration which reach up and out.”

I see these are like geometric matrixes

“This be true observation. These be the patterns of light on earth now. We simply unite with them as one frequency of creation. By merging with what exists – that has birthed on earth, we add to those vibrations and so strengthen this gift of light.”

I am, seeing a bunch of flowers

“Yes this be how we would liken what this essence brings. In the stillness lies peace, yes? Truth, understanding, harmony. This be needed to embrace all new energies bombarding earth now. To take this essence brings the needed stillness deep within. The inner chatter ceases for a time and allows the new song of this birthed earth to emerge within self. This be a sign post for life’s calling to itself for harmony, truth, light, joy, love.

Message about personal and earth’s evolution

We watch earth and do not judge yet our hearts seek greater peace in your now times. Greater harmony. This is offered a thousand fold now through the new earth frequencies. We offer ways to open to this sacred frequency so man too may birth as has earth. It is a choice, yes, to remain in the new song of new earth, to be part of its light, or to remain as before, in the old energies which no longer truly exist. To stay in the old is to hold onto what no longer exists and thus to recreate it in your own space. To release the old is to find the new directions of life—wholeness, harmony, peace, love and truth.
All essences offered guide man to these new awakenings. The essences are not needed for those who seek, but many need the guidance to aid the new pathways. We simply fill the earth with this to allow a greater and more complete transition by man. Some of you work with this, with us. Others are blind to us yet their hearts are open and they find it within. Others have no time to look or even care—and so life goes on as before.

What do you choose? What do you seek? These are the questions needing resolution within. In the quiet offered here, (in the essence) you may find what your truth is. There is no judgment in that — only love—yet we offer you the gift of the new raiment of life to seek and find, your own truth.”

As I wrote this, the sun suddenly came out and filled the bowl with radiant light, how beautiful—I did rush out and photograph it!
June 3rd 5.36PM Making up the Essence and its offered gifts
The essence has been very still today. No movement and no communication.

Tonight though, as I typed these words, I saw the mother standing statue like behind the essence and she was beckoning. So is it time to make up the essence then?

“Oh yes beloved daughter of light, indeed. The frost of tonight is not required by the essence which is now complete and
is offering its divine song to creations need to heal all that no longer serves in the psyche of those who are still asleep on your home planet.

The crystalline energies within are indeed blessed in their opening to the angelic frequencies of AAMetatron and Sandalphon and it is through their divinity of pure light and love– pure consciousness of the highest frequency, that this essence is imbued.

To say this essence holds true angelic light is no small thing,. And yet it does this. It is known that the Angelic Presence offers itself fully to man’s unfolding. In truth, the angelic consciousness serves man to aid his evolution back onto perfection”.

The journey of the soul

“Those who choose earth life are born ‘blind’ and do not remember the nature of divine self. This once more is learnt in physical life and then, embraced if it’s possible, by that being who chose human life.
Many who walk earth now chose to be here to herald the new Beginning earth is now. In this way they brought a pure light with them, and yet as human, they were asked to embody the karma of their kindred ancestry via their genetic line and to also release that karma so they can allow that biological ancestry to also be embraced by the light frequencies of the Most High.

Understand that by healing the genetics of this, your life time means healing all genetics through all time and so that (genetic) line holds the highest and purest radiance through one time—all time— as there is no time as is thought by your race. As all is healed, the light then, shall shine through history and change much that lay in the past. This is the prelude for these times for you and those like you— to strengthen the genetic lines to enable the possibility of full embracement of this light on earth More will evolve and release the old simultaneously. The physics of this is beyond description here but can be imaged”.

I was shown this only and I cannot record this—it is already lost such was the depth of this understanding at the time.


“Liken this essence as a pebble dropped in a pond, as the rings reach out, it touches the shore. This be symbolic of the frequency of the essence reaching out to touch the All.

Oh yes, dear Heather all your essences do this yet each new one adds to the last for they weave a tapestry of their own in the evolution of creation here on earth.

This essence has been a long journey – oh yes, this we know- the bunch of flowers we spoke of has many outpourings as symbolized through petals, stamens, leaves, stems and so forth— as does what we bring and how we enable many changes here on earth.

Your essences paint a picture of time as non existent and impact on all places, spaces and times as one energy of creation, this weaving was seen in the essence.

Now it is time to make it up – and be assured all is yet to be revealed, more to follow.”

I now make up the essence

As I stood before the essence, the lady stood before me. I was asked to place my palms up and symbols were drawn on them, the one on my third eye and heart and then I think other chakras., I am unsure of the symbols now but I remember the one on my third eye looked like a wavy vertical line but I felt it to be the kundalini.

The essence shines with a radiant light. I hear the name QUIET SEEKING

“Yes for this be the name of the essence

This name has many levels of understating and is not as it first appears.

I call it Mothersong – quiet seeking.

Make up the essence now and leave it.”

When making up the dosage bottle for myself, I was asked to add 15 drops of stock. This was interesting as the two extra drops changed its frequency and above my head I saw a triangular symbol. Maybe this is the triad shown in the beginning of the essence but this will reveal its meaning when its needed. The relevance was the extra two drops. Usually I am asked to add 13 drops and for many, 7. I think the extra drops related to new light bodies emerging or the awakening of new chakras related to that also.

5th June 2013 5.02PM Completion

I woke to AA Sandalphon watching me, and she bowed, palms together. I bowed back for I knew the essence was completed and that its work was just beginning.

The essence has been made up and I have not felt to add other notes since then. I think those who use this essence in real time or astrally will feel its impact as it begins its work on those who use it. That will be the follow up of its sharing. Each will have a different understanding and path as an outcome of its gifted energies.

6th June 2013

Today, the essence showed me how it can work with us.

I woke ‘knowing’ I was to have a massage with a friend who does Kahoona massage and is deeply intuitive. I felt that I was to take the made up essence and that she was to use it on me intuitively during the massage. She did this, applying drops on my chakras, on my back and later directly onto my heart chakra, back of the knees and the souls of my feet. It felt important this be done and used this way.
I understood that this massage was a type of attunement and that the essence was there as part of it. The minute Wendy placed her hands on me, my inner sight saw Sandalphon standing at the head of the massage table and she was directing me to focus on just her. Soon I saw AAMetatron , her male aspect there with her. He was holding a golden cloak and later, he placed it around me and then I was united with them both. Somehow while we were three, we were also united as one, first with Sandalphon (who I see is the over-soul Mother of earth and all Goddess aspects). As I looked at AAMetatron, I saw my beloved White Eagle who is also known as Thoth and others– step out of Metatron, and then merge with him as One as I had done with Sandalphon. I have always felt that White Eagle-Thoth are aspects of Metatron, yet this time it was such a strong impression for me, my heart opened wide. White Eagle and Thoth as two aspects have been with me for many lives, on the astral and in physical life and I love them both deeply. This life, they have both been wonderful teachers in spirit as well, and so we have a deep bond. Seeing us all One was a powerful experience, even though I have felt this before.

The cloak placed on me shifted my energies and I was outside my body looking down at my physical self and those close to me with a true vision. I came out of the experience and the massage with new energies, I felt, and deeper understanding. I felt the essence was preparation for this as the energies in it are so refined and pure, so light filled and sacred. Unless I was able to totally clear my mind and focus on Sandalphon, I suspect this experience would not have been possible. The quiet seeking within Mothersong was a deep truth indeed, for I understood that ‘Mothersong’ is also an aspect of Sandalphon.

Understanding the essences

I know I feel the sacredness of each essence, yet I have always felt they too are a collective and that each one builds on the one before—that together they tell a story of our creation and evolution as they manifest what is so needed by man at the time of the new one’s unfolding, they are magical indeed.

I also understand that many people simply do not ‘get’ these essences but as they work globally on another level, I ponder that they are working where they are needed. Those who do tune in and work with them directly, will gain a deeper union and benefit from them, however.

Essences continue to evolve after they are made and adjust how they may be used according to need or by focused request. Recently, I placed an essence outside to aid another’s rite of passage. The essence shifted and changed and while using its inherent sacred intent, it worked according to how it could be applied to the situation I had intended it for. I have seen this happen many times now– for they grow and shift as we do, it is just they do it from a very high frequency.

Commercial essences do not seem to work this way, as the over-soul intent for their use is so strongly focused they do not hold the free will to grow. Spirit once explained that there are few true essence makers on earth. Perhaps it is these few who make the essences which continue to grow as needed.

Experimenting with your own essences

I have been ‘asked’ to suggest that you experiment with your essences. Place one at a time in a bowl of water and see how they unfold. Do not hold intent, rather allow the process. Touch them with your mind each day, gently and with loving gratitude and see what unfolds for you. Experimenting this way with different essences may help you have a deeper understanding of the gifts they bring. After this first experience, try different ways, hold intent for yourself or another, ask it to teach you , and so on—but always be gentle and watch the sign posts for they may gift you deeper understanding and also aid you to trust your inner feelings more.

My love and beast wishes to all


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