Majestic gateway of Light for 21st December

IMG_1991 IMG_2021Posted by Heather on December 16, 2012

December 10th 2012 4.12PM

I have 2 linden trees in my garden, one near where I garden and hang out the clothes, the other at the far side of the garden, I always talk to the one near the clothes line as i love its gracious and gentle energy and beauty. I was also aware that the flowers, when made as tea are deeply healing as tonic and feed much energy to the body after winter. Well, it is summer here now—yet since the flowers have chosen to open now, I felt there was a reason for it.

A few days ago i was aware of as loud buzzing noise coming from this Linden tree and I looked up , amazed to suddenly be aware that the tree was in full flower—this much later than usual, maybe by more than a month or two! It was so full and the bees so busy, I stopped and sent my love to the tree with surprise at its late flowering. I was overwhelmed then by a need to make up an essence using just the flowers there, this is unusual as those who read my notes will know!!
Today it was time to gather the flowers. After I had collected them, I walked over to the other tree to find the flowers had mainly died. This tree told me that it was the tree beside the clothes line that needed to communicate its messages to me and to just use those, and the tree added “ I have a different purpose.”

It is important to be aware that individual plants have unique purposes and that we can never assume that the same plant, even close by will offer the same energies, this is not true at all. Edward Bach alluded to this too, when he said that his essences would only work if they came from the exact spot where he collected them.

The tree I gathered from seemed very happy as I did this and asked me to place the bowl close to it. It was first placed under a rose bush in the sun on the terrace, one of the few sunny places near it, and so I left it there until late afternoon when I felt strongly that it was to be placed on the table there. While it is mainly in shade form overhanging branches, I felt this did not matter and that this essence did not need the sun.

I wrote at the time: “I feel a lightness there though, a joy and much light. How beautiful.”

Sunday 16th December

The past days have been so busy with people here most days in one way or another! My goodness, it has felt like a revolving door these past months as one leaves and the next just seems to arrive. I felt I had not spent enough time with the essence yet when I tuned in, all was well. The second day I felt incredible light coming from it, like an open heart of joy and I saw so such golden light there I was in awe, yet it seemed happy to be left alone and with all my busyness, I did just that!

It has been unusually dry here for spring, but after I made the essence, the weather changed and we have had mini cyclones causing damage to rooves and trees, very hot and humid temperatures, unusual for inner dry lands, and down pours like the tropics. Yesterday we had 53 mls of rain and it caused flooding and a lot of mess inside and out as the laundry also flooded. We had waterfalls down the bank in one of the gardens which came straight under the door! The day the winds hit, I watched branches of gum trees being swept along outside where there were no gum trees at all, yet the essence which sat on a table, did not move and was not effected except the rain added water to the bowl! There were broken branches all around it, but it had not moved at all. The water was low and even I had topped it up one day as I watered the plants! Now the rain had done the job as well!

Every essence I make has its own pathway and to say all the rules were broken this time is probably true, yet there are no rules and no expectations and whatever happens is usually perfect just as it is.

Today, I sat down with the essence for a chat to ask it how it was going.

What it has to say amazed me, and was so unexpected, I laughed!! When I asked it how it was it responded with

“Doing my job, actually!”

“And what is that”, I asked.

“Opening a portal on this side of the garden. You have neglected it here, it was well past time!” It added. Goodness, an essence with attitude?

I was really taken back as you might imagine, but it is true, all my work and essences have always sat on the other

side of the house, the east side, and I had never felt to place an essence on the west side at all, until now. It felt strange at the time, but the Linden flowers insisted it be placed as close to the tree as possible there. If I had put it under the tree, my first instinct, the dog which was with me, would have drank it, so the next place was on the terrace, where it seemed happy to rest in dappled light.

As I tune into the essence now, I see a star hanging above it.

“This be the portal beloved Heather. This be the time of light entering earth, a time when light will flood where it can reach. Those who are mindful to the new energies would do well to create a place where the light will enter to be with them. Your garden is a portal yes, but here we open another place of light for you—to see the whole area swept with light is an important element added to the new influx of energies now entering earth.

While many see this as your 21st Decemeber, understand this is an ongoing stream of consciousness- light which will reach its fullness on the 21st, and especially if those who are aware take time to embrace those energies.

As you are aware this be a time of preparation, a time to release the old and embrace the new. A time to heal old hurts and fears, shame and greed, to be free of all attachments in your life or in your aura that are not of the light or come from a place of love and giving.

As you have given me much love over the years, so I have given to you, for as plants we are very aware of the divine nature of those who touch us with love. Our own awareness is not as an intelligence as you perceive rather a goodness and awareness of our place in all creation, part of the whole. We are one aspect as you are—we are equal in this, but especially so if human kind be also of pure love.

Our task is this—to show the wonder of life through our growth and beauty, to remind man that we are able to surrender to all life with joy and be love. Many see the ripples of us in the aura of our growth, some say they see elementals there too. All is a reflection of our loving union with all life—and so now, we offer you this love, tangible as in the essence yet it be a gateway of sharing, an awareness of new life unfolding for earth.

The portal here – we call gateway – is an opening to allow the light to flood here and be focused in one place or point of light to be offered.

You understand that all earth will be effected by this light, this quickening of higher frequency yet understand that where love is stronger this light flows more fully and freely. It is why we say to you – open your hearts Oh man, and be one with these light energies, photons for then, you are one with the new light and become as it.

Free all encumbrances now—be free to love fully—love self then others—be free and unafraid and then walk with this light energy as a gift for man’s true nature—the Adamic purity to emerge once more. It be time—allow this.

The terrace, where the essence is placed, is one of my sacred places, for each Christmas my daughter and I stand there together to tune into the Christmas light. We are transported together to Jesus or some other place of great love—and return with sacred messages. Now the essence has opened a portal here in this place as a true gift for sharing. I feel this deeply, it fills me with wonder, for I understand its meaning, I think. Each Christmas night, the star is within us and it is why we are able to touch the divinity Christmas is meant to be and which man has primarily forgotten.

While others cannot be here for this, we can all find our own place, open our hearts to allow such a star of light to be within us and so fully embrace these energies of light for earth. Now they are here, the crescendo of them is the 21st December– so much to be aware of and absorb and this beloved essence offers gifts of light for this time. I am humbled.

“Well where love is given , love is retuned more powerfully than understood—if you could understand the plants in your gardens attention to your needs and love for them, you would understand the great love your garden also has for you. This is true for all human kind and their interaction with the plant world, for what you give is returned to you many times over.

Thus—this essence is a gift from us, your plants who also love you and are cognizant to this. We wrap you in light and our love. You are protected and nurtured as you live in grace with us. Your sacred objects as your crystals are also a part of this divine service we offer you – one of divine light, protection and guidance. While we appear in physical form, like you we are are part of the One and so offer from this source of light.”

I feel headachy in my third eye and my heart chakra hurts of bit, yet I tune into the garden and feel a great energy there which is with me now during this communication, rather like a watchfulness. I find my eyes want to close and so I allow this and find myself visioning.

I see many more stars opening in the garden and all around me. I watch them merge and become one opening of light—ahh this is the gateway shown to me, I think—how amazing is this. I feel I am standing in a cave at the entrance looking this amazing light and I am being asked to step into it.

The cave is the old earth energies to be left behind. I step out of the cave and become the light, a merging into light. I cannot go back to the cave, it seems so dark in there, so dense yet I may choose to return to bring that light with me and to offer it to old earth. The place of light has no room for any fear, it is pure light, pure joy, pure love. It feels soft and nurturing like I am being held by the Mother and this light is holding me like arms of love, and I want to surrender to sleep.

Within this light I see other stars, other openings going deeper and deeper into the light. I hear these are the corridors of time, not time as we know it, time lines, perhaps, new openings to life pathways. I take nearest one—it seems to be hexagonal in shape and as I move down it I am aware of others with me. we appear as like strands of light moving like tiny fish swimming—this feels like rebirth, yes into a new consciousness. This is what the new energies brings us—what do we choose?? We have free will.

This tunnel leads back to me and I open my eyes and am here, back on earth.

This experience is a rebirth and I think it is what the essence asks me to share with you now here.


The essence in itself is a portal of light. Leave it where it is for now—allow its work to continue.

Reply by modron whiteraven on December 16, 2012 at 23:10

This resonates .I think I have some linden tea bags .My ancestral dna is kicking in.Concerning a cave.Sad right now .Some things are too hard to bear.and yes ,it needs to be released ,but not forgotten ,least it is repeated.thank you for your wisdom,sis.It speaks to me.

Reply by Anne Stanton on December 17, 2012 at 0:14

My garden is calling to me as I read this Heather, and I will go out after our early morning gathering tomorrow and ask what is to be done. This is such a powerful message. Portals seem to be opening up all around. I’ve just been out, in the cool darkness, watching the new moon set – a big orange crescent on the horizon. And the stars and planets are beautiful tonight. I took the laptop outside on the verandah, and found your message.

This feels so right. Thank you for being open to these energies, and sending them out to us.

much love always

Reply by Ursula on December 19, 2012 at 1:11

That is beautiful Heather, it feels like all of creation is getting ready. Thank you for sharing.

Reply by Franziska Nonnenmann on December 20, 2012 at 12:38

this is so beautiful Heather, thank you, with love Franziska

Reply by Heather on December 22, 2012 at 17:52

22nd December

The 21st has come and gone—the cosmic reboot, as it is called. A time of new energies to take us higher, to enable us to live in grace with more ease, if we allow that.

The essence continues its work. Today it explained that now is a time of assimilation, a time for us all, to assimilate the new energies on earth. A time to relax and allow the process. These new energies will take some time to merge with us and so our bodies are adjusting now – as is this essence.

Leave it for now, and let assimilation unfold and also for myself and us all. Let go, be free, release all the old angst and live with joy and love—open your hearts and then—then== these new photons will grace you with the joy and love they bring.

It is a time to return to the fullness of self, the purity of your original blueprint as was ordained when you first became human.. As you descended into the fall—where fear dominated you cast aside this purity you are, your true divine selves.

Now—open and free up all that no longer serves so these energies may walk with you — be you—

For now allow me to unfold

the wings within, the wings of light and then as this essence is made up, it will hold all that is needed for the future of man’s unfolding.

So be it this day beloved—

23rd added message— this came to me as I woke and I hasten to add it here now.

That this essence will RETAIN the higher photons and as we take it or are with it, it will allow us that union of purity once more, so we may return to that pathway of light once opened to us.

As time evolves, many will return to the old patterns and we will aid the return to the original upholding of light.

These are times of great need for man and earth– Allow this– hold onto your true divine selves— yet this essence will aid that assimilation and memory holding true to the divine path of enlightenment and wholeness.

Reply by Heather on December 23, 2012 at 9:01

Thankyou Kaisa
there is an added message above, given to me early am.
love heather

Reply by Heather on December 26, 2012 at 20:28


23rd added message— this came to me as I woke and I hasten to add it here now.

That this essence will RETAIN the higher photons and as we take it or are with it, it will allow us that union of purity once more, so we may return to that pathway of light once opened to us.

As time evolves, many will return to the old patterns and we (the essence) will aid the return to the original upholding of light.

These are times of great need for man and earth– Allow this– hold onto your true divine selves— yet this essence will aid that assimilation and memory holding true to the divine path of enlightenment and wholeness.

26th December 5.39PM

The essence has been within me over the past days. It was not ready , it told me as it grouped the energies of light—photons within itself, holding the story of the earths unfolding.

Beautiful expression, I thought. Today I woke feeling the essence was completed yet it was happy to be left for the day.

It explained that once an essence is completed, it can sit in the bowl for as long as is necessary as the light once woven, will not dissipate. Remember an essence is vibration not membrane or vegetation, so the water, while it may look fowl is not the essence it is the light within that is caught as the essence itself. This is why so small an amount is needed to make up the Mother, and tinctures, for the essence is contained in one drop. Like time which has no true motion or movement, as it does not truly exist, light is as this– wholeness, stillness, containing universes within. See the essence as like that – wholeness, stillness yet more alive than human kind’s understanding of life itself. Within a single drop of stillness, lies more movement and energetic frequency than can be understood by mans nature of such concepts.

This essence is called The majestic gateway of Light of December 21st 2012.

Suspension is the word I heard as I made it up. The water was different, thick and syrupy from all the plant life in it perhaps or the nectar from the Linden flowers.

I asked—“Is this ok? Its very thick!”

More than ok!! Was the response. Hold it, feel it and know.

As I held it to me, I was taken back to the vision I had some days back where I saw a star above it. I saw the same star, then many – gather and I felt them unite as one energy then they descended and wrapped themselves around in a rush of energy. I felt this is what the essence will do — return to us the wholeness of the gateway’s rush of new frequencies when they are needed.

Indeed. This essence holds the new earths light as it flooded to earth, we held it in this (essence) form. Those who seek or need re- alignment may do so through this essence. One drop only is needed. In this you will hold a universe, life times of frequencies aligning and rebalancing your own time lines within. it will aid you to see truth and clarity, thus enabling you to release what no longer serves. It is by being free of incumbent attachments that you will be able to dance in the new light—and be one with the new song that is earth.

We wish you many blessings for your journey and hold you with love—gently hold you—for your future decisions as part of the new earth.

Reply by Ursula on December 27, 2012 at 6:14

This is wonderful Heather, Linden Blossoms hold such high energies of sweetness and gentle light.
So perfect for an essence with these amazing frequencies of love and light present at this time.
much love Ursula


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