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Posted by Heather on April 4, 2012 at 19:03

These notes we made June 2007 but once more this essence called today for someone and the notes wished to be added here. I find the messages very timely and it shows also, how we have been doing this work as the new earth frequencies have guided us for this time. I find that very beautiful
love heather

Hmmm I think I am to make an essence today — there is thick dew on the ground, its 8.21 am—and the earth is in perfect stillness after a wet and stormy day yesterday. Perhaps our land is recovering from the drought at last—bird song echoes in the stillness and grey clouds, I think, dissipating, make way for a washed and pale blue sky-

I will take my bowl now and go and ask– they will tell me and I will feel the heartbeat of the land once more—as I type this—I feel and know this truth and I send love to the Beloved—knowing we will unite more fully soon

Oh did I type that? That is how an essence begins—I hear and feel – and start to type what I feel like a diary. If I do not its lost forever and the notes ground the energy like a bridge to earth.

When I felt the calling to make the essence, I wanted to make it straight away, but until I was able to go outside for it, I felt the flowers with me, their pink and white shades surrounding me.

I gathered my bowl and water and stood outside in my garden, uniting my mind with the sky, the earth and nature. I felt the sweet stillness there take me and the fragrances, sounds and silence deepened. I felt in a world apart from everyday life, and this is often how it is—the colours seem brighter, the fragrances stronger, the light brighter. Other sounds like cars and an aeroplane overhead seem to fade away and do not return until the process is complete. I really feel I step into another world where the frequency is higher, but perhaps it is also a form of walking meditation as the love unites with me and we become one. As I feel called to gather the flowers or crystals that seem to beckon me.

Today, I felt a need to gather the pink, white and some yellow flowers – pink and white roses, 2 yellow Buddleia flowers- -one new and one nearly spent, one out of season deep purple violet, pink geraniums and even a rose hip—all representing various stages of birth and life. They looked like a symphony of colour in the bowl and I felt wrapped in them.

After I placed the flowers on the earth, I

felt called to add one crystal, the pink lemurian seed crystal. Once more I felt its profound love and depth and as I held it to my heart, returned the love we shared together as much as I could. It felt so nurturing to be with it this way and it reminded me that I should spend time each day with one crystal at a time to unite with each one as my children—my teachers—we are family after all.

I felt moved to first of all bathe the crystal in some of the crystal water I have here -=- the crystals I was asked to use for a sacred ceremony for the Venus transit remain together in water And I bathed the lemurian pink seed in this and felt the collective there respond with her.

Next as I took it outside to the bowl, I was asked to roll it on the wet dewy grass and it came alive and seemed to bury itself in the earth and the grass sang and it felt amazingly beautiful!

I stood back and tuned in. it was interesting as I felt I stood in a circle of energy or light and this was separate from physical earth. Perhaps it was my focus, yet the energy felt like I was at one end of a lense looking to the end where the bowl sat on the grass, over the lemurian portal there.

I left it then and begun my busy day, leaving it to its own birthing.

5.20pm 1-6-07

I tuned into the essence later today to find it sending me joy. This joy felt like the two DNA strands reaching up and twining and intertwining and seemed to form one energy of being. Reaching beyond—the joy is soft, like a space of light created, gently nurtured by its growth of being and the light unfolding within it as it hatches into some soft lyrical feminine energy which has yet to identify itself.

It was asked to be placed on the ground over the lemurian portal but now is on a fence post where it embraces all the sun for the day.
Now I feel its song and it’s amazing — like the mother emerging through the energy in the bowl– it will remain for the night and tomorrow I will see what is to unfold

It is not communicating with me—just with itself—its love is like a love song to creation and singing and it’s so beautiful!!

Tonight also is a blue moon—a full moon— wow what synchronicity, I had forgotten!! It is also the 1-6-07 and this also makes 2 sevens! And as 1-6-2007 we have 7-2-7 added creates another 7 (7+2=7=16- 1+6=7) my goodness what powerful numbers for today!

There is much light around it—first I see just gold and then deep purple and then rainbows—so wow!- now I wanted to say I will send it love but I have been asked to step aside and allow it its own journey—very well—I shall—

Around 9PM I had an interesting vision. I saw a circle form and felt it was my soul sisters— for a ceremony for the blue moon. It was peaceful and gentle yet focused for a love filled earth. In the centre was the essence, light streaming up like a pillar—strong and true.

I seemed to feel us holding hands and just being love together there.

Later as I focused on this, I saw the Goddess herself in the light stream and I felt she was adding much love to us all as she also offered to the earth?

Saturday 2nd 12.12PM

I felt the essence is very quiet today. It rained last night adding the water there but I always see this as part of the process. I am told it is not ready yet—to leave it longer. It had occurred to me it was just to be made for the blue moon, yet today a client phoned with some huge issues and as we talked through these, the essence came to her filling her with calm and stillness. I felt the depth of its silence which also reflects its birthing but also the work it is doing now.


All of a sudden I felt I tuned into the essence to find the lady waiting for me—it’s ready now? That seemed faster than I thought—but then this essence has been about quietness and stillness and peace. It’s about hope and clarity too—one of wholeness and harmony—energy of life evolving into perfect balance for the next stage of the journey
Ahh that’s it. It is why it has been so still with me—it’s already reflecting what it represents. I see—well== then that’s wonderful.

The lady who stands with her is dressed in pure white and is surrounded by immense light. I see the essence as clear and pure like the rain that has been falling, yet the open light of it reminds me of a perfect rain drop as well- perfect harmony.

I close my eyes and ask for more understanding of this and am shown the depths of the essence as well—as I see the clarity and crystalline structure of the pure song of the essence, I see it reach interdimensionally beyond earth to places that remind me of geometric shapes and light== rather like the crystalline structures of lemurian light—ahh! Of course—I had forgotten the Lemurian seed was in with the essence as well—ahh—perhaps I see this as part of its matrix.

“Nay nay beloved daughter of light – you see more than this- you see into the world of light itself for this essence holds this frequency of being. In these worlds of light as we have called it lies many fractules of energy or frequency layer upon layer that emulates differing frequencies that make up the energies of creation itself, so in many ways what you see is creation with all its light filaments of being., understand?””

Not really

“What you see through the essence is the structure of universes, which are also the heart of Mother Father God or creation—this essence is like a window to this clarity of being. It takes away the clutter that man creates, the imbalance of energies used through
thought and deed, and takes you back to the beginning where perfection lies. Here, there is silence.

Remember when Larimus (my true Lemurian twin soul) told you that earth now holds too much clutter and noise, that there is never any silence? Well here you step into the silence away from what man has created and return to the very beginning that is creation. Here the patterns of light you see like geometric shapes are like the molecules before life as you know it begun. Like amoebas and cells floating at random yet in pattern—waiting for the explosion of life.

In this stillness lies peace, harmony, knowing and being. It is the place where all things are formed, where beginnings are created and where from this place—they may be birthed.

This essence takes you to this place for clarity, focus and knowing – a place of feeling and being and a place for new beginnings.

Call this essence life anew for this be what is created now.

Man needs to return to this place for new beginnings. It is a place for a new approach to many of these things that have created clutter on many levels and where it has hampered life’s processing.

My beloved ones it is now time to begin anew with life—put aside all things you think you know and understand. Put aside all thought for a time—and simply allow us to be with you and in this place of being—allow yourselves to re discover your path, your self, your joy.

You shall find it.

With this essence—take it each day and be with it for a time—a new pattern is to take the drops and sit with it, allowing it to do its work. So in this way it becomes as a meditation for cleansing and allowing yourself to be your true self—understand?”

Yes thanks I do.

“We wish this whole process to be simple and clear and so we say to you now—make the essence simplicity– here is all things and this be what we ask of you now.”

I now approach the essence. The mother I see is tall and has beautiful large eyes—she reminds me of Kwan Yan with her guaze type dress. She is all in white, and has a head dress like a veil on, held together by a circlet.

I give thanks and as I place my hands around the bowl, I get a jolt of an electric shock from it. I put it down and give it a minute then as I lift it the second time there is no shock remaining.

I make up the essence into Mother, dosage and stock bottle and give thanks once more.

“Who is this essence for?” I ask

“It is for anyone who is drawn to take it, for all of those on earth are now asked to begin once more as they embrace all they are into the wholeness and fullness of selves”.

She remains with me as I complete these notes. I give her all my love and thanks.

8th June

It was now time to empty the essence in the bowl out and offer it to the garden. Its work was done and I felt a deep stillness of release and poured the remaining on the garden — some on herbs as a blessing to them and some in my crystal fountain bowls as a blessing and thanks.

As I took out the pink lemurian seed crystal with loving gratitude for its added life to the essence, I saw it had changed. New markings had grown in it. One looked like a feather and another a glistening small white cloud—how interesting to see how these evolve with love and time for as they offer their sacred gifts= they too change in this work we share together.

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