How Flower Essences Aid Healing

All work on vibration healing. Emotions build up to cause disease. Essences help with emotional conditions to aid healing or to advance our spiritual evolution.

They help us to self

They are self regulating—we cannot take too much, so they are safe.

1. Physical body – healed via herbal teas, vitamins, cell salts, chemicals as drugs

2. sub conscious emotional levels, subliminal awareness
3. super conscious levels of spiritual awareness, higher self
These sub and super consciousness are both healed via vibrational medicines as essences—others as Reiki, crystal healing, pranic healing, tone, meditation, yoga, Kinesiology, homeopathics etc
We now can choose to work with all aspects of us—physical, emotional and spiritual. Essences work holistically, Drugs often ‘band aid’ or work only on the physical body.
We work through each of these layers. Eliminating blockages,
Opening us to healing like the layers of the onion—the outer is physical—the inner the soul.

Flower essences work on all the bodies independently, but the essences are liquid consciousness says Gurudas ( p 9) which work to stimulate change and healing within us as they stimulate our free will to make changes.

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