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Now we you are going to make your own essence. DISCUSS AS NEEDED

BASIC INSTRUCTIONS: Collecting the flowers

wash hands
1. hold the intent this is what you are to do
2. get bowl and fill it with some water
3. Meditate into stillness and communion with Mother Nature. Surrender to the love of nature and trust the process as it unfolds, put aside all thought and your own expectations, allow
4. enter the garden and gather the flowers, buds etc that call
5. find the place where the essence wishes to be as it hatches into fullness
6. give love and gratitude, humility and joy for the work you share
7. leave it in its chosen place
8. Come back and write down all you felt—a diary is a needed tool for the essences creation and communication with you.
9. Patience and feelings– —record over the day your feelings and observations or communications.


If I keep it simple it’s like this:

CALLING Since I believe we get called to make the
Essence when the timing is perfect for us
PREPARATION wash hands get a glass bowl of water
MEDITATION preparation for communication
COLLECTION collect flowers – or what calls
CREATION find its location to unfold and leave it there
to hatch
MANIFESTATION trust is the greatest component to knowing
is the greatest thing we have when we
feel its time to make up the essence

MAKE UP Then the essence is made up into three bottles



Whilst the essence is hatching, you can prepare the BOTTLES.
You need three. Two smaller ones are okay as spice jars, but you will need at least one dropper bottle of 25 or 30 mls. (1 fluid oz) (You can be flexible here)
Sterilize All bottles need to be sterilized by boiling them a minute or so –I cleanse the dropper separately wash it in soapy water and I dip it into boiling water—the rubber top melts if you boil it.
You will also need brandy and spring water. You can collect the water from a spring, but it must be pure. Label each bottle as well in advance or have the labels with you.

My labels give

Name of essence

type (mother, stock dosage)

date created
And dosage needed

You will make up three bottles

1. Mother essence.

This is the prime—the encapsulation of the essence itself, what all other essences are made from.

It is made with half brandy and half the water essence from your bowl. The brandy is a preservative.

2. Stock Bottle.

This is made from the mother essence and is seen as a storage bottle which the dosage bottle is made from. This is half to quarter brandy and half spring water. To this you add 7 drops of mother essence. This varies so you can tune in and feel the number of drops you need. Seven drops for the seven charkas is a rule of thumb.

3. Dosage bottle.

This is made from the stock bottle and is the one you
take. This is half to quarter brandy and the rest spring water with 7 drops of stock essence in it.
This IS what you take every day – one to three times daily—under your tongue without food.

Uses of the dosage It can be used in other ways as well
as in a spray bottle and sprayed on chakras or pressure points.
To cleanse your crystals, to add to your bath or vases and so on.


Prepare location Choose a place where you will make up the essence. If you feel a need—prepare this as a sacred place, smudging it or cleansing it your way. Sometimes I find this place becomes a temple somehow, but it creates it itself.
The essence feels ready. You feel the silence around it—the stillness. You may see that the mother stands guard and is smiling at you.
Write any notes that call to you –wash your hands and open your heart to the next process.
This is when you will walk within the light of its creation and this is a most sacred and holy time— a great gift is being offered to you.


Close your eyes for a minute and breathe to centre and focus. Take your heart—your love into the essence and to the Mother/Goddess energies that stand with her. Touch her with your love—feel her—explore her. Merge with her and give thanks for her creation for you. This is most powerful gift – one that is unique and gifted to you from Mother Earth, Nature and The Father of all creation. No small thing. Yes — this is more miraculous than known by most.
As you touch and feel and give thanks it is now time to make up the essence. Take the bowl to your preparation place.
Close your eyes and surrender to this process of creation. Go into the Mothers heart and allow her to speak to you – or feel her messages. Ask her the name of the essence and what it is for – trust this —


Feel yourself in a sacred space and so – together, see that you and the Mother Goddess of Earth make up the essence together.
Add your half brandy to your Mother bottle and tip in enough essence to fill the bottle to the top. Put on the lid, and then holding it, swirl it in a clockwise direction for mixing it. You can tap the bottom but Mother tells me the clockwise swirl—or spiral is more powerful for activating it. Other symbols may be used as well – feel what’s right for you. I often feel a need to do the symbol of infinity for example.
Hold it to your heart. Send a deep loving gratitude to the All who made this for you. Merge with this and allow the love of creation and the essence itself to touch you. Become one with it.

Again seek its essence of giving – what is it for? Now the essence is complete, it may speak to you itself.

Label the bottle – or make sure you know which one it is. The Mother bottle is the one that will hold the energy and so take care, be aware as it is made.


Now make up the stock bottle.
Add half brandy half spring water to the stock bottle.
Use stillness, and ceremony – focus and add the number of drops needed to make up the stock bottle. Swirl as before to mix.

Seven drops is a good rule of thumb as I have said, but if you have that awareness you may feel you need to add more drops. I am often asked to add 13 drops for the 13 bodies, so it varies –just trust what you feel is truth for you.


Now repeat the process making up the dosage bottle. Usually the same number of drops is added from the stock bottle into the dosage bottle.

This is the one you take—the drops under the tongue. I have mine after my shower in the morning


Label your bottles carefully and give a final prayer of thanks.
Now it’s a good idea to write up your notes—your impressions, the name of the essence if you feel it have one and so on.
I always keep quite detailed notes of my impressions during its unfolding.

The essence is now complete.
You may choose to give thanks to nature and the elemental kingdom- and the mother herself, for you have been given a great and sacred gift.
I am always aware of this and am always most humbled by this amazing gift offered to me.

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