Final Comments on making your own essences


Parts 1-5 are a simple outline of how to make an essence. I have chosen to only give you an outline as it is important to trust your own process and get too attached to one method. It is all about Listening to the nature, gem, ocean and other kingdoms and trusting all you feel. In time, you feel more confident with the process and you may make other little changes which work for you. I would love you to share these thoughts and experiences on the forum as this process is a continuous learning and understanding and as the energies shift and change, we also can be taken in different ways. Each essence also have its own story and pathways as we do — and as we learn to listen trust and feel — we let go of all we are and surrender more fully to this sacred process which will guide you , heal you and teach you. It is the most profound and powerful tool I know to aid out spiritual understanding and evolution. Making an essence enables you to create a concrete manifestation of light and few things allow you to do this in such a profound way and the process I have outlined will guide you deeply when you can let go and surrender deeply and learn to listen and feel.

Archangel Michael says that one problem humans have is learning to let go — to surrender, to trust and be unconditional love. These are the things we are asked to learn now as part of our return to the days of purity long ago. Essence making is a wonderful pathway to guide you there and as you learn to follow this process is can be the deepest healing you will ever experience. It will also take you out of time, into all time and here you can heal the many layers of self through many lives and finally, put to rest when needs to be healed and released.

You can do this– we all can and the fact you are reading this tells you it is what you want to do.
This is such a journey into trust and love and union!!
It’s magical I think it is a great way to learn to develop our communication skills as well.
Whilst the essence appears to be very watered down, it is very strong indeed so trust the instructions given. I have a friend who thought the 7 drops was silly, so he added 30 – he was not himself until he remade it with the correct dosage!!!
Enjoy this process, and be open to all experiences and lessons, for as you surrender to this– you will be led by into the realms of understanding where a true gift of sharing will be offered to you.
Many blessings and love
Heather Robb.
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