How to Make an Essence

essence of love for heather 11-4-03_2 So you want to have a go at making an essence. My suggestion is to read these notes carefully, each step at a time and meditate on the process before you progress to the next step.

The following will be divided up into headings to make it easier to follow.
Let me know how you go and please ask as many questions as you need to.


And so the work had truly begun.
In the earth’s calling — The goddess herself took me by the hand and led me into her garden. Nature showed me her secrets and thus, an essence was born.
Listen well, and let the silent spaces be your greatest teachers, for here follows one journey into a partnership with nature and the earth itself.


Spirit defines them as
They are created by extracting the highest healing vibration from the plant, like its etheric imprint and this is used to heal us in all our bodies according to our needs. They are miracles—no less, and profound in the healing they can do.
Not only can they bring clarity to the conscious mind and develop intuitive abilities, they also resolve negative beliefs and directly affect us at the level where we make decisions about our emotions, health, vitality and relationships. Flower essences unlock our inherent positive qualities such as love, courage and joy.’
We form a partnership with nature as we create her manifested tool for healing, union, evolution, and wholeness.
Gurudas Flower essences and vibrational healing page 9:
“—they are as a liquid tincture of consciousness that can be considered educational for the psycho- spiritual dynamics of the individual” that may inspire us to “stimulate inspiration and eventual change.”


Infusing the Mothers energies

The process is a gift of sharing with the earth energies—it opens us more to our land, its soul and our place in it. It is like an infusion of light that we are gifted. Even the process of making the essences is like a beautiful meditation of shared love and is a most powerful life changing experience
. No purchased essence can create this high level of creation and manifestation. Making your own essence gives you a deep connection with the earth and this interaction allows you to make an essence unique for just you.
This is the gift you give yourself when you to the put out the intent to make your own essence, then surrender to the earth to allow its creation.
Australia’s ancient and pure land makes our essences powerful
Our local land and flora energies work best with us
NOW essences for now energies
Working with current earth frequency and evolution
Earth evolves faster so we need the newest essences to keep up
Awareness increases healing as we make our own
Commercial essences are made differently under artificial light
You Unite with Mother Earth making a unique essence
Often the making is the creation and all we need

Spirit explains it this way

Each essence contains different properties. These relate to the needs of the person making the essence, but also to the strands of light manifesting at the time of creation. The earth and nature interacts with all energies for the creation of essences. They are different to the sort you buy for they are a direct communication and creation between you and earth and light energy.

Any who wish to make such as this can. It is simply a matter of trusting your power in communication with us. This process of creation of an essence is as close as you can get to spirit in a tangible form. Many need something to hold and taste and see. But do not forget that the end result is an imbuing of light energy and thus healing and growth unique to your needs.”

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