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Are the name of the essences I have made for many years.  They  have sold globally.  The notes for some of these  will appear on this site from  time to time, but if there are any  notes you  would like to read, please let me know and I will add them  under Essence Notes. 

While  this site is about making your own, many  people find my  essences work  just  right for them.  It is impossible to add all the notes here but if you   focus on  the essence names, listed below, one often stands out more strongly  and since they  hold a strong vibration, it is usually the one for you.  The names also  describe their  purpose.

Prices and a Paypal button  with other details are below 

1               Divinity

2                Greeting

3               Return

4               Rebirth

5               Spiral of Life

6               Cycles

7               Lemuria – gateway to truth

8               Shamballa

9               Protection

10           Lemuria

11           Rebirth and Expansion into truth

12           Shaman – Earth

13           Harmony

14           Four directions

15           Healing 1

16           Joy

17           Being – solstice

18           Creation – Equinox

19           Love 1

20           Surrender (to serenity)

21           Nurturing

22           Nil

23           Larimar Light –

24           Earth healing -September 11th

25           Triad of Light

26           Inter-dimensional gateway

27           Stillness and Love

28           Gateway to Light and Truth

29           Nil

30           Renewal – bodies

31           Forgiveness and healing

32           Love 2 (image on the top of the essence of Divinity web site)

33           Rainbow bridge to soul to complete self

34           Wholeness and Peace

35           Harmonic Concordance

36           Grounding

37           Rainbow Essence

38           Rainbow song (Metatron)

39           Rainbow Song 2 – Wesak

40           1. Transitions 2. Venus transit

41           Harmonic Concordance

42           Initiation and Evolution

43           Clarity and Golden Light

44           1. Californian poppy

45           Whole -ing

46           Linden Flower

47           Earth gratitude and love

48           Past life healing -Nature- a Glade to return to heal jealousy, fear, anger

49           Lavender

50           Californian Poppy

51           Forgiveness and healing

52           Merging Duality

53           Violet ray

54           Rainbow Song 2

55           Essence of life (Tsunami and cataclysm Healing)

56           Creation

57           Weaving of Light

58           Journeys and Discoveries

59           Way to Love

60           Pillars of Light

61           Lemurian Song

62           Divine mastery

63           The Mothers heart- Initiation

64           Harmonic Prayer, Beauteous self

65           Gateways to Lemuria

66           Crystals skulls- Sacrament and gateways

67           Triads of Light

68           Circle of hearts Light Essence

69           Triads of Light 2

70           Sisterhood of the Rose

71           Templates for the new earth- Knowing self- being Love

72           Knowing – White Buffalo Huntress Woman

73           Put to rest – healing the past

74           Life Anew

75           Renewal

76           Sacred Light, Sacred Wisdom, Lemuria returns 

77           Earth heart- Sandalphon’s Gateway  

78           Dragon Light

79           Expansion – Dragon Light 2

80           One Soul One life- Helena’s essence

81           Birth- Bringing heaven to earth once more

82           Abundance-

83           Trust and Love

84           Sandalphons Nurturing ~   Goddess oversoul

85           Gateways to creation red gum flower

86           Life’s Purpose (Sandalphon’s)

87           Waters of life ( combines 85 and 86)

88           Star of Bethlehem 1 for man 2 for earth as sacrement

89           Regaining Hope and pride in self

90           Light within light –   reaching your highest potential

91           Into the heart of creations song

92           The harmonic flow of love- bridge to new earth

93           Way to enlightenment- change and growth

94           Stillness in movement- following the divine flow 

95           Waters of life- rites of transmutation

96           Venus transit solstice triad of essences to be used in conjunction with each other called collectively pillars of the temple to the new earth. Master essences, soul blue print:

96.1          Lemurian song

96.2          radiance of love – holding true to earths purpose

96.3          Metatron’s calling – light clarity and focus

   97        Illumination and Evolution

   98        Majestic gateway

   99       The grail- to life- the holy flame

   100      Mothersong – quiet seeking

   101      Travelling

   102       New beginnings

   103       Light of the new Earth

   104       Road to Eden

   105       Destination

   106       Beautiful things  

   107        New Beginnings

108          Current energised of now 


Dosage bottles ——– $25.00 AUD

Stock bottles ———-  $40.00 AUD  

Postage  – ( sorry PO  price rise)
            international —-$25.00 for up to  3 bottles 
            Australia ——– $12.00 for up  to  three bottles

or email me  at:

Note: Stock bottles make up about 25 dosage bottles so are a better option.

I do make up  unique  essences for individuals when it is requested . Cost varies according to  the time the essence takes and the length of the channelled notes given.

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