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Sisterhood of the Rose essence and ceremony

IMG_0559 IMG_0569Posted by Heather on July 14, 2012 at 0:35

Dear Kaisa

here are the notes you requested. These were written in 2006. When i had re read them,i was given some more messages which i have added at the bottom.
with love

I feel it is now time I have the ceremony for the circle of light that we be. It seems for me I am to place a number of essences in a bowl of pure water and I am asked to leave it outside while we are away over the next 8 days., I know the place it is to go – it is to go in my garden near two portals I have opened and together they create a balance of energy, as one is Lemurian temple energy and the other is a gateway to the stars.

I find that I keep coming up with triads as part of this creation of the essences and ceremonies I have been doing for the circle of sisters.

I am asked to add the circle of light, skull essence and the Lemurian gateways for each of these creates a balance and strength with the other. I use mother essence and just pour it in and it feels right.

First, I pick up the skull essence and do not touch the bowl or water yet the water moves for a minute like it becomes alive. Then it becomes still. I then add the three essences one by one.

As I place my arms around the bowl I feel our sister circle here within this. There is a great stillness and peace. Then a tunnel of light seems to reach up from the centre into creation itself, a uniting of energy.
Then I see a light forming around the bowl like a wheel and it lights and ignites brightly. Then I see it reach out like tongues of light and go to each of you as the wheel spins, but there is a great stillness.

In my minds eye I see deep purple flowers like pansies floating on the surface but I do not have any and even so I feel the need for this to be as it is for the work it is to continue to do with unfold as it is.

I open my heart to see what else wishes to be added ethereally and I see my skull reaching out to add her light. She is such a beautiful energy now—so light filled and feminine, of stillness and grace. Goddess energy? I feel her energy has risen somehow to a higher place. I see many petals floating on the surface of the bowl now and I feel and see elementals there too.

Now I see a fairy—rather like the beautiful sketches like a guardian over the essence—I see much very deep purple with in its depths of light.

I see my Lemurian seed crystal in the water for she has imprinted her energies there and is of course part of the Lemurian essence.
I think what I see are all the essence energies now intertwining to make each of us stronger individually and yet also together as one energy.

I close my eyes and breathe into the full moon and the equinox time of the 22nd. What a powerful energy it is to be. Even on the day of a master number!

My head seems to rest on the essence like a cushion as its stillness is so nurturing and healing for me. I will take some of this with me in a little bottle and allow it to ask what it will of me then. I feel it is most healing, and so love filled. I see the moon overhead and feel lulled by the softness of it. I had felt a need to play the CD Snow falling on Silence while I made this and the quietness of the vibration in the music seems to match the energy I now feel here. Feel lulled into silence, into love, into joy

This feels like such a deeply healing energy. Can I describe what it is offering me?

We hold you in our heart beloved daughter of light, for the unfolding of us together are the song of the ages manifest as one song for all of you to embrace as one self. Allow the song of this to bind you into the web of its light filaments which are a weaving of creation., Here the womb is like a bubble of light gently holding you ,caressing you and gifting you the deepest of love as you return to the place of birthing once more.

This is so powerful for me, so healing and I see now a pool with water tricking into it and a lady kneels before the pool and offers it a white lily on a long green stem. It all looks very archetypal- we offer a gift to the waters of life—the ceremony of creation has begun and each of you now is embraced by the pool which is the water bowl I have here I feel – for it has transposed itself into this pool it really is.

I call you all forth and you come and join me as we kneel around the pool, together. The white doves come and one by one they alight on your shoulders and fly also above us in the glade of ever peace and tranquility.

A lady seems to rise out of the waters spinning gently and yet offering something to each of us one by one. She looks more like crystal yet is alive.

It feels as if we sort of murmur together quietly in this amazing stillness and I see little circles appear on the top of the pool – are they us?

Yes they be you all beloved ones for as you gather this way you touch the realms of paradise. We greet you with love and bless you, each one of you – and unite you more deeply into the realms of union. The Sisterhood of the Rose. The purity of love is bestowed on each of you for this is a true attunement of bodies into one body.

Now I see what looks like golden stairs that lead down into the pool. We all file down the stairs into the waters which have turned golden and it looks as if we too have become golden like ancient Grecian statues, but we re-emerge

we are new born and seem to come alive as different beings of creation, all look bright and clear and smiling. A true sacrament of the sacred waters.

Above I see a star so brightly shining, and I see each of you as a different face from long ago. I think each of you may be shown who you are or were or who you unite with –I feel like an observer in this and I do not see myself yet I watch each of you walk out of the pool and file down a path to a golden temple I see in a forest now as the pool now seems to be surrounded by trees. It is a small temple with pillars- ahh I have described this before I think? But you all walk to the temple and enter, being absorbed by the light within. It fades slowly as do you all.

I feel myself alone in the forest and am asked to reach for the water and to place a spiral with the water on my third eye. It feels alive and I see a white dove in front of it yet attached to it. Now I feel I have united with the temple and all has sort of blended into eternity.

I had to break the vision then (and get dinner!) but I kept seeing the same image—a golden- apricot coloured star with many layers and points.

I feel that each of us will create our own ceremony that will in some way unite with each other to make the circle stronger. This is my unique way, as I was lead, so it was done. I am still aware of an amazing stillness with mixture so created, like it waits.

The bowl is on my desk as I want to put some in a bottle before I put it outside, and it is interesting as to its left I have the Buddha statue and the crystal Linda gave me together with the ancient Babylon healing stone, Calchelsite. It feels like a need to unite them for a minute before I place the bowl outside which I will do now. The same stillness and calm, the same harmony, it’s very beautiful.

I will photograph them together first then I will place the bowl outside, with love and project the energy as an unfolding with you all.

13th July 2012

After I found and re read these notes, the following message was given and I was asked to add it here.

Reading the ceremomy made me feel that I sat under the tree of life in the Garden of Eden – the eternal reflection to life and our journey. The words given back then and the ceremony followed felt to me in direct alignment with our now times and Metatron’s current direct teachings, even though these were written in 2006. Once more I am reminded that all is one and that time does not exist.

Kaisa I felt strongly that you were called to ask for these notes so they could be shared once more for these times, and Friday 13th? Is there ever a coincidence?? Hmmmm where the sacred is concerned, all things are possible! and 13 and 7 for July make the master number 11. Add our full date up and we have a sacred 7!

Message given is this

This be called the Sisterhood of the rose essence and ceremony of initiation into the rites of this ancient order.

Many of you walk this path and together ye unite at different times in your life’s times.

Kaisa we say to you beloved sister of Heather who is known to us also As White Dove that you unite with these frequencies as you read these notes. These hold the weaving of the sacred goddess light energy as so manifest by Sandalphon. Why would it be that beloved Heather is so close to her as goddess form? Are ye all not but one song of this energy? The Sisterhood of the Rose be one light, one strength, and guides the new light to earth. Ye be guardians of this light and unite to create this.

Anne, Kaisa and Heather—ye know that this be the path of the alchemist ye be- yet many enfold this energy and offer it in their own ways. This day, Heather—you felt called by us to add the list for the essences. Kaisa—you felt called to ask about the Sisterhood of the Rose—and so Heather sought us and we came and added to her notes of long ago.

We add many loving blessings to you who seek and find.
This ceremony offered holds deep implications of re-union to the past song of creations calling, touch it with your hearts and know ye be part of the uniting of this song for earth and man.

As Heather writes our message, she joins with the chanting of these beloved ones who serve, from hearts of seeking and hearts of knowing – yet for manyreamin innocent but within know —

Heather asks why she was not taken into the temple at the time of ceremony – she has another role in this—and knows — as each of you do – yet ye be one of those who sings life and breaths life back into earthsong – and so it is and shall be

Our blessings this night with deep gratitude and love for we be the collective voice of the Sisters of the Rose—as many and one—we unite this time in joyous reunion.

All my love and blessings

Reply by Anne Stanton on July 15, 2012 at 12:43

Reply by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish on September 3, 2012 at 2:25

I am feeling a part of this too Heather. Maybe it is time to give this some of my attention.

I am seeing 12. 12 What? 12 Women? 12 rose buds? 12 rose hips? yes I feel it is the rose hips.

I will ask for guidance on this today. I will gather 12 rose Not sure, it has been raining heavily for 24 hours here. SEpt. 2, 2012……….hmmm 9 plus 2 pus 5 equals….16 equals 7… 3’s and 7’s are my activation numbers………….interesting how I just wrote those words…….ACTIVATION NUMBERS… I know those two numbers are important to me……..3, 33, 333, 7,77,777………37, etc……..yes 37 very powerful for me…. so now I see they are my activation numbers. Now I have one more topic to pursue! hahaha What fun! I will keep you posted on this too Heather…. many blessings. Oh and any information you have for me on this will be greatly appreciated.

Blessings, Barbara Marie

Reply by modron whiteraven on April 3, 2013 at 1:38

Dear Heather,thank you for your work.There is a book I have and have not read ,yet.Called the Sisterhood of the Rose .Your work with the grail is intriguing .For I feel strongly that a real people will soon be brought forth ,one way or another .All my love…Modron

ps ..I do make bath salts .Tried adding these mysterious stones to the “essence”.They are triangular in shape ,am told the fairies made them …..

Spirit’s messages about the nature of essences

lemurianseedcrystalessence0004Posted by Heather on November 1, 2010

I was given the following passage way back in 2002 but today i called to be included here as it stands.

This was given to me as part of some notes for an essence I made back then but is timeless in what it offers us for thought.

The essence I made then was a gem essence called The interdimensional gateway that utilized just one lemurian seed crystal however, not the several in the photios i posted yesterday — i have yet to find those notes.

here is the important quote for you to think about!

with love

See these (essence) drops as placing you on a light highway which will return you to your beginnings – and thus an understanding of who you are – your role on earth now – and the commitment you undertook for this life, made before earth walk.

This information is much, and for the many – confrontational and often misunderstood.

About Flower Essences: As dear ones you make the essences using the flowers that grow on earth at this time – you allow yourself to merge with earth and spirit and this is a gentle and nurturing way to heal and learn.

Star essences however work far out of human understanding and experience for the many. There are other crystals which are in earth which are not a part of the human experience although, like Alcyone, (a lemurian seed crystal ) contain earth history as well as star history and so while it is popular to work with gem essences now – It is needful to be aware that many are not suitable and thus deeply attuned practitioners are needed to aid in this decision of who is to use such essences, see?

IN the Future: As the earth energies raise higher and more peace shall unfold on earth, seeds and corms from past histories shall emerge on earth once more – and in the more refined energies , shall grow back
into the light.

These amazing plants shall offer also deep memories of early earth – a ‘Lemurian’ earth in many cases, where man and earth walked as one. When these plants are created in essences a greater bridge
of consciousness shall emerge for man and a deeper link with earth and creation shall evolve.


Road to Eden ~ Destination ~

: Road to Eden essence 104  Thursday 20th March

Yes it was a calling. It is equinox time, and in the stillness of the cusp of new unfolding creation, my heart heard the calling. 

I fetched my bowl yet I was not to add flowers yet. I had to go to my sacred mandala and see what was to enter the bowl. I was surprised so many Lemurian seeds wished to be added, and one Metatron earth crystal.

Outside I was called to collect the new flowers, once more it seemed white, pinks and purple needed to be added.

There was one large petunia in deep velvety purple that wanted to be used, but not picked, just placed beside the bowl so it could droop in.

The bowl now sits outside beside the purple petunia.

unfolding essence
unfolding essence

In the process a great stillness and joy manifested within me. It was all around me, like the temple of light it gathered, forming a circle of energy of love, grace, protection around me,. It felt like a womb holding me in its loving heart. In a way it seemed to manifest as a temple all along.

Its not time really to delve into the essence, but I felt a need to enter it. It felt like I walked through an ancient crystalline city as if I walked between the many crystals in the bowl. But I am aware that some of crystals that called to enter the bowl seem to hold vast knowledge from ancient temples. There are some I felt held star energy, some of the 7 sisters from the Plaidies are also part of this essence bowl, and so the star energy within is also strong, adding a balance with the earthly flowers, the Mothers Heart so strongly evident in the bowl now.

Yes its equinox and so we touch all life here in this bowl, a balance of heaven and earth. A balance of ancient teachings of loving wisdom and the earth’s softness embracing the all. Friday 21st March

I have not felt a need to touch the essence yet. I leave it as it is under the stars. However I am aware of light dancing out of it up like rays of light. These are not steady but move as in a waving movement. The energy in the bowl seems like it celebrates all life. There is an excitement in it, a very alive energy like its squatting on its haunches loving the night, the stars, life. I feel the two energies within, star and earth,. Acting as a balance like two candles on a mantel, as they show me now, both burning brightly, both offering counter balance for the other. Both needed in balance and harmony, each helping the other grow yet thus far, working separately.

There seems ot be a spiral   rising up, spinning very fast,. With in it I see the temples I assume in the Lemurian seed crystals. Maybe what I see is a memory rising up.. I now being shown an oceran with a moon shiningg on ripples of water.

“Memories dearest. You see memories within us evolving out into the thought forms the essence unites to create as part of her unfolding. It is as if what we are is released for a time to aid in the manifestation of a new frequency as manifested through the essence. This is all.”

This is all?! There is such power in what you have said!

All of a sudden I feel very tired so need to stop now.


Sunday 23rd march 10.47am

I have not felt a need to communicate with the essence and have left it to be. In the beginning I was aware of the separation of the crystals and flowers but that is less evident now if at all present.

The essence seems whole now and just seems to embrace where it is, its vital presence here now. I hear it is a bridge between dimensions, space and time. Once more I am aware of the portal effect it is. In many ways it feels like a uniting of both worlds forming balance. So maybe its fairer to say the essence that unfolds is a link or unites both worlds as one. The crystals have a lot to do with this and the flowers are earth, whole and grounding.

This essence to me reflects a union of layers of energies. The essence is not a gateway allowing other energies here, rather it unites them. The flowers are a lyrical song manifesting earths love, beauty and joy. They also seem to reflect Eden, in that the possibility of perfection remains here on earth. If we know it is here we are more able to embrace what is, rather than reach for is not.or once has been.

Are we being reminded then that Eden, the perfection of life—exists now and can be reclaimed? Is earth now in that place of light perfection, ready for those who seek and are open to it?

Yes. Other essences have alluded to this too, yet this essence shows it’s true.

24th March 10.42pm

I have ben away today and no time with the essence yet the reaccuring theme emerging for me is that this issence is bringing foreth the Eden song, where we are eden with in and sio it is there for us toi claim if we choose.

So many people seek the perfection and yet they seek it outside themselves. It lies with in and this essence alerts us all to this knowledge.

More tomorrow as i feel tomorrow the essence will ready to be made up.


Tuesday 25th March 10.02 AM

As I stood with the essence today, I got a strong feeling Thoth was standing with it.

This essence holds the key to the ancient understanding that there is a wholeness and truth in all we are asked to follow. It also holds the balance of life, so above so below. The holy cup therein. Perhaps this is Eden   in its wholeness and the essence encapsulates this wholeness.

For some reason I felt called to add this here too, for it is meant to be scribed by the beloved wise Thoth long ago, and this is one simple translation by Dennis Hauck from his book on the Emerald tablets.

“Beloved one you speak truth for this essence holds the key to true knowledge and will set many free from the bindings of misconceptions about life and their path in it. In this new age we ask man to walk freely, with an open heart unencumbered by fear and free to express all that they are.”

I see an image of early man walking tall and straight, unlike the apes of early times.

“Yes indeed we show you this analogy to reflect new man in new earth for this is how we see new man on new earth, the evolution is as great from the apes of early man to new man of now. Walking straight and tall is about purpose, positive approach to life unencumbered by fear which is reflected in anger, greed, jealousy, shame, blame—the list goes on, yet all of these are a reflection of fear.

In the last essence we walked you into the new earth by openeing a gateway to allow the higher essence of life access to earth now. This essence offers you this higher place of light. As you take this new essence or are with it, you are welcomed to Eden, as you have called it. You are welcomed to return to your true self. One who is love, one who walks in grace, for in this you walk in the purity of a new earth, washed clean of all fear, free to express the wholeness of its divinity. The new earth we speak of lies with in dear ones, it is who you have always been, but have chosen to forget as fear took you on a different path.

Do you want this new earth Eden opened to you ? Do you accept our offer? Then take this essence with all our joy knowing that you offer this also through yourself to those on earth.

For, YOU are the gateway now beloved ones, you walk this path of Eden and man will be touched by your presence here now.

Celebrate this with us. Be this.

The words of Thoth as expressed here are as fresh now as they were when recorded. It matters not how these are expressed, rather they hold the frequency of a deep truth. They illuminate what this essence is about.

See this essence as a song of life, a celebration for the true beauty rebirthed now within earth itself. See it like a fine spring day, a new awakening for the all who are open to feel, to see, to know and to accept and then to embrace.

Leave this now for a little longer for we wish to embrace this new day with the clarity and purity it brings, for we have opened earth around us here to feel and be one with us as you may be.

Do you accept? Do you surrender to this?

If so—be welcomed into Eden, a new earth unfolds, with untold promise of a pure and bright future”.

location of essence

Tuesday 25 March 2014   5.40PM

The essence has been ready for some time to make up yet it seems to have enjoyed being outside in the autumn sun.

As I bring the essence inside I am aware I have yet top be given a name for it.

“Call it Road to Eden   dear Heather, for this name reflects its intention. The road of course lies with in which is what all man needs to – that all ye seek is with in now and is not beyond the self.   Understand?

Make this essence up and we will speak to you again”

26th march 9.27AM

I have just made up the Mother. I now hold the Mother bottle to me with gratitude and love and in the silence space reflect on the essences path and its purpose. A road to Eden? That this essence is a guide to allow us to embrace our higher selves, our sacred divinity, our true nature which is love through its offerered gifts. Once more I am deeply humbled by such a gift via the essence.

“Beloved daughters listen well. For this be truth. Now in your world, the new light of earth has awakened. Here as part of this new dawn, you are asked to acknowledge your true nature at last.

Your stories speak of Eden, Adam and Eve and the fall. The Fall was about descending into fear, that is all. Adam and Eve were not cast out of Eden, they simply could not return as their fear had lowered their light frequencies.

In the eons of time since that time of the beginning of man on earth. man has evolved back to be in a place where fear no longer has to hold him. When fear is released at last, freedom follows and joy is embraced as is love, peace and grace. This essence asks you to embody these things and it will guide you there as it will enable you to free the remnants of your ancestry – fears you have carried in your DNA since those times.

Man often speaks of past lives, past memories but understand that much of these memories are genetically based on the DNA of your ancestry, carried with in you.

Now be free. Let go of all that lies within, begin life anew with the fullness of your divine nature shining through at last., This is possible. It does not mean changing your life style, your friends, your loyalty. It does not mean that life will change for you yet your changes are within. How you see life, loyalty, those you love will seem purer as if a filter has been removed frm your eyes and you see clearly, and through love and joy truly for the first time in your life.”

As I write these words I can feel great love in them. Surely these are keys as the frequency of your loving message of hope for many is shared here?

“Oh yes beloved Heather, indeed, for many will read but few will ask for the essence itself, therefore it is our task to reach many in all ways. As this essence unfolds itself, its wings of light reach out like ripples on a pond and touch all of humanity. Yet to use this essence is also a commitment, a responsibility, to self, for by doing so, you have accepted what we asked —to be with us in all things of light and here, your path will change via perception as the joy you will learn to embrace will shift and change your view of life, self and in those quiet spaces, you will know us and be us for we are all One are we not?

Learn then this—that each of you is like a cell of the collective consciousness called Mother Father God, The Father, Creation—what ever name you use, together as one, you create the ALL. What you are strengthens the love that is your true self and it flows from you like a river to unite with all creation and then touches the hearts of those who still seek (us) and wish for peace.

This is the task we offer you this day at this moment in your time.

Do you accept?

Then join us now and know you are also the essence – of life, of love and humanity, be it and let it grow within and then be free to be all your true nature is, one of the divine song of all life. Rise up, be reborn and live in grace.

This essence may be taken by mouth or placed in a bowl or even in your burner. It may be used in your bath, on your pillow. Hold it to your heart in gratitude as the commitment to be the Divine Self is offered, for then we walk the same path back to Eden where the purity of self can once more be fully expressed.


Such gentle words with a depth of loving offering. Once more I feel we are gifted so much and I am humbled by this.

I have made up the essence and taking 7 drops of the dosage is all that is needed.

Sunday 30th March 3.19PM

I have finally decantered the remaining mother into a jug as it did not feel right yet to gift it to the earth.

I took it outside and united with mother earth to ask what it is to be used for now.

“:Beloved daughter of light. This liquid is infused with the gold energy of all life. It is not an essence to be used as such, rather a sacrament for where it feels needed to be placed.

For now, leave it in your study on your desk as as time evolves you may understand ways it can be used.”

As I close my eyes and look at it it seems ot be a ball of vivd orange gold light. Yet it seems to be two sections of of the sphere it is.

“This is the two layers of creation beloved one. In this you see clearly. Two halves of creative consciousness. To be explained another time—today, you are tired and this work may be put aside.”

Later when I cleaned out the bowl, I was asked to replace the crystal in fresh water and leave it outside. Another essence?

Wednesday 2nd April new beginnings – essence called
Road to Eden – Destination

I have left the crystal bowl outside and have not gone near it. Yesterday I was aware of great light with it. I felt being Lemurian seed crystals it may bring much early or celestrial energy with it, but I had no idea, just this amazing light.

after road to eden

Since beginning Road to Eden, I have found out I have a tiny carcinoma in my breast which will be removed. As I felt called to take drops of Road to Eden today, I was pondering that   maybe these essences would make me one for my own healing.

What do you think this one is, Beloved” the essence responded. Then added “And what of what lies outside in the bowl? Do you think we would leave your healing unattended?”

I felt grateful and smiled. But there is much to the Lemurian seed crystal bowl unfolding I have yet to be given. It is so light filled, its beautiful. I can feel its strength of purpose, its identity is the word I have to use. This is unknown yet, unnamed.

Then it begun to talk to me.

“We are the pillars of light holding the power of the light to earth. Yes, you see us as streams light like pillars reaching to the Beyond. But we are more than a bridge between heaven and earth, into the realms of the unknown. We bring forth the ancient teachings of the parallels of universal knowing. We are the temple song from the place known as Lemuria. This is not of earth, beloved as you think, but beyond. What you have perceived as old earth is this, yes, but not earth as it was known through your scientific explorations of old earth now. Lemurian song was like a golden cup of life superimposed over earth like a golden mantle, offering the earths beginnings new hope, new birth for another life unfolding .

You have often said it seemed to you that Lemuria floated above the earth. This be true in many ways, yet see it as a dimensional shift of frequencies overlaid to earth for earth beginnings.

In many ways your story/ memories of the lemurian self, Illeana and her soul twin Llarimus was a metaphor as is Adam and Eve, for this story exemplified new birthing through experience. White Eagle whom you loved then did exist yet he was the father of all. Your hearts memories hold true to the love you had for him. Your feelings as his daughter was as a collective daughter.

This day we bring great healing to you of the past. Within you lies the seeds of great and noble lives of the many. Pathways followed, crossed, explored and embraced with all manner of feelings, for man is one who feels. Deeply. This we love about man, his ability to feel so deeply. It is seen as weakness, but nay, it is a strength.

It is these emotions – you have defined them as love and fear, which has shaped man to this day. The karmic interactions have been great and in this lies illnesses very expressed in your now times and which can be released through releasing the old that lies within. This be the experiences of attachment to your emotional interactions to life.

You are a daughter of the human race. What lies within you is this race of historic experiences and as one human who is a micro of the macro, you hold all human experience. Disease is a manifestation of the human collective and while some humans have a predilection to certain illnesses through family genetics, in fact it is the thought processes and emotions of family DNA which you carry as part of a collective. These patterns are the threads to cause disease.

Your little lump is one such manifestation, where stored pain from long ago surfaces. This is what cancer is beloved one. It be as a closed fist holding to it pain of long ago; it may be millennia. In your time of being, you allow this to manifest so it may be cleared by the strength of your own focus and dedication for earth and human healing.

This day we bring forth this knowledge but more. We bring the ancient light back to earth to shine brightly. See this in some ways as the purity of Eden. We see you smile as you say   that we represent the rainbow or pot of gold at the end of the Road to Eden! This too makes us ‘smile’ for yes, to follow this path leads back to such a place of pure light, pure joy, where the true divine self is revealed and there you embrace it fully at last.

This is what we offer through us. This is the completion of the essence’s journey, Road to Eden, for we are its destination. Yes you may call us this:

Road to Eden, destination.

This can be made up but leave us for let us offer our light to earth longer. In this formation we will continue to be a life force united as one, offering to earth kind.”

Friday 4th April 8.27AM

I have been aware of this essence in the bowl. The clarity and light there is amazing. It feels like waters of light bathing me in their healing frequencies. Within these waters I feel a deep sense of calm, purity, rightness and love, This feels like it is DESTINATION.

after to road to eden  104 - Version 2

I have not felt to make it up yet I know it’s completed. My impression is it is working via the bowl to me.   I took Road to Eden drops last night and felt I wanted to add drops from the bowl as well, but did not as I do not have to – its working with me all the time.

Cancer to me is trapped emotion not released. If I use this premise, I have looked within to seek any imbalance. I am a person who tends to see the positive in everything. I let go of hurt and move on. I love what I have feared and so over time, I think I have healed any fears I have known I carried. Yet in my calm, who knows, perhaps I hide things on a deeper level at times.

I see this essence then as one that frees me to explore my deepest truths for it surrounds me with the calm and the love it is. Interesting. I will flow with it and let it unfold further. All I can say is I feel a deep level of joy which seems in contrast with   my health, yet it is how it is, and this tells me much about my own pathway in this.

It is now Saturday. It’s a clam and beautiful mild autumn day. Bird song abounds and I have been watering my pot plants and communing with its floral beauty. The garden has a stillness I feel when I make an essence especially, that calm gentle serenity that is nurturing and healing. I feel the Destination essence reaches out like rings of light embracing what I love as it embraces me. How beautiful.

12th April 2014 9.39AM

The power of Destination has flawed me. It has been so amazingly powerful and with me while my carcinoma and lymph gland was removed. I found it surrounding me all through the process as if I swum in its light, for it felt like moving light. There is no doubt in my mind that Destination was made for my healing, a blessed gift of grace.

It also explained much to me about the nature of healing for human kind. It explained that our DNA structure holds memories and the understanding that at some times healing is needed via human intervention, as in my case, removing a lump under anesthetic with follow up as ordained by my lovely surgeon. This is how my body understands the nature of healing for me at this time, however, my light bodies respond and know the nature of vibrational healing as through the essences I work with. In this instance, Destination   was created to work with me this way, so it is very much about the healing process too.

There is no doubt I have made a faster recovery than is expected, and all the way through I felt so good, so happy on deeper levels I knew I was surrounded by the deepest healing frequencies. The cancer growth was minimal as well which seemed to surprised my medical team.   I have had very little pain or discomfit which is also unusual.

I have not felt Destination is to be made up as an essence, rather to remain the bowl outside for some time. If it is to be made up, I know I will be called. It feels like a guardian watching over me. Even so, I am aware the interaction with me has lessons considerably, is more gentle as if the volume on the HiFi has ben turned down, but I am aware of its presence, its love and interestingly, its personality.

If I can try to define that, I seem to feel the presence of the sacred with in, like my cat man guardian but others too. I am aware of Sandalphon and Metatron, AAMichael, the Mother energies of earth, and other. Since we are all One, perhaps this is how these frequencies are defined for me.

As I write this I just lookled outside at it, it is glowing with all this light, the sun of course, but it seems so alive it takes my breath away.

I write all this as I suspect there are lessons here to be shared about the nature of healing. It feels this is not just about me, rather all of us. This manifestation is through my essence, Destination, yet I think each of us finds our own path in this. The flames certainly make a huge difference too, but each of us has our own unique path which manifests for us as needed. I believe we need to trust this and allow it to unfold as a sacred path and lessons are gifted to us.

Yes, another adventure!

23rd April 4.33PM

How interesting neurologically it makes a 1, new beginnings!!!!

While I have felt the essence has been completed for some time, as the vibration was more gentle, it has continued to flow to me in a steady fently sort of flow. I asked today whether it is to be made up. I was told that it can stay in the bowl for as long as I like, but now in so many ways it has added global and others healing to his collective frequencies.

I will make it up then as a mother and stock calling it no 105 Destination

27th April 9.19AM

I write this after making it up on the 23rd

I was called to make another Mother with it today. It seems to have regrown into its own energy   once more, like its more alive and active. Will continue this way as called and the bowl remains outside as its energy is so refined and pure.

22nd may. 2014 NEW BEGINNINGS

The bowl is still outside and I felt not to touch it.. However I did ask its purpose now and i was told to leave it longer and that it has now evolved past destination to new beginnings.

I was surprised but it also made sense, that when we arrive we begin all over again,. That all life is filled with challenges and new purpose.

It feels like this Is now its name, pathway to explore and embrace, a place where all fear, now gone, opens greater possibilities as gifts to man and earth. This essence becomes the guiding light where one may choose to follow, to be part of the new song of creations endeavors on earth now.


Talking this essence, which you may do will offer new challenges and new explorations.





















This is a little about me

Oh where to begin?

I can  talk about my life growing  up, becoming a teacher, marrying  and having two  children  and living with  my husband and kids on a beautiful  farm in  central Victoria, Australia. I have always been involved in the arts as an art teacher, potter, painter, photographer and writer amongst other things.

My other very private self has been following a spiritual path all my life. This found me, I did not look for it. Things fell into my lap and I surrendered to those experiences and they led the way from a very young age.

When I was 14, for example, I had a past life experience so vivid, I  decided to  surrender much of my life to understand why  I  had this gift and how it could be used to  aid man. I have never wavered from that all my life.

As we offer, so it is heard– and so we are guided to the places of truth and learning. I had many experiences, read many  books, until one day I met a very wise man who  told me to stop  reading everyone else’s  truth and  listen to and record my own!

These times offered such a richness of knowledge and understanding, I felt very blessed..

Along the way, many things came to me. A wonderful yoga teacher found me and made me a teacher of yoga. A Reiki master   taught me and later another offered to gift me my masters training. Crystals were gifted to me which took me on steep learning curves!

But my  greatest  teachers were my  guides in  spirit. it was they who  taught me  more about myself and the nature of soul and higher self than  any other. I  came to  love their teachings as they were so pure. I found human teachings often lacked love,  might hold ego  or personal agenda or had a strong  bias. Never the less i believe we can learn  from all things and all people!

One of my  tasks this life, it seemed was to  go back to the past and change or learn from  certain lives i had lived  long ago. They may have been  ‘me’ or they  have been  memories from my  soul monad or collective of course, or even  my DNA memories.  I used to question these experience, but i  found what i changed back then  impacted on others in this current  life and so i understood something very powerful  was going  on.

In lemuria, I met White Eagle who was ‘my’ father back  then. He taught me so much about those times, i feel like i have lived them. I met my  family and other self back then and they taught me how to heal in the ancient ways. I use this now– and call it Lemurian  healing. it takes a person  out of time and adds the healing needed where the problems begun. Someone who  has a painful  leg, for example, may well have suffered an arrow injury long ago and when we heal the injury or even  prevent it at  that  time– the problem  ceases to exist in this modern  time.

My past memories attracted  crystals to me that held the ancient knowledge,  over time i have been  gifted hundreds of  crystals and that alone is humbling  and beautiful. Some of these found their way here for deep  healing. They have continued to work with me over many years.

Since this site is very much about essences, i will add another experience. Years ago i was called to  our garden to collect special flowers to make a tea for a client i had just worked with. the next day i was ‘asked’ to gather the same flowers and then given  instructions on how to make an essence with them. Over 100 essences later, I am still learning about their magical  properties and the gifts they can offer us.

All my  life’s experiences have taught me that  when  we are love, when  we trust and surrender to  the song of creation, we are guided gently and lovingly along a path that  teaches us and yet guides us. I have felt deeply  blessed to have had such wonderful  teachers and been  given  a loving and fullfulling life thus far.


What Essence of Divinity is about


Welcome to this site.

The Essence of Divinity begun when I was asked to create a web site for my work as an essence maker and healer some years ago. This site has been relocated here. The original site is currently open at

Essences hold the vibrational signature of plants, crystals and other life forms, and are created for healing. Many people have heard of the Bach essences or Ian White’s Bush flower essences for example, but you can make your own unique essence’s which unite with the current earth frequencies and interact with you for your own healing or evolutionary path.

My essences are called Earthsong Essences and have been sold globally for more than 20 years. While they are available here to purchase, I believe in people making their own, and this web site is also developed to teach others how they may do this. There is a how to section here for this.

As an essence maker I get ‘called; when an essence is to be made, and I write notes based on its unfolding. These messages shared by the frequencies creating the essences are very much about our now times and our place in them. They also explain the best way to optimize our personal life’s path in light of these current frequencies. The room ‘Essences’ will include the latest essence made as well as some more recent notes of other essences.

However making essences is just part of the sacred journey. Over the years I have been asked to write many articles and run workshops on healing and the sacred path. Some of these articles will appear here from time to time in the blog section as well as some current thoughts.

Since I make gem elixirs or essences, I will include a section on crystals as well.

I have also often been approached to sell my workshop manuals so others may also use my teaching methods. These will be available as EBook’s soon.

I welcome all comments and information from others as long as it is in keeping with this site’s theme.

Heather Robb

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