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Highlighting notes of some of the other essences i have made.

The blessing Bowl. Making essences for harmony or adversity, for ourselves, others and earth

Posted by Heather on March 17, 2011 at 0:06

 Setting up a blessing bowl is a wonderful gift we may offer to ourselves, others or earth.  We place a bowl outside in a favourite spot, then  add whatever calls each day. It may be a new bud, a full flower, a shell, a crystal, a pebble.  We may play our drums there, tone into the water, just gaze into it with  an open heart, expecting g nothing, but allowing the process.  We may  even throw into it all our unhappiness and ask it to be transmuted.   We may  see these waters as the harmonies of love– the Mother washing us clean of all that no longer serves us.

This is our space of reverence, of meditation and of peace.  Here, we unite with creation, nature, ourselves, and here find joy and harmony for a time for balance, inner love and understanding.

But we can use this space for earth healing too.

When we hear about some of the traumas that are global, we want to do what we can to help. In the early days I used to will myself there in vision and add light where I was able. The experiences I had were very real to me, but often left me drained, and so left me wondering if what I had done was right after all. Some of those experiences would read like a good fantasy novel I suppose and while it was private, I wondered who would have believed me if I had told others about them.. Often though, I worked with others and we would unite globally at the same time, then discuss our experiences later. Many of these were so similar, it is hard to see them as colourful imagination, for in truth I always asked myself what was really going on—did I have a good imagination, or was there more to it. Yet time and time again, these experiences proved to be true.

As the years went by and maybe as earths consciousness changed as well as my own sacred pathways, the way I dealt with these energies changed too. Now while I could add my prayers and love to these events, It was not needed for me to be involved with them on an emotional or etheric level, and it freed me.

There have been many unfolding catastrophes on earth lately– Japan is the most severe and all of earth kind is touched by the terrible tragedy. There is much on the net about the reasons behind it. Some feel wrong to me, and I gave up reading all those so called channels from so called higher energies long ago. Some are ok of course, but whenever there is attached fear or demands in them, it is a sure sign they are false. Anything out there designed to manipulate, create fear or make demands is not of the light.

Also as earths energies shift, predictions may also fall into a heap. Nothing is what it seems , no future can truly be written – we are the masters of our race and of earth now. Our collective can shift mountains or return love to a place of great fear.

The bottom line for me with Japan was that while I could send love, add compassion and healing – it is not my task to interact in any way with these energies. The drama being played out is overwhelming , heart breaking, yet it is not mine and so I release any attachment to it. Instead I choose to add some flowers or whatever calls into a bowl of water and asking the earth herself to act as guardian, to place it on the earth and leave it to its own unfolding. What ever is created is not from me, rather the Spirit of the earth and it is the earth I ask to do this.

At times we need to see when it is appropriate to add energies and when we are to step away. Some of the great dramas unfolding on earth will ask much of us and yet for me, I believe we hold the light like a net of energies, holding earth in balance and strengthening all we are able to give to fragments remaining in the akashic light that surrounds earth. Love binds and holds, hate and fear destroy. If we look at the earth now, there are many areas where great holes exist the akashic light that surrounds earth. As we add love, we aid its healing and the strength and love we provide aid whatever is out of sync for its own healing

There. while I add my prayers and compassion to the Japanese destructions I ask that the Spirit of earth be my emissary through the essence I set up as an offering for peace, love and healing.

I also suggest others do this too, and for themselves. this becomes the blessing bowl and we add whatever calls each day. This is our space of reverence, of meditation and of peace. here we unite with creation, nature, ourselves, and here find peace for a time for balance, inner love and understanding.

That’s the best I can do .

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Making an essence and the gifts it brings us

fionaessimagesforsitePosted by Heather on February 28, 2011 at 2:11

I have been busy making essences for clients lately and these cannot be shared here, but each time I am reminded of a few important truths about essence making I want to share with you .

When we put out to make an essence, we wait until we feel called. This is how it works for me. Some people request an essence, yet I never seem to find the right time to make it for them and I feel their essences are not ready to be formed yet. At other times, I feel called so fast, I literally have to drop what I am doing to do it that minute, literally!

Recently, I had to interrupt some work I was doing to make an essence. it was a day of wind, rain and sun. The contrasts were strong, the light like a knife cutting the atmosphere, and it was then I was called.

As I was gathering the materials needed for the essence, I was aware that each thing I gathered was about opposites and new beginnings. Buds for the new, old spent seed pods for the old, fresh open flowers for this now– the contrasts were so powerful together with the weather, I understood my client and the beauty and contrasts of that current path and how the essence would help nullify these as clarity prevailed once more through the essences growth and so – unfolding.

As we begin a new essence, sometimes the reason for its need can be loud and clear, but not always. The miracle is that we do not know how it will travel as it hatches and it’s why we really have to surrender to allow the simple process to follow its own course. We are closely tied to the essence and so any intellectual thoughts we add to it, any expectations, can influence its path.

In all ways of healing, we really do need to become the hollow bone– one that puts aside ego, expectation, intellect, hope, and need. We have to learn to trust, surrender, and allow the process to unfold. We are not to interact with it at all. In fact over the years my essences ask me to keep well away so that my energy in no way influences the essence. This is especially true when I am making one for someone else! Even the act of picking the flowers or what ever I add with my fingers can influence the essence with my imprint, and if I choose to not touch anything at all, rather use plastic tongs, it can make ‘me’ even less present in the essence. However, I do pick the flowers with my fingers for in truth, by the act of making it—I am present in some form already. We too are vibration after all, and so add our own essence so we must let go and let it do its own thing. It reminds me of being a mother– we allow our children to grow and learn and we must do the same things with our essences. Our angelic guidance also does this with us — allows all that we are to grow– so we grow our own wings of light by choice whether it be gently or harshly; as lessons or mistakes, with tears or joy — all contrasts make ‘us’ into what we are.

Essences are the same. We become the mother of the essence for a time as we adhere to the calling of its content in the first stage — we have formed its beginnings, and then we let go and allow its pathway to guide it to its destination. My essences always called themselves ‘hatchlings’ as they unfolded their own wings of growth and light. When the essence is completed, it becomes ‘new life’. We create a new life form when we combine many plants for they hatch into something unique which marries with all life — the turn of the star’s, the moon’s path, the wind, rain, sun and magnetic pull of the earth– all things effect the essence’s growth. If we add crystals or other sentient objects, their stored energy will also interact with the essence. Often crystals release ancient memories, so past life experiences may surface or old energies may be released making the essence a gateway or portal for these releases.

If you are called to make an unknown essence for earth healing, it will marry with current events on earth. It does this powerfully and so we too become part of the global healing by our simple acts of following a calling and then surrendering to the passage of creation underway.

Archangel Michael once said that surrender was the hardest thing Human kind could do. He explained that when we as human could do that – we were closer to creation and the heart of love, which is the heart of Mother Father God. We are all aspects of each other, and what we do effects the whole. Essences are part of this too and so it is another example of uniting fully with the process of creation on earth.

If we can learn to surrender like this, we feel more love for we release fear to unable such a surrender within. It is a most powerful and beautiful way to heal old wounds which have become habit and which we may protect ourselves from by never surrendering, for if we do — the pain may be too great.

AAMetatron says that we cannot love and be afraid at the same time for fear and love cannot co- exist. If we love all things, no matter how painful they are, we free the habit of being afraid of them — old energy becomes a habit and often we are more afraid of being afraid than the original cause of that fear which may well hold no power over us any more. If you can just surrender to your emotions and really look at this thing full on, you may be surprised to find that it really does not hurt you any more. Fill it with love and you can free it forever.

Making an essence helps us free fear as the form of surrender needed opens us more fully to the wonder of the energy that touches our hearts and in this– we feel incredible love and peace. The joy of an essence is remarkable, a true gift of life that enters our hearts making us more– richer humans that have greater understanding of the love and beauty of all life. This is the great strength which helps us free old negative patterns.

If you have not tried to make an essence, have a go. Just wander around a garden and pick what calls, adding it to a bowl. Place it outside of you can – or in a quiet corner of your home, and let it perform its own magic. Let your heart touch it for moments each day and listen and feel, add love to it. This will help you touch emotional freedom for a time and see what happens—miracles, joy, love, freedom – releasing, wonder—all may unfold and you could be forever changed as its life wraps arms of love and gratitude around you. Listen to its song and respond with your own, for together you are divin e beings of love and with your essence you will create beautiful music together.

Offer this to yourself and to earth and know you add healing and joy to the energies of all life

© Heather Robb