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Oh where to begin? I can talk about my life growing up, becoming a teacher, marrying and having two children and living with my husband and kids on a beautiful farm in central Victoria, Australia. I have always been involved in the arts as an art teacher, potter, painter, photographer and writer amongst other things. My other very private self has been following a spiritual path all my life. This found me, I did not look for it. Things fell into my lap and I surrendered to those experiences and they led the way from a very young age. When I was 14, for example, I had a past life experience so vivid, I decided to surrender much of my life to understand why I had this gift and how it could be used to aid man. I have never wavered from that all my life. As we offer, so it is heard-- and so we are guided to the places of truth and learning. I had many experiences, read many books, until one day I met a very wise man who told me to stop reading everyone else’s truth and listen to and record my own! These times offered such a richness of knowledge and understanding, I felt very blessed.. Along the way, many things came to me. A wonderful yoga teacher found me and made me a teacher of yoga. A Reiki master taught me and later another offered to gift me my masters training. Crystals were gifted to me which took me on steep learning curves! But my greatest teachers were my guides in spirit. it was they who taught me more about myself and the nature of soul and higher self than any other. I came to love their teachings as they were so pure. I found human teachings often lacked love, might hold ego or personal agenda or had a strong bias. Never the less I believe we can learn from all things and all people! One of my tasks this life, it seemed was to go back to the past and change or learn from certain lives I had lived long ago. They may have been 'me' or they have been memories from my soul monad or collective of course, or even my DNA memories. I used to question these experience, but I found what I changed back then impacted on others in this current life and so I understood something very powerful was going on. In Lemuria, I met White Eagle who was 'my' father back then. He taught me so much about those times, I feel like I have lived them. I met my family and other self back then and they taught me how to heal in the ancient ways. I use this now-- and call it Lemurian healing. It takes a person out of time and adds the healing needed where the problems begun. Someone who has a painful leg, for example, may well have suffered an arrow injury long ago and when we heal the injury or even prevent it at that time-- the problem ceases to exist in this modern time. My past memories attracted crystals to me that held the ancient knowledge, over time I have been gifted hundreds of crystals and that alone is humbling and beautiful. Some of these found their way here for deep healing. They have continued to work with me over many years. Since this site is very much about essences, I will add another experience. Years ago I was called to our garden to collect special flowers to make a tea for a client I had just worked with. The next day I was 'asked' to gather the same flowers and then given instructions on how to make an essence with them. Over 100 essences later, I am still learning about their magical properties and the gifts they can offer us. All my life's experiences have taught me that when we are love, when we trust and surrender to the song of creation, we are guided gently and lovingly along a path that teaches us and yet guides us. I have felt deeply blessed to have had such wonderful teachers and been given a loving and fullfulling life thus far.

Essence 108 is unfolding

Essence 108, a continuation using the same bowl for the 104 to 106 Road to Eden, Destination, then Beautiful Things.IMG_0329


The essence has been outside since April 15th 2014. It is now September 12th 5 months!

This happens at times, a need for it to work within the energies of earth and beyond. It feels that earth has had much growth and movement this year. I was fascinated to watch how the crystals actually developed green moss, yet the essence asked to remain outside on the fence post as before.

With each seasonal change, full ( navy and harvest) moons and the solstice, I felt the link it formed with all life. It was so strong, I felt humbled by its process.

Then for the 7th to 14th July I was going away for a week and felt a need to place the essence on the ground in a safe place. I was amazed through all the high winds, storms and even cattle breaking in and brushing past it, that it had remained on that precarious fence post all that time!! Yet now., I was allowed to place it on the earth, and I must admit it felt much safer!

How do I know what the essence wants me to do? I feel it, and other essence makers do too, even beginners. It seems if you hold a clear intent to want to make an essence and link to that consciousness of creation with a pure and open heart, they will work with you – the energies that create the essences.

These can be made up of many forms, Gaia herself to the individual plants collective consciousness, the crystals you use, off world energies—many layers come together for this creation. I have always told my students to trust how they feel. It really is a time when we surrender and trust, we become very still within and feel. It’s a most powerful and a true gift to

ourselves as well as earth as we unite to create something powerful and new for our times.

As I meditated yesterday, I found this essence uniting with me. I felt its light And gentle love touching my pathway of surrender and giving for earth healing. We united as one and worked together in this. I knew in this that the essence is still working powerfully and deeply like a living thing.

I have felt uncomfortable bringing it inside and leaving it for a few days and yet I have noticed the light in it has changed from green to clear. It feels steady, still, powerful in absolute calm, yet powerfully sentient.

It is not time to communicate with me yet. It commander viagra pour homme algerie feels to be working most powerfully however and so I respect that and allow it its space for now. I have felt these notes were to be written now without even knowing how far I was to go with them and the words just followed each other with out thought or planning. It seems in a way the essence is communicating on some level anyway.


Sunday 14th 4.29PM

I came into my study to do some work. I tune into the essence bowl now sitting on my filing cabinet and sort of apologize not having made it up or made time for real tuning in. I ponder why it is even there and not outside with the elements.

I feel it touch my mind and it says:IMG_0329“To absorb human life and emotion”

“Outside life is in harmony here, the earth and sky marry into perfection. Clean winds blow over your farm. The sun and moon fill a clear sky. Rain is unpolluted by industry. Here is Eden.   It is a space of growth and peace. Here, in that space I become earth and learnt to be part of its harmonic which we then offer to earth and beyond to strengthen areas where such light of Eden no longer exists.

Yet, earth is not all that is life. I speak of human kind, for they too offer balance in whatever form they may be,

to this earth, this green place, the vehicle where all life begun.

Thus I choose to be inside, amongst people for now—here I absorb the needed balance for all of humanity. Here life unfolds with love, emotion, peace. There are many feelings manifest and in this I touch the richness that is human life.

Fret not that I be here, It is my chosen place. When you leave this place (home) for a few days, I will assimilate all that is here. Not just of your human energies but also of things within the house itself, furniture; things you all touch and love. Things that hold the frequencies of many years. Things that make your life.

All is well, beloved Heather. This now is about balance—nature to human—bring both polarities together as one song of all life. This be my task now.”

IMG_0331The energy is strong, focused, beautiful. I feel humbled and in so many ways I am reminded of how I trust the essences paths. Each time I follow my heart and all is how it is to be,. Even though at times I question what I do.

This is the first time an essence has asked to be inside for a time. But then, essences always amaze me as they unfold. They always offer something new and rich, something to think about and learn venta de cialis en iquique from. In many ways they are amazing teachers.

Sunday 21st September 21, 2014

I had a new cleaning lady Friday. She is a sensitive and commented that as she drove up the hill to our place she could feel much light energy coming to her.

In my study she was struck by the essence sitting on my desk which emanated so much love to her she was awed. ach time the essences reflect great love, I too am awed and humbled by the experience. In this instance, the amount of energy the cleaning lady and the essence bowl exchanged was amazing.

It seems the essence is learning from human kind as it said, but more—I feel it is working with the healing of those whose essence it touches.

I asked it who it was and this was the response:

“I am the light. I am the song of creation manifest. I encapsulate all the light that is growth and unity in this bowl. I am all things as one with all life.

Feel me and know this is within each of you Oh humankind. Here, I reflect the higher truth of this. Let this radiate to you and remember who you are, for we be one in this place of light I be in. Gaze well on my images here and let me take you into the heart of love, for together we may expand into true union with   creation.”

When the cleaning lady was here, I thought about giving her a small vial of the essence in the bowl. I was got a resounding “NO!” It was explained that this essence cannot be contained in any way.

I have never felt the essences were contained when they were completed and bottled up, so this is an interesting reaction. Maybe it’s not time or maybe this essence seeks to remain in the bowl for some time.

It is now the Equinox. I wonder if this impact on the essence. I feel not however

I have included more images, just taken today as it sits on my desk.




Essence 10823rd September

I woke feeling the essence in the bowl today. I also became very aware of the crystals that lie with in the bowl that   have helped create this essence. More on that later.

I want to call this essence presence, not essence. It is fully formed, I feel

but seems to work from the bowl itself. I get a strong impression it can be called Heaven on earth for it is a true gateway to the song of all life. It encapsulates harmony and total peace and balance. It manifests the highest love.

What is heaven on earth then? It is being love and having no fear. In this way we become our true selves, the true nature of our manifested human form (S) on earth. As human we choose the karma’s for lessons, yet we are clothed with love and fear. Fear is the shadow that highlights the light however and can be in perfect balance with the light within. False darkerness is the true fear which   many live off and by. To heal false fear is to become love. It has been taught to me many times that if we love our fears, they   have nowhere to go – and then we heal what is old energy and step into the new light we truly are.

Is this what the new earth is about? Yes indeed. To me it is living in heaven on earth. It is attitude and understanding. We live side by side with all those we love and know — but in heaven on earth, we are more—we are the light and we live with love for we are love. We are the temple and we live the prayer. In this way we become the alchemists for in this life for we have transmuted the darkness of fear into the brightness of love—and we offer this to humanity.

That’s how we can make a difference to humanity but at the same time, we live in balance and peace, with joy and surrendering to the love we are. This is called living in grace.

The essence presence then, manifests this in abundance. Those who are sensitive to vibration can feel this in the bowl itself for it gives off huge light and love to those who touch its space.

As it lives in human company, it feeds this out yet learns from us all too. I am wondering if there is more for it to do – but time will unfold this.

I woke this morning feeling a need to talk about the temple crystals for these are what lie within the bowl.

What are temple crystals? cont

Essence 108










New Essence: Light of the new earth

day1closeuplaterinday IMG_4157Posted by Heather on February 9, 2014 at 2:0

103 Essence gathered February 5th 1014 ( makes a 3)called
The light of the new earth

It has been some time since I felt I was to make an essence but during these times when I do not feel called for that work, it feels like silence is needed. I wrote yesterday that “While this site has become quieter, the sacred work continues. Often what happens here are reflections or an echo of life itself and what is asked of us on the sacred path. This is a time of quiet reflection. A time to listen to your own wisdom and inner knowing. To trust and surrender to your divine self—knowing you are pure love in your inner self, spirit and soul. Seek this, tap this, become it—and as you seek – so you shall become – and then you move gently into the new energies of a new earth.”

I feel at these times, we are asked to be quiet, to listen, to feel within. Perhaps we can say these are the times when our essence within unfolds itself.

Yet today, I felt it was time. It’s been so hot and yet as usual the garden seemed to be full of flowers asking to be added to the bowl. In fact most plants asked to be added. This time there is much white yet I was asked to add one vivid orange flower as well as some soft shaded purple and pinks.

It also felt right to ask the crystals if they needed to be added and some reached out to me, two Lemurian seed crystals which I feel have strong star energy and one tall narrow pyramid shaped rose quartz that wished to be near the bowl, not in it.

Even the placement of the bowl has changed and on a different fence post, although I did not think that mattered, rather that the crystal has more space to be with the bowl.

It is not time for any communication and so I leave it for now.

6th Feb. 9.55am

The energy within seemed focused, full and directed towards the new earth energies. This makes sense.

This early AM, I woke to see the sun shine on the bowl and the rose quartz, illuminating them most powerfully. The energy emerging was a refined clarity, focused attention to earth, and a clear high note so pure it was beyond what I had experienced before. This essence then is part of the new earth in a pure and refined way like the highest note of the scale, totally whole and perfect in its refinement.

I leave it—it needs time for assimilation of earth now, for I feel it is the seed crystals link to the beyond earth energies that also bring this frequency here. I felt the rose quartz as guardian and is to hold the earth song with clarity and love—and so enters the mother, guardian of Earthsong – let the unfolding unravel, that’s how it feels.

6th Feb. 8.17

Out all day. This evening I felt the essence call me. My inner site saw a full rainbow above the bowl. The rose quartz seemed very strongly a guardian- presence at this time.

The essence explained that the rainbow represented the creation energies and that as was above so it was below.

I was asked to feel the earth beneath me. I could feel a movement as if a rising.

The heavens and the earth were uniting at this time for wholeness and absolute union! Wow it feel so potent! These are new energies of a new earth. A movement has occurred in the earth, celestial systems and this has left an opening for this union to be so complete as I feel it now. Wow!!

“Beloved one. You feel truly the power of creation in full force here. The energy or frequency of this union is magnified in this place of absolute balance, This is how we are able to describe this frequency with the essence—a calling of all life into one place of union. This is a macro for all energies now that unite as one—heaven and earth as one—wholeness, completion, power. Yes power!! You do not like such a work? No? We say this: it means full use of all frequencies uniting of their own free violation into the NEW here, this bowl unfolds into perfection, a place of absolute union.

Leave us for we are unfinished yet the work here has truly begun”

I feel a huge energy, like a magnet reaching out of the earth like a bubble of energy, a memory of celestial consciousness. This does not make sense to me, yet the earth is remembering!

“The earth is uniting back into the family of light. This is a simplistic use of language for the earth is remembering her union with creation in a way that is new to her.

Earth as a living thing has been solitary for eons. Now she unites.
This essence is a gateway of light; it unites both energies into one song at last. This is not to say it is not already happening around earth, yet this place, this sacred work—amplifies the process, see?”
Does it make sense to say it reminds me of an earthquake?

“Nay this is likened to an awakening, an opening of earth energy or frequency, does it not? This be likened to earth’s reaction to this uniting, reunion, we will say for long ago in the mists of time beyond man’s memory, earth

consciousness separated to form its own life force. Now these energies have collided—come together for a recalibration of all energies on earth and beyond.

This is the new earth frequency you are witnessing dear blessed Heather. Will man choose too walk in these new frequencies? This is a choice, to be left behind in the old ways where thought forms of old hold this reality into place. Or will man choose to enter this new world?

To do so will not be easy for the many for they choose the old ways, the old fears, patterns that have been in place for eons of time. To step out of this is to release old patterns of hate, fear, violence, greed, jealousy, and avarice—all things that are not of the light.

To enter this new space—man will need to be LIGHT, LOVE to release the old and return to the perfection of the beginning of ‘Eden”. See?
It was when man introduced fear and thus violence by choice—that the separation was finally completed. The body you called earth was no longer able to unite with its ‘homebody’, and so the separation was more complete on all levels.

As above, so below, for there is no separation of the two. As One energy, the majority creates the collective focus. Now we see if there will be enough humankind to change the vibration of fear to one of love. Only then, will man walk into the new earth as one collective light force.

It is a choice, you know—many of you will unite with us, but there may be a separation. This will not be evident for the separation will not be separation of physicality, rather emotionally and mentally and spiritually — as you perceive differently, you will seem to live in a different world by your very acts of grace and union with creation. Those who remain ‘behind’ will seem very separate to your energies. As if they are painted grey. It will be harder for you to be in their presence and it will seem to you that all live in two worlds.

What will this do to the beloved Earth herself? She will be divided in her own energies. This is why we wish to see a united force of good lifting those who still live in fear into the light for there needs to be a majority of lights for this to unfold, see?”

Now leave this essence to unfold further and we will share more tomorrow. The night draws near—in the darkness with the Celestial Beings as called upon by the crystalline consciousness within the bowl—there will be another layer of uniting. Once more, of the harmonic of peace. This will be gifted to earth, spreading out to imbue the All. In this small way—we aid man’s hearts to become more whole, this night. Thus the essence has already become a beacon of light aiding the hearts of the many into stillness, peace and in this space, perhaps they will find a level of joy they are unaccustomed to.”

Feb 7th 2014 9.26AM

I woke this morning with a strong impression of a diamond above the bowl and I was reminded of Metatron’s diamond. As I watched it seemed to evolve into a merkerber, slowly spinning. For me the Diamond represents perfection – above and below. Two triads of perfect harmony united as one. Perfection then as heaven on earth. While the merkerber is well known and have its own messages, to me, it means a perfect union of heaven and earth, balance, harmony, completion. I do not work with this symbol but now I ponder on how it is used as a focus for meditation – so it is one way to draw those who seek into its harmonic perfection. This, I know, would be seen simplistic, but long ago Thoth taught me the need for simplicity in all things, for it is here truth is found. Complexities tend to muddy the waters and hide the clarity of truth. It is also a time when the intellect interrupts the true Knowing.

I went out to photograph the essence, the early sun gleaming off the glass bowl. It did not feel completed yet.

I tune into the bowl now. It feels like there is a real dance of movement within it as if the flowers swirl around like autumn leaves on a windy day.

“This movement is the energies unfolding dear Heather. This is a place of growth as the patterns of creation emerge. See it as a cocktail being shaken into perfection as the astral molecular structure, if you will, (analogy) finds harmonic and thus, completion. Leave us now to continue our work here.”

Oh now I see many sacred beings surrounding the bowl, even the beloved Cat People and my guardian of that race.

“ Yes, they come to support this most sacred of work– in a fashion they represent the history (mine?) Of the sacred path.

Yours? Yes indeed for it is they who are so connected to your earth presence. You be the gateway for them to be here yet it is the essence that also calls then into presence as guardians of this unfolding”

Making an essence is so sacred, so humbling in this work we are called to do.

“Aye, this is true.”

So why am I not called to make more at times and why is it so quiet?
“ Quiet = Assimilation beloved one. A time of assimilation of energies brought forth by you at the times of these gateways being formed to allow the sacred presence of the unfolding for earth’s presence at these most sacred of times. These are times when frequencies slip or shift allowing movement and so a gateway may be opened for this purpose. After the tumultuous times of settling the new earth frequencies—in a time of quiet, when all energies settle, a gateway may be opened to allow them to enter earth. This is your task.”

7th 2.45

Hot now and still. The essence seems to be quiet. i see the lady stand before me, he hand raised flat, facing me. She is dressed as i see her, Goddess like, draped long dress and over her head; almost biblical I suppose. Her face is broad and beautiful in its stillness with wide blue eyes. I feel a need to cross my arms over my heart chakra. The essence is not quite ready, maybe in a hour I hear, at 4PM when the sun has begun to lower just a little. When the shadows touch where the bowl sits—then it will be ready to make up.

“Beloved so we gather once more for this unfolding. We see the gateway open and expand, the sacred light enter earth, and ripple out to touch humanity. Each essence adds to the last. This one as all others holds the profound sense of the sacred. You feel that each essence holds more light—yet each holds the light for the time it is made, so current frequencies are embraced by its creation.

Call this essence ‘Essence of light gateways for the coming new Earthsong’. Ahh a long name you feel? So then- The light of the new earth.”

8.05PM 7th February 2014

the essence is now made up and labeled.

I was asked to return the essence bowl and rose quartz to its original position outside as before.

More notes to follow but I have been told not now—

Sat.8th Feb 11.34AM

Now I feel called to complete these communications

I am holding the Mother essence bottle to me and I feel my cat person guide, the Wise Ancient watching me with much love. He speaks:
“This essence gateway has allowed all those of the Sacred Order of Earth to return. As you see one face of this collective sacred and ancient ones—there are many of us. This essence enabled the light to shine brightly to make a pathway for our return. Yes we have come back before for short times only. Now as the new earth arises, many of us have chosen to be part of this earth once more.

As the Mother herself has united with her collective ‘parent’ so we too return. This also heralds a beginning for this new era now here on your home planet.”

As I feel his words, I see his number grow with many standing with him or as him. I ask him his name as I never seem to know it, its there but I cannot grasp it.

“My name cannot be said by your tongue, heard by your ears or thought of in your mind for it’s is incomprehensible in understanding.
“This essence is one of many to follow. Each brings a new layer of illumination for earth. Each shall act as a gateway for the new light entering this new dimension. For this be the new earth—a new frequency is here., This essence enables its full presence in this now. Those who seek this place of being will benefit from this essence. It is not one to take, rather to place in a bowl or on the earth and to be with it. This is not about healing, rather about recalibrating your light bodies into a place to unite with this new frequency. Be with us, use this essence for such work – and know you too shall aid a clearer pathway to this place for yourself but then, also the collective face called Human.

We show you an image, of two earths, one overlapping the other yet one slightly apart. This be the old earth. Now is the time for the two to be united.

Put away old energies, old learning and patterns. Seek to begin again with the new and join us for as One—we create the fullness of light for this place that is now light. Soon there will be no bridge between the two earths—rather it shall be One.”

Now I understand the essence’s name, Light of the new earth, for this is where this essence guides us to embrace it more fully.

Why was I asked to place the bowl outside last night?

“ We did not want the bowl within a small space—it needed to be away from an enclosed space. Its frequency may have caused a sleepless night for you all, It needs time for assimilation here on earth now the work is completed“

What am I to do with the bowl now?

“Leave it for a day and a night. Let the balance find a stabilized harmonic within before the waters are returned to the earth. Then it is time to release them.

The rose quartz has been the needed guardian for this frequency to remain for it holds the Mothers heart in its collective love frequency. See it as a guiding light, a stabilizer for energies which were random at first, erratic, but needed a strong focus to unite as one for this essence to be completed.”

It has felt to me that all essences lately have been about gateways to allow higher frequencies to enter earth.

“Yes indeed. Yet each climbs higher to match the new light entering earth as part of the earths own evolution back into union with full self. These will continue yet each essence will serve a different purpose. Understand that essences will at times be for man, or for earth or beyond. Some shall be for the collective of which you all are. See yourselves as one cell of one great being of light and you will understand all that you do shall impact on the whole. These essences work on this whole—the macro—and while some appear for one person or people, they still work as part of one unit of energy.

Be at peace. This task is now complete.”

Reply by Heather on February 9, 2014 at 16:24

The essence on day one. Other images in the photo section

Reply by Heather on February 9, 2014 at 16:27

Here are the crystals in the essence and the rose quartz that was beside it

Mothersong Quiet seeking ~ a new essence for new times

IMG_2527Posted by Heather on June 8, 2013 at 0:53

Essence 100 Mothersong-Quiet

Seeking 26th May 5.40PM

Introduction – called to make the essence.

Made after the moon and sun eclipses and now the very full moon

I felt called to make this essence tonight. The full moon was so bright last night and it felt after these energy shifts it was most needed.

It is almost dark and yet it felt now was the time. The moon has not risen yet. I felt if I just added water it would suffice as the energies are powerful, yet I also felt through that and found that pink and white flowers wanted to be added. Impatiens, and roses, one deep pink bergonia — and one small pink geranium only. I was asked to only add new flowers, no old ones. This was to signify that this is the time of the NEW energies, the old has now passed—we have moved into the earth illumination of earths new birth for we birth too. We have made our choices and now if we have chosen to live in grace, we step into what this essence is about.

Then I felt a need to add some crystals and I have added what called—the Sandalphon crystals and the earth seed crystals blessed by the AA Metatron energies.

6PM The essence hatches

It feels so gentle at the moment yet like an open gateway waiting for embracement by what is there.

I can feel this—gentle flow of light already – this is the divine feminine I am feeling and it overflows in my heart like a great loving gift. My heart feels to be full of the flowers I have added.

When I felt called to make this—I felt emotional, almost weepy, the energies we so sacred, so pure, so much love. This essence reminds me of the flowers I used to see covering me in some of my meditations. I would see acheter viagra myself lying in a bower, in a garden, and arms crossed over my heart. My hair is long and curly and fair as it has always been. I am dressed in a white dress and am covered with pink and white flowers. These are the nature of purity and love.

This essence is showing me the sacred aspects of its initiation and blessing into the divine song of birth and life. There is no death, just life, for this the new earth song.

Later that night I tuned into the essence and saw what looked like an hour glass above it. I realised it was the symbol of infinity and I pondered that this essence was in fact working out of time into the now time but all time as one time. All death has ceased, there is only life, it told me—and so this is infinite.

30th May 3.40pm The essences communications begin
I have not felt to intrude on the essences space over these past few days. It has allowed me to photograph it. Though, and all I can say is I have felt deep radiance.

Now, it looks like golden light. I am very aware of AA Metatron’s presence with the essence. It makes me think about fashion, how colours become fashionable at times, and this essence reflects the colours of autumn which are reflected in so many clothing items and furnishings now. Like many things—are designers attracted to the colours needed for humanity? The golden lights of creation are powerful now. The essence with its golden colour and deep pinks, reminds me of the rainbow fires of creation.

I close my eyes and tune into the essence but my inner sight side steps it. I feel, now the essence does its tasks and my intrusion is not welcomed. There is no Mother there waiting for me, things are silent and still.

“Leave us beloved One for our time of creation is not yet done.. Much lies ahead for this undertaking. The crystals work in unison with us yet their work has barely opened to the union of star child energies and earth itself, the Mothersong of all life. For there will be a uniting of these energies in this essence. We all travel far and deep to create what is needed this time, this day – this place of life’s existence — this is but a fragment of earth time as ye call it—yet we step out of this limitation and embrace all space, all time—and bring back what is required for the earth’s birthing in the new era of new life here with you – and for all life.

Once more you open a portal and allow these things to emerge and be created. We weave patterns of light for earth’s need. Here, in this microcosm of a place- it will touch all that is here on planet earth and beyond. Allow us to continue this path for ye are blessed and one with us on this journey.

Now in this era of time in your life, we allow you to let US do the sacred tasks you once undertook yourself. Now we allow you to rest in the arms of love as we follow this process of creation.

Earth and light rains unite to make rainbow light. This we be—for to use us is to step into the rainbow flames of creation. Layer after layer of light merges into one light—the golden light you see is all around the bowl and beyond”

31st may 8.03 AM Mothersong-quiet calm emerges.

The purpose of the essence explained

The essence is quiet. It’s quiet in a way that has a stillness attached to it outside earth stillness. As I tune in, I feel this quiet calm. It is hard to explain. Above it I see what appears to be butterflies, they just seem to hover, not sure what these are. They too are still as if suspended.
“These be selves as expressed through non motion. A butterfly flits and hovers then flits. How often is this not an expression of human life and emotion?

It is in stillness that peace is found. It is in calm that truth can be revealed. It is in silence and stillness that ye know truth and self.
This essence is calling attention to those who are frenetic in life—who cannot find the stillness needed to find Us. See? We ask that each take time every day for stillness.

An inbreath away from the outbreath of life.

This be a place of none doing, non- knowing – it is a place where we may reach you and guide your path if it is asked of us. It is where you may hear us and feel us. Through us—ye learn truth – through us you touch the highest part of self which is one of (with) us and know your own truth.

We are not ready to be made up yet. Nay. There is more unfolding and so it shall be.”

All around me this stillness is growing, it reminds me of putting on a warm coat on a very cold day.

Saturday 1st June 1st day of winter!!!! Sacred waters

It’s interesting that each time I make an essence it rains. Even at drought times, we seem to need the rain for some sort of balance. Maybe I need to make more essences to get it to rain, but of course it does not work like that. I get called to make one and so it’s in divine alignment.

The rain would have filled the bowl to overflowing, but it seems not, yet I woke with a strong impression of a waterfalls of energy falling from the filled bowl. It was explained to me that “this is a reflection of letting go and allowing the new to be all selves.

“In stillness lies peace. See the waterfall as cleansing, and what no longer serves, may be released. Yes these are the waters of love from the wellspring of Mother Father God—but in this lies release of the old as you surrender to the all encompassing love of creation. The waterfall can also be seen as the tears of release—washing away what no longer serves.”

Sunday 2nd June The crystalline song

There has remained an absolute stillness with the essence. Even our farm hand commented how still it seemed here at the moment.
Over the past two days we have had good showers, some heavy, and the nature of the essence seems to have changed. Many of the flowers in it were either washed out by the overflow of rain or have sunk. Now instead of the flowers dominating the bowl, it is the crystals which lie on the bottom and seem very prominent.
“The essence remains unfinished. In this new washed earth, after weeks of drought, we assimilate our union with Mother Earth and the rising song of life that now emerges. The triad of life formed via this essence are the eclipses, yes, the full moon and the rain. Each accrues energies to allow earths unfolding of new frequencies for your now times. See this as the new garments of life. The petals that have fallen are those that no longer serve the essence for they have offered the gift of their frequency and so now we begin anew with the crystalline song of the energies within. These be blessed by the angelic kingdoms, yes, and now offer a new weaving of light.

This matrix of energies creates geothermal’s of vibration which reach up and out.”

I see these are like geometric matrixes

“This be true observation. These be the patterns of light on earth now. We simply unite with them as one frequency of creation. By merging with what exists – that has birthed on earth, we add to those vibrations and so strengthen this gift of light.”

I am, seeing a bunch of flowers

“Yes this be how we would liken what this essence brings. In the stillness lies peace, yes? Truth, understanding, harmony. This be needed to embrace all new energies bombarding earth now. To take this essence brings the needed stillness deep within. The inner chatter ceases for a time and allows the new song of this birthed earth to emerge within self. This be a sign post for life’s calling to itself for harmony, truth, light, joy, love.

Message about personal and earth’s evolution

We watch earth and do not judge yet our hearts seek greater peace in your now times. Greater harmony. This is offered a thousand fold now through the new earth frequencies. We offer ways to open to this sacred frequency so man too may birth as has earth. It is a choice, yes, to remain in the new song of new earth, to be part of its light, or to remain as before, in the old energies which no longer truly exist. To stay in the old is to hold onto what no longer exists and thus to recreate it in your own space. To release the old is to find the new directions of life—wholeness, harmony, peace, love and truth.
All essences offered guide man to these new awakenings. The essences are not needed for those who seek, but many need the guidance to aid the new pathways. We simply fill the earth with this to allow a greater and more complete transition by man. Some of you work with this, with us. Others are blind to us yet their hearts are open and they find it within. Others have no time to look or even care—and so life goes on as before.

What do you choose? What do you seek? These are the questions needing resolution within. In the quiet offered here, (in the essence) you may find what your truth is. There is no judgment in that — only love—yet we offer you the gift of the new raiment of life to seek and find, your own truth.”

As I wrote this, the sun suddenly came out and filled the bowl with radiant light, how beautiful—I did rush out and photograph it!
June 3rd 5.36PM Making up the Essence and its offered gifts
The essence has been very still today. No movement and no communication.

Tonight though, as I typed these words, I saw the mother standing statue like behind the essence and she was beckoning. So is it time to make up the essence then?

“Oh yes beloved daughter of light, indeed. The frost of tonight is not required by the essence which is now complete and
is offering its divine song to creations need to heal all that no longer serves in the psyche of those who are still asleep on your home planet.

The crystalline energies within are indeed blessed in their opening to the angelic frequencies of AAMetatron and Sandalphon and it is through their divinity of pure light and love– pure consciousness of the highest frequency, that this essence is imbued.

To say this essence holds true angelic light is no small thing,. And yet it does this. It is known that the Angelic Presence offers itself fully to man’s unfolding. In truth, the angelic consciousness serves man to aid his evolution back onto perfection”.

The journey of the soul

“Those who choose earth life are born ‘blind’ and do not remember the nature of divine self. This once more is learnt in physical life and then, embraced if it’s possible, by that being who chose human life.
Many who walk earth now chose to be here to herald the new Beginning earth is now. In this way they brought a pure light with them, and yet as human, they were asked to embody the karma of their kindred ancestry via their genetic line and to also release that karma so they can allow that biological ancestry to also be embraced by the light frequencies of the Most High.

Understand that by healing the genetics of this, your life time means healing all genetics through all time and so that (genetic) line holds the highest and purest radiance through one time—all time— as there is no time as is thought by your race. As all is healed, the light then, shall shine through history and change much that lay in the past. This is the prelude for these times for you and those like you— to strengthen the genetic lines to enable the possibility of full embracement of this light on earth More will evolve and release the old simultaneously. The physics of this is beyond description here but can be imaged”.

I was shown this only and I cannot record this—it is already lost such was the depth of this understanding at the time.


“Liken this essence as a pebble dropped in a pond, as the rings reach out, it touches the shore. This be symbolic of the frequency of the essence reaching out to touch the All.

Oh yes, dear Heather all your essences do this yet each new one adds to the last for they weave a tapestry of their own in the evolution of creation here on earth.

This essence has been a long journey – oh yes, this we know- the bunch of flowers we spoke of has many outpourings as symbolized through petals, stamens, leaves, stems and so forth— as does what we bring and how we enable many changes here on earth.

Your essences paint a picture of time as non existent and impact on all places, spaces and times as one energy of creation, this weaving was seen in the essence.

Now it is time to make it up – and be assured all is yet to be revealed, more to follow.”

I now make up the essence

As I stood before the essence, the lady stood before me. I was asked to place my palms up and symbols were drawn on them, the one on my third eye and heart and then I think other chakras., I am unsure of the symbols now but I remember the one on my third eye looked like a wavy vertical line but I felt it to be the kundalini.

The essence shines with a radiant light. I hear the name QUIET SEEKING

“Yes for this be the name of the essence

This name has many levels of understating and is not as it first appears.

I call it Mothersong – quiet seeking.

Make up the essence now and leave it.”

When making up the dosage bottle for myself, I was asked to add 15 drops of stock. This was interesting as the two extra drops changed its frequency and above my head I saw a triangular symbol. Maybe this is the triad shown in the beginning of the essence but this will reveal its meaning when its needed. The relevance was the extra two drops. Usually I am asked to add 13 drops and for many, 7. I think the extra drops related to new light bodies emerging or the awakening of new chakras related to that also.

5th June 2013 5.02PM Completion

I woke to AA Sandalphon watching me, and she bowed, palms together. I bowed back for I knew the essence was completed and that its work was just beginning.

The essence has been made up and I have not felt to add other notes since then. I think those who use this essence in real time or astrally will feel its impact as it begins its work on those who use it. That will be the follow up of its sharing. Each will have a different understanding and path as an outcome of its gifted energies.

6th June 2013

Today, the essence showed me how it can work with us.

I woke ‘knowing’ I was to have a massage with a friend who does Kahoona massage and is deeply intuitive. I felt that I was to take the made up essence and that she was to use it on me intuitively during the massage. She did this, applying drops on my chakras, on my back and later directly onto my heart chakra, back of the knees and the souls of my feet. It felt important this be done and used this way.
I understood that this massage was a type of attunement and that the essence was there as part of it. The minute Wendy placed her hands on me, my inner sight saw Sandalphon standing at the head of the massage table and she was directing me to focus on just her. Soon I saw AAMetatron , her male aspect there with her. He was holding a golden cloak and later, he placed it around me and then I was united with them both. Somehow while we were three, we were also united as one, first with Sandalphon (who I see is the over-soul Mother of earth and all Goddess aspects). As I looked at AAMetatron, I saw my beloved White Eagle who is also known as Thoth and others– step out of Metatron, and then merge with him as One as I had done with Sandalphon. I have always felt that White Eagle-Thoth are aspects of Metatron, yet this time it was such a strong impression for me, my heart opened wide. White Eagle and Thoth as two aspects have been with me for many lives, on the astral and in physical life and I love them both deeply. This life, they have both been wonderful teachers in spirit as well, and so we have a deep bond. Seeing us all One was a powerful experience, even though I have felt this before.

The cloak placed on me shifted my energies and I was outside my body looking down at my physical self and those close to me with a true vision. I came out of the experience and the massage with new energies, I felt, and deeper understanding. I felt the essence was preparation for this as the energies in it are so refined and pure, so light filled and sacred. Unless I was able to totally clear my mind and focus on Sandalphon, I suspect this experience would not have been possible. The quiet seeking within Mothersong was a deep truth indeed, for I understood that ‘Mothersong’ is also an aspect of Sandalphon.

Understanding the essences

I know I feel the sacredness of each essence, yet I have always felt they too are a collective and that each one builds on the one before—that together they tell a story of our creation and evolution as they manifest what is so needed by man at the time of the new one’s unfolding, they are magical indeed.

I also understand that many people simply do not ‘get’ these essences but as they work globally on another level, I ponder that they are working where they are needed. Those who do tune in and work with them directly, will gain a deeper union and benefit from them, however.

Essences continue to evolve after they are made and adjust how they may be used according to need or by focused request. Recently, I placed an essence outside to aid another’s rite of passage. The essence shifted and changed and while using its inherent sacred intent, it worked according to how it could be applied to the situation I had intended it for. I have seen this happen many times now– for they grow and shift as we do, it is just they do it from a very high frequency.

Commercial essences do not seem to work this way, as the over-soul intent for their use is so strongly focused they do not hold the free will to grow. Spirit once explained that there are few true essence makers on earth. Perhaps it is these few who make the essences which continue to grow as needed.

Experimenting with your own essences

I have been ‘asked’ to suggest that you experiment with your essences. Place one at a time in a bowl of water and see how they unfold. Do not hold intent, rather allow the process. Touch them with your mind each day, gently and with loving gratitude and see what unfolds for you. Experimenting this way with different essences may help you have a deeper understanding of the gifts they bring. After this first experience, try different ways, hold intent for yourself or another, ask it to teach you , and so on—but always be gentle and watch the sign posts for they may gift you deeper understanding and also aid you to trust your inner feelings more.

My love and beast wishes to all


An Easter essence called The Cup of Christ, the Holy Grail

P1040899IMG_2180 IMG_2301Posted by Heather on April 1, 2013 at 22:33

And now I was called to make an essence just before Easter. At the time I was sharing messages from Mother Mary and I had to pause the communication as the calling to make the essence was so strong. Part of the reading was to walk in the sacred garden of heaven, now on earth.

My whole garden wanted to be added, it was as if Mother Mary, AA Metatron, Sandalphon and other angels had been to the sacred garden with me when I had the vision to make it. All manner of things wanted to be added—new growth, spent growth, fully open growth, flowers, leaves– some literally sang when I added them to the bowl. I was even asked to add a red-pink impatience flower which I never use but I was told it was for the blood of Christ. There seemed to be a whisper within the light of the garden as if it whispered to me all the time I gathered the plants and then, it asked to be placed on crystals I have here outside my study, near the sacred gateway to the pure Lemurian temple energy.

“Beloved this is part of the sacred garden, for there – in the shadows of plants crystals and water—life evolves.”

I was asked to add water to the bowl the crystals are in as well for the essence is also to be surrounded by water. This brings the waters of life to the bowl as it unfolds its wings of light

“This essence, holds the true nature of Jesus’ birth and death. It holds the bridge to all life through the gateway opened this Easter and the Equinox frequencies of these times. The blood of Christ is a representative of all life emerging — birth. For as blood was shed, (Jesus’ blood) so life was made. Through the crucifixion—life emerged for all. As the thunder rolled and the wind blew, a portal opened and the love of the Christos was seeded for all time—ready for all those who choose it, to seek it.

30th march 5.06 pm 30+3+11 never fails does it!

I have left the essence alone for these past 2 days as I was very busy with Easter yet felt its presence very powerfully at times.

Good Friday, I usually do a simple tuning in or communion with the Christos energy of the crucifixion when I make my hot cross bun the body and my cup of tea the blood. It is my focus and contemplation of the meaning of Easter.

During this time the essence and its meaning were very close to me. The blood of Christ as in the essence was potent in its presence, it was acting as a gateway to the new energies of now earth. The essence it told me, was a portal to those energies, a pathway to guide those through.

“It is a time beloved one for the rising of the Christos within each and every person on earth. This be the unification of all life as one body of life—the body of Christ making earth a place of light and love.
Many say this is not possible yet we say – in time this may well be how it is to be. Understand that in perfection, there is always imperfections for this be what makes perfection perfect. A conundrum? Nay. Truth! Quantum physics speaks of the chaotic universe and within the chaos perfection lies for the chaos was the harmonic needed for the balance of the universe itself.

Remember when you met Buddha and you told him you were far too imperfect to be in his presence and he laughed and said of course you were—“that each and everyone on earth was imperfect for it was the path of human nature to continue to learn.” Even those who chose to return to earth continue on the pathway of learning, may develop new karma and may stumble and fall. This is the path of creation – learning evolves into more learning. To say man is always imperfect has a truth yet in this lies perfection when the love flows and the striving to learn is ever present. See now?

Thus our original statement that man’s perfection lies in his imperfection. Your favourite saying I am that I am exemplifies this by the deeper levels of its meaning. Think deeply on what we have said, let its frequency become you for a time and you will gain a deeper understanding of the nature of man and self.

Mans illness stems from many things but the underlying factor often lies with self doubt. When man can embrace love as love for self first and then others—many things will be resolved by the simple act of being the living the creative life force—love—and herein lies the Christos energies.”

And so I am here tuning in and feeling out for the meaning of the blood of Christ. I feel it in the essence unfolding yet I feel there is more to share and it is not now.

It feels that the day of Easter, Sunday is the day when much is to be shared.

“Yes Indeed for this day is the opening of the great timeless portal that was opened long ago at the time of The Christ’s passing from his physical body. Each year this portal is once more opened and those who are open hearted will be taken there and through it. Easter Sunday is a time if illumination for all those who seek. It is not about being a ‘Christian’ it is about being a seeker of truth, love and light. Do you think (Mother Father) God only allows those who believe in Jesus the Christ entry to ‘heaven’? He is a signpost for seekers in so many ways. All man is equal – no matter what faith. It is what lies within the heart that is the truth we seek.

This essence is one such sign-post and guide—it leads all those who seek to a truer and more open understanding of life’s purpose and calling.”

Easter Sunday 31st March 5.49PM

The energies today have been clear and powerful. I felt called to do a ceremony today basedon the the passing of Christ and his rising. I was moved by the depth of the energy and felt blood on my hands as cups of sacred flow. It was a uniting of the new gateway energies to earth. The experience was lyrical and I felt once more the depth of this day. I wondered if this time is more powerful than ever before. Could it be the blending of new earth and Christos energies had been more refined this day?

“Beloved one indeed. This be a time of great celebration for humanity. These holy days alert many to the powerful deeds done in Our name. Thus more of the collective gather by thought or deed, in church or family, and remember the sacred times of this day. Some ponder on the possibilities or even truth of this time—did it even happen? Was it a myth? Other feel the truth of those times in their hearts and so open more fully. This is the time of awakening. This is the time of knowing. This is the time of embracing the truth of these energies in what ever perception you see them to be. This be the time to allow yourselves to be guided by the truth of the light of creations calling to itself—YOU are itself—You are a collective voice of one Spirit and one action—together you shift mountains, stop wars, create love as the base of your life on earth. Jesus as a Christed energy, did bring these gifts of light to earth. As he passed on the cross, the gateway of his light was stored for all time and those who seek this may enter those gateways to his heart—it is by placing his energies within the portal that he was able to rise once more as is written, in his new etheric form but also in the hearts of The All forever—for he walks within each of us. If you choose to find, allow and unfold this knowing that lies with in yourselves, open and so it shall be found.

It is not a matter of being a follower of Christ—rather a follower and a seeker of the energies the Christos frequencies.

This day the essence unfolds these vibrations as written for those who seek truth as an alignment within. As these energies within are ignited, the gateway opened (at the time of Jesus the Christ’s passing) long ago will open within and truth shall flow like honey to the hearts of those who seek. This is the gift of this essence—a truth elixir to the inner self’s knowing. It is the gateway that shall take you to the your highest knowing. As you understand more about your divine self—the gateway to the new earth is more accessible and more available than ever before.

This Easter—the frequencies of the new earth are made stronger as they unite with the holy energies of life—and here, in this beloved essence, all is held and offered as is needed. Call it then, the Cup of Christ, The Holy Grail.

While the essence rests in itself. It offers these frequencies as a gift to earth now.

It may be made up and used by mouth for those who seek it. Allow 7 drops in the stock and dosage, more for some—you will know.

The essence is not ready to be made up yet—it continues to unfold, allow this process a little longer.”

Easter Monday 1st April 5.08pm

I feel a need for rainbow colours now—pink and purple, gold and blue!

I felt a need to approach the essence today. There is a great stillness there and I felt the presence of angels, yet I felt Jesus the Messiah was there in his higher light body etheric form. All is etched in stillness. Peace. The essence feels completed now. Usually when an essence is completed it is the Mother who stands there, this time it is the family of jesus the Christ , those who were part of his pathway on earth. Those who guardianed his life as a Son of God manifest for the human understanding of life as it can be—I was not allowed to use the word ‘should’ that’s not a word used. ‘Can’ indicates choices we allow, what we choose is part of our right as a divine aspect of Mother Father God on earth. Through this aspect, the collective consciousness of creation, learns through us. We are the tactile aspect of God—we touch and live life—and through us, the great Spirit learns and grows for we are aspects of he/she. The aspects that make the One.

This Easter Jesus returned through this essence to remind us that we too may be as he. That we have evolved and allowed the new gateways to herald a new age to earth. It is through our collective this has been made possible, that there is enough of us to raise the frequency here to open these sacred pathways and to allow us to pass through and to be in heaven on earth.

Many essences have been sign posts for this== now this essence is the gateway, the pathway and is heaven on earth. If you choose to me brace its frequencies, You will allow it to guide you more fully into the awareness that you are now living heaven on earth.

Thus the blood of Christ, the body of the Christ is within the essence allowing this union to be opened, embraced and become.

“This essence is the cup of Christ. Drink and be made whole, drink and be one with me. Drink and walk with my truth in heaven on earth.”
The words above may not be in italics yet they are not my words. They flow through me yet use my voice for the sharing.

I have had many visions during the making of this essence and I have been very aware that it is the body and blood of the Christos manifest for us. A blessed gift to us all. For some reason I have been unable to share those intense times here as if it is not my place to intrude on what is shared through me. Each of us is to follow our own pathway with it and so I am just the recorder this time, rather than the sharer from my heart as a personal interaction with it.

The essence is now complete and shall be made up.

6.42PM I have made it up and yet it feels as if it needs to be returned to its original place, I have done this.

After I made up the large mother essence, however I was also asked to place it back in the bowl holding the crystals and water beside the main essence bowl. Have done this too.

maybe this essecne has follow up will add later if it’s needed.

Reply by Heather on April 8, 2013 at 12:01

The essence has not completed yet and still sits in the water surrounded by crystals. The bowl is as before yet the Mother made up in the bottle and in the water has turned a deep reddy brown, the colour of old blood. I have felt to leave it there longer and have not been called to communicate with it at this stage, so will see what unfolds. Here is a pic of it

Reply by Heather on April 10, 2013 at 18:02

Here are the final notes for this essence and a new name for it!

7th April

after being away for a few days I came back to the bowl appearing the same, but the mother bottle had turned a deep brown red, like blood!! I felt unsure about it yet it feels ok It wanted to remain there longer. Will approach it tomorrow and see what I am given

Wednesday 10th April

The essence is still outside and I have not felt to touch it. That is strange as I had thought it was to be used to cleanse my crystal mandala today, but the response when I asked was a definite no. I was called to use the Lemurian song essence, (96.1) part of the triad one, in the cleansing water instead. When I tuned in to ask for guidance to reassemble the Divinity mandala which I had taken apart and cleansed in the Lemurian Song essence, it was the Grail essence, that responded.. I watched it send energy like curls of energy, and it swept over me as well as the crystals themselves. In that place i felt a deep harmony, soft and complete. It was like a sigh of total contentment and the colours that came to me were of light and rose red. Later I understood it was the colour of blood that came to me, yet it was lighter too—as if the pain within had been cleared at last, and that the old blood signature I saw during its hatching had also evolved. Even the Mother tincture bottle looks less dark now.
“Beloved daughter who is one with us. Welcome to this place of light, for as you say— the essence is complete, yes, yet loves the vitality and life of the outdoor energies of nature and the unfolding of the new season. As the old passes away, the new is already developing in time for Spring for this season of Autumn in your location is all about birth after all.

Easter too is about birth, the new era of trust and light emerging as was evidenced by the crucifixion long ago. Yet those who live with spring (Northern Hemisphere) see this also as a time of birth. Spring is the manifestor of the unfolding growth that begins at the end of your summer times– and so the cycle continues. The death and resurrection of the Christos frequencies are as this too. As this essence was made in your autumn it is those times of growth that emerge in the essence as part of the new earth emerging now for all who would embrace the new frequencies on earth. ( thus the crucifixion means new life, as does autumn as does the new era of energies on earth now, all these are manifested in the essence)
“How do you embrace these new frequencies? By letting go of all the old energies that no longer serves you. By learning to love what you have feared so that it too, may pass, for fear cannot be sustained where there is love. By being open to the song of the purity of creation so close to each of you. By knowing that heaven now resides on earth.

How do you walk in heaven on earth? By being love. As you release the old, the new shall shine brightly within you . There will be a difference on all levels. You will appear to have more energy and feel younger. This is a truth for your body’s cellular levels will rejuvenate. You will feel more at peace live in joy and see all things with a positive and happy attitude. Things will cease to worry you. If you have illness, this too will heal if you allow this. Some of you are meant to leave the earth plane though and in this case, you will leave feeling peace and acceptance, knowing that it is not the end, rather a new beginning. You will see the beauty in all things and by your presence offer this to those whose space you touch just by presence alone for your light body energies will radiate forth to embrace those who are near you. You will do nothing, yet this is how it will be or is now. Stepping into heaven on earth allows you a union of knowing that is beyond your experiences. Yet this union is your divine right, for you are an aspect of living creation, one who is an aspect of the One. What you are is an offering to the collective and those who do not walk with you may well be guided to do so.

This essence is the gateway home, then. It guides you to truth and knowing. To joy – as you embrace the love of Mother Father God in ways as yet not understood or even dreamt of by the many.

To be with this essence is to allow such a focus and guidance for this the essence will do – guide you with the love of the Messiah energies. As you take the essence on your skin, in water in a bowl, in your mouth, know you partake of the cup of life—new life—the grail of all that is true and of knowing.

This s our final message Beloved One, share it freely for those who do not trust or understand may feel the frequency we have imbued in this essence, for even as this be read, this shall flow as the light of Us came to you for the new energy mandala unfolding,

Our love and blessings this day oh noble one, one of the few who hears our song and records it with full clarity and understanding. Our love and gratitude for your most sacred work.

We say this—as an essence maker, you manifest what is pure, what is true to earth to this denser dimension, where man learns to be whole and to be able to return to heaven. Now heaven is on earth and so we say – be there and know us. For as love all things are possible.
Call this essence The grail — to life the holy flame

Reply by Franziska Nonnenmann on April 11, 2013 at 1:32

Heather, thank you! Words can’t describe the gratitude that I feel when reading this beautiful message, Franziska

Reply by Anne Stanton on April 11, 2013 at 14:50

This is feeling like a cup of Grace, a wave of Holy Water, washing over me as I read…. reminding me to find my Joy in this Now moment, and stay ‘awake’ in this peaceful, loving frequency of Heaven on Earth.

Reply by Heather on April 17, 2013 at 18:37

17th April

Finally I have made up the essence. Wow what completion and wholeness. What stillness and cohehesiveness. A blessing for man indeed. It has been outside all this time, wanting to be there in the life force of nature. It feels like perfection.

Reply by Heather on April 20, 2013 at 14:16

The essence speaks:

20th April My essence reminds me of alchemical work. it begun as clear water, became the colour of blood and now is golden. Its made up into the large mother bottle, but somehow i cannot touch it, even label it, it just wants to be in the sun, inside now too– but left as is, so i honor that!

During this alchemy I want to touch it, reach out and hold it, but I do not– it really feels like the holy cup filled with the alchemy of new life via its transmutation to gold. I cannot explain it in words though.

The essence is so present and speaks now for the first time, a final message I think.

“Yes beloved. Know I transmute the blood of Christ into gold/ This be the true nature of alchemical change, what lies within, for here—all truth be given. Here,. The light that ye are flows freely and allows all ye be to be given to others. Therefore I say to you – be at peace. Know love flows within and with out you. Know all ye are is the golden light of creation/ Like waves of the eternal ocean of light—it flows from within and without you”. (all)

“We, this essence of light, are of the structure of creation itself, and you be near us, near creation itself, you flow with this song of light as one—union – with all creation. Allow this to flow from you into others for this be the task of this essence, one that holds the true key to transmuting to the gold of self within, pure essence of all light for mans unfolding.

“As you feel unable to hold this essence ( in your hand)—us—yet—it is due to its higher vibration of light which surrounds you. You do not need to hold what is already within and without (surrounding) you–
Like the golden flame of creation which burns eternally to transmute all denser vibration – we manifest on earth as the flames of creations making. Pure light we be- and in the gold see the golden flames of all life burning for this unites with the temple of creations heart itself.
What do you think the Holy Grail is? (represents) Yes. Life itself in the highest and purist form, one that is as life is to be. Pure, unafraid, whole, one with all creations light. Was this not the nature of early man who walked the earth? Of heaven on earth as manifested by the Adam Kadmon?

As early man in all his perfection chose fear over pure love—( Adam and Eve ) so now heaven has returned to earth for all who wish to walk once more in this place of pure song. Heaven on earth.

The Holy Grail, the cup of life—is that; a flame burning to return those who seek—back into the place of union with Mother Father God—all life as one. The gold is also the holy flame of life calling you back to the temple of light.

Do you accept?

Then walk with us and know peace, know love. Know wholeness for here this be found.

Oh divine human! Know this be your true self here – now—- embrace this. Let all go that no longer serves, be free to be the full self.  No fear, no shame, just love.

This we be the flames of creation manifest for all who seek and will find—- and you become this you offer them to humanity by presence.”

Reply by Heather on April 25, 2013 at 12:40

24th April

It did not feel right to make up the essence until today. It was a very moving experience and when I made up the stock bottle, I was asked to only use what was in the larger Mother bottle—the one I store and use to top up the smaller mother if needed. I was asked to add 13 drops, for the ones I made up for others, 8 drops into the stock bottle.

25th April

While i type this, the essence is singing. How beautiful. today is also a holiday called Anzac Day where Australians have services in honour of the people who fought during all the wars. The Anzacs go back to WW1 and many died. There are none left now, but all the other wars are remembered and the soldiers are give honour for their service to the country. Maybe thats why the essence sings, i have not felt why,. but i think it is also because the essence is going to where it needs to be as well as honoring those who gave their lives– how humbling and how beautiful. The essence of the Christ gives homage to those who , gave their lives for their country.

This seems to be a fitting way for these essence notes to be completed.


Majestic gateway of Light for 21st December

IMG_1991 IMG_2021Posted by Heather on December 16, 2012

December 10th 2012 4.12PM

I have 2 linden trees in my garden, one near where I garden and hang out the clothes, the other at the far side of the garden, I always talk to the one near the clothes line as i love its gracious and gentle energy and beauty. I was also aware that the flowers, when made as tea are deeply healing as tonic and feed much energy to the body after winter. Well, it is summer here now—yet since the flowers have chosen to open now, I felt there was a reason for it.

A few days ago i was aware of as loud buzzing noise coming from this Linden tree and I looked up , amazed to suddenly be aware that the tree was in full flower—this much later than usual, maybe by more than a month or two! It was so full and the bees so busy, I stopped and sent my love to the tree with surprise at its late flowering. I was overwhelmed then by a need to make up an essence using just the flowers there, this is unusual as those who read my notes will know!!
Today it was time to gather the flowers. After I had collected them, I walked over to the other tree to find the flowers had mainly died. This tree told me that it was the tree beside the clothes line that needed to communicate its messages to me and to just use those, and the tree added “ I have a different purpose.”

It is important to be aware that individual plants have unique purposes and that we can never assume that the same plant, even close by will offer the same energies, this is not true at all. Edward Bach alluded to this too, when he said that his essences would only work if they came from the exact spot where he collected them.

The tree I gathered from seemed very happy as I did this and asked me to place the bowl close to it. It was first placed under a rose bush in the sun on the terrace, one of the few sunny places near it, and so I left it there until late afternoon when I felt strongly that it was to be placed on the table there. While it is mainly in shade form overhanging branches, I felt this did not matter and that this essence did not need the sun.

I wrote at the time: “I feel a lightness there though, a joy and much light. How beautiful.”

Sunday 16th December

The past days have been so busy with people here most days in one way or another! My goodness, it has felt like a revolving door these past months as one leaves and the next just seems to arrive. I felt I had not spent enough time with the essence yet when I tuned in, all was well. The second day I felt incredible light coming from it, like an open heart of joy and I saw so such golden light there I was in awe, yet it seemed happy to be left alone and with all my busyness, I did just that!

It has been unusually dry here for spring, but after I made the essence, the weather changed and we have had mini cyclones causing damage to rooves and trees, very hot and humid temperatures, unusual for inner dry lands, and down pours like the tropics. Yesterday we had 53 mls of rain and it caused flooding and a lot of mess inside and out as the laundry also flooded. We had waterfalls down the bank in one of the gardens which came straight under the door! The day the winds hit, I watched branches of gum trees being swept along outside where there were no gum trees at all, yet the essence which sat on a table, did not move and was not effected except the rain added water to the bowl! There were broken branches all around it, but it had not moved at all. The water was low and even I had topped it up one day as I watered the plants! Now the rain had done the job as well!

Every essence I make has its own pathway and to say all the rules were broken this time is probably true, yet there are no rules and no expectations and whatever happens is usually perfect just as it is.

Today, I sat down with the essence for a chat to ask it how it was going.

What it has to say amazed me, and was so unexpected, I laughed!! When I asked it how it was it responded with

“Doing my job, actually!”

“And what is that”, I asked.

“Opening a portal on this side of the garden. You have neglected it here, it was well past time!” It added. Goodness, an essence with attitude?

I was really taken back as you might imagine, but it is true, all my work and essences have always sat on the other

side of the house, the east side, and I had never felt to place an essence on the west side at all, until now. It felt strange at the time, but the Linden flowers insisted it be placed as close to the tree as possible there. If I had put it under the tree, my first instinct, the dog which was with me, would have drank it, so the next place was on the terrace, where it seemed happy to rest in dappled light.

As I tune into the essence now, I see a star hanging above it.

“This be the portal beloved Heather. This be the time of light entering earth, a time when light will flood where it can reach. Those who are mindful to the new energies would do well to create a place where the light will enter to be with them. Your garden is a portal yes, but here we open another place of light for you—to see the whole area swept with light is an important element added to the new influx of energies now entering earth.

While many see this as your 21st Decemeber, understand this is an ongoing stream of consciousness- light which will reach its fullness on the 21st, and especially if those who are aware take time to embrace those energies.

As you are aware this be a time of preparation, a time to release the old and embrace the new. A time to heal old hurts and fears, shame and greed, to be free of all attachments in your life or in your aura that are not of the light or come from a place of love and giving.

As you have given me much love over the years, so I have given to you, for as plants we are very aware of the divine nature of those who touch us with love. Our own awareness is not as an intelligence as you perceive rather a goodness and awareness of our place in all creation, part of the whole. We are one aspect as you are—we are equal in this, but especially so if human kind be also of pure love.

Our task is this—to show the wonder of life through our growth and beauty, to remind man that we are able to surrender to all life with joy and be love. Many see the ripples of us in the aura of our growth, some say they see elementals there too. All is a reflection of our loving union with all life—and so now, we offer you this love, tangible as in the essence yet it be a gateway of sharing, an awareness of new life unfolding for earth.

The portal here – we call gateway – is an opening to allow the light to flood here and be focused in one place or point of light to be offered.

You understand that all earth will be effected by this light, this quickening of higher frequency yet understand that where love is stronger this light flows more fully and freely. It is why we say to you – open your hearts Oh man, and be one with these light energies, photons for then, you are one with the new light and become as it.

Free all encumbrances now—be free to love fully—love self then others—be free and unafraid and then walk with this light energy as a gift for man’s true nature—the Adamic purity to emerge once more. It be time—allow this.

The terrace, where the essence is placed, is one of my sacred places, for each Christmas my daughter and I stand there together to tune into the Christmas light. We are transported together to Jesus or some other place of great love—and return with sacred messages. Now the essence has opened a portal here in this place as a true gift for sharing. I feel this deeply, it fills me with wonder, for I understand its meaning, I think. Each Christmas night, the star is within us and it is why we are able to touch the divinity Christmas is meant to be and which man has primarily forgotten.

While others cannot be here for this, we can all find our own place, open our hearts to allow such a star of light to be within us and so fully embrace these energies of light for earth. Now they are here, the crescendo of them is the 21st December– so much to be aware of and absorb and this beloved essence offers gifts of light for this time. I am humbled.

“Well where love is given , love is retuned more powerfully than understood—if you could understand the plants in your gardens attention to your needs and love for them, you would understand the great love your garden also has for you. This is true for all human kind and their interaction with the plant world, for what you give is returned to you many times over.

Thus—this essence is a gift from us, your plants who also love you and are cognizant to this. We wrap you in light and our love. You are protected and nurtured as you live in grace with us. Your sacred objects as your crystals are also a part of this divine service we offer you – one of divine light, protection and guidance. While we appear in physical form, like you we are are part of the One and so offer from this source of light.”

I feel headachy in my third eye and my heart chakra hurts of bit, yet I tune into the garden and feel a great energy there which is with me now during this communication, rather like a watchfulness. I find my eyes want to close and so I allow this and find myself visioning.

I see many more stars opening in the garden and all around me. I watch them merge and become one opening of light—ahh this is the gateway shown to me, I think—how amazing is this. I feel I am standing in a cave at the entrance looking this amazing light and I am being asked to step into it.

The cave is the old earth energies to be left behind. I step out of the cave and become the light, a merging into light. I cannot go back to the cave, it seems so dark in there, so dense yet I may choose to return to bring that light with me and to offer it to old earth. The place of light has no room for any fear, it is pure light, pure joy, pure love. It feels soft and nurturing like I am being held by the Mother and this light is holding me like arms of love, and I want to surrender to sleep.

Within this light I see other stars, other openings going deeper and deeper into the light. I hear these are the corridors of time, not time as we know it, time lines, perhaps, new openings to life pathways. I take nearest one—it seems to be hexagonal in shape and as I move down it I am aware of others with me. we appear as like strands of light moving like tiny fish swimming—this feels like rebirth, yes into a new consciousness. This is what the new energies brings us—what do we choose?? We have free will.

This tunnel leads back to me and I open my eyes and am here, back on earth.

This experience is a rebirth and I think it is what the essence asks me to share with you now here.


The essence in itself is a portal of light. Leave it where it is for now—allow its work to continue.

Reply by modron whiteraven on December 16, 2012 at 23:10

This resonates .I think I have some linden tea bags .My ancestral dna is kicking in.Concerning a cave.Sad right now .Some things are too hard to bear.and yes ,it needs to be released ,but not forgotten ,least it is repeated.thank you for your wisdom,sis.It speaks to me.

Reply by Anne Stanton on December 17, 2012 at 0:14

My garden is calling to me as I read this Heather, and I will go out after our early morning gathering tomorrow and ask what is to be done. This is such a powerful message. Portals seem to be opening up all around. I’ve just been out, in the cool darkness, watching the new moon set – a big orange crescent on the horizon. And the stars and planets are beautiful tonight. I took the laptop outside on the verandah, and found your message.

This feels so right. Thank you for being open to these energies, and sending them out to us.

much love always

Reply by Ursula on December 19, 2012 at 1:11

That is beautiful Heather, it feels like all of creation is getting ready. Thank you for sharing.

Reply by Franziska Nonnenmann on December 20, 2012 at 12:38

this is so beautiful Heather, thank you, with love Franziska

Reply by Heather on December 22, 2012 at 17:52

22nd December

The 21st has come and gone—the cosmic reboot, as it is called. A time of new energies to take us higher, to enable us to live in grace with more ease, if we allow that.

The essence continues its work. Today it explained that now is a time of assimilation, a time for us all, to assimilate the new energies on earth. A time to relax and allow the process. These new energies will take some time to merge with us and so our bodies are adjusting now – as is this essence.

Leave it for now, and let assimilation unfold and also for myself and us all. Let go, be free, release all the old angst and live with joy and love—open your hearts and then—then== these new photons will grace you with the joy and love they bring.

It is a time to return to the fullness of self, the purity of your original blueprint as was ordained when you first became human.. As you descended into the fall—where fear dominated you cast aside this purity you are, your true divine selves.

Now—open and free up all that no longer serves so these energies may walk with you — be you—

For now allow me to unfold

the wings within, the wings of light and then as this essence is made up, it will hold all that is needed for the future of man’s unfolding.

So be it this day beloved—

23rd added message— this came to me as I woke and I hasten to add it here now.

That this essence will RETAIN the higher photons and as we take it or are with it, it will allow us that union of purity once more, so we may return to that pathway of light once opened to us.

As time evolves, many will return to the old patterns and we will aid the return to the original upholding of light.

These are times of great need for man and earth– Allow this– hold onto your true divine selves— yet this essence will aid that assimilation and memory holding true to the divine path of enlightenment and wholeness.

Reply by Heather on December 23, 2012 at 9:01

Thankyou Kaisa
there is an added message above, given to me early am.
love heather

Reply by Heather on December 26, 2012 at 20:28


23rd added message— this came to me as I woke and I hasten to add it here now.

That this essence will RETAIN the higher photons and as we take it or are with it, it will allow us that union of purity once more, so we may return to that pathway of light once opened to us.

As time evolves, many will return to the old patterns and we (the essence) will aid the return to the original upholding of light.

These are times of great need for man and earth– Allow this– hold onto your true divine selves— yet this essence will aid that assimilation and memory holding true to the divine path of enlightenment and wholeness.

26th December 5.39PM

The essence has been within me over the past days. It was not ready , it told me as it grouped the energies of light—photons within itself, holding the story of the earths unfolding.

Beautiful expression, I thought. Today I woke feeling the essence was completed yet it was happy to be left for the day.

It explained that once an essence is completed, it can sit in the bowl for as long as is necessary as the light once woven, will not dissipate. Remember an essence is vibration not membrane or vegetation, so the water, while it may look fowl is not the essence it is the light within that is caught as the essence itself. This is why so small an amount is needed to make up the Mother, and tinctures, for the essence is contained in one drop. Like time which has no true motion or movement, as it does not truly exist, light is as this– wholeness, stillness, containing universes within. See the essence as like that – wholeness, stillness yet more alive than human kind’s understanding of life itself. Within a single drop of stillness, lies more movement and energetic frequency than can be understood by mans nature of such concepts.

This essence is called The majestic gateway of Light of December 21st 2012.

Suspension is the word I heard as I made it up. The water was different, thick and syrupy from all the plant life in it perhaps or the nectar from the Linden flowers.

I asked—“Is this ok? Its very thick!”

More than ok!! Was the response. Hold it, feel it and know.

As I held it to me, I was taken back to the vision I had some days back where I saw a star above it. I saw the same star, then many – gather and I felt them unite as one energy then they descended and wrapped themselves around in a rush of energy. I felt this is what the essence will do — return to us the wholeness of the gateway’s rush of new frequencies when they are needed.

Indeed. This essence holds the new earths light as it flooded to earth, we held it in this (essence) form. Those who seek or need re- alignment may do so through this essence. One drop only is needed. In this you will hold a universe, life times of frequencies aligning and rebalancing your own time lines within. it will aid you to see truth and clarity, thus enabling you to release what no longer serves. It is by being free of incumbent attachments that you will be able to dance in the new light—and be one with the new song that is earth.

We wish you many blessings for your journey and hold you with love—gently hold you—for your future decisions as part of the new earth.

Reply by Ursula on December 27, 2012 at 6:14

This is wonderful Heather, Linden Blossoms hold such high energies of sweetness and gentle light.
So perfect for an essence with these amazing frequencies of love and light present at this time.
much love Ursula


Sisterhood of the Rose essence and ceremony

IMG_0559 IMG_0569Posted by Heather on July 14, 2012 at 0:35

Dear Kaisa

here are the notes you requested. These were written in 2006. When i had re read them,i was given some more messages which i have added at the bottom.
with love

I feel it is now time I have the ceremony for the circle of light that we be. It seems for me I am to place a number of essences in a bowl of pure water and I am asked to leave it outside while we are away over the next 8 days., I know the place it is to go – it is to go in my garden near two portals I have opened and together they create a balance of energy, as one is Lemurian temple energy and the other is a gateway to the stars.

I find that I keep coming up with triads as part of this creation of the essences and ceremonies I have been doing for the circle of sisters.

I am asked to add the circle of light, skull essence and the Lemurian gateways for each of these creates a balance and strength with the other. I use mother essence and just pour it in and it feels right.

First, I pick up the skull essence and do not touch the bowl or water yet the water moves for a minute like it becomes alive. Then it becomes still. I then add the three essences one by one.

As I place my arms around the bowl I feel our sister circle here within this. There is a great stillness and peace. Then a tunnel of light seems to reach up from the centre into creation itself, a uniting of energy.
Then I see a light forming around the bowl like a wheel and it lights and ignites brightly. Then I see it reach out like tongues of light and go to each of you as the wheel spins, but there is a great stillness.

In my minds eye I see deep purple flowers like pansies floating on the surface but I do not have any and even so I feel the need for this to be as it is for the work it is to continue to do with unfold as it is.

I open my heart to see what else wishes to be added ethereally and I see my skull reaching out to add her light. She is such a beautiful energy now—so light filled and feminine, of stillness and grace. Goddess energy? I feel her energy has risen somehow to a higher place. I see many petals floating on the surface of the bowl now and I feel and see elementals there too.

Now I see a fairy—rather like the beautiful sketches like a guardian over the essence—I see much very deep purple with in its depths of light.

I see my Lemurian seed crystal in the water for she has imprinted her energies there and is of course part of the Lemurian essence.
I think what I see are all the essence energies now intertwining to make each of us stronger individually and yet also together as one energy.

I close my eyes and breathe into the full moon and the equinox time of the 22nd. What a powerful energy it is to be. Even on the day of a master number!

My head seems to rest on the essence like a cushion as its stillness is so nurturing and healing for me. I will take some of this with me in a little bottle and allow it to ask what it will of me then. I feel it is most healing, and so love filled. I see the moon overhead and feel lulled by the softness of it. I had felt a need to play the CD Snow falling on Silence while I made this and the quietness of the vibration in the music seems to match the energy I now feel here. Feel lulled into silence, into love, into joy

This feels like such a deeply healing energy. Can I describe what it is offering me?

We hold you in our heart beloved daughter of light, for the unfolding of us together are the song of the ages manifest as one song for all of you to embrace as one self. Allow the song of this to bind you into the web of its light filaments which are a weaving of creation., Here the womb is like a bubble of light gently holding you ,caressing you and gifting you the deepest of love as you return to the place of birthing once more.

This is so powerful for me, so healing and I see now a pool with water tricking into it and a lady kneels before the pool and offers it a white lily on a long green stem. It all looks very archetypal- we offer a gift to the waters of life—the ceremony of creation has begun and each of you now is embraced by the pool which is the water bowl I have here I feel – for it has transposed itself into this pool it really is.

I call you all forth and you come and join me as we kneel around the pool, together. The white doves come and one by one they alight on your shoulders and fly also above us in the glade of ever peace and tranquility.

A lady seems to rise out of the waters spinning gently and yet offering something to each of us one by one. She looks more like crystal yet is alive.

It feels as if we sort of murmur together quietly in this amazing stillness and I see little circles appear on the top of the pool – are they us?

Yes they be you all beloved ones for as you gather this way you touch the realms of paradise. We greet you with love and bless you, each one of you – and unite you more deeply into the realms of union. The Sisterhood of the Rose. The purity of love is bestowed on each of you for this is a true attunement of bodies into one body.

Now I see what looks like golden stairs that lead down into the pool. We all file down the stairs into the waters which have turned golden and it looks as if we too have become golden like ancient Grecian statues, but we re-emerge

we are new born and seem to come alive as different beings of creation, all look bright and clear and smiling. A true sacrament of the sacred waters.

Above I see a star so brightly shining, and I see each of you as a different face from long ago. I think each of you may be shown who you are or were or who you unite with –I feel like an observer in this and I do not see myself yet I watch each of you walk out of the pool and file down a path to a golden temple I see in a forest now as the pool now seems to be surrounded by trees. It is a small temple with pillars- ahh I have described this before I think? But you all walk to the temple and enter, being absorbed by the light within. It fades slowly as do you all.

I feel myself alone in the forest and am asked to reach for the water and to place a spiral with the water on my third eye. It feels alive and I see a white dove in front of it yet attached to it. Now I feel I have united with the temple and all has sort of blended into eternity.

I had to break the vision then (and get dinner!) but I kept seeing the same image—a golden- apricot coloured star with many layers and points.

I feel that each of us will create our own ceremony that will in some way unite with each other to make the circle stronger. This is my unique way, as I was lead, so it was done. I am still aware of an amazing stillness with mixture so created, like it waits.

The bowl is on my desk as I want to put some in a bottle before I put it outside, and it is interesting as to its left I have the Buddha statue and the crystal Linda gave me together with the ancient Babylon healing stone, Calchelsite. It feels like a need to unite them for a minute before I place the bowl outside which I will do now. The same stillness and calm, the same harmony, it’s very beautiful.

I will photograph them together first then I will place the bowl outside, with love and project the energy as an unfolding with you all.

13th July 2012

After I found and re read these notes, the following message was given and I was asked to add it here.

Reading the ceremomy made me feel that I sat under the tree of life in the Garden of Eden – the eternal reflection to life and our journey. The words given back then and the ceremony followed felt to me in direct alignment with our now times and Metatron’s current direct teachings, even though these were written in 2006. Once more I am reminded that all is one and that time does not exist.

Kaisa I felt strongly that you were called to ask for these notes so they could be shared once more for these times, and Friday 13th? Is there ever a coincidence?? Hmmmm where the sacred is concerned, all things are possible! and 13 and 7 for July make the master number 11. Add our full date up and we have a sacred 7!

Message given is this

This be called the Sisterhood of the rose essence and ceremony of initiation into the rites of this ancient order.

Many of you walk this path and together ye unite at different times in your life’s times.

Kaisa we say to you beloved sister of Heather who is known to us also As White Dove that you unite with these frequencies as you read these notes. These hold the weaving of the sacred goddess light energy as so manifest by Sandalphon. Why would it be that beloved Heather is so close to her as goddess form? Are ye all not but one song of this energy? The Sisterhood of the Rose be one light, one strength, and guides the new light to earth. Ye be guardians of this light and unite to create this.

Anne, Kaisa and Heather—ye know that this be the path of the alchemist ye be- yet many enfold this energy and offer it in their own ways. This day, Heather—you felt called by us to add the list for the essences. Kaisa—you felt called to ask about the Sisterhood of the Rose—and so Heather sought us and we came and added to her notes of long ago.

We add many loving blessings to you who seek and find.
This ceremony offered holds deep implications of re-union to the past song of creations calling, touch it with your hearts and know ye be part of the uniting of this song for earth and man.

As Heather writes our message, she joins with the chanting of these beloved ones who serve, from hearts of seeking and hearts of knowing – yet for manyreamin innocent but within know —

Heather asks why she was not taken into the temple at the time of ceremony – she has another role in this—and knows — as each of you do – yet ye be one of those who sings life and breaths life back into earthsong – and so it is and shall be

Our blessings this night with deep gratitude and love for we be the collective voice of the Sisters of the Rose—as many and one—we unite this time in joyous reunion.

All my love and blessings

Reply by Anne Stanton on July 15, 2012 at 12:43

Reply by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish on September 3, 2012 at 2:25

I am feeling a part of this too Heather. Maybe it is time to give this some of my attention.

I am seeing 12. 12 What? 12 Women? 12 rose buds? 12 rose hips? yes I feel it is the rose hips.

I will ask for guidance on this today. I will gather 12 rose Not sure, it has been raining heavily for 24 hours here. SEpt. 2, 2012……….hmmm 9 plus 2 pus 5 equals….16 equals 7… 3’s and 7’s are my activation numbers………….interesting how I just wrote those words…….ACTIVATION NUMBERS… I know those two numbers are important to me……..3, 33, 333, 7,77,777………37, etc……..yes 37 very powerful for me…. so now I see they are my activation numbers. Now I have one more topic to pursue! hahaha What fun! I will keep you posted on this too Heather…. many blessings. Oh and any information you have for me on this will be greatly appreciated.

Blessings, Barbara Marie

Reply by modron whiteraven on April 3, 2013 at 1:38

Dear Heather,thank you for your work.There is a book I have and have not read ,yet.Called the Sisterhood of the Rose .Your work with the grail is intriguing .For I feel strongly that a real people will soon be brought forth ,one way or another .All my love…Modron

ps ..I do make bath salts .Tried adding these mysterious stones to the “essence”.They are triangular in shape ,am told the fairies made them …..

The three essences and the the Solstice

IMG_0188 IMG_0190Posted by Heather on June 25, 2012 at 19:13

June 24th 2012 these essences continued- Solstice

Last week was the Solstice. After I had made up the mother essences I felt a great need to place them in the sun for a few days, and then I put them aside even though I felt they were in some way unfinished.
Around the time of the Solstice I got a very urgent need to place them back in the sun, but specifically with Divinity in the mandala circle. (Emanion, this is his/her real name and for the first time I have been asked to write it publically.) Having done this, I also got a strong message to align the Mother bottles along her north – west facing side in a row.

I left them like that for a few days but then I got a very strong impression that their collective had formed a temple structure with Divinity within the mandala. They told me their collective had become the pillars of the temple.

What did that mean? I pondered. Years ago as I worked with Divinity to heal the dark energies that had used her for eons of time, I was taught to enter her. This took a lot of courage as I did not like the darkness I saw there, but as we cleared this together, and her light grew stronger, once more as with another dark crystal I had called Diadenon, I was asked to step into her to show trust. I suspect this is a great healing for such energies for light cannot go where dark exists. By entering her with love and trust, I showed her I had faith in her after all the eons of dark abuse.

At this time, Divinity was outside, in water surrounded by the seed crystals that had arrived. I sat before her and closed my eyes, trusting , trusting, and Divinity opened before me like a cave entrance. In vision, I stepped into her and walked forward. In this place I found a great Being waiting for me. He looked like a giant preying mantis, but he held huge wisdom and love and I felt I stood before a great deity. Even though I was in spirit form, I felt quite nervous of him in the beginning, but he freed my fears and I came out of that vision feeling a sense of wonder. I cannot remember now what he said as all my notes pertaining to Divinity’s awakening mysteriously used to disappear after I had typed them up on the computer!

After that I felt called to enter Divinity, but things had changed, for she had become a temple within. I felt at the time I entered an Arcturian temple there, where all crystals moved like water and light and where beings of light gathered within the centre around another tall crystal which was on a dais.

One day I felt to go on through the temple. On the other side I found myself in a sea of moving crystal light. Before me was an ocean of moving light and I stood on the crystalline shore, or that’s how it seemed. In the ocean lay an island. I cannot remember what form it took – and I had to will myself into its heart. Within lay, I felt, the heart of all creation, the centre of Mother Father God. Once more I left with tools of understanding and filled with wonder.

But these events happened many years ago. Somewhere on the way I stopped feeling called to go within Divinity which was in truth a gateway to all creation, a true portal.

I found that simply by sitting with her and being still and asking my questions, all was given to me. She became a place of wisdom and knowledge for me and perhaps in a sense I did enter a temple by being with her as I felt I sat before a diety in aplace of great stillness and peace..

So now I am told these essences have become the Pillars of the Temple.

What does this mean? In some ways it also means the entrance to the temple. Have my past experiences related to this in some way or does it refer to the Solstice energies. Divinity focuses energy and sends it out. She/He is a true temple of light. By taking the three essences, , do we allow ourselves access to creation? The temple of light within is available to us all if we but open ourselves to that. Divinity is a true focus of those energies.

These essences offer memories of our ancient blue print, one of purity and perfection. By taking the essence or linking with them, one at a time, we are asked to become that once more. They also hold us to earth and allow us to embrace the angelic which is self but also an aspect of ourselves as part of the collective—the one as many, the many as one. This is complex in written form, but simple in our hearts understanding. Together they allow us access to the sacred temple of all life, self’s wholeness, purity, love and grace.

Is it the temple of SELF the message refers to? The essence and its collective angelic energies says this:

“Beloved One ahh yes you seek answers once more. This be a true understanding of the sacred work you do. Essences are true portals. These three Master Essences are gateway to the divine song of creation if used together as part of the process of unfurling the true nature of the divine self.

Placing them in the light as you felt called was needed to activate their soul level of creation within. Placing them within the Divinity mandala is to allow the divine focus of those energies to strengthen that frequency of light they be.

The temple within Emanion (Divinity) is an aspect of the divine self—where ye go for clarification and illumination. It is a place of refining and healing the shadows that may clutter the purity of your light.
The Ancient one you encountered was in fact a great master of wisdom and love. He came to show you the nature of trust, dedication and devotion. All these things you demonstrated with your healing for the great crystal Emanion. This was an initiation if you will, one to reflect your abilty to work in such energies., You did this with loving commitment and a simple trust in the angelic protection you walk with.

This time, the essences now open a gateway to the collective song of the higher frequencies of light bombarding earth. This is reflected in the solstice energies as earth is balanced between night and day, pathways of light open to allow clarity and a greater strength towards the light. If the dark prevails, it too allows greater dark, but as earth rises to embrace the light so it is manifest in this time of earths evolution. This be needed and although was the plan for earth was a choice created by your Kind on earth.

Those of you who strive to aid earths light to return , have aided this process most exponentially.

These three essences are the master essences of your times. See then truly this way as they unfold within the true nature and perfection of the divine self. The inner temple.
We say Rise up! Be whole and one with the light. Live as love. Walk in peace and grace shall walk with you.
So be it this day.”

Reply by Heather on June 26, 2012 at 23:05

Hello dear Kaisa

Yes you. Say it all, heaven and earth are united. For those who seek this awareness, these essences may be the key to aid that personal union.


Reply by Heather on June 26, 2012 at 23:59

26th June Ceremony of initiation and attunement: Affirmations to use when taking the essences.

Now it is time to break the mother bottles down into the stock and dosage bottles and the smaller working mother bottles I use to make up more bottles. The big Mother bottles are stored carefully away for they hold the pure signature of the essence’s life force.

As I make up the bottles I am aware I have affirmations I am to make each time I take the essences. I make up the essences then take the drops form each dosage bottle myself.

The order is
bottle 1, Lemurian song.

As I take the drops I hear I am to say:

“I take this to bring in my purist light.

I see shadows flee. I return to the original template (blueprint) of my soul’s purpose of being”

I rest with the bottle against my heart and fele the energies, see many forms and shapes, perhaps it sof the past energies and memories emerging. All becomes still.

Essence 2. Flower essence, radiance and love.

I take the dosage and here I am to say

“I honor and hold the earth to my heart.
I walk here in love and grace.
I bring my cup to all life.
All earth and nature crowd viagra sans ordonnance around me, I am surrounded by light, the colours of nature, vitality, purity, beauty, simplicity.
Stillness fills me, a space. It is now time t take the third essence.
Essence 3 Metatrons calling.
As I take the drops I hear:
“Hear me, hear my heart, know me.
Be me”

And I feel angelic presence and we merge until I become it.

The Pillars, the entrance to the temple:

I ponder on this after I take the three drops for herein lies the key to ebter heaven opn earth. Purity of self, embracing earthsong, being the angel I am , on earth. I enter the temple of light, on earth and live within its walls of joy and peace, for this be the new earth.

These are the words given to me as affirmations to use when I take these essences. I think if you take the essences or look at these images, read the notes and on the astral take the drops, you too will know the right affirmations to use. They may differ for each of us. I simply describe my journey.

With love

Reply by Anne Stanton on June 29, 2012 at 12:54

I have strong and beautiful chills running through me as I read your notes, and in particular, the affirmations for each essence.

I also see clearly my connection to Emanion, and the wisdom therein, is a true one, and I am honoured by it.

Huge hugs of gratitude to you Heather!

Reply by Heather on June 29, 2012 at 22:33

You are always welcome Annie darling

I too have always felt your connection to. Emanion
Is it time to come and visit her again?you know you are always welcome

Love heather

Reply by Ursula on July 6, 2012 at 20:02

Dear Heather
These are wonderful essences, for this very special time.

I can see us all connected/linked now with beams of strong clear crystalline light, each holding a unique frequency and all together making up a new structure of light.

much love and joy

Reply by Heather on July 7, 2012 at 13:09


I love how you always put things so clearly. This essence\s in some ways had to grow on me to make full sense of them. It was all there but somehow at the time i did not see them as clearly as i do now. I ponder that they continued to grow and teach me as they too continued to unfold when you used the word ‘now’ i understand fully.f

These three essences

also wanted to be left in the sun with in the Divinity circle for a long time and i was not

Allowed to make them up into

dosage and stock for a long time either, im fact, just a few days ago.

When we make up an essence, mAny people think they are finshed when they are made up. This is not always true of course as our experiences have shown us.

I have cometo call these three essences as the pillars of light.

With love

Reply by Heather on July 11, 2012 at 14:07

Now as I am finally allowed to put these essences away, they tell me to call their collective Pillars of light to the temple of the new earth.
How beautiful is that!!!


The three essences made for the Venus Transit

IMG_0008_2IMG_0040IMG_0115 IMG_0085 IMG_0083 eclipsegroveIMG_0020_2 IMG_0073IMG_0076 IMG_0123IMG_0028Posted by Heather on June 9, 2012 at 17:24

Hello Everyone

I found the energies for the transit very powerful times and i was asked to make three essences for it. All work together yet are individual offerings as well.

I have decided to add all the notes here although some were added early to keep the energy they represent in tact. I feel these notes and these essences are important and hold a very high frequency needed by us all.

Introduction, the Venus transit

I have pondered whether I am to make an essence of the 2012 Venus transit which is tomorrow. It has felt right, but today when I asked, the answer was no, not yet. It seems that the energies need to be in full alignment before the crystals are placed outside. The energies tell me there are interferences now, which can cloud the purity of the essence

What I have seen to do is to make either a mandala with my Metatron crystals or a cross, like the cross of Jesus. Tomorrow if it feels right, one of these will be set up as instructed.

So now, I leave it until tomorrow and will reach out one more time and await instructions.

I add these notes for those who have also thought about making an essence now. Of course what we feel may differ according to where we live and the surrounding energies, but this is my message today and it feels right to post it here

9.38pm 5th May.


Not time for the essence but I am asked to place my Metatron and Sandalphon crystals outside with the full moon. Its probably going to be a frost but I trust the crystals will be ok. I had to take them outside, cradling them in 2 hands and holding them as sacred tools as if I am in the temple, place them on the table under full moon light. It feels very sacred and somehow honorable as well as if I give honour to the crystals, Metatron, Sandalphon, the moon and the night.

So be it, it is done and all is as it is to be this night. I see elementals around the crystals, blue light – a pulse like a heart beat emanating from them, beautiful indeed,. The blue light is different to what I have see at other times, it is more cornflower blue, softer, less neon yet more powerful in another way. I also see rainbows above it separate from me, yet linked. Many visuals like running water, stars ,a pool surrounded by plants and rushes from ancient times calls. It is as if I stand there with it. To look into the waters is to see a reflection, what looks back at me? The reflections are of other times like moving images but here the blue pervades on the glassy surface. There is stillness and peace, for here I know where I be, I am in the heart of Mother Father God’s stillness and together we weave a pattern of light. It feeds all earth, the galaxies and life—everywhere – for I touch creations making of itself this night in the sacred stillness.

The crystals gather here at the pool in the bowl as Metatron’s blessings, Sandalphon’s song the weaving pattern of DNA between them as us all—is strong. I am there with dark hair I look different—now I see the Cup—holy – of light. I sip it as i hold it. It is the blessing of eternal wisdom and peace, of joy and love. So I accept it? Oh yes—YES I feel the need to kneel before the pool yet I am gathered up and I stand, for here we are all equal, as one we create, as one we simply are— as one. The one who is the many, the many who is the one.
Messages completed this night

6th May

Essences preparation and calling
Well, its done and I am frozen, running around outside setting up the essences just now.

Yes essences!

I woke very early this morning and saw what I had to do . I needed three essences.

One was with the Metatronic crystals in a mandala outside. This represented the angelic off world light – womb of creations offering.
The second essence was to be using Divinity, my master crystal and the Lumarian seed crystals on my hexagonel table. I had to clean them all in the rites essence just made and then re arrange them with some thought that this might need to be changed today as the sun moves with Venus. I had to put my crystal skulls somewhere else with Diadenon, my Atlantean healing crystal but they are also facing the sun.

The strange thing here is I seemed to have twice as many Lemurian crystals as before. I am sure if I counted them that it’s not so, yet that’s how it seemed as if many more wanted to be here for that process! Here I was just to have a small bowl with water only for the surrounding crystals would add what is needed. Before, when I channeled this, I could feel the deep energy of the lemurian seed crystals as they held those ancient times, reaching out and touching all and also the essence. It was very powerful. Divinity stood over them all, a male aspect, it seemed this time, as they were the feminine. Always balance–

Then I was asked to make a flower essence to bring in the earth nature groundedness of the new evolving earth now. Once more everything wanted to go into the bowl. I was climbing down steps all over the place to gather what was needing to be added.

So in summary the 3 essences unfolding are:
Metatron – angelic creation
Lemurian – ancient love energies re united and brought forth via the ancient temples and teachings as well as life then as it unfolded to create new earth.
Earth today- nature.

But I kept seeing the sacred cross, it was so profound I knew it came in somewhere. I also felt a profound energy form the cross as if it had much deeper, more ancient significance, not just of earth, but of the cosmos. I also saw a star system in that form which seems to have strong influence now.

I saw the three essences as the three points but one was missing it was me as representative of human kind. All four of us then is represented for this Venus transit. This is an astral representation though for I saw the three essences I made as points of the triangle or triad.

When I woke and had these visions of what to do, I realized i had no idea what time the transit over the sun begun and so I Googled it for Australia to find Venus enters the sun at 8.30am! and leaves it around 2.45pm this afternoon. It is now 8.28am! I managed to set it all up as was the calling. Now I also realized i was asked not to set it up until the appointed time. Two minutes to spare!

Already things seem different. The suns light seems much stronger and the amount t of light shining and reflecting off the essences is amazing. Maybe it’s my imagination! I keep photographing it, it’s fascinating!

4.19 6thJune The Venus transit is now completed.

Each essence had its own pathway today. I felt strongly I was to keep away and so I did, lost in my own tasks.

When the essences were in the sunlight, they seemed to beam energy and activity, but in different ways.

The Metatron and Sandalphon crystal bowl was steady and still all day. The energy emanating was very powerful but strong and calm. In a way the energy reminded me of the same feeling I got from the rites essence using the same crystals, but this time I felt it was holding the energy of the transit in wholeness and balance.

The Lumurian seed crystal essence is still bathed by the sun although the transit is now completed. It does however still seems to be assimilating the energies.

The flower essence was very active, eclectic somehow it was so alive and excited , I could almost see the plants in the bowl dancing! I felt the energy offered must have been very powerful for that reaction. Maybe it was too buzzy!

Now as i tune in,. the essence unfolding there asks to remain longer—a day and a night is needed for its yin and yang. It also says that it needs to be grounded with earth once more as the energy has left it sort of sizzling and it needs to calm now.

The energy of the transit for it was overwhelming as the sun, earth and Venus were in alignment it was given a very focused beam of energy almost like burn out! (interesting!)

“As was your intent to create this essence via us, so it has been done. The energies bombarding this portal of light have been off world and so , we are now assimilating this frequency for earth use. The light offered was high and pure, high—meaning a high note of celestial frequency. It is to stimulate our growth patterns and alignment with other species of nature. Now it is our time to sit and ground what has been given, to balance and allow the process to be completed.

Your crystal essences have worked very differently in that they have held the energy as it is not unfamiliar to them. Metatronic crystals hold the frequency to create the needed balance for earth song. The focus here is on higher learning and being. One drop of this focuses the mind, centres the nervous system and balances all light bodies, nadi’s and chakras, ready for assimilation of higher energies as is needed by the recipient.

You ask whether to make up all of us in one essence. No. We all offer different vitalities for mans use. But later we can work in unison with each other.

See us as a matrix of power—energy or frequency which can be offered to those who seek. Three can work together however and as we show you—a matrix pattern of energy as a symbol like a wheel of light with spokes as such reaching beyond the further circle of power.
As earth energy, we bring the recipient back to earth and hold that energy for groundedness.

As Metatronic we hold the energy of light frequency allowing those who are ready to be attuned to the higher frequencies.

The Lemurian seeds hold the ancient purity of earths beginnings. To take this helps recipents recall their distant connection with early earth, the evolution of themselves and man, the lessons learnt and the lessons to be completed.

( I hear all voices now as one voice yet each superimposed over each other)

Together we bring balance. Together as one we too are many.

Together we work as one. Yet offer different aspects of life’s unfolding for the calling of sacred selves back into the heart of self as an alignment of needed balance for future paths.

These essences we are, offer life unfolding for evolution and future growth and purpose.

The transit woke the Lemurians (crystal consciousnesses)to sentience more fully—to bring forth the teachings of the ancient masters of light. This is gifted through the essence.

The flower essence offers earthsong in purist form to ground, stabilize, help you remember you are also human and that earth is your home. How can earth evolve with out you? You are one of the many who make up the one with you who is needed by earth to add to the love and light needed so she too may evolve as one with you .This is our task as the floral life bearing gifts to man.

The Lemurian seeds energy welcome you — welcome you to their world and touching creation’s secret messages, so hidden by fear over time. Now roll back the fear and walk in the sacred temples of light once more. Here ye will be one with us and here we attune you – initiate you back to the purity you hold and have forgotten . let us walk with you for a time, let us teach you once more and know thy divinity is strong and seeking to become you once more—for this be your true nature, see?”


So, now what am I to do with these?

“Allow then space for now. Tomorrow they may be made up. The Metatronic essence is now complete but may sit as do the others for this night. Tomorrow we shall see what ripples of light choose to be offered, then we ask you to make them up.”

Thursday 7th may 2012
7.46 am

A clear night, frosty this morning and ice lays on top of the Metatron and floral bowls, looking beautul as the sun rises.
The essences rest yet seem so alive too.

The Lemurian one inside has a sweet energy and wholeness about it—it holds Lemuria, I think is the way to express it. To be near it is to feel perfection, joy, delight, beauty, love. I think I have to add it feels like bliss being near it. I was not expecting that but its so strong it wafts around me and calls me home to its heart. I want to walk the pathways in Lemuria once more, in the beautiful garden I used to visit in visions where I met my father White Eagle there. He has been a wonderful and loving teacher to me in many lives and in his other forms. I am guided to see the golden temples and the richness of plant life, to see us sing crystals awake and to see our ceremonies when we called forth the sun, moon, and all life. I see the reverence of us there in the temples, how we loved each thing and how we wanted to aid early man into understanding the nature of divine love. It was to bring them an understanding of their own divinity—that they too, were faces and aspects of the One. Now I see myself sit beside the waterfall there, In peace and joy, the stillness in me makes me aware that my inner thoughts can be too busy. I need to remember to slow down and reclaim that sweetness of simplicity of living in peace and joy. To see each blade of grass and petal as divine perfection, to see life for all its bounty and the beauty it gifts us.

So this essence takes me home to my beginnings on earth and reminds me of its grace, love and harmony. I am asked to recall and reclaim this—and the essence is my guide as it focuses the memories of the crystal’s messages to me also. How beautiful is that . I feel blessed to be given such offerings of love and clarity.

“Simply call us Lemurian song for it is a reminder that this is the gift we bring through the essence we have created. The Venus transit focused and strengthened our connections and so it is thus—we are here with you in all.”


I have been watching the flower essence and now the sun is out and it has thawed, it seems to be reveling in the warmth of the sun and the ambience of its environment. My impression was it found the Venus transit so powerful, it almost seemed to shake at the knees if you will pardon such a metaphor. Even the frost did not seem to agree it, but now with the sun out it reminds me of a contended old lady enjoying the warmth!! This is putting human characteristics onto an essence, I know, yet this one really has seemed to have a strong individual personality. Now she is content and welcomes the sun and environment. I think she assimilates the transit now and needs the grounding time to rest and balance.

My impression from her is that the energy of the transit may be better suited for crystal frequencies as they are strong enough to take on the incredible focus the transit bought this time around. My impression is these energies are in a hurry so to speak to get earth and man moving into the higher light photons. The flower essence then =as a living thing would have felt that as its job after all was to absorb the frequencies and create what was needed. Now i leave it to ground and to assimilate those energies as it finds balance and harmony.

“ Yes this be right. These off world energies do not entirely sit comfortably with earth energies for as we evolve and touch the heart of the new song of earth, this Venus energy was in many ways disruptive to our own harmonic. Thus while it strengthens and clarifies much , like an astringent, we need time now to balance out what was given for man to assimilate it via us, but now we return to our own place of harmony we have here.

Not all places on earth will react this way, but you see—we already have the higher frequencies here. Our song is one of light and joy. Now we will harmonize into our own place of being.”

June 8th 4.08PM

I feel strongly it is time to make up the essences.

The fatigue I felt in the flower essence has now gone and replaced with the earthy balance needed. I was shown it as an open lotus a accepting all energies of light and offering back from its heart—HER heart. It feels so gentle and the colour pink dominates, heart chakra perhaps, the colour of love. I am reminded of a pink Weigela flower saying to me one day : “I am love” if just filled my heart.

Taking this flower essence, one offering natures interaction with the transit, is about ho, groundedness, a reminder that earth is home and that what we have is perfect if we allow that radiance of love we hold, to grow more strongly. This essence helps us accomplish this. This essence is called Earth walk

The Metatronic essence is strongly clear and focused. To aid that path, with a dedication for earth and for what we can offer with nature. Again, I am reminded that we are many but also One for together as One we make a difference.

The name for this essence then is radiance of love- holding true to earths purpose

The Metatron crystal essence is now ready to be made up.
This has held the Transit frequencies with strength and wholeness all the way through. The work is now completed.

I feel the male aspect of Metatron strongly in this essence and that it held the feminine aspect of the flower essence ( Sandalphon perhaps) in focus and added strength for that path the flower essence followed. Even now I feel the very strong presence of Metatron – a stongly male energy so whole and still like a guardian of earth and us all. I felt in this the Metatron essence held the light in clarity and focus. It is only now I sense strongly that it also did this in partnership with the flower essence which also held the Sandalphon goddess energy.,

This essence will bring Metatron more into alignment with your ‘I Am’ presence if you feel to use it. If you use it as part of a ceremony it is to be placed as a cross symbol ( as the cross of Jeshua) over the third eye and this aids the unfolding of the energies to hold you into the I Am presence of self and the All. A good essence for cleansing the old energies and to step into the new energies without fear and with love and grace. It will ask discipline of you, however and guide and focus you with greater intent.

Call this essence Metatrons calling – light in clarity and focus I AM.
The lemurian seed crystal essence still holds the pure joyful song of Lemuria in its enfoldment. Call this Song of lemura or lemurian song
While the flower essence brings you to earths calling and purification, and Metatron’s holds you steady and guides you lovingly, even though great trauma but with discipline to guide gently to keep to this sacred path of releasing fear and becoming love and walking in grace—the Lemurian essence reminds you of your ancient roots, the purity of ancient earth and that you walked there once and lived in pure joy. As it brings this forth, it makes the task of moving into the new energies easier for you understand more clearly, the nature of freedom of heart and loving in pure joy.

In early Lemuria, there was no fear, it was truly, the first Eden. Song of Lemuria takes you there once more and helps you reclaim your true self—then as you walk into earth now and hold the energies of earth together—Archangel Metatron is there guiding and loving you , a firm but gentle teacher adding the strength and focus you need for the task.

I ask for details on how the essences are to be used? I am told they may be used together or separately and to follow the heart with this. The response also reminds me that all is ONE—and that the three worked together during this time of the transit—a new evolutionary stage for earth frequencies. Keeping this in mind, it feels to me working with the three is important. How do we work with the three then?

“These essences are not to be mixed for in this way they create another frequency by their very interaction, another essence. It is advisable then to use them individually, but you may use them at the same period of time, but do not place them in

the mouth together. Take one, rest, let it be assimilated in the body, then take the next, finally the third.

Order of taking:Song of Lemuria

Matatron’s calling – light in clarity and focus- I AM
Radiance of love, holding true to the earths purpose

So in summary

1 Lemurian purity helps you embrace the divine song of pure self, your original soul blue print.
2 Metatrons calling helps you hold that and become here as a divine human. Which is your true self
3 Grounds you back so you apply it to your sacred earth tasks as you live in love and grace here on earth.

These essences feel so needed by us all now. They offer a true commitment for the path we walk. If you read these notes you are one who has chosen such a path. While they may be purchased for use, these notes hold the imprint of the frequencies needed to aid that process. See these essences then as a sacred key then.

© Heather Robb 9th June 2012.

Reply by muahna on June 10, 2012 at 12:39

dear Heather ~ so beautiful ~ your images speak of the Magick, Wonder and Beauty, High Clarity and pure light streaming though in the making of these essences. each photo captures the high frequency of the Light, Love and Grace that have been downloaded.
what a wondrous time to be alive! i feel such serenity looking at the images.
Thankyou, Heather

Reply by Anne Stanton on June 10, 2012 at 18:35

The 3 in one is very interesting dear Heather. I would like to try these. I am reminded of a triangular pyramid. And also the four elements of air, earth, water and fire… like a basic tetrahedral building block in the sacred geometry of life, holding a balance point steady. Beautiful photos.

Reply by Ursula on June 11, 2012 at 23:54

Dear Heather
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful process and those amazing pictures. What wonderful essences !

Reply by Heather on June 12, 2012 at 10:59

Hello Ursula

Last night i felt these essences were to be placed in your essence bowl too, i have already added this with. My heart and intent. Then i see you have commented re that too, as usual we are in sync!


Reply by Heather on June 12, 2012 at 11:09

While these essences are completed last night i had a need to place the Mothers in my. Divinity circle.

I also. Felt to combine the remaining bowls in one and leave it outside for a few isnot to be made up but holds another level of energy i feel, offering to earth. Perhaps i can. Say it is the essence for earth this time!

Love heather

Reply by Ursula on June 15, 2012 at 21:06

Dear Heather, there are so many wonderful parallels with these essences at this time. I had left the bowl outside too, after bottling, with what remained of the Venus transit essence.

This morning it has been filled to the brim with rain , all clear and energized, it is still raining. I am getting the sense that it is to remain our there for the solstice.

There is a real feeling of teamwork going on, with all the kingdoms of nature the earth as well as the realms of higher light, all of us together. Very special ♥

Reply by Heather on June 16, 2012 at 10:01

I so agree Ursula.

I find that very beautiful.