An Easter essence called The Cup of Christ, the Holy Grail

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And now I was called to make an essence just before Easter. At the time I was sharing messages from Mother Mary and I had to pause the communication as the calling to make the essence was so strong. Part of the reading was to walk in the sacred garden of heaven, now on earth.

My whole garden wanted to be added, it was as if Mother Mary, AA Metatron, Sandalphon and other angels had been to the sacred garden with me when I had the vision to make it. All manner of things wanted to be added—new growth, spent growth, fully open growth, flowers, leaves– some literally sang when I added them to the bowl. I was even asked to add a red-pink impatience flower which I never use but I was told it was for the blood of Christ. There seemed to be a whisper within the light of the garden as if it whispered to me all the time I gathered the plants and then, it asked to be placed on crystals I have here outside my study, near the sacred gateway to the pure Lemurian temple energy.

“Beloved this is part of the sacred garden, for there – in the shadows of plants crystals and water—life evolves.”

I was asked to add water to the bowl the crystals are in as well for the essence is also to be surrounded by water. This brings the waters of life to the bowl as it unfolds its wings of light

“This essence, holds the true nature of Jesus’ birth and death. It holds the bridge to all life through the gateway opened this Easter and the Equinox frequencies of these times. The blood of Christ is a representative of all life emerging — birth. For as blood was shed, (Jesus’ blood) so life was made. Through the crucifixion—life emerged for all. As the thunder rolled and the wind blew, a portal opened and the love of the Christos was seeded for all time—ready for all those who choose it, to seek it.

30th march 5.06 pm 30+3+11 never fails does it!

I have left the essence alone for these past 2 days as I was very busy with Easter yet felt its presence very powerfully at times.

Good Friday, I usually do a simple tuning in or communion with the Christos energy of the crucifixion when I make my hot cross bun the body and my cup of tea the blood. It is my focus and contemplation of the meaning of Easter.

During this time the essence and its meaning were very close to me. The blood of Christ as in the essence was potent in its presence, it was acting as a gateway to the new energies of now earth. The essence it told me, was a portal to those energies, a pathway to guide those through.

“It is a time beloved one for the rising of the Christos within each and every person on earth. This be the unification of all life as one body of life—the body of Christ making earth a place of light and love.
Many say this is not possible yet we say – in time this may well be how it is to be. Understand that in perfection, there is always imperfections for this be what makes perfection perfect. A conundrum? Nay. Truth! Quantum physics speaks of the chaotic universe and within the chaos perfection lies for the chaos was the harmonic needed for the balance of the universe itself.

Remember when you met Buddha and you told him you were far too imperfect to be in his presence and he laughed and said of course you were—“that each and everyone on earth was imperfect for it was the path of human nature to continue to learn.” Even those who chose to return to earth continue on the pathway of learning, may develop new karma and may stumble and fall. This is the path of creation – learning evolves into more learning. To say man is always imperfect has a truth yet in this lies perfection when the love flows and the striving to learn is ever present. See now?

Thus our original statement that man’s perfection lies in his imperfection. Your favourite saying I am that I am exemplifies this by the deeper levels of its meaning. Think deeply on what we have said, let its frequency become you for a time and you will gain a deeper understanding of the nature of man and self.

Mans illness stems from many things but the underlying factor often lies with self doubt. When man can embrace love as love for self first and then others—many things will be resolved by the simple act of being the living the creative life force—love—and herein lies the Christos energies.”

And so I am here tuning in and feeling out for the meaning of the blood of Christ. I feel it in the essence unfolding yet I feel there is more to share and it is not now.

It feels that the day of Easter, Sunday is the day when much is to be shared.

“Yes Indeed for this day is the opening of the great timeless portal that was opened long ago at the time of The Christ’s passing from his physical body. Each year this portal is once more opened and those who are open hearted will be taken there and through it. Easter Sunday is a time if illumination for all those who seek. It is not about being a ‘Christian’ it is about being a seeker of truth, love and light. Do you think (Mother Father) God only allows those who believe in Jesus the Christ entry to ‘heaven’? He is a signpost for seekers in so many ways. All man is equal – no matter what faith. It is what lies within the heart that is the truth we seek.

This essence is one such sign-post and guide—it leads all those who seek to a truer and more open understanding of life’s purpose and calling.”

Easter Sunday 31st March 5.49PM

The energies today have been clear and powerful. I felt called to do a ceremony today basedon the the passing of Christ and his rising. I was moved by the depth of the energy and felt blood on my hands as cups of sacred flow. It was a uniting of the new gateway energies to earth. The experience was lyrical and I felt once more the depth of this day. I wondered if this time is more powerful than ever before. Could it be the blending of new earth and Christos energies had been more refined this day?

“Beloved one indeed. This be a time of great celebration for humanity. These holy days alert many to the powerful deeds done in Our name. Thus more of the collective gather by thought or deed, in church or family, and remember the sacred times of this day. Some ponder on the possibilities or even truth of this time—did it even happen? Was it a myth? Other feel the truth of those times in their hearts and so open more fully. This is the time of awakening. This is the time of knowing. This is the time of embracing the truth of these energies in what ever perception you see them to be. This be the time to allow yourselves to be guided by the truth of the light of creations calling to itself—YOU are itself—You are a collective voice of one Spirit and one action—together you shift mountains, stop wars, create love as the base of your life on earth. Jesus as a Christed energy, did bring these gifts of light to earth. As he passed on the cross, the gateway of his light was stored for all time and those who seek this may enter those gateways to his heart—it is by placing his energies within the portal that he was able to rise once more as is written, in his new etheric form but also in the hearts of The All forever—for he walks within each of us. If you choose to find, allow and unfold this knowing that lies with in yourselves, open and so it shall be found.

It is not a matter of being a follower of Christ—rather a follower and a seeker of the energies the Christos frequencies.

This day the essence unfolds these vibrations as written for those who seek truth as an alignment within. As these energies within are ignited, the gateway opened (at the time of Jesus the Christ’s passing) long ago will open within and truth shall flow like honey to the hearts of those who seek. This is the gift of this essence—a truth elixir to the inner self’s knowing. It is the gateway that shall take you to the your highest knowing. As you understand more about your divine self—the gateway to the new earth is more accessible and more available than ever before.

This Easter—the frequencies of the new earth are made stronger as they unite with the holy energies of life—and here, in this beloved essence, all is held and offered as is needed. Call it then, the Cup of Christ, The Holy Grail.

While the essence rests in itself. It offers these frequencies as a gift to earth now.

It may be made up and used by mouth for those who seek it. Allow 7 drops in the stock and dosage, more for some—you will know.

The essence is not ready to be made up yet—it continues to unfold, allow this process a little longer.”

Easter Monday 1st April 5.08pm

I feel a need for rainbow colours now—pink and purple, gold and blue!

I felt a need to approach the essence today. There is a great stillness there and I felt the presence of angels, yet I felt Jesus the Messiah was there in his higher light body etheric form. All is etched in stillness. Peace. The essence feels completed now. Usually when an essence is completed it is the Mother who stands there, this time it is the family of jesus the Christ , those who were part of his pathway on earth. Those who guardianed his life as a Son of God manifest for the human understanding of life as it can be—I was not allowed to use the word ‘should’ that’s not a word used. ‘Can’ indicates choices we allow, what we choose is part of our right as a divine aspect of Mother Father God on earth. Through this aspect, the collective consciousness of creation, learns through us. We are the tactile aspect of God—we touch and live life—and through us, the great Spirit learns and grows for we are aspects of he/she. The aspects that make the One.

This Easter Jesus returned through this essence to remind us that we too may be as he. That we have evolved and allowed the new gateways to herald a new age to earth. It is through our collective this has been made possible, that there is enough of us to raise the frequency here to open these sacred pathways and to allow us to pass through and to be in heaven on earth.

Many essences have been sign posts for this== now this essence is the gateway, the pathway and is heaven on earth. If you choose to me brace its frequencies, You will allow it to guide you more fully into the awareness that you are now living heaven on earth.

Thus the blood of Christ, the body of the Christ is within the essence allowing this union to be opened, embraced and become.

“This essence is the cup of Christ. Drink and be made whole, drink and be one with me. Drink and walk with my truth in heaven on earth.”
The words above may not be in italics yet they are not my words. They flow through me yet use my voice for the sharing.

I have had many visions during the making of this essence and I have been very aware that it is the body and blood of the Christos manifest for us. A blessed gift to us all. For some reason I have been unable to share those intense times here as if it is not my place to intrude on what is shared through me. Each of us is to follow our own pathway with it and so I am just the recorder this time, rather than the sharer from my heart as a personal interaction with it.

The essence is now complete and shall be made up.

6.42PM I have made it up and yet it feels as if it needs to be returned to its original place, I have done this.

After I made up the large mother essence, however I was also asked to place it back in the bowl holding the crystals and water beside the main essence bowl. Have done this too.

maybe this essecne has follow up will add later if it’s needed.

Reply by Heather on April 8, 2013 at 12:01

The essence has not completed yet and still sits in the water surrounded by crystals. The bowl is as before yet the Mother made up in the bottle and in the water has turned a deep reddy brown, the colour of old blood. I have felt to leave it there longer and have not been called to communicate with it at this stage, so will see what unfolds. Here is a pic of it

Reply by Heather on April 10, 2013 at 18:02

Here are the final notes for this essence and a new name for it!

7th April

after being away for a few days I came back to the bowl appearing the same, but the mother bottle had turned a deep brown red, like blood!! I felt unsure about it yet it feels ok It wanted to remain there longer. Will approach it tomorrow and see what I am given

Wednesday 10th April

The essence is still outside and I have not felt to touch it. That is strange as I had thought it was to be used to cleanse my crystal mandala today, but the response when I asked was a definite no. I was called to use the Lemurian song essence, (96.1) part of the triad one, in the cleansing water instead. When I tuned in to ask for guidance to reassemble the Divinity mandala which I had taken apart and cleansed in the Lemurian Song essence, it was the Grail essence, that responded.. I watched it send energy like curls of energy, and it swept over me as well as the crystals themselves. In that place i felt a deep harmony, soft and complete. It was like a sigh of total contentment and the colours that came to me were of light and rose red. Later I understood it was the colour of blood that came to me, yet it was lighter too—as if the pain within had been cleared at last, and that the old blood signature I saw during its hatching had also evolved. Even the Mother tincture bottle looks less dark now.
“Beloved daughter who is one with us. Welcome to this place of light, for as you say— the essence is complete, yes, yet loves the vitality and life of the outdoor energies of nature and the unfolding of the new season. As the old passes away, the new is already developing in time for Spring for this season of Autumn in your location is all about birth after all.

Easter too is about birth, the new era of trust and light emerging as was evidenced by the crucifixion long ago. Yet those who live with spring (Northern Hemisphere) see this also as a time of birth. Spring is the manifestor of the unfolding growth that begins at the end of your summer times– and so the cycle continues. The death and resurrection of the Christos frequencies are as this too. As this essence was made in your autumn it is those times of growth that emerge in the essence as part of the new earth emerging now for all who would embrace the new frequencies on earth. ( thus the crucifixion means new life, as does autumn as does the new era of energies on earth now, all these are manifested in the essence)
“How do you embrace these new frequencies? By letting go of all the old energies that no longer serves you. By learning to love what you have feared so that it too, may pass, for fear cannot be sustained where there is love. By being open to the song of the purity of creation so close to each of you. By knowing that heaven now resides on earth.

How do you walk in heaven on earth? By being love. As you release the old, the new shall shine brightly within you . There will be a difference on all levels. You will appear to have more energy and feel younger. This is a truth for your body’s cellular levels will rejuvenate. You will feel more at peace live in joy and see all things with a positive and happy attitude. Things will cease to worry you. If you have illness, this too will heal if you allow this. Some of you are meant to leave the earth plane though and in this case, you will leave feeling peace and acceptance, knowing that it is not the end, rather a new beginning. You will see the beauty in all things and by your presence offer this to those whose space you touch just by presence alone for your light body energies will radiate forth to embrace those who are near you. You will do nothing, yet this is how it will be or is now. Stepping into heaven on earth allows you a union of knowing that is beyond your experiences. Yet this union is your divine right, for you are an aspect of living creation, one who is an aspect of the One. What you are is an offering to the collective and those who do not walk with you may well be guided to do so.

This essence is the gateway home, then. It guides you to truth and knowing. To joy – as you embrace the love of Mother Father God in ways as yet not understood or even dreamt of by the many.

To be with this essence is to allow such a focus and guidance for this the essence will do – guide you with the love of the Messiah energies. As you take the essence on your skin, in water in a bowl, in your mouth, know you partake of the cup of life—new life—the grail of all that is true and of knowing.

This s our final message Beloved One, share it freely for those who do not trust or understand may feel the frequency we have imbued in this essence, for even as this be read, this shall flow as the light of Us came to you for the new energy mandala unfolding,

Our love and blessings this day oh noble one, one of the few who hears our song and records it with full clarity and understanding. Our love and gratitude for your most sacred work.

We say this—as an essence maker, you manifest what is pure, what is true to earth to this denser dimension, where man learns to be whole and to be able to return to heaven. Now heaven is on earth and so we say – be there and know us. For as love all things are possible.
Call this essence The grail — to life the holy flame

Reply by Franziska Nonnenmann on April 11, 2013 at 1:32

Heather, thank you! Words can’t describe the gratitude that I feel when reading this beautiful message, Franziska

Reply by Anne Stanton on April 11, 2013 at 14:50

This is feeling like a cup of Grace, a wave of Holy Water, washing over me as I read…. reminding me to find my Joy in this Now moment, and stay ‘awake’ in this peaceful, loving frequency of Heaven on Earth.

Reply by Heather on April 17, 2013 at 18:37

17th April

Finally I have made up the essence. Wow what completion and wholeness. What stillness and cohehesiveness. A blessing for man indeed. It has been outside all this time, wanting to be there in the life force of nature. It feels like perfection.

Reply by Heather on April 20, 2013 at 14:16

The essence speaks:

20th April My essence reminds me of alchemical work. it begun as clear water, became the colour of blood and now is golden. Its made up into the large mother bottle, but somehow i cannot touch it, even label it, it just wants to be in the sun, inside now too– but left as is, so i honor that!

During this alchemy I want to touch it, reach out and hold it, but I do not– it really feels like the holy cup filled with the alchemy of new life via its transmutation to gold. I cannot explain it in words though.

The essence is so present and speaks now for the first time, a final message I think.

“Yes beloved. Know I transmute the blood of Christ into gold/ This be the true nature of alchemical change, what lies within, for here—all truth be given. Here,. The light that ye are flows freely and allows all ye be to be given to others. Therefore I say to you – be at peace. Know love flows within and with out you. Know all ye are is the golden light of creation/ Like waves of the eternal ocean of light—it flows from within and without you”. (all)

“We, this essence of light, are of the structure of creation itself, and you be near us, near creation itself, you flow with this song of light as one—union – with all creation. Allow this to flow from you into others for this be the task of this essence, one that holds the true key to transmuting to the gold of self within, pure essence of all light for mans unfolding.

“As you feel unable to hold this essence ( in your hand)—us—yet—it is due to its higher vibration of light which surrounds you. You do not need to hold what is already within and without (surrounding) you–
Like the golden flame of creation which burns eternally to transmute all denser vibration – we manifest on earth as the flames of creations making. Pure light we be- and in the gold see the golden flames of all life burning for this unites with the temple of creations heart itself.
What do you think the Holy Grail is? (represents) Yes. Life itself in the highest and purist form, one that is as life is to be. Pure, unafraid, whole, one with all creations light. Was this not the nature of early man who walked the earth? Of heaven on earth as manifested by the Adam Kadmon?

As early man in all his perfection chose fear over pure love—( Adam and Eve ) so now heaven has returned to earth for all who wish to walk once more in this place of pure song. Heaven on earth.

The Holy Grail, the cup of life—is that; a flame burning to return those who seek—back into the place of union with Mother Father God—all life as one. The gold is also the holy flame of life calling you back to the temple of light.

Do you accept?

Then walk with us and know peace, know love. Know wholeness for here this be found.

Oh divine human! Know this be your true self here – now—- embrace this. Let all go that no longer serves, be free to be the full self.  No fear, no shame, just love.

This we be the flames of creation manifest for all who seek and will find—- and you become this you offer them to humanity by presence.”

Reply by Heather on April 25, 2013 at 12:40

24th April

It did not feel right to make up the essence until today. It was a very moving experience and when I made up the stock bottle, I was asked to only use what was in the larger Mother bottle—the one I store and use to top up the smaller mother if needed. I was asked to add 13 drops, for the ones I made up for others, 8 drops into the stock bottle.

25th April

While i type this, the essence is singing. How beautiful. today is also a holiday called Anzac Day where Australians have services in honour of the people who fought during all the wars. The Anzacs go back to WW1 and many died. There are none left now, but all the other wars are remembered and the soldiers are give honour for their service to the country. Maybe thats why the essence sings, i have not felt why,. but i think it is also because the essence is going to where it needs to be as well as honoring those who gave their lives– how humbling and how beautiful. The essence of the Christ gives homage to those who , gave their lives for their country.

This seems to be a fitting way for these essence notes to be completed.


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