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Oh where to begin?

I can  talk about my life growing  up, becoming a teacher, marrying  and having two  children  and living with  my husband and kids on a beautiful  farm in  central Victoria, Australia. I have always been involved in the arts as an art teacher, potter, painter, photographer and writer amongst other things.

My other very private self has been following a spiritual path all my life. This found me, I did not look for it. Things fell into my lap and I surrendered to those experiences and they led the way from a very young age.

When I was 14, for example, I had a past life experience so vivid, I  decided to  surrender much of my life to understand why  I  had this gift and how it could be used to  aid man. I have never wavered from that all my life.

As we offer, so it is heard– and so we are guided to the places of truth and learning. I had many experiences, read many  books, until one day I met a very wise man who  told me to stop  reading everyone else’s  truth and  listen to and record my own!

These times offered such a richness of knowledge and understanding, I felt very blessed..

Along the way, many things came to me. A wonderful yoga teacher found me and made me a teacher of yoga. A Reiki master   taught me and later another offered to gift me my masters training. Crystals were gifted to me which took me on steep learning curves!

But my  greatest  teachers were my  guides in  spirit. it was they who  taught me  more about myself and the nature of soul and higher self than  any other. I  came to  love their teachings as they were so pure. I found human teachings often lacked love,  might hold ego  or personal agenda or had a strong  bias. Never the less i believe we can learn  from all things and all people!

One of my  tasks this life, it seemed was to  go back to the past and change or learn from  certain lives i had lived  long ago. They may have been  ‘me’ or they  have been  memories from my  soul monad or collective of course, or even  my DNA memories.  I used to question these experience, but i  found what i changed back then  impacted on others in this current  life and so i understood something very powerful  was going  on.

In lemuria, I met White Eagle who was ‘my’ father back  then. He taught me so much about those times, i feel like i have lived them. I met my  family and other self back then and they taught me how to heal in the ancient ways. I use this now– and call it Lemurian  healing. it takes a person  out of time and adds the healing needed where the problems begun. Someone who  has a painful  leg, for example, may well have suffered an arrow injury long ago and when we heal the injury or even  prevent it at  that  time– the problem  ceases to exist in this modern  time.

My past memories attracted  crystals to me that held the ancient knowledge,  over time i have been  gifted hundreds of  crystals and that alone is humbling  and beautiful. Some of these found their way here for deep  healing. They have continued to work with me over many years.

Since this site is very much about essences, i will add another experience. Years ago i was called to  our garden to collect special flowers to make a tea for a client i had just worked with. the next day i was ‘asked’ to gather the same flowers and then given  instructions on how to make an essence with them. Over 100 essences later, I am still learning about their magical  properties and the gifts they can offer us.

All my  life’s experiences have taught me that  when  we are love, when  we trust and surrender to  the song of creation, we are guided gently and lovingly along a path that  teaches us and yet guides us. I have felt deeply  blessed to have had such wonderful  teachers and been  given  a loving and fullfulling life thus far.


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